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The ATP's podcast featuring interviews with players and coaches plus discussion based around the tour's weekly events.


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ATP Tour


The ATP's podcast featuring interviews with players and coaches plus discussion based around the tour's weekly events.




PODCAST - A Week On From The Australian Open

TENNIS STRATEGY COACH CRAIG O’SHANNESSY ON NOVAK DJOKOVIC - ‘When you’re watching him next time pay particular to his forehand rally ball down the line. He hits it much more than other players, he’s trying to get the opponent moving, he’s trying to make the point more athletic, where he’ll have the advantage and he’s also baiting the opponent in some ways in making a poor decision’. MACHAR REID, HEAD OF INNOVATION AT TENNIS AUSTRALIA ON THE FUTURE OF EQUIPMENT - ’Tennis Lab is all about...


EXCLUSIVE - Rob Morgan On His Coaching Philosophy And Working With Wesley Koolhof

Coach Rob Morgan speaks about what he's learnt working alongside the likes of Joe Salisbury, Rajeev Ram, Dan Evans and current player Wesley Koolhof.


EXCLUSIVE - Jason Kubler On His New Found Love Of Journaling

Australian Open doubles finalist Jason Kubler speaks to Candy Reid about a number of topics including how he's changed his mindset and his hopes for the future.


PODCAST - 2023 Australian Open Review

JILL CRAYBAS ON NOVAK DJOKOVIC’S MENTAL STRENGTH - ‘Everything he went through last year, to be able to overcome all that, the amount of mental strength that he has, I don’t know where he gets it from, but it’s just phenomenal what he’s able to produce after everything he’s gone through’. PETER MARCATO ON NOVAK DJOKOVIC’S TENTH AUSTRALIAN OPEN TITLE - ’Novak Djokovic won his first title here in 2008 and in 2023 he’s playing like he was in 2008. It was personal this year, a man on a mission...


EXCLUSIVE - Craig Tyzzer On Ash Barty

Ash Barty's former coach Craig Tyzzer speaks to Candy Reid about the duo's successful career together and how they are both looking to help the next generation of stars.


EXCLUSIVE - Brad Stine On Tommy Paul's Development

American Tommy Paul's coach Brad Stine speaks to Jill Craybas about the young player's development, his injury struggles and hopes for the future.


PODCAST - Halfway Through The 2023 Australian Open

This week presenter Chris Bowers is joined by former WTA player Jill Craybas and AO Radio commentator Peter Marcato as they look back on the first week of action at the Australian Open and ahead to week two. Headlines are... PETER MARCATO ON PLAYING TENNIS INTO THE EARLY HOURS - ‘Tennis takes longer to play these days, there’s no doubt that matches are getting longer, but also, do they arrive out onto court on time, the time in-between matches, the bathroom breaks, injury timeouts, it seems...


EXCLUSIVE - Steve Baldas, CEO W Sports And Media On The Art Of Managing Players

Steve Baldas, CEO of W Sports and Media talent agency and advisory firm speaks to Candy Reid about how they manage the careers of high profile sports stars, including tennis players Lleyton Hewitt, Dan Evans, Jason Kubler and Storm Hunter, as well as media professionals and music performers. Website -


EXCLUSIVE - Marc Boada - The Man Who's Helped Andrey Rublev Develop Physically And Mentally

Jill Craybas speaks to physio Marc Boada about what he's learnt through his career and what he's done to help Andrey Rublev reach the top of the came. Note: This conversation was recorded towards the end of 2022.


PODCAST - Break Point Discussion & Australian Open Preview

JILL CRAYBAS ON BREAK POINT HELPING FANS TO GET TO KNOW THE PLAYERS BETTER - ‘Netflix did a great job with 'Drive to Survive', and I think you get a better insight into the players when you understand where that emotion is coming from more often. When I watch the Olympics, I don’t know a lot of the athletes from curling or biathlon but you get a five minute snippet of a background story and all of a sudden your immersed in how they are doing in curling or biathlon or whatever sport it is...


EXCLUSIVE - Phil Farmer On Coaching Austin Krajicek And What He Learnt Working With The Bryan Brothers

Coach Phil Farmer discusses what he's working on with doubles player Austin Krajicek as he aims to take the American and his partner, Ivan Dodig to the top of the sport as well as what he learnt working alongside the Bryan Brothers as they won Grand Slam titles and reached number one in the world.


PODCAST - John Newcombe Special

JOHN NEWCOMBE ON LEARNING FROM THE BEST - ‘I was someone who would observe people who had reached the very, very top and just watch what they did and I figured out that that’s how hard they trained, that’s how they do it, so I’ve got to do it at least as hard’. JOHN NEWCOMBE ON LEARNING FROM FAILURE - ‘I was told when I was twelve years of age that you learn more from every match you lose, than every match you win, so rather then sulk after I lost a match, I had a practice that within an...


EXCLUSIVE - Lorenzo Beltrame On Working On The Mind

Jill Craybas speaks about the workings of the mind with Lorenzo Betrame from the Italian Tennis Federation. Before taking up a role with the Italian Federation, Beltrame was Director of the legendary LGE Performance System / Human Performance Institute and has also personally trained dozens of professional athletes including 9 players who reached the #1 ranking in the world.


PODCAST - Fitness Special

LORENZO BELTRAME ON CHARACTER - ‘Every person has to decide what person they want to become and build into that space. To me character is the automatic version of attitude. Attitude is what we can drive everyday with effort, so today I can choose my attitude and the more I choose the attitude I want to have, the more I build character and eventually it becomes part of my normal behaviours’. JULIA GÖRGES ON LEARNING TO RELAX - ‘From being scheduled 24/7 to not being schedule 24/7, that’s...


EXCLUSIVE - Alex Molcan On His Journey Into The World's Top 50

Slovakian player Alex Molcan speaks to Chris Bowers about his rise up the rankings and his work now under coaches Marian Vajda and Karol Beck.


PODCAST - Federer, Sampras, Agassi, Borg, McEnroe, Hewitt & Many More

LARS CHRISTENSEN ON THE IMPORTANCE OF STATISTICS - ‘I’ve been doing it from the very beginning, even when he was ten and in the beginning it was about how many unforced errors, how many forced and winners he would do in a match and specifically looking at forehands and backhands and now getting older it’s more about serve and return and serve plus one and return plus one, so it’s getting more specific but I’ve kept the statistics always and I always compare during the year’. ROB MORGAN ON...


EXCLUSIVE - David O'Hare On Coaching Ram & Salisbury

Irish coach David O'Hare speaks to Jill Craybas about the work he's been doing with 2022 Nitto ATP Finals champions Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury, as well as how he became a coach after his playing career and learning from legendary coach and mentor Louis Cayer.


PODCAST - Doubles Special

WESLEY KOOLHOF ON PROMOTING THE DOUBLES GAME - ‘A bit more Centre Court time would be great if that’s possible. Some tournaments do it actually and it’s always nice for us to play in big arenas, in big stadiums. Scheduling-wise I understand that the singles guys are playing on the big stages, but it would be nice for us to play the first, second or even the quarter-final on the bigger court’. JOE SALISBURY ON WINNING WHEN NOT PLAYING WELL - ’That’s always one of the things we’ve always said...


EXCLUSIVE - James Trotman On Coaching Jack Draper

Coach James Trotman sits down with Jill Craybas at the NextGen ATP Finals to discuss Jack Draper's development and what they will be working on going into 2023.


PODCAST - Tsitsipas, Murray, Sinner, Opelka, Cilic, Evans, Khachanov & Kecmanovic

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON HOW HE EVALUATES HIS DEVELOPMENT - ‘I look at things such as finals, how many I was able to play this year, how consistent I am as far as going deep into tournaments and if I’m able to go deep in those tournaments, If I’m able to constantly, week-after-week, being able to be there, this is a good sign for me’. KAREN KHACHANOV ON HIS IMPROVED FORM IN 2022 - ‘I would say that I’m on the rise. I was playing more and more consistently in the second part of the year and I...