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The ATP's podcast featuring interviews with players and coaches plus discussion based around the tour's weekly events.




PODCAST - 2023 Roland Garros Preview

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON COMPARING CARLOS ALCARAZ TO RAFAEL NADAL - ‘He gets to every ball on the court, he covers pretty much half of the planet when he plays, so they have a lot of similarities and I think he can be the next Rafael Nadal of our tennis’. HOLGER RUNE ON WHETHER HE’S A PERFECTIONIST - ‘I am, especially on the practice court, match court not as much, which is good, because I feel like on the match it’s not about how it looks and how you hit the ball, it’s more about finding solutions to win. I don’t think about tennis 24/7, but I think about what’s necessary for my tennis 24/7’. STAN WAWRINKA ON THE ADVICE HE’D GIVE TO HIS YOUNGER SELF - ‘Keep dreaming, keep passionate about the game that you love. Don’t forget it’s a game that you started to enjoy with your friends. From a young age I always put a lot of pressure on myself and I think it was the pressure that I put on myself that I was struggling to deal with completely’. HUGO NYS ON HIS DOUBLES PARTNERSHIP WITH JAN ZIELINSKI - ‘It’s not easy to find a good doubles partner. It’s like in life you know because you have to get along on the court, off the court and when you lose tough matches you have to stay together. I’ve spent five years on the tour in doubles and this is the first time I’ve built something big with someone’. - Show presented by Chris Bowers and WTA player Tamira Paszek - Interviews by Ursin Caderas and Candy Reid - Features by ATP Uncovered and Kate Flory


EXCLUSIVE - Marc-Andrea Huesler On Life In The Top 100

Chris Bowers speaks to Swiss number 1 Marc-Andrea Huesler about life as the top-ranked Swiss male tennis player and how he copes with the different levels of the tour.


PODCAST - Daniil Medvedev's First Clay Court Title

DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON HIS GROWING APPRECIATION OF CLAY COURTS - ‘Friendship, I don’t think I love it, I love hard courts, my only love, in tennis of course, but I definitely like clay courts much more now’. HOLGER RUNE ON HIS DESIRE TO BE THE BEST - ‘If you try to see always the big picture, rather than the small picture, you will understand why I have to do this. Without tennis I’m sure I wouldn’t have the same mentality as I have today, so it’s kind of built who I am and I fell in love with it from the beginning’. STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON SACRIFICES - ‘I have been very professional in my everyday life and somehow I wish I could be more relaxed in that sense and let go, but at the same time it’s a blessing that I get to be so professional and get to experience pressure in my everyday life, because I feel it makes me better, but there are times when you get fed up with the routines’. FABIAN MAROZSAN ON HIS VICTORY OVER ALCARAZ - ‘Everything was perfect, the crowds, the weather, it was amazing and I don’t know what happened during the points. I just hit back every ball and just tried to do my best and it just happened, so I don’t know what to say. He’s the best in the sport so I’m really happy about this’. MAGDA LINETTE’S COACH MARK GELLARD ON HOW TENNIS SHOULD USE DATA MORE - ’Tennis is quite far behind in a lot of these things and I think as coaches we don’t use half the resources we should be using and a lot of it is how we interpret the information. What I’ve done with Magda the last few years if focus less on the opponent and instead focus on what we do well. Statistics are good for two reasons, they tell you what almost always happens and what hardly ever happens’. FELICIANO LOPEZ ON NADAL - ‘I feel sad that at this stage of his career he can’t do what he really loves to do, which is playing tennis. I saw Roger Federer last year when he had to retire and the way he did it was very sad and I just hope this isn’t going to be the same for Rafa and whenever he recovers from his injury it’s going to be great news and I just want him to play tennis and finish his career on his own terms and I don’t think it’s going to be nice to see another case similar to Roger’. JANNIK SINNER ON HOW PLAYERS VIEW THE ABSENCE OF RAFAEL NADAL - ‘You can see it from the draw, when you see Rafa or Novak in the draw it makes a little bit of difference for sure because you know what they are capable of, but in another way, slowly the new generation is coming to mix up the draw, so it is good’. NOVAK DJOKOVIC ON THE NEW GENERATION - ’New generation is here already. Alcaraz is number one from Monday and I think it’s good for our sport that we have new faces and new guys coming up, it’s normal. I’m personally still trying to hang in there with all of them and I still have the hunger to keep going, so let’ see how far I’m going to play’. - Show presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Ursin Caderas and Candy Reid - Features by ATP Uncovered and Kate Flory


EXCLUSIVE - Mariusz Fyrstenburg On Tennis In Poland

Poland's Davis Cup Captain Mariusz Fyrstenberg speaks to Candy Reid about his own career and tennis in the country.


PODCAST - Djokovic, Alcaraz, Fognini, Sinner, Musetti, Nardi, Edberg & More

NICOLA PIETRANGELI ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIS PLAYING DAYS AND TODAY - ‘It’s a different game. Before you had to know how to play tennis, this is a physical game. Before you had talent and then you became an athlete, today you’re an athlete and if you have talent it’s better’. NOVAK DJOKOVIC ON HIS BIGGEST RIVAL - ‘I can’t take anybody else but Nadal as my biggest rival, as long as Nadal is playing, as long as I’m playing, Nadal is always my biggest rival regardless of the ranking or what’s going on on tour. I have tons of respect for Alcaraz and there’s some other players, but Nadal and myself go back a long time, so definitely he comes in front’. CARLOS ALCARAZ ON WINNING THE LAUREUS WORLD BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR AWARD - ‘It was amazing but it was crazy for me to receive that big award and being surrounded by great athletes, great people, it was unbelievable for me. As Federer, Rafa, Djokovic did, they won multiple Laureus Awards, but the big ones, but starting from the bottom, it’s great to represent tennis’. FABIO FOGNINI ON RETAINING THE FIGHTING SPIRIT - ‘The last few years after my injury and after the pandemic of course, I didn’t win so many matches, but I want to make a present to myself and I don’t want to close my career with injuries. I have something special here in my head, so I would like to fight until I reach this goal’. JANNIK SINNER ON HIS SELF-BELIEF - ‘I have a different mindset and I’m not scared to say that I can win big, big matches. I’m here, I can do it, but you have to have the right respect for every single player and emotional-wise it’s not easy, but I want to push myself to the limits and I know I can show some very good tennis’. LORENZO MUSETTI ON HIS MEMORIES OF WATCHING FEDERER IN ROME - ‘I have one picture in my head that reminds me of me watching Federer playing doubles on the courts that are now practice courts and I was looking at him like my inspiration and now when I play on that court, I always remember him playing there and moving and having the steps on court where I’m going now’. LUCA NARDI ON LEARNING TO ADAPT HIS GAME AT THE START OF HIS CARRER - ‘For sure my gaming is changing a little bit. I learned to be more of a defender sometimes because I work a lot physically and I won a lot of matches when I didn’t play that well but I had the physical power’. ITALIAN TENNIS FEDERATION’S LUCA SBRASCINI ON GETTING KIDS INVOLVED IN TENNIS - ‘We’ve had 60,000 kids during these two weeks and for us that’s a big success. The secret is to create an event, within the big event and our main objective is to involve a lot of kids, we reach out to clubs and schools and we have a lot of projects that we involve within these events’. STEFAN EDBERG ON ROME - ‘It’s a good place to place to play, you know you feel like tennis belongs here, it’s like playing at Wimbledon, that’s where tennis belongs as well and there are certain places in the world where you feel that this is special and this is one of the places’. STEFAN EDBERG’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS - ‘Well first of all you need to have good people around you and you need to have a vision and you need to have a team that looks after you on and off the court and you need to keep your passion going, but you also need a little bit of luck’. - Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Ursin Caderas, Richard Connelly and Jill Craybas


EXCLUSIVE - Mark Gellard On Coaching Magda Linette

Reporter Candy Reid speaks to coach Mark Gellard about working with world number 19, Magda Linette, Life on tour and how he got into tennis coaching in the first place.


PODCAST - Alcaraz Defends Madrid Title

CARLOS ALCARAZ ON RETAINING HIS MUTUA MADRID OPEN TITLE - ‘For me it’s so special to lift the title here in Madrid, in front of my home crowd, in front of my family, my friends, it’s a thing I will never forget’. JOURNALIST DAVID AVAKIAN ON JAN-LENNARD STRUFF’S REMARKABLE RUN TO THE FINAL IN MADRID - ‘He told me that he wasn’t an early riser like Carlos is, he wasn’t that good when he was younger and he’s been putting his game together over the years, 2019 is a year that he keeps pointing to as a great year for him, so it’s just a very careful way of building a career’. JANNIK SINNER ON LORENZO MUSETTI - ‘It’s always tough to play against a friend and it’s tough for both of us when we have to play against each other. I feel like he is improving a lot and it’s always nice to see where the level is and I have the feeling that every time I play against him I can see where I have to improve and I can give him the same feeling’. MATTEO BERRETTINI ON HAVING NEVER PLAYED JANNIK SINNER AT TOUR LEVEL - ‘In general our relationship is great, we text each other, we practice together, when we have the chance we play doubles together, so it’s really like a healthy relationship and we help each other to raise our level and that’s why it would be even better to play against each other’. LLOYD GLASSPOOL AND HARRI HELIOVAARA ON THEIR SLIDING DOORS MOMENT IN ROME LAST YEAR - ‘Without it of course it would have been a different kind of spring because we would have had less points and probably wouldn’t get into one or two tournaments because our ranking wouldn’t have been that high, but most importantly we wouldn’t have had the confidence of beating the number one team in the world’. - Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier - Podcast guest - Tennis commentator and journalist, David Avakian - Interviews by Seb Lauzier, Ursin Caderas and Richard Connelly


EXCLUSIVE - David Witt, Coach Of Jessica Pegula

Candy Reid speaks to David Witt about what he's learnt coaching current WTA star, Jessica Pegula as well as the things he took from coaching Venus Williams for ten years. In this wide-ranging interview, Candy starts by asking David about his views on Frances Tiafoe performoing the role of hitting partner to Jessica at the United Cup at the beginning of the year.


PODCAST - Rublev, Rune, Zverev, Shelton, Medvedev, Murray, Shelbayh and Witt

ANDREY RUBLEV ON WINNING HIS FIRST MASTERS 1000 TITLE IN MONTE-CARLO - ‘I feel a bit looser because I’ve done something that I was looking for a long time and I feel a bit less weight on the shoulder, but there is so much work that I need to do and now we’re already in Madrid’. ANEKE RUNE ON HOLGER’S DEVELOPMENT - ‘I think for us it’s been step-by-step and now it’s just bigger titles. Two years ago it was Challengers and Future titles, which for us in the team was still big, but looking at his level now, the results match the level he has today’. HOLGER RUNE ON HIS PASSION - I’ve gotten the chance to show my passion on the court and show who I am when I play and I like it you know. It’s part of my game style to have this energy on the court and I feel good when I’m pumped and I feel good to play this way’. ALEXANDER ZVEREV ON WINNING TOURNAMENTS MORE THAN ONCE - ‘I think there are places that suit some players better then others and it’s also like a comfortable place where you’re going back and know you’re going to play well. There’s definitely places where you step on the court and you know you’re going to feel better than the previous week. BEN SHELTON ON GETTING USED TO LIFE ON TOUR - ‘Every place that I get to is a new experience, you know going to the Lisbon airport, that was the first airport in Europe that I’ve been in, but I’m lucky that my coach and physio have done this many times, so to have them with me to help guide me is very, very important’. DANIIL MEDVEDEV ON WHY HIS GAME ISN’T SUITED TO CLAY - ‘I could talk for hours but first of all you have to adjust to every shot because every bounce could be a bad bounce and you never know when it’s coming and some players are easy to adapt to this, but that’s not my case. I like when it’s a clean stroke and that’s what I need in my game. The movement is definitely different, because you have to slide and be ready for the next shot and that’s what I do not good enough’. ABDULLAH SHELBAYH ON HIS DESIRE TO REPRESENT ARABIC PLAYERS - ‘I try to not put too much pressure on myself but having Ons Jabeur and Malek Jaziri and Ons as one of the best in the world is very inspiring for me. Honestly to see more Arabic players coming to the tour is very special and I hope I can reach the heights that Ons has reached and even more hopefully’. DAVID WITT ON ON THE BENEFITS ON JESSICA PEGULA TRAINING WITH FRANCES TIAFOE - ‘We hit with Frances Tiafoe one time and I think it’s good for both of them because Frances is so happy-go-lucky, so it let’s Jess know that you don’t always have to be so serious, but at the same time Jess makes him be more serious, so they bounce off each other’. PLUS, ANDY MURRAY ANSWERS FANS QUESTIONS IN AN ATP UNCOVERED FEATURE - Presenter: Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Seb Lauzier, Ursin Caderas, Paul King and Candy Reid - Andy Murray Feature by ATP Uncovered


EXCLUSIVE - Christian Zahalka On Coaching Yoshihito Nishioka

Christian Zahalka speaks to Jill Craybas about coaching Yoshihito Nishioka and what he's learnt from decades in the game.


PODCAST - Masterful Alcaraz Makes It Title Number Two In Barcelona

CARLOS ALCARAZ ON WINNING THE BARCELONA OPEN BANC SABADELL TITLE - ’This is something that I was talking about with my team before the match, to stay relaxed, to want to play the tough moments, to forget the mistakes and to be myself on the court’. STEFANOS TSITSIPAS ON LEARNING FROM PREVIOUS DEFEATS TO RAFAEL NADAL IN BARCELONA - ’The first time I played him I just wasn’t ready, I didn’t pick it up yet, but the second time was the most memorable one in terms of the intensity that I brought onto the court and the experience that I had from previous encounters. He brought the best out of me that day and I was so close and it was so disappointing to finish that match with a loss’. TOMMY ROBREDO ON RAFAEL NADAL AND BARCELONA - ‘Well it’s his club also, so maybe the people don’t know but Rafa, the license of his tennis is from the membership of this club, obviously he had been winning here for twelve years, but he has been winning everywhere on clay, but it’s special that we felt that Rafa is part of the club, part of the city and that makes it special as well’. FELICIANO LOPEZ ON MAKING BARCELONA PART OF HIS FAREWELL YEAR - ‘I came to Barcelona when I was very young and I used to come here to train with the pros because they were calling the federation and asking for some young players that they needed to play with and I used to come here and I was dreaming that one day I could play this tournament and it’s very nice that I can come here twenty yers after my first time here to be able to play one more time’. DR RUTH ANDERSON ON PLAYERS MENTAL HEALTH - ‘Mental Health affects one in four people in the general population, experiencing mental health symptoms is an everyday experience for all of us, so it’s a common experience and athletes aren’t immune to that and certainly need to manage that and on top of that there is the increasing recognition around your psychological ability being just as important as your physical, technical and tactical ability to work on’. FRANCES TIAFOE ON BEING SUPPORTED BY LEBRON JAMES - ‘LeBron has said some cool stuff to me like keep going, keep believing, you know, cliched stuff but it means so much more coming from him and you know, it’s just cool for those upper echelon guys to see me as one of the best. He’s like that guy for me, you know everyone has that guy and no matter how many times I see him it’ll never be normality for me and little things like that is probably why I won the tournament in Houston’. TAYLOR FRITZ ON GETTING USED TO PLAYING ON CLAY - ‘I feel like I’ve never really hated being on red clay, green clay, can’t stand it, but red clay, I’ve always like it, maybe not my best surface but you know I feel like I’ve had some good results on it, but no matter how good I feel on clay, for a lot people it’s what they grew up on and I’ll never feel as good on it as they do, but I just have to make up for it by playing even better’. - Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Ursin Caderas, Jill Craybas and Richard Connelly - Barcelona 70th Anniversary Feature by ATP Media - Commentary by Nick Lester


EXCLUSIVE - Ruth Anderson, The ATP'S New Director Of Well Being And Mental Health

Jill Craybas sits down with Ruth Anderson, the ATP'S new Director of Well Being and Mental Health to dicsuss every aspect of a player's mindset. Taken from the website: Ruth has developed her expertise working as a psychologist and manager within welfare services, the mental health sector, and elite sport. With unique experience in both mental health and high performance sport, Ruth understands what is required to make change, and achieve maximum potential in all areas of life. Ruth’s career began leading teams in the welfare sector, providing services to disadvantaged young people and families, and delivering a range of psychological services and programs on mental health units for children, adolescents, and young adults. Transitioning her skills into the high performance sport environment, Ruth has worked within the elite sport industries in both Australia and the United Kingdom, and at all levels of international competition. For 8 years Ruth worked at the Australian Institute of Sport as a Senior Sport Psychologist, and established and managed the national athlete counselling service. Working across a variety of sports, and teams, including the Great Britain and Australian Cycling Teams, Tennis Australia, Paddle Australia and Diving Australia Ruth gained extensive expertise in elite sport performance. Holding roles at the last four Olympic Games, Ruth was the Head of Psychology Services for the Australian Olympic Team at the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008 and London, 2012; the Lead Psychologist for the British Cycling Team for the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016; and Director of Psychology for the Australian Olympic Team for the Tokyo Olympic Games, 2021. Now based in London, Ruth is the Director Player Wellbeing for the ATP Tour. Ruth’s PhD investigated automaticity as the optimal psychological state for peak performance, and her research with elite athletes has been published internationally. Ruth’s research portfolio includes projects and publications across a range of areas related to sport performance and well-being including peak performance, automaticity, psychological recovery, athlete homesickness, and pain assessment and coping. Applied publications have been the areas of critical incident management and grief and loss. Ruth’s book, The Cycling Mind, has been published by Bloomsbury Publications, London.


PODCAST - Rublev Rallies To Maiden Masters 1000 Title

ANDREY RUBLEV ON WINNING HIS FIRST MASTERS 1000 TITLE - ‘I have tears man, I don’t know what to say to be honest, I’m just happy finally, struggling so much to win these Masters 1000 tournaments. Losing 4-1 and love 30, sitting with break points and thinking there is no chance to win and then…I don’t know man’. Today it was, if you’re going to lose, at least believe until the end and in the end I was able to do it’. HOLGER RUNE ON DEALING WITH EXPECTATIONS - ‘People are starting to expect more and more, but most of all I have high ambitions within myself and that’s the most important thing, but for sure, you’ve just got to improve as much as you can every day and if you think about winning and losing too much, that can just distract your mindset’. JANNIK SINNER ON HIS PHYSICALITY - ‘We have worked so much in the off season, in the gym and in the physical part which give me a lot of confidence now. Also tennis-wise I think it gives me something new, so let’s see how it goes on the clay season’. LORENZO MUSETTI ON BEATING NOVAK DJOKOVIC - ‘I’m struggling not to cry because it’s really an emotional win because it was a really long match, not easy conditions, so I’m really, really proud of myself and I’m struggling not to cry because it’s still a dream for me’. NOVAK DJOKOVIC ON THE MASTERS 1000 CATEGORY - ’Those are the biggest events we have on the ATP Tour and you want to play your best at the Masters 1000 events. Of course I pride myself with the amount of tournaments at the 1000 category that I’ve won and I always try to go further’. MATT EBDEN ON THE EXCITEMENT OF PLAYING ON TOUR - ‘It’s so exciting to see all of our Masters tournaments grow and grow and grow. Obviously a number of them going to two weeks now and becoming like huge features on the calendar that all the fans can follow, so I suppose the ATP are trying to grow them in line with the Slams so that we have the Slams, the Masters and all our big tournaments all year round and not just the Slams’. CASPER RUUD ON HIS INCONSISTENT FORM - ‘It’s frustrating but at the same time, I’m not going to say I predicted it was going to happen, but your whole career is not going to be a joyful ride, there will be some down and hopefully more ups then downs, but the last month hasn’t been what I wanted, but hopefully we’re on a new surface and I can shake things off’. PLUS IN AN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE, ATP MEDIA TAKE A LOOK AT HOW THE TOP 10 HAS A VERY DIFFERENT FEEL TO IT IN 2023 AND…SPORTS STARS USAIN BOLT AND GEORGE RUSSELL SAMPLE THE ATMOSPHERE AT THE MONTE-CARLO COUNTRY CLUB - Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Paul King and Richard Connelly - Features by ATP Media


EXCLUSIVE - Sebastiaan Van Bentum On Tallon Griekspoor's Improved Fitness

Fitness coach Sebastiaan Van Bentum speaks to Richard Connelly about working with top 40 player, Tallon Griekspoor.


PODCAST - 2023 Clay Court Swing Preview

ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH FOKINA ON WHAT HE’S BEEN WORKING ON OFF COURT - ‘It’s more things in my serve, the fear that I had when I was a kid, the tense moments when I have the match and it turns around and goes to the opponent, it’s not easy. Some player's focus for 24 hours on tennis, but I don’t like’. SEBASTIAAN VAN BENTUM ON WORKING ON TALLON GRIEKSPOOR’S DURABILITY - ‘He is a really explosive guy, really strong, pure muscle, but he was not always available for tournaments and you can be the best in the world, but if you are not available for tournaments, you cannot win points, so the challenge was to get him to be able to play twenty five tournaments in a year and at least three tournaments in a row’. ALEXANDER ZVEREV ON HIS RETURN FROM INJURY - ‘It’s kind of been a break, I’ve been injured, not dead so I’ve not been reborn again or something like that. It’s still the same old me and I still want to win these tournaments and I’m going to do everything I can to do so’. PLUS ATP UNCOVERED GET PREDICTIONS FROM A NUMBER OF TOP PLAYERS AHEAD OF THE CLAY SEASON - Podcast presented by Chris Bowers - Interviews by Jill Craybas, Richard Connelly and Seb Lauzier - Clay Court feature by ATP Uncovered


EXCLUSIVE - Tennis Writer Joel Drucker

Over the course of his 35-year writing career, Oakland-based Joel Drucker’s work has appeared in a variety of media outlets. These include broadcast venues such as HBO, CBS, Tennis Channel, as well as dozens of print publications, ranging from the New York Times to Tin House, Huffington Post, Salon, the San Diego Reader, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, East Bay Express, Cigar Aficionado, Forbes FYI and People. His primary topics have been sports, popular culture and business. In this engaging conversation with ATP Podcast reporter and former WTA player Jill Craybas, Drucker speaks about his favourite tennis memories and where he thinks the game is heading.


PODCAST - Medvedev, Sinner, Mmoh, Eubanks, Baez & Drucker

DANIIL MEDVEDEV RETURNING TO HIS DOMINANT BEST - ‘Confidence, I managed to work hard and last year I didn’t manage to be consistent throughout the whole tournament many times and here In Miami I managed to play a lot of great matches throughout the tournament’. JANNIK SINNER ON CARLOS ALCARAZ - ‘Every time we play we have good matches, every time until now is a close match and so I learn many things from him and I learn many things from him, he makes ma a better player and I think at the moment he is on a higher level’. JOURNALIST JOEL DRUCKER ON WHERE THE GAME IS GOING - ‘We see people like Carlos Alcaraz and so I think the game is going to be more all-court hopefully. I hear a phrase often, the game of today and I don’t want to be the game of today, I want to be the game of tomorrow. The game of tomorrow is going to continue to involve some of these incredibly lethal ground strokes, however there will also be slices and players coming into the net’. CHRISTOPHER EUBANKS ON LEARNING FROM SERENA WILLIAMS - ‘I’ve never seen a laser-like focus like practicing with her and it also made me a lot more focussed. The way that she could dial in on every single ball is even something i’d be missing on my own practices. Just having that awareness that I need to lock in, I need to focus I think was the biggest thing and there’s not that many people that I’ve practised with who have had that level of focus’. SEBASTIAN BAEZ ON LEARNING FROM HIS COACH, SEBASTIAN GUTIERREZ - ‘I have found on him, like a teacher and he’s not like a normal teacher, he’s my coach on life. You have a career of a tennis player of maybe fifteen years, or ten and after that you are a person. He always tries to teach me that it’s impossible to be a good player if you’re not a good person’. PLUS, MICHAEL MMOH TALKS ATP UNCOVERED THROUGH WHAT HE TAKES WITH HIM ON HIS TRAVELS - Show presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Ursin Caderas, Jill Craybas and Candy Reid - Mmoh feature by ATP Uncovered


EXCLUSIVE - Wayne Ferriera On His Career And Coaching France Tiafoe

South African Wayne Ferreira won more than 500 matches during a pro career that spanned from 1989 to 2005 and saw him rise as high as world No. 6. Ferreira posted six victories over 14-time Slam champ Pete Sampras in his prime, including four straight between 1995 and 1998, when the American was in the midst of his record stretch as the year-end No. 1. Ferreira had a little iron man in him too, having set the all-time mark for the most consecutive Grand Slam appearances in men’s tennis. He played in 56 straight majors, surpassing the previous record of 54 held by Swede Stefan Edberg. But Ferreria, now 50, may have found his true calling in his role as a coach, as a mentor to American Frances Tiafoe and in this wide-ranging discussion with ATP Podcast reporter Jill Craybas, Ferriera speaks about his career and what he's learnt along the way that now helps his young player.


PODCAST - Borg, Stine, Rublev, Ruud, Cerundolo, Shelton & Shang

FRANCISCO CERUNDOLO ON HIS AMBITIONS - ‘The first thing I put on myself is to try to do as well as last year, to maintain top 40 top 30, but if I can say something I would like to reach the top 20 and reach the second week of a Grand Slam’. BRAD STINE ON TOMMY PAUL’S RUN TO THE 2023 AUSTRALIAN OPEN SEMI-FINALS - ‘He did have a bit of a good draw. I want to see Tommy continue to beat the top guys, to get through and to make it to a semi with a draw that’s a tough draw. It was extremely satisfying, I don’t want to take anything away from it, but I do think we have to keep progressing and getting better so hopefully we can keep making firsts and they become the norm, not the firsts’. BEN SHELTON ON HIS GAME STYLE - ‘It’s really important that I play an aggressive game style and find my way to net, incorporate the serve and volley, so that’s been something I’ve been focussing on and combine that with footwork and my return of serve and I would say they are the three areas I’m focussing on’. ANDREY RUBLEV ON HIS BURNING DESIRE TO WIN - ‘It comes naturally since I was a kid, I always hated to lose no matter what I was doing, but now it is only with tennis, with the rest I don’t care, sometimes I lose on purpose to make others happy, but with tennis I still hate to lose’. JUNCHENG SHANG ON WORKING WITH KEI NISHIKORI’S FORMER COACH DANTE BOTTINI - ‘He’s brought a lot of positive thinking. I’m a positive guy outside of the court but sometimes a little negative thinking about the bad side of my tennis, so he’s taught me how to think positive after each point, even when I’m down and not playing good’. BJORN BORG ON NOVAK DJOKOVIC - ’Novak I think he might win one or two more Grand Slam tournaments, who knows, but what he is doing for tennis in general is unbelievable. He’s still pushing the limits, he wants to be the greatest, win more tournaments and break all the records in tennis history, he’s a fantastic player’. BJORN BORG ON HIS SON LEO - ‘I was hoping he’d pick another sport and he started to play soccer, but then he wanted to play tennis so whatever he wants to do. He’s playing tennis, he loves tennis, he has a big heart for tennis, he’s motivated, he’s nineteen so he has many more years. Sometimes I go to my son and I say to him that he can ask me if he has any questions about tennis and my son says I don’t know anything about tennis, so thank you very much!' PLUS CASPER RUUD ANSWERS FANS QUESTIONS, COURTESY OF ATP UNCOVERED - Podcast presented by Seb Lauzier - Interviews by Ursin Caderas, Mike Cation, Nick McCarvel and Seb Lauzier - Ruud feature by ATP Uncovered


EXCLUSIVE - Mike Bryan With Jill Craybas

In this exclusive conversation, former WTA player Jill Craybas catches up with one half of the legendary Bryan Brothers team, Mike Bryan.