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Ep. 42: NFL Free Agency, NBA Award Predictions & More March Madness Stuff

Tune in to the live podcast show every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST on Facebook: www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ Support Abstract Sports by visiting our website at www.abstractsports.com/support ======== In episode forty two, Kyle talks NFL free agency and what the big changes can mean for certain franchises. After a long discussion there, he gives his best shot at predicting the end-of-year NBA awards, and he's pretty positive he has AT LEAST one correct. And lastly, he talks about the...


Ep. 40: Olympics Recap, Idaho Falls City Bowling Tournament, & NCAA Corruption

Tune in to the live podcast show every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ ======== In episode forty, Kyle finally gets around to talking about the Olympics. He rattles off medal counts and congratulatory remarks to those who won and talks about the feel-good stories that came out of Pyeongchang this year. The next segment is a recap of Kyle's performance in the 2018 Idaho Falls City Bowling Tournament over the weekend. And to top off the episode,...


Ep.38: The New Kicks Effect, Rapid-Fire NBA News, and Super Bowl LII Preview

Tune in to the live show every Wednesday on Facebook at 9pm EST. www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ In episode thirty eight, Kyle shows his appreciation for all the love and support of the podcast. After oozing on the Facebook live listeners, he opens the episode by asking Micah about his trip to Moscow, Idaho and Spokane. As a bet payout, Micah proceeds with a radio voice for the entirity of the episode. Kyle talks about what he calls the "New Kicks Effect," not knowing if there is a...


Ep. 37: NBA All-Star 2018, NFL Conference Championship Recap & Looking Ahead to Super Bowl LII

Tune in to the live show every Wednesday on Facebook at 9pm EST. https://www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ Kyle starts off episode thirty seven by congratulating the 2018 MLB Hall of Fame inductees, and reminiscing his childhood when he used to pretend to be Chipper Jones and Barry Bonds at the plate. With an absent Micah, Kyle goes deep into NBA news. After discussing some silly NBA storylines of the last few days, he goes on to explain how the All-Star teams are being picked. Then, he...


Ep. 36: NFL Playoffs, Hostility in the NBA & Sports Doppelgangers

Tune in to the live podcast every Wednesday at 9:00PM ET on Facebook: www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ Kyle starts episode thirty six off on a serious note, sending condolences to friends and family of Tyler Hilinski. The Washington State Cougar took his own life on Tuesday this week. If you or someone you know if having a bout with depression, we encourage you to connect with the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. For our Idaho listeners, if you need help, or if you're looking...


Ep. 35: National Championship Recap, NFL Divisional Round & Walter Payton Man of the Year Award

Tune in to the live podcast every Wednesday at 9:00PM ET on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ Kyle and Micah kicked off episode thirty five with Kyle putting his new studio decorations on display, and Micah attempting to rattle off five positive references to the Lakers. He seems to have an infatuation with head coach Luke Walton. Who doesn't fall in love with his deep voice? Anyhow, after a slow start, they dove into the real thick of things. The main content start with...


Kobe Bryant, Inspiration Behind Abstract Sports

Dear Basketball https://www.go90.com/videos/261MflWkD3N Sports as microchosm for the world (Ep. 31 of the Abstract Sports Podcast) https://youtu.be/Gsj1dJmGBnc?t=51m35s Kobe Bryant Before Rafters Night: Q&A http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/171215... LIVE Podcasts every Wednesday at 7PM Mountain Time / 9PM Eastern Time https://www.facebook.com/abstractsports/ ====== Head over to the blog for the latest and greatest on how Abstract Sports is Bringing Sports Back to Life:...


Ep. 30: Vegas Golden Knights & the Ups and Downs in Houston

In episode thirty of the Abstract Sports Podcast, Kyle and Micah get the listeners caught up with their lives after a crazy last few weeks of travel, World Series action, and more. They discuss the surprisingly good start for the Vegas Golden Knights as they've come out the gates with a 8-3 record. Micah reluctantly allows Kyle to rabble on about LiAngelo Ball getting arrested in China. Then they discuss the Lakers/Celtics rivalry and it's ridiculously close stat lines at this point in...


Ep. 29: Unity from Humanity in Sports & World Series Discussion

In episode twenty nine of the Abstract Sports Podcast, Kyle AKA TaterDeluxe and Micah AKA Micahrowave go a little crazy with the intro before diving into the thick of the content. Kyle talks about injuries in the NBA, and the camaraderie that is shown throughout the league, and other professional sports. Micah jumps into some NFL action, discussing the magic that is happening with Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the dump that stinks in Atlanta. Then, the duo discusses the...


Ep. 28: Deciphering Roger Goodell's Letter & Excitement for NBA Season Grows

In episode twenty eight, Kyle talks about his excitement for the NBA season to start as it kicks off next week with the matchup most NBA fans have been waiting for: Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers (followed by the Houston Rockets @ Golden State Warriors). After glancing over some hockey numbers, he talks a little about MLB Postseason before discussing several NFL topics including but not limited to: - Mitchell Trubisky's first start - Aaron Roger's comeback with 1:13 to go in the 4th...


Ep. 27: KC XP, NBA Preseason & MLB Postseason

Links referenced: How to Improve the NBA All Star Game http://www.dappersports.com/Blog/2017/03/how-to-improve-the-nba-all-star-game-adam-silver Take the Lead Boston http://taketheleadboston.org/ Episode twenty seven comes at a time when some sports are just getting started, and the regular season of others come to a close. Kyle and Micah recap their weekend stay in Kansas City, including an outing to a Kansas City Royals game. They follow that up with a bunch of NBA talk regarding...


Ep. 26: Unexpected NBA Trades & NFL Silent Protest Discussion

In episode twenty six, Micah and Kyle dive into the news going on around the NBA, MLB, and especially the NFL. After a lengthy discussion about the silent protests regarding President Donald Trump's comments, they encourage their viewers to think of a proactive solution to work toward a better America. If you want your thoughts shared on the next episode, email your answer, question, or suggestion to hello@abstractsports.com, leave a comment on the YouTube episode (Ep. 26), or tweet them...


Ep. 25: Importance of High School Sports & Intermixed Viewer Discussion

Kyle and Micah absolutely crushed it in episode twenty five. At the beginning, Kyle talked about the improvements made to the stream over the last week, which seemed to pay off. More people were participating in the chat and several relevant side discussions broke out from the outline, which as awesome! And there are even more additions to come. This episode featured many topics including (but not limited to): - Kyle's bowling season starting - local high school football rivalries (Emotion...


Ep. 24: MLB Postseason Approaches & Crazy NFL Predictions

In episode twenty four Kyle and Micah start off talking about a bit of NBA 2K18 and it's release this Friday before diving into some MLB postseason talk. After reluctantly admitting the Vandal loss to UNLV, they talk about the fun things that happened in Week 1 of the NFL, including Tony Romo's crazy play prediction skills. Then they make their own crazy predictions for Week 2 of the NFL (and some NBA?!)! Head over to the blog for the latest and greatest on how Abstract Sports is Bringing...


Ep23 SoundCloud

In a longer-than-usual episode twenty three, Kyle and Micah talk about the crazy headlines that happened in college football over the weekend before diving into some quick NFL match-up previews. Although the NFL starts tomorrow there are other things that are getting in the way, including Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, and Hurricane Irma on the way. Kyle and Micah discuss the importance that sports teams can play in the recovery of a natural disaster. Head over to the blog for the...


Ep. 22: McGregor VS Mayweather Recap & Football is Here

In episode twenty-two, Kyle welcomes Micah Brown to co-host the show for the first time. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all things sports, tech, and spicy foods @ VandalMicah. They discuss their experience with the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, despite not getting to watch it. Micah gives his thoughts on ESPN's Top 10 Division 1 NCAA football teams, then gives his predictions for the College Football Playoff. The new duo then discusses the late success of the...


Ep. 20: Camping, Breakups & the Importance of Confidence

In episode twenty, Kyle talks about his recent adventures going camping with more to come. He also discusses an article by a loyal listener titled "Toxic Relationships" which you can find here: https://www.jessiclauren.com/health/2017/8/2/toxic-relationships. After comparing breakups to sports (yes it can be done), Kyle talks about the importance of confidence in life, providing some golden nuggets of content to support the argument. Kobe Bryant talking to Los Angeles Chargers:...


Ep. 19: NBA Fight Squad & Pokemon Gone Wild

In episode nineteen of the Abstract Sports Podcast, Kyle talks about an active weekend on the water in Twin Falls, Idaho, followed up with a hypothetical look at NBA players you probably shouldn't mess with. He also goes all-in on Pokemon Go haters, referencing all the benefits the game can have for different types of people. Head over to the blog for the latest and greatest on how Abstract Sports is Bringing Sports Back to Life: www.abstractsports.com/ Be sure to like our Facebook page to...


Ep. 18: Ezekiel Elliott in Double Trouble & the Bright Future of the Los Angeles Lakers

In episode eighteen, Kyle talks about Ezekiel Elliott trying to blow is future to pieces. He talks frustrations with local baseball marketing skills, and what fun competition the MLB All-Star Game is (unlike the NBA All Star Game). He uses this article in reference to how the NBA can step up their game (big thanks to Dapper Sports): http://www.dappersports.com/Blog/2017/03/how-to-improve-the-nba-all-star-game-adam-silver. He finishes up expressing his excitement for the Lakers in the...


Ep. 17: Peyton Manning is a Cheater & NBA Players are Getting PAID

In episode 17, Kyle talks about Peyton Manning's alleged cheating scandal, his love for local Minor League Baseball, and the trading frenzy that is the NBA off-season. If you know a lot about a particular sport and would like to have your own podcast, get in touch with us. We're looking to add show hosts to our lineup who know what they're talking about in regards to their favorite sports and teams. Head over to the blog for the latest and greatest on how Abstract Sports is Bringing Sports...