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What does it take to master flying and become an airline pilot? Join me on my journey from private pilot to commercial airline pilot through the wonders of an accelerated flight school.

What does it take to master flying and become an airline pilot? Join me on my journey from private pilot to commercial airline pilot through the wonders of an accelerated flight school.
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What does it take to master flying and become an airline pilot? Join me on my journey from private pilot to commercial airline pilot through the wonders of an accelerated flight school.




AFSP 043: Update With Josiah Freeman – Private Pilot Check Ride

The last time we heard from Josiah Freeman was in February of 2019. He was just a day away from taking his private pilot check ride when he decided to postpone the check ride for additional training. Five months have passed and we have an exciting update on Josiah's story. If you are a student pilot, be sure to listen in as we discuss what goes on during a private pilot check ride. Not sure what to expect or you are super nervous? We go over the check ride from start to finish. Does Josiah...


AFSP 042: Aviation Insurance

All you need to know about Aviation Insurance! Do you own an aircraft? Are you a CFI? Are you renting aircraft? Are you attending flight school? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you probably should have Aviation Insurance. Join special guest Victoria and I as we discuss the ins and outs of Aviation Insurance. We will define what types of insurance are available, how coverage is handled, and even cost. If you're not sure if you should have insurance, listen in and find out....


AFSP 041: Flight Training with a Family with Josiah Freeman

Flight training isn't a walk in the park on its own. Add in a job, spouse, and kids and you've made training much much more difficult. On this episode, I bring in a friend of mine, Josiah, to discuss how having these responsibilities affect flight training. Is your schedule filled with your child's sports and school activities? Are you struggling to fund flight training because you have to hold a full-time job to make ends meet? Are you afraid of failing and letting your family down? You are...


AFSP 040: Regional Airline Interview Process with Brandon

One of the critical steps in your progression into the airlines is the stepping stone of the Regional Airlines. But first, you have to pass the interview. How hard is it? Is there any truth behind the statement "if you have a pulse you're hired"? My good friend Brandon joins me to discuss exactly what goes down in the Regional Airline interview process. Music: Energy -


AFSP 039: Regional Airline Pay with Paul Perthus

As we progress in our careers, some of us have some serious considerations to make directly related to the money we bring in. One of those considerations, especially for those of us considering a career change, is our ability to earn a decent paycheck at a regional airline. I brought in a friend of mine, Paul, to discuss the facts and give an honest account of one's ability to earn pay at a regional airline. Do the numbers stack up? Listen in because I think you'll be surprised. Links is...


AFSP 038: Choosing The Right CFI School with special guest Carl Valeri!

It is with great honor and pleasure to have my first guest on the podcast. Of course, it would have to be none other than Carl Valeri from Aviation Careers Podcast and Stuck Mic Avcast! Carl has been an inspiration of mine for producing this podcast and he continues to motivate me forward in my career. As many of you know, I am in the market for a good CFI school and the task is daunting. Carl and I discuss what makes a good CFI school and what to look for in your search. Enjoy the episode -...


AFSP 037: Cross-Country Planning Websites and Apps – Reviews

Today, I look at 4 XC planning apps and websites: NavMonster - Preflight Data - Avare - Music: Energy -


AFSP 036: Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress – Sentimental Journey

I had the wonderful pleasure of driving out to Bullhead City, AZ with my kids to pick up my uncle and take a tour of the B-17G Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey. Despite the wind and heat (107 degrees), we had a great time climbing through and walking around the aircraft. I managed to grab some interview audio from Shelby who is one of the volunteers with Arizona Commemorative Air Force - www.AZCAF.ORG . We talked about women in aviation - the WASPs - and the history of Sentimental...


AFSP 035: Never Stop Learning

You know, we never stop learning as pilots. This episode is about a lesson I learned about paying close attention to the FARs. Please listen in so you can avoid the same mistake I made. Also, this episode is a response to listener feedback from episode 34 so if you haven't listened to that episode, I recommend you do before listening to this one. Thank you for listening! Music: Energy -


AFSP 034: IFR Currency

***EPISODE NOTE*** Please be aware that I did NOT satisfy IFR currency with these practice approaches. I did not have IMC, use a view limiting device, or have a safety pilot. Please listen to the pre-show notes regarding such as well as episode 035 explaining the situation. *** Another first! I had the pleasure of taking my wife up on a plane for the first time. Unfortunately for her, It was a little bumpy but we had a decent time. Next time, we'll go up for pleasure and sightseeing! Thanks...


AFSP 033: I’m Still Here!

Hey everyone! I'm not gone, I'm still alive, and I'm still producing episodes! A lot has happened in my life in the last 6 months keeping me away from podcasting. This episode updates you. Enjoy! Music: Energy -


AFSP 032: Motivation!

Flight training can be difficult. There may be times you struggle or maybe even want to give up. We've all been there. Today, I discuss with you some recent events in my life that have motivated me to move forward and I share some tips on keeping yourself motivated throughout your training. Music: Energy -


AFSP 031: What’s in Ginger Dan’s Flight Bag?

Are you a pilot? If you are, then you have a flight bag with a variety of items inside. Have you ever wondered what other people bring on their flights? Today, I will reveal what I bring on all of my general aviation flights. Here is a list of items in my flight bag: This is my flight bag: In the top section: Flashlight, Sunglasses, Beanie, Gloves, Meds/Personal Items, Foggles, Sectionals, E6B, Plotter, and a Fuel Stick. In the main section: iPad, Battery Backup, Multi-Tool, Knife,...


AFSP 030: The Road to CFI – The Beginning

Although limited, there are a number of career choices for entry level pilots. What we refer to as the first rung of the aviation career ladder, though, is the CFI rating. A great many of pilots begin their professional career as a Certified Flight Instructor. The road there, though, is not so simple. Studying for your CFI rating will seem like an insurmountable task but the hard work and dedication you put forward will shape your future forever. To begin, you must start somewhere and today,...


AFSP 029: Leasing Your Aircraft To A Flight School and Fully Automated Airlines?

I'm changing things up this episode. I don't have any training material or school related topics to discuss so I'm calling on you, the listener, to write in with your opinion or experience with the two topics of today. As you know, getting to 1500 hours isn't easy for everyone. Should I buy a trainer aircraft and lease it to a flight school and then use the plane whenever I want? That's topic number one. Topic two is about whether or not we will ever see a fully automated airline. Say what?...


AFSP 028: Listener Mail – Flight School funding options and Aviation audio books

Today I answer two listener emails about flight school funding and where to get flight school audio books. Check out the links below: Aviation Scholarships: Librivox: Aviation Audio Books: Music: Energy -


AFSP 027: Aviation Resumes and ATP Flight School Pros and Cons

We start the show off with a quick reference for aviation resumes. We will definitely have to dive into this topic in more detail another time. Part two is what a lot of people have been asking about. ATP Flight School - also knows as All ATPs - is a huge accelerated flight school program. Because of it's size in influence, I get many questions about the program specifically. I answer all the major questions about ATP flight school today.


AFSP Bonus Episode 006 – Should I choose an Accelerated Program or Not?

In this Bonus Episode, I answer the same question from two different listeners - should I choose an Accelerated Program or not? Both individuals are looking to start or continue their flight training and are considering an accelerated program but their situations are very different. Listen in to see if the answers are the same or different.


AFSP 026: Jobs for new commercial pilots and how my skills have improved

Hello again everyone! You've completed all your certificates and are now looking for an aviation job. What kind of jobs can a 250 hour fresh off the presses commercial pilot actually get? And now that you've had all this training, have you really improved as a pilot? Do your skills now prove your training? I'll answer this question as well in today's episode.


AFSP 025: Commercial Single Engine Addon Check Ride and Updates

The last Check Ride - Single Engine Commercial Addon. It's finally over! I've passed my last check ride and have completed all my ratings. Listen in and I'll tell you all about this checkride. Thank you all so much for your support. This podcast isn't going away just because I'm done with flight school. I'm still here and I can still answer your questions so please send them in! Music: Energy -