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Part of the Gold Coast Report Podcast Network






Ep.4 | Alternatives To Football, Local Clubs Making Money Moves & Passion Projects

For this episode, we are joined by the duo behind 'Aluta Da Great', @zackie_TLK & @igozah 0:18: Our guests find themselves on the hot seat right from the jump. 1:43: We delve into the early origins of 'Aluta Da Great' and find out about the process that led to a hit YouTube channel. 9:28: Is Ghana spending too much on Men's football to the detriment of other sports? 11:10: @Igozah lays some responsibility for growing other sports on the people in charge. 14:33: @Zackie_TLK laments the...


Ep.3 | Wanted: World Class African Mindfield Generals In The Premier League

00:01: A familiar stranger @NK_Lemuel joins the ATW team in welcoming @AbeikuLytle on as a guest. 1:12: The team discuss sporting headlines that caught their attention starting with Jamie's spitting assault in the Rapid Fire Round. 5:34: Was Oscar just keeping it 100% after acknowledging that money played a major role in his China move? 12:43: We react to the CL results. Is Pep for real? Maybe all Jose needs is a vacation? Is Klopp Man City's kryptonite? What to make of Pogba and...


Ep.2 | GHPL Frustrations, The Queens Make Us Proud & Debating PL All-Star Games.

00:17: Cyril and Donald hold down the fort and look to discuss the GHPL Rebranding “Launch” and Idea of a Premier League All-Star Game 00:45: and here we go, they’ve done it again (GHPL that is). Cyril breaks the logo down. 07:21: Cyril and Donald take a trip down memory lane and remember and discuss what the GHPL meant to them and people growing up. 12:00: The Premier League All Star Game discussion begins. 13:00: Cyril breaks the discussion down with regards to entertainment value...


Ep. 1 | African Players Ranked & Debated

00:30: We’re back baby! The ATW team catch up and discuss the mythical player-swap transfer deal. 04:53: Cyril introduces the all brand new ATW African Player Ranking System 06:50: The Tier 1 'God Mode' discussion begins 07:40: Donald lists his “Tier 1” Players 10:13: Moos is itching to challenge Donald's picks & shares his. 12:45: K.O switches it up and lists his five-a-side 'God Mode' players. 14:05: Moos is finally unleashed on Donald and the rest of the team discuss why they...


Class Dismissed

Loads of laughs, shots fired and a little banter as hosts from your favourite GCR podcasts come together to share their thoughts and experiences on what has been a great year at GCR. We also look ahead to season two and talk about our plans in the off season. Follow the ATW team on Twitter @GCRATW. Send us your comments, questions and feedback!


Taking Things 'Too Far' As A Fan & Champions League Review

Dennis and Henry join us us guests for this episode. 1:00: Introduction to our guests. 4:00: Taking fandom too far, death threats and mean things. Do fans take it too far with their comments to sportsmen on social media? 19:00: Champions League Review 23:00: European succeess for Spurs 26:00: European blues for Chelsea and a roundup of other key mid-week results. 35:00: Prioritizing local/European trophies. Is it the right approach? 45:00: Are we set for a Manager merry-go-round in...


Ep. 29 | Showboating, Star Players Avoiding Foul Calls & Our PL Season Disappointments

Cyril and Moos man the fort for this episode. 2:00: We begin with a hearty discussion on showboating in popular sports. Referring to rookie forward Jordan Bell's alley oop dunk that angered the coach and fans of the opposing team. Are fans okay with it? Is it disrespectful to opposing players? Are there unwritten sportsmanship rules that are broken by showboating? 11:00: The guys share what their biggest Premier League disappointments have been so far this season. A certain manager's...


Ep. 28 | Pornstar Clapbacks & Defensive Solidity

1:00: Former porn stars turned sports pundits. 3:00: Mo Salah turns down World Cup qualification gift. 5:00: Colin Kaepernick lawsuit against NFL owners and news surrounding his protest. 8:00: Dwyane Wade’s wife admits to ass-eating? Is it really a thing? 10:00: Processes vs. results in top class football. Is strict pragmatism by some managers ruining appreciation for the beautiful game? Cyril and Donald share their opinions on effective tactical styles that are not so pleasing to the...


Ep. 27 | NBA Season Discussion With Worlali

1:00: Embiid vs. Whiteside Twitter Wars. 2:00: Embiid signs supermax 5 year deal. Was that a smart move by the Sixers looking at Embiid's injury history? 9:00: We talk IT's Sports Illustrated story where he unloads on his former GM, Danny Ainge. Is he being too emotional? Is he right to feel like that? 18:00: Russell Westbrook signs his contract extension on KD's birthday. Was it deliberate? Are the Thunder legitimately title contenders now with Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. 25:00:...


Ep. 26 | Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Too)

Karen joins the ATW team to discuss her article & share her experiences as a girl gamer in Ghana 0:22: What is something that you like but can't get into Karen? 2:47: Foul or Nah? : We discuss Cam Newton's response to the female reporter. 7:55: Rapid Fire Round: The Black Stars seal their World Cup fate, Dwyane Wade + Gabrielle Union's heartbreaking revelation & Gordon Hayward just wants to play video games. 21:34: We discuss Karen's article as she shares some of her experiences being...


Ep. 25 | We Talk Political Protests And Ask Is Harry Kane World Class?

Bright joins the ATW team for this week's episode 0:38: We meet our guest, talk favourite teams and his work. 2:05: Is Harry Kane world class? The team share their opening thoughts. 8:30: The debate rages on as the team look to define the criteria for what makes a player 'world class'. 14:27: Does a playing system or/and team tactics help boost a player's claim to being world class? 23:47: Are there 10 attackers currently playing that are better than Harry Kane? 33:14: We debut Moos'...


Ep. 24 | Discussing Masculinity In Sports & Society

It's #GhPod week over on our podcast network and the ATW team is joined by the podcast hosts from Wonna Mic De On. 0:46: We meet our guests from the 'WonaMicDeyOn' podcast. 1:30: We kick off with the Rapid Fire Round discussing the latest sports news. 7:10: How bad does Camelo want to win a title? 9:46: Are modern athletes soft? 15:40: The panel ponder the big questions and ask if society's traditional views of masculinity is problematic. 17:33: What maketh a real man? The panel...


Ep. 23 | WC Qualifiers, The Black Stars Disappoint & Overseas Games

0:35: World cup qualifications results and the teams in danger of missing out. 5:05: Messi vs. Ronaldo and broken international records. 8:17: The team discusses the steady decline of the Black Stars and their World Cup chances. 14:43: The German national team shuts down discriminatory chants. 17:07: The Ozil Arsenal fans never see. 18:42: We talk Mbappé's debut and his new team, PSG. 22:53: What's up with Thomas Muller at Bayern? 25:23: How much time does Frank De Boer have to turn...


BONUS - Bonus | Mailbag 2.

The team is joined by KO again for another mailbag episode and we answer a few questions that were sent by listeners through our email and social media. 2:00: We touch on questions about Alexis Sanchez' body language and it's effect on his teammates. 7:30: The transfer deadline day hype. 11:00: Daniel Drinkwater's move to Chelsea. 17:00: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's move to Liverpool. 29:00: PSG transfer business. 32:00: The recent Black Stars' performance. 40:00: Renato Sanches' move...


Ep. 22 | The UEFA CL Groups Analysed + The Kyrie Irving Trade

The ATW team are joined by Abeasi and Worlali for this week's discussion. 00:45: We jump straight into the Rapid Fire Round with the Dembélé transfer to Barcelona, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's contractual situation at Arsenal, David Villa's late return to Spain Men's National team, and The Champions League and Europa League group matchups. 14:00:Donald and Cyril suggest the Wembley Spurs curse is real and that Spurs can't win at Wembley. 22:00: The team discusses the Champions League...


Ep.21 | SHUT THE TRANSFER WINDOW & 3 At the Back.

After a week's break, the ATW team is back to aggressively disagree on sports minutiae! 2:00: The first segment sees the guys discuss the vote going on in the English Premier League over closing the transfer window before the season starts The pros include better team planning and being able to keep your players for key early games. Cons (according to Cyril at least) include ridding the fans of the transfer deadline spectacle of clubs frantically dashing around to find players to...


Ep. 20 | Transfer Reviews, League Expectations & Season Previews.

With the popular European leagues a couple of days from starting, we head into the studio to record a preview episode where we offer our take on the leagues, teams, players & managers to keep an eye out for. 0:33: Has Donald stumbled upon a GCR conspiracy? 1:25: Football is back! We give our predictions for the Community Shield & the UEFA Super Cup. 6:33: It's been a fantasy transfer season and we look back at some of the moves that we never imagined will happen & talk Kyrie trying to...


Ep. 19 | Otaku, Gamers And Problems In Between

We have two guests William (@LiamOfori), from Antrix gaming and Paul(@PaulZiem) from Gamenerd join us this episode. 2:00 : Paul and Liam give us insight into what they do. 5:00 : Perceptions of E-sports and Gaming in the country. 10:00 : Prize pools for e-Sports competitions. 15:00 : Paul talks about the needs of gamers for an immersive experience in Ghana. 17:00 :Our guests discuss the different sub-groups in the gamer community. 25:00 : Lack of tech support for Gamers in the...



We start with CAF's press release to make some changes to the African Cup of Nations (0:38). Mainly the switch to a summer tournament (sigh of relief) among others. Do we like the proposed changes? Are they smart? Are there a few headscratchers? The NBA Summer League ended with the Lakers ending up as Champions. We look at the big standouts and disappointments from the tournament. Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith Jnr, and De'Aaron Fox get some mentions (9:45). Next we discuss the Kyrie Irving...


Ep. 15 | The NBA Draft Explained

Show begins with the hosts introducing themselves (1:00) and Cyril suggests videogames as a great way to understand the rules of a sport, Moos explains how draft order is determined every season in the NBA (5:00) and also how the Celtics got the Number 1 pick this season. Cyril and Moos are at odds with Kevin Durant's draft stock entering his draft class (9:00) as well as the draft evaluation processes (11:00). Draymond and Isaiah being player's whose draft spots motivated them to become...


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