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Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal and his 3 childhood friends, Harry, Darren “The Parlay Kid” and Brother Bri, known lovingly as The Degenerate Trifecta break down the biggest gambling events of the week. Over the years, this top-tiered, I-Heart Radio Awards- nominated sports gambling podcast has received over 10 million downloads while giving out upwards of 3 or 4 winning picks.

Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal and his 3 childhood friends, Harry, Darren “The Parlay Kid” and Brother Bri, known lovingly as The Degenerate Trifecta break down the biggest gambling events of the week. Over the years, this top-tiered, I-Heart Radio Awards- nominated sports gambling podcast has received over 10 million downloads while giving out upwards of 3 or 4 winning picks.


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Jimmy Kimmel Live and Lock It In on-air personality Cousin Sal and his 3 childhood friends, Harry, Darren “The Parlay Kid” and Brother Bri, known lovingly as The Degenerate Trifecta break down the biggest gambling events of the week. Over the years, this top-tiered, I-Heart Radio Awards- nominated sports gambling podcast has received over 10 million downloads while giving out upwards of 3 or 4 winning picks.






’69 World Series Champion Cleon Jones of the Miracle Mets

Cleon Jones of the ’69 World Series Champion Miracle Mets joins Cousin Sal to discuss his new book Coming Home: My Amazin’ Life with the New York Mets. Cleon starts the show talking about catching the final out of the ’69 World Series and giving the ball to Jerry Koosman. Cleon discusses his 1969 batting title race between himself, Pete Rose, and Roberto Clemente as well as the toughest pitchers he faced including Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax. Sal and Cleon discuss that magical season that...


Ricky Cobb of @Super70sSports; video games, crushes and the name Dick

It’s Cousin Sal’s Birthday! To celebrate his joining by one of his favorite followers on Twitter, Ricky Cobb, the genius behind Super 70s Sports! Ricky talks about someone trying to steal his account and people who tweet him negative stuff. They also discuss video games in the 70s, lunch costs, and no one names their kid Dick anymore. The guys talk about their 70’s crush and Sal asks Ricky about wagering on sports.


Todd Fuhrman on his betting rivalry with Cousin Sal, the state and future of sports gambling, chasing betting trends and his 2016 Alamo Bowl rock bottom moment

Sports betting guru and co-founder of Bet The Board, Todd Fuhrman joins Cousin Sal as they reminisce on their Lock It In rivalry. Todd and Sal discuss betting blowouts in the NBA and chasing betting trends. Todd gets into the state of sports gambling, the hurdles of legalizing gambling, and his thoughts on the future of gambling over the next decade. Todd tells the story of his gambling rock bottom; the 2016 Alamo Bowl between Oregon and TCU and what it taught him about bankroll...


KD Requests out of Brooklyn, Bobby Bonilla Day; Worst Contract in New York History, End of the Pac-12, MLB bets and Harry’s USFL Championship Pick

Cousin Sal and the Degenerate Trifecta close out the week reacting to the huge news that Kevin Durant has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and what it means for the rest of the NBA. Plus, the guys weigh in on UCLA and USC leaving for the Big Ten Conference and how this could signal the end of the Pac-12. The crew makes their Friday MLB picks and in honor of Bobby Bonilla day the Captain of the Make-Believe Riverboat Casino asks, What’s the worst contract/signing in New York history?...


Knicks Clear Cap Space in pursuit of Jalen Brunson, MLB Bets, Can anyone catch the Yankees, Double Standard against Harry?

Cousin Sal starts the show reading some emails from fans and they are coming after Harry after one of his latest bold takes. Harry thinks there is a double standard against him and still thinks Travis Kelce has great long-shot odds to win MVP. Another fan is calling for Sal to fact-check Harry and one fan has an idea for baseball’s version of Race to Ten Tuesday. The Against All Odds crew discuss the latest with the Yankees and Mets as Harry looks to go undefeated in Hawaii. Plus, do...


Kyrie Irving Opts In, Long Shot NFL MVP Odds, Championship Parlay Picks

The Against All Odds crew is back at it as Harry is up early in Hawaii checking Wimbledon scores. The guys react to yesterday’s rollercoaster of Kyrie Irving news that he was rumored to be seeking a sign and trade deal and eventually opting in to return to the Brooklyn Nets; could Deandre Ayton be joining him? Next, it’s a look at the early MLB All-Star voting leaders as Sal urges Yankees voters to go out there and vote; plus, who would you want to see in this year’s Homerun Derby? Harry...


Can the Avalanche Repeat, Wimbledon Picks, Brawls in Baseball and Harry is forced to choose between his favorites

The Against All Odds crew is back and Harry is back in Hawaii! The Yankees pull off a big comeback win against the Astros thanks to a walk-off home run from Aaron Judge, but Harry doesn’t understand why Dusty Baker wouldn’t walk him to get to Rizzo. The winner of this week’s Prop Quiz is announced as Brother Bri once again just missed out on a Gold hat. The guys give out their weekend Betaches and also recap the Colorado Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup. They look at next season’s early...


NBA Draft Recap, Sal’s Woj Conspiracy, Parlay Kid calls out two different Coopers, Stanley Cup Game 5 Picks

Cousin Sal kicks off the show with big news; Rosanna Arquette followed him on Twitter. Plus, Sal reads an email from a fan who calls out Harry for not knowing that Copa means Cup in Spanish. The guys recap last night’s NBA Draft as Woj kept going back and forth on who the Orlando Magic were selecting first overall and kept swinging the odds; Sal has a theory that he may have been doing this on purpose. Brother Bri calls for ESPN to have Woj and all other experts stop putting out spoiler...


Tate Frazier joins for a NBA Draft Preview, Will Harry Apologize to Derek Jeter, Rob Gronkowski Retires and Stanley Cup Game 4 Picks

The Against All Odds crew continues to stay hot on their bets and The Parlay Kid finds out he was ranked the #1 expert on against the spread bets during the NBA Playoffs on Tallysight. Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement as the guys discuss his legacy, is he the greatest tight end of all time? Manny Ramirez says his comments about Derek Jeter were taken out of context- will Harry apologize? Then Tate Frazier joins the show; he tells the guys he no longer calls Mike Krzyzewski Coach K...


Big Night of Stanley Cup Bets, Koepka Bolts for LIV, Manny Ramirez Agrees with Harry on Jeter, Did Sal jinx Gerrit Cole’s No-Hitter and Most Embarrassing Championship Parade Moments

The Against All Odds crew bounced back and hit 7 out of 8 bets in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Harry went after some of the haters on Twitter and let them hear it. Then with the news of Brooks Koepka leaving the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf, Harry thinks these players have enough money already and it’s a bad move for their legacies. The Yankees win their 50th game of the season as Gerrit Cole took a no-hitter into the 8th inning, did Sal jinx it? Plus, Manny Ramirez says Derek Jeter...


Matt Fitzpatrick and Parlay Kid are U.S. Open Winners, Stanley Cup Finals Game 3 Bets, Sal celebrates Father’s Day arguing with Little League Umpire

The Degenerate Trifecta’s U.S. Open were all on the leaderboard on Sunday but it was Matt Fitzpatrick winning his first major title and the Parlay Kid celebrating picking him to win at 25-1. Babyface Joel is finally back from Europe and shares the best thing he ate and saw while away on vacation. Then the guys hit their Betaches as Harry somehow goes 0 for 6 on a parlay. Plus, the guys give their picks and props for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals as Tampa Bay looks to win at home and...


NBA Finals Fizzle, Early NBA Odds, US Open Cuts, Avalanche/Lightning Zig Zags

Frustration abounds with these NBA Finals for the fellas as the Game 6 recap of the Warriors 103-90 championship win over the Celtics wasn’t very satisfying for anyone. Cousin Sal starts off by comparing NBA fandom to getting a delivery of manure. A lack of bench play killed the Celtics along with a season that might have just been too darn long for a roster that thin. The Warriors are the cream of the crop and with young talents like Wiggins and Poole, still the pick to beat next season....


NBA Player Props, PGA Prognostication w/ Paul Koehorst and Piping Hot Pizza Takes

Open wide, here comes a “Hot N Ready” episode of AAO as right off the top we get a pizza breakdown from Harry, a man of means, who bewilderingly chooses to go with Little Caesar’s. Brother Bri calls his shot with Thursday’s “Race to Ten”. Tune in to see if the Celtics can get it done. Big stat of the day, when the spread is 6 points or fewer, teams are 73-0-2. So stick with the “Sal Special” of -9.5 on both sides. A “Russian Doll” of bets from the fellas emerges as everyone likes the Game,...


Backbreaking Celtics Back-to Backs, Wiggins Wilds Out, Which Avalanche Will Rumble & Lightning Will Strike

Curry has a bad day and Wiggins has his best as the Warriors finally break the back-to-back streak for the Celtics with a 104-94 win. Steph doesn’t help Sal behind the 3 and the rest of GSW doesn’t help Steph from back there either. Do Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum need a rest from time to time, like during the 10 min he didn’t score? A discussion of the current series odds: GSW -420/+320 Celtics. Back to the rink with a breakdown of the Avalanche vs. Lightning. Current series bet - Avs...


Zig Zag Theory, Kerr Owns 3rd Quarters, The Sal Special, Yankees Shine and Mets Decline

Around the horn we go with Betaches as Vols Baseball tags Sal, Bro gets socked by UFC, ….. Back to the hardcourt with a recap of NBA Finals Game 4. Game 5 has Boston on the road, but Sal is still sticking with the “Sal Special” of -9.5 for either side. Warriors 3rd is also a winner so Bri sticks with that one while Harry tries to get off the Celtic schneid. The consensus is Jayson Tatum is due so the prop picks are looking for a next step taken behind the 3- point line and at the...


Lamenting the NY Rangers vs TB Lightning, NBA, and UFC Bets and the Arizona Sun

Not the best night for the AAO crew as they gather together in Manhattan Beach to watch Eddie Spaghetti’s Rangers lose right at the end to the Lightning. The Parlay Kid joins from the road to help look at NBA picks and to point out the folly of the West Coast group believing in the Rags. A preview of the @Celtics -4 vs. Warriors has player props popping for the next game. Once again the Sal Special is still very hot as -9.5 is still the play for both teams. Spaghetti still isn’t a fan of the...


NBA Finals, NHL Playoff Picks, Roasted Spaghetti and the Julie Stewart-Binks!

NBA Finals are well underway and the despite the glacial pace, the “Race to Ten Points” bet will be won Wed night by the Golden St. Warriors, according to The Parlay Kid. Playoffs have been riddled by blowouts so the “Sal Special” is back in play. Find out the other bets the AAO boys like for this series for your FanDuel and Underdog accounts. Then we are off for a recap of the rangers @ Lightning Game 4. Tampa evens up the series. Game 5 is set for Thursday, and we have all the bets you...


NBA Jam, NBA Finals Game 3 Preview, NHL Playoffs and NFL DPOY discussion

The Extra Points Prop Culture game is live and ready for you to play this month at The fellas take a brief look at the upcoming NBA Final game 3 odds between Boston and Golden State. Harry points out that Boston does not lose back-to-back games often. The group ponders referee, Scott “The Extender” Foster and if he will have the usual harmful effect on the Warriors and if the NBA might be turning into NBA Jam. A recap of the NFL playoff game between the Avalanche and...


Perfect Gold Cap Winner, Betaches, No Help From Klay, Avalanche Look to Close Out

Mikey Meatballs kicks off the month of June by winning the prop quiz by going a perfect 10/10 on questions, leaving Brother Bri as the only Szokoli without a gold cap. The guys go into betaches, where Sal discusses his trip to Dodgers Stadium and Klay's very disappointing production so far in the Finals, while Brother Bri also suffered a bad beat in a Game 2 blowout. Next, Sal and the DG3 recap the NBA Finals games so far and look ahead to see if any player or series bets stand out to...


Boston Three Party- NBA Finals Game 1 Recap & Game 2 Bets, Pardon my French Open bet, Can the NY Rangers stop the Lightning’s bounce back streak, and NBA Finals Trivia!

Cousin Sal starts the show announcing the winner of May’s Prop Culture contest – which came down to a hot dog tie-breaker question. The morning started with a betting controversy at the French Open after Alexander Zverev was forced to retire in his match against Rafael Nadal due to an ankle injury and Brother Bri is livid after he gets screwed on his bet. The Boston Celtics’ huge 4th quarter helped them take Game 1 of the NBA Finals as the guys discuss how it has changed the odds on the...