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All things Ole Miss and Mississippi State football.

All things Ole Miss and Mississippi State football.
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All things Ole Miss and Mississippi State football.




Creating good vibes

Will and Antonio are talking Ole Miss and Mississippi State and football, men's basketball and baseball. Topics include: 0:00 — Ole Miss' top-ranked recruiting class at the moment. What it means, will it stay that way and a comparison between it and Mississippi State's. 11:30 — Ole Miss spring football 15:00 — MSU spring football 20:00 — Basketball transfers at MSU 21:30 — Will thinks the three NBA Draft early entrants come back to school and make the NCAA tournament next season 24:30 —...


It's time for Kermit

On this week's edition of All About That Egg, the guys begin by talking about Kermit Davis to Ole Miss. Does this hire work? What his last few years at Middle Tennessee State say about him, rather than the first decade at MTSU. Can Davis get Ole Miss fans to care about basketball? Also: Do NIT runs matter? (10:00) Mississippi State’s chances of winning several games in the NIT and leaping into the NCAA tournament. (12:30) The Mississippi State women got a favorable draw in the NCAA...


He's not about that 2-3 zone

Will and Antonio are back with a jam-packed episode of All About That Egg. They talk about Mississippi State women's basketball loss and its NCAA tournament future (1:30 mark), the Ole Miss women's basketball search (10:00), the Ole Miss men's basketball search and Thad Matta (14:00), Mississippi State men at the SEC tournament (16:00), talk to MSU offensive coordinator Luke Getsy (20:00), the strong start by Ole Miss baseball (27:00) and Mississippi State baseball's recent play (30:00)...


They have their own kids in their own state

Will Sammon and Antonio Morales are back with an all-new episode of All About That Egg. It's the day after national signing day, so they discuss all things recruiting: – National signing day hijinks – Why did Ole Miss not close on some of the top prospects it was pursuing? – What did Mississippi State want to do in the final weeks? – The difference between Ole Miss and Mississippi State recruiting. – The 2019 recruiting class, and the challenge for Ole Miss and Mississippi State. – What...


What about him?

Antonio Morales and Will Sammon are back to head you into the Christmas long weekend with a look back at the early signing day for Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That includes a discussion of the hits for both schools, how Antonio broke the James Williams news to Will and what's going on with the basketball teams.


I hate to bring it up again, but since I already did

With the early signing period beginning on Wednesday, Will Sammon and Antonio Morales evaluate the recruiting picture for both Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Who will sign? Who is left? Who has momentum? Will either have any coaching changes once they're through the recruiting period? And what's going on with Andy Kennedy?


That'd be my preference

Will and Antonio have the first of two (!) podcasts this week for the Egg Bowl. In the first, they discuss: — Reaction to the Vegas point spread — Ole Miss’ loss to Texas A&M — Mississippi State won’t sleepwalk through this one — Are there any positions Ole Miss is better than MSU at, besides receivers? — Jordan Ta’amu vs. Nick Fitzgerald Check back later in the week for another episode previewing Thursday's Egg Bowl.


It's going to be a little bit tighter

Will is getting ready for Mississippi State's game against Alabama, and Antonio is working through Louisiana Week for Ole Miss. The two talk about the games (far more about the Bulldogs than the Rebels, for obvious reasons), talk about MSU's chances of covering the spread, the coming NCAA decision on Ole Miss and the start of basketball season. Are either of these teams going to contend?


Salt in the wounds

On this week's edition of All About That Egg, Antonio Morales and Will Sammon dig into the latest in the Mississippi courthouse scene as Ole Miss gets sued again. They talk about what kind of mascot Ole Miss is going to get now, whether or not the Rebels can beat Vanderbilt and what Mississippi State looks like coming out of the bye week and going into the BYU game.


Just keeping it real

Will and Antonio are just keeping it real this week on All About That Egg. About Ole Miss. About Mississippi State. About the role of officiating. About in-state recruiting wars. And about Goldberg's incredible pro wrestling legacy.


That's a crime

On this week's All About That Egg Will and Antonio are talking about a coming NCAA investigation that at least right now doesn't involve either Mississippi school. But the FBI's probe into college basketball is the biggest news story going, so the guys talk about what they think is going to happen next. They finish up by talking about MSU/Auburn and Ole Miss/Alabama, and what they expect to see in both games.


You're not into Georgia

Will and Antonio are back to talk about Mississippi State and Ole Miss football. The Rebels are off this week, but that doesn't stop the guys from discussing what's going on in Oxford, including interim coach Matt Luke. But Mississippi State has a big game at Georgia, so the guys break that down as well as Dan Mullen's newfound (again) fame as one of the SEC's best coaches.


So now it's over

The NCAA hearing is done, so Antonio Morales and Will Sammon talk about it. Then they get into the games on Saturday, with Ole Miss at Cal and LSU coming to Mississippi State.


Hurry This Up

Will Sammon and Antonio Morales get together to talk about the upcoming games against UT-Martin and Louisiana Tech (No, wait, come back!) for the Mississippi schools. But no, seriously, they talk about Mississippi State and Ole Miss, the NCAA stuff (because of course) and a certain book.


Can we talk about football?

Week 1 of the college football season is here, so Will and Antonio of course start off by talking about legal cases. They get through that in short order and move on to previews of Ole Miss and Mississippi State, and Week 1 of the college football season.


You heard it here first

A week before the season starts Will Sammon and Antonio Morales gets together to discuss Ole Miss and Mississippi State's respective ceilings and floors, as well as make some "bold" predictions about the 2017 college football season.


Who's the next Matt Luke?

Antonio and Will are back with their weekly podcast. Here's what they talk about: — Expectations for Matt Luke — Best coaches at both schools, regardless of sport — Best choice to pull a Matt Luke and one day be an interim head coach — Rapid-fire questions


The virtue of silence

Antonio has had himself a week, including a 30-minute span where two different news stories broke at Ole Miss. Will, on the other hand, has his feet up on the couch in Starkville. They talk about the difference in their training camp experiences so far, go into the latest with the Houston Nutt lawsuit and the NCAA case, then finish with their recommendations for what you should be reading.


Let's draft the Ole Miss, Mississippi State rosters

Will and Antonio had an idea: what if you took a player pool made up of Ole Miss and Mississippi State's rosters, and drafted two teams? What would they look like? What would you focus on? So they did that. (Warning: There's a couple of curse words about midway through, so be aware if you're listening in the car with young ones. Our apologies, and it won't happen again.)


Things are not slow

Summer is here, but instead of the slow time things are just getting started in Mississippi. Antonio and Will talk about the latest in the Rebel Rags lawsuit, what comes next in Ole Miss' unfolding NCAA process and the MLB Draft for both the Rebels and Mississippi State.