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Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.

Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.


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Great adventurers share their great adventures. Please Subscribe & Review.






39. Patrick Winterton. Kayaking Shetland to Norway

Patrick Winterton made the first successful kayak crossing of the widest part of North Sea in a double kayak, together with Olly Hicks, retracing the route of the wartime 'Shetland Bus' from Scotland to Norway. I recorded this podcast shortly after his return and it ran on another podcast series Sea Kayak Podcasts. It is such an extraordinary adventure I decided it had earned a place among these great adventurers, and I hope you agree. I also update the episode with a significant...


38. Nick Butter. Running the World.

Nick Butter ran a marathon in every country as recognised by the UN, all 196 of them, and completed the adventure within two years. His book Running the World has just been released yet he's off on another adventure. Now he's tackling 100 marathons in 100 days, running the length of Italy, a country badly hit by Covid and, like the rest of Europe, heading into its second lockdown. We chat with Nick in the back of his converted van the day he ran from Rome to the coast. Website Instagram...


37. Mark Beaumont. The business of expedition cycling.

Mark Beaumont is one of the world's greatest endurance athletes. He rode around the world in 78 days, averaging 240miles each day. In this podcast we explore the professionalism behind Mark's extraordinary career. He treats each project like a business start-up. He learnt public speaking, how to writing books and how to use other media. Links below to things we mention in our conversation. Instagram Twitter Facebook Website Books and Audio books on Amazon Endurance Podcast with...


36. Josh Ibbett. Winning GB Duro 2020

It’s a bike race so hard, even the organisers weren’t sure anyone could complete it. Competitors had to carry everything they needed, from food to fuel, to be entirely self-sufficient, right from the start. No outside help was allowed. Josh Ibbett rode the 2000km off-road bikepacking event, from Land's End to John O'Groats in 7 days and 17 hours. This is how he did it. Video about Josh's race Video about Josh's bikepacking rig Josh's YouTube Instagram Twitter Photo credit:...


35. Donnie Campbell. Fastest self-propelled Munro round.

Donnie Campbell ran all 282 of Scotland's 'Munro' mountains in a new record time of less than 32 days, from 1st August to 2nd September 2020 cycling and kayaking between. Here, for the first time, he tells the full story of his amazing August adventure. Donnie's Facebook Instagram Twitter Strava JustGiving page for British Red Cross Get Active Running If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our...


34. Emily Chappell. Self-supported ultra-distance cycle racing

The world of self supported, ultra distance cycle racing can seem a strange sub culture. Emily Chappell has captured the essence of being one of these sleep deprived, exhausted riders in her book Where there’s a Will. She came to this odd type of racing after being a cycle courier in London, an experience captured in her first book What Goes Around. In this podcast Emily's reads from both books and these excerpts guide our conversation. Emily's books on Amazon Website Instagram...


33. Duncan Dollimore. Cyclists & new Highway Code

The Highway Code is changing and we all have the chance to influence those changes. If you ever ride a bike (or for that matter drive or walk down a street) it is worth having your say. Duncan Dollimore, the Head of Advocacy and Campaigns at Cycling UK, explains what’s proposed, where the controversy lies, and how you can influence the new highway code before October 2020. Too often we feel those in power make decisions we can’t influence. This time, we can. If you enjoy this podcast,...


32. Jade Perry. Ice swimmer

This is for anyone who thinks swimming is boring. Ice swimmer Jade Perry talks us through her more unusual swims; glacial lakes, jungle reservoirs, the world ice swimming championships in Russia, and how she became the first person to swim between East and West Falkland Islands with no wetsuit. Instagram Jade's sponsor, Mackie's ice cream If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our YouTube channel


31a. Podcast schedule update

As lockdown eases around the UK two things are proving difficult. The first is my ability to get good guests. The great adventurers are starting to go off on their adventures. Secondly, I’m find it difficult to make time for the recordings, I too am doing more things, so I understand exactly how the guests feel. I’ve already changed the podcast release schedule once. Now I’m going to scrap it altogether. I’ll not stick to any firm schedule, but I’ll try to upload a podcast at the start of...


31. Trevor Potts. In the wake of Shackleton

In 1993 Trevor Potts was part of an expedition to recreate Shackleton's audacious voyage from Elephant Island, off the Antarctic peninsula, to South Georgia. Trevor now alternates his time between life of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland and lecturing on Antarctic cruise ships about Shackleton and other explorers. I spoke to Trevor in 2012 for Sea Kayak Podcasts, an earlier podcast series, and believe his story is so exceptional it should also be part of this series of great...


30. Dr Andrew Murray. Running Scotland to the Sahara and more...

Once you have run an ultra-marathon on each of the seven continents you join an elite running group with only five members. One of them in Dr Andrew Murray from Edinburgh. We talk about that achievement in this podcast, along with running in Mongolia, working for the NHS during C19 and the future for all of us living in a Covid world. Plus the not so small matter of running 2660 miles from John O'Groats to the Sahara desert. Twitter Website If you enjoy this podcast, please support the...


29. Chris Pountney & Dea Jacobson. Cycling the world, twice

Chris Pountney set out to circumnavigate the planet by bicycle and boat, avoiding all motorised vehicles and aircraft. When he was forced into a car on a border crossing, he started the circumnavigation again, eventually going around twice. Along the way he was joined by Dea Jacobson and they both join me for this podcast. Chris has written two excellent books about this adventure, and I really do mean excellent. That's why I tracked him down for a chat. The books Website and blog If you...


28. Dr Max Holloway. Wild swimming and Antarctic adventures

Dr Max Holloway worked with the British Antarctic Survey on climate change research and in this podcast we talk about the adventure of traveling to and working in a place so few of us will visit. Max is an accomplished wild swimmer and, last winter, was invited to train the world renowned swimmer Lewis Pugh in the cold waters off the Outer Hebrides in preparation for Lewis' own swim in Antarctica. Twitter Website facebook Instagram Lewis Pugh's Antarctic video If you enjoy this podcast,...


27. The Lifecyclers. Cycling London to New Zealand

We’ve heard from some amazing athletes in the course of this podcast, but today we hear from two 'normal' cyclists, Martina Doherty and Nigel Birdsall who call themselves The LifeCyclers. They were not aiming to break speed records yet they completed an amazing ride. Their route took them through Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, India, Myanmar, South East Asia, Australia and into New Zealand, arriving just as Covid 19 hit. TheLifecyclers website If you enjoy this podcast, please support the...


26. Cameron McNeish. Hill walker and author

Cameron McNeish describes himself as 'Mountain bum, cycle tourer and campervan man', in his Twitter profile. He is the best known hill walker in Scotland, possibly Britain, who has written for and edited many magazines including TGO-The Great Outdoors. He has made numerous television programmes, mainly about outdoor activities. His autobiography There’s Always the Hills (Amazon link) has been so successful, he has two more sets of memoirs planned. Cameron's website Twitter YouTube...


25. Sean McFarlane. Adventure multi-sport

Sean McFarlane was a lawyer but quit to became a full time athlete and that’s one of the adventures we explore in this podcast. Sean talks about the business of working with sponsors, magazines, other companies, plus devising a trans-scotland challenge that sounds utterly epic. Sean's Website Instagram If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting costs by buying me a virtual coffee at Check out our YouTube channel


24. Calum Maclean. Scottish wild swimming

Calum is more than a swimmer, he’s an outdoor enthusiast, and a good one too. He completed the grueling Celtman extreme triathlon and last year set out to swim and walk across Scotland unsupported, towing all his kit. He has presenter three series of excellent programmes about wild swimming in Scotland for BBC Alba, and we talk about all of this in the podcast. Twitter Instagram Dhan Uisge - BBC Alba Scottish Water Temperature Guide If you enjoy this podcast, please support the hosting...


Update to podcast schedule

We're switching from two podcasts a week to one podcast, starting this week. The podcast was my small response to the Coronavirus crisis. With restrictions easing slightly we all have more time to do stuff, so there’s less need for quite so many of these podcasts to keep us occupied; and I have less time to make them. Also I’m not sure how long they’ll continue. It largely depends upon whether I can continue to get really good guests, and whether people continue to listen. You can help us...


23. Jonas Deichmann. Smashing ultra bikepacking records

The name Jonas Deichmann might not be too familiar to English speaking adventurers, but in three years he set three huge long-distance transcontinental unsupported cycling records. 2017 14,000km Eurasia 64days (Portugal to Vladivostok) 2018 23,112km Pan-American solo 97 days (cutting a month off previous record) 2019 18,000km North Cape, Norway, to Cape Town, South Africa 72 days (again, a month off previous record) The film of Cape to Cape will be out in September 2020. Coronavirus...


22. Justine Curgenven. Kayaking the Aleutians with Sarah Outen

Justine Curgenven is a highly accomplished expedition sea kayaker. She helped to keep safe Sarah Outen, the round-the-world adventurer, when the pair became the first people to kayak the Aleutian Islands, the chain which stretches from Alaska into the Pacific Ocean. This interview is a companion piece to Podcast 21 with Sarah Outen. However, it goes further and explores Justine's more recent adventures, now she has moved from Wales to Vancouver Island, Canada. Justine Curgenven's film of...