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Join renowned angler April Vokey as she explores fishing, hunting, foraging and homesteading through intimate, face-to-face conversations with some of the outdoor world's most influential people. Her intense curiosity drives her to take a behind-the-scenes, vulnerable and honest approach with her guests that often ends up uncovering never-before-heard stories. An Anchored Outdoors production.




Join renowned angler April Vokey as she explores fishing, hunting, foraging and homesteading through intimate, face-to-face conversations with some of the outdoor world's most influential people. Her intense curiosity drives her to take a behind-the-scenes, vulnerable and honest approach with her guests that often ends up uncovering never-before-heard stories. An Anchored Outdoors production.




Anchored Podcast Ep. 217: Tommy Lynch on Night Fishing, Snagging, and More

Tommy Lynch is the first person who comes to my mind when I think about night-fishing for huge brown trout. Having guided over twenty years in Michigan, Tommy has earned a reputation for being one of the fishiest guys in the area. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with him to discuss the ins and outs of night-fishing, and learn some other fun facts along the way. I wanted to take a moment to also let you know that after nearly a decade’s break of hosting trips, I’m back at it this July...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 216: Enrico Puglisi on Fibres, Dubbing Brushes, "Making It" and More

Born and raised in Sicily, Italy, Enrico Puglisi learned to fish by watching his father catch dinner in the Mediterranean Sea. They even used feathers from their own chickens, unintentionally seeding the concept of fly fishing in Enrico’s mind. But it wasn’t until Enrico received a bill for his favourite tying material that he accidentally fell into the fly fishing industry. In this episode of Anchored we hear Enrico’s incredible story—from Ritz Carlton chef to one of the greatest innovators...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 215: Rich Stuber on Watermaster and More!

Rich Stuber is a native Montanan who worked in the inflatable business, specifically manufacturing Water Master Rafts, for years before eventually taking over the company. In this episode of Anchored, Rich and I sit down to discuss what to look for in an inflatable raft, how to make the most out of your time on the water, and more. If you haven’t checked out our latest mini-course on Raft fishing with Yos Gladstone and Josh Ziegler, check it out at...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 214: Tim O’Neill on Norvise Vises and the Legacy of Norm Norlander

Tim O’Neill had big shoes to fill the day he took over Norvise Fly Tying Vises in 2018. A machinist by trade, he’d already worked with the company’s founder, Norm Norlander, for a decade prior to the takeover. An unfortunate illness would ultimately hinder decades of Norm’s hard work and passion, making Tim the company’s new CEO. In this episode of Anchored, Tim and April talk about Norm, the business transition, why Norvise is so unique, and more. This episode of Anchored is brought to you...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 213: Chris Dombrowski, the River You Touch

Chris Dombrowski is a poet, author, teacher, and river guide who works and lives in Missoula, Montana. His latest book, The River You Touch, was recently released and I was keen to hear more about its behind the scenes. In this episode of Anchored, Chris and I discuss poetry, why it matters, our relationship with water, and how each of us process our inner conversation differently. This episode is brought to you South Dakota and their incredible hunting opportunities. In South Dakota,...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 212: Dan "Rooster" Leavens on Seizing the Day

Dan “Rooster” Leavens is unforgettable. Today he’s the head guide and owner of Stonefly Outfitters, but there’s a whole lot more to the Montana local. Dan’s early career in the Coast Guard took him away from New England and put him on the pacific coast, where he developed an addiction to steelhead. After years of guiding in Washington and Alaska, he fell in love with a little fly shop in Montana, where he settled down and stayed. In this episode of Anchored, Dan reflects on his colourful...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 211: Jac Ford Takes the View From the Middle Seat

Jac Ford took up fly fishing in elementary school. By the fifth grade, he was tying his own flies and before graduating from high school, he was an avid fly-tier and fly-fisherman. Jac started fly fishing for steelhead in 1972 before getting the travel bug and setting off to experience other fisheries—including Montana, where he made quite a name for himself. Jac is a longtime guide, outfitter and conservationist who’s endured a lifetime of lessons that many of us can learn from. In this...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 210: Tim Arsenault on Bridge Fly Lines and Spey Casting

Tim Arsenault has a laugh you won’t forget and a cast you’ll want to master. An avid angler and competitor at the popular Spey-o-Rama casting event, he has made a much-deserved name for himself as one of North America’s top casters. Tim is the founder of Bridge Fly Lines and the manager of Vancouver’s Michael and Young Fly shop. In this episode of Anchored, Tim shares the story of how he started fishing and, eventually, competing. We discuss the stresses behind starting a line company and...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 209: Derek Bird on the Arts and Fly Fishing

Derek Bird grew up fly fishing Rocky Mountain streams in British Columbia’s Kootenay region. His passion for catching trout has taken him to some of North America’s most remote destinations. He is the author of two books and is the founding editor of Fly Fusion Magazine, where you can find his regular column, Stream Lines. In this episode of Anchored, we cover his life as a writer in an ever-changing industry and take a closer look at why we make some interesting decisions in our younger...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 208: Jessie Krebs on Survival and Trip Tips

Jessie Krebs is a former US Air Force SERE specialist who believes that skills combined with preparation allow for a deeper connection to the wilderness. Sere stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape—all things that sound mildly terrifying to the average person. But Jessie is the opposite of those things. She is warm, patient, thoughtful and kind… most of all, she’s inspiring. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Jessie to learn more about basic survival techniques that a...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 207: Drew Chicone on Scenting Flies, UV, Crabs and more

Drew Chicone has made a name for himself as one of the industry’s top fly tiers… and rightfully so. The author of 15 books and a stream of impressive patterns, Drew keeps his finger on innovation, all while continuously providing education and value to his followers and readers. In this episode of Anchored, Drew and I discuss putting scent on flies, UV materials, the infamous crab, and the ingenuity that goes behind being a ground-breaking fly tier in the industry today. Learn more about...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 206: Emily Rodger’s Incredible Story

Champion cyclist Emily Rodger’s ascent to the podium was twice derailed by near-fatal collisions. Her journey to overcome injury and PTSD lead her back to the pastime of her childhood and her love for fly fishing. In this episode of Anchored, she tells her story and shares how she discovered not only her own peace but also a path for others facing a personal crisis and unexpected life change. This episode is brought to you South Dakota and their incredible hunting opportunities. In South...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 205: Trevor Covich on Catching Anadromous Fish

As a young boy, Trevor Covich knew he wanted to be a fishing guide. Born and raised in Washington state, he’s always had a love for anadromous fish. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss fishing for chinook salmon, water columns, fishing lanes, following the fish migration, and Trevor’s controversial outlook on current fishing stocks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Anchored Podcast Ep. 204: Katie Fiedler-Anderson on Navigating Guiding and Motherhood

Katie Fiedler-Anderson has been guiding for 13 years. Based in Colorado, before becoming a fishing guide, she worked as a raft guide, video kayaker, rock climbing instructor, and high ropes instructor. Teaching and the outdoors is in her blood. A certified USCG Captain, Katie takes fly fishing everywhere she travels. She competes in the invite-only Women’s Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournament in the Florida Keys and also loves to reel in bass with her dad in Illinois. As mom to daughter, Nixy,...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 203: Larry Dahlberg on the Diver, Thermocline and Ideal Water Temps

Larry Dahlberg is a guest I’ve been keen to have on the show for some time now. You may know of him as the man who created the Dahlberg Diver, but he is also the inventor of Flashabou and various other fishing innovations. In this episode of Anchored, Larry and I discuss his long-running television series, The Hunt for Big Fish, how he got his start, and his thoughts on fishing the thermocline, ideal water temperature, how to properly fish his fly, and so much more. Learn more about your ad...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 202: Steve Ramirez on Casting Forward

Steve Ramirez is a writer, educator, master naturalist, philosopher, and outdoor adventurer who lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country. Steve has had an interesting career… from working alongside President Bush to University Professor. I was intrigued to hear more about his life. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss his books, time in the Marine Corp, living life to the fullest and more. This episode of Anchored is brought to you by! Use code ANCHORED to take 20% off your...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 201: Marcelo Pérez on Fly Fishing in Bolivia

Marcelo Pérez is the founder and CEO of Untamed Angling. An architect and passionate angler, Marcelo grew up in Argentina, where he fine tuned his fly fishing skills and gravitated toward the illustrious golden dorado. This fascination would eventually lead him to open a number of wilderness fishing operations that are modelled around teaming up on a 50/50 partnership with indigenous jungle tribes. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss Untamed Angling’s successes and challenges, the...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 200: Marina Gibson on a Passion for Teaching

In June 2019, Marina Gibson launched The Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire, where her and her team teach fly fishing while connecting as many people as possible to the great outdoors. In this episode of Anchored we discuss finding a home base, why working in fishing can feel so exhausting, growing pains and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Anchored Podcast Ep. 199: Rob Smith on Stripers and the Chattahoochee

They don’t make ‘em quite like Rob Smith anymore. Rob is a native southerner and true outdoorsman who’s been obsessed with fishing for almost sixty years. I’d heard of Rob—aka The Moustache— through various mutual acquaintances, but only after an introduction from one of our members was I able to finally invite him to be on the show. In this episode of Anchored, Rob shares how he went from game warden to landscaper to fishing guide, and we cover stripers, musky, trout and more! Find Rob at...


Anchored Podcast Ep. 198: Mia and Marty Sheppard on Winter Steelhead

Mia and Marty Sheppard are two of the most well-known steelhead guides in the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason. Marty grew up on the banks of the Sandy River in Oregon, landing his first steelhead by the age of five. Mia grew up in Tennessee, chasing trout and hiking the Great Smoky Mountains. In this episode of Anchored we discuss how they met, Marty’s thoughts on fishing out bad casts, whether the colour red is worth fishing, how steelhead use their mouths to feel, holding soft loops...