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Episode 24: Leeches

Probably not your first topic of interest as you're driving to your 4th of July picnic, but they really are interesting. And fish like 'em. The fact that they suck your blood? Well, we all gotta make a living somehow, don't we?


Episode 23: Hoppers

Grasshoppers, Katydids and Crickets - can't beat 'em. We'll talk about imitations, as well as they importance in human culture and economics. I think you'll be amazed at all the diversity. And, we'll talk about why, at least my guess, as to why hoppers we fish with have red butts.


Episide 22: The Hendrickson

An episode all about the Hendrickson ... with, of course, digressions... including hatch charts, history, geography and patterns. Check out the blog for patterns and pics:


Episode 21: Caddisfly Families

Hi Folks - an episode about various caddis families. Be sure to check out the blog post for this episode too - there are some of my favorite patterns as well as pics of some of these guys.


Episode 20: Fly tying pests

Tie flies? Then you ought to be worried about dermestid beetles and clothes moths. This episode will discuss these guys, how to control them, and the pros and cons of the various solutions. We'll even do a diversion into how poisons work and 'natural' solutions. I hope you enjoy the program.


Episode 19: Caddisflies

Hi folks - this is the first of a two parter on caddisflies. Today we'll talk about the group and their life history in general. We'll also talk about imitating the group in a simple way - and next episode we'll talk about the different families and imitating them in gory detail! I hope you enjoy...


Episode 18: Black Flies

Happy New Year Folks. To celebrate 2018 I'm giving you an episode all about black flies - that annoying scourge of the north, and ... in some tropical areas, transmitter of a horrible disease. Which, on the hopeful side, is one of those afflictions where we have seen success in our battle against it. And ... I should say, by the way, black fly larvae are eaten by trout...


Episode 17: the Damselflies

Today's episode will cover the damselflies. This will act as part 2 for episode 2, where we talked about the close cousin of damselflies, the dragonflies. . While there will be a little review from Episode 2, we'll also cover their cool mating strategies, courtship, and most importantly, the tricks and tools for imitating them.


Episode 16 Isopods / Cress bugs

In this episode we're going to talk about Isopods - the group in which Cress bugs reside. Cress bugs are the only guys that are really relevant for fly fishing, but the group as a whole is fascinating. I mean really, who can resist talking about a critter known as the "Tongue Eating Louse"?!


Episode 15: Ants

Here you go folks - all about ants. All the fascinating diversity and complexity that we boil down to two bumps on a hook. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out the blog:


Episode 14: Color

Yep, a whole episode just about color. This may be the most interesting episode I've recorded - we'll talk about how color is produced, how we (and fish) perceive it, and how insects use it. I've added pics to the blog post - that will show examples of what I'm talking about:


Episode 13: How to Collect Insects

Hi folks, here is the third and last installment on our "how to" series on collecting insects. This time we'll focus on the actual deed - tools and techniques for finding and getting insects from the field to your home to study. This is an episode where the blog post will be especially helpful - as it shows pictures and links of the various tools I discuss. It can be found here: I hope you enjoy the program!


Episode 12: Crawler Mayflies

Today we'll talk about the crawler mayflies - critters which include such important guys as the hendrickson, some of the sulphurs and Tricos. This is our last podcast on the mayflies! You can find some pics showing what I describe on my blog posts. Also, check out the cool interview of my wife - talking about the history of fly tying in Maine, and her tying streamers in the traditional Carrie Stevens style.


Episode 11: Starting an Insect Collection

For those of you interested in delving into entomology, here is an episode on how to develop an insect collection. We'll be talking about all sorts of insects and techniques - both those specific to trout fishing insects, but others as well. There are tons of links and pictures on the blog post for this episode, which you can find here:


Episode 10: Clinging Mayflies

In Episode 10 we'll tackle the Clingers - which include the March Brown and the Quill Gordon, among others. We'll also have a few diversions - to talk about slippery rocks and science - how we claim to know what we think we know. Regarding the latter - here is the link to the commencement address by Richard Feinman. Also, if you want to see some pics of these critters, I've added some text to the blog page on this subject:...


Episode 9: Minnowlike Mayflies

We will continue with our overview of the mayflies by looking at the minnow like mayflies. We'll talk about their complicated naming, migration of mayflies, pronunciation as well as the blue winged olives, the grey drake and the leadwinged coachman. Enjoy.


Episode 8: Insect ID

In this episode we'll talk about strategies for identifying the critters you find while you are out. While focusing on insects, the strategies are the same no matter what you are looking at. I mention several websites that are useful in the podcast - which are: www,;, and You can find these links and other useful links on the Angler's Entomology Podcast Website where there is a blog discussing this episode. Also, here is the link...


Episode 7: Burrowing Mayflies

Today we will explore the group of mayflies whose nymphs burrow - at least most of them do. This includes some of the largest most showy (and exciting from a fly fishing perspective) mayflies - such as Hex's and the Green Drake. As promised in the episode, here is a link to my wife's pattern, the Hexamongous - Here is the pattern too, in case the link gets broken: Hook: Daiichi 1270 Size#8 Thread: Brown Tail: Wood Duck...


Episode 6: Mayflies

Finally! We get to the mayflies! In this overview we'll talk about their life history, interesting trivia and the categories that we will use to organize further discussions about the mayflies. Enjoy.


Episode 5: Megaloptera

Today we will discuss the Fishflies, Alderflies and Dobsonflies - who make up the order Megaloptera. They may not be the most important group for fishing overall, but at certain times and locations you may very well come across trout eating them. And they are fascinating - I mean really, what's up with those whacko dobsonfly jaws?