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035 Trenton Irwin

In This Episode: Stanford wide receiver Trenton Irwin, known as "one of the biggest sparks in college football" by former teammate Christian McCaffrey, discusses how time management has played a valuable role with his high school to college transition, and how commitment is a two way street. About Trenton Irwin: - 2-Time PAC-12 All-Academic Honorable Mention - 1,000+ Career Receiving Yards - Science, Technology, and Society Major - Stanford University


034 Dave Meltzer

In This Episode: Dave Meltzer, renowned sports agent, philanthropist and CEO, shares his story of losing it all, effective and efficient time management, and four core values to achieve clarity, balance, and focus. About Dave: - CEO & Co-Founder, Sports1Marketing - 2-Time Best Selling Author - Forbes Top 10 Keynote Speaker - OCTANe Board Member - Agent, Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment


033 Rudy Morales

In This Episode: Rudy "Ruthless" Morales, decorated MMA fighter, shares the origin and meaning of #Believe2Believe, the mindset he applied when living on the streets in Los Angeles, and the value of applying the 10X rule to any scenario. About Rudy: - Overall MMA Record 7-6 - Bellator MMA - Bantamweight/Featherweight - 1st Guatemalan MMA Fighter - Ruthless Fighting Team


032 Heather Jo Clark

In This Episode: UFC fighter 'Hurricane' Heather Jo Clark shares her #Believe2Believe mindset, the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, and how to properly manage emotions in any sport or industry. About Heather: - Overall MMA Record 7-6 - Knockout of the Year (2011) - Bellator MMA (2013) - The Ultimate Fighter 20 (2014) - UFC Fight Night 87 (2016)


031 Ron McKeefery

In This Episode: 2-Time Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year and best-selling author Ron McKeefery discusses his coaching philosophy, the importance of setting expectations up front, and how to create an 'All-In' mindset. About Ron McKeefery: - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, South Florida (2001 - 2010) - Under Armour Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year (2008) - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Tennessee (2011 - 2013) - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach,...