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Three mates who sit around talking sport and drinking; create podcast so they can sit around talking sport and drinking. Informed opinions and ordinary humour as we tackle the latest news from Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball and more from around the world. We're an average team at best!




Three mates who sit around talking sport and drinking; create podcast so they can sit around talking sport and drinking. Informed opinions and ordinary humour as we tackle the latest news from Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball and more from around the world. We're an average team at best!






#41 Riding in Kah's with Boys

The boys come back from the paddock with plenty of rest and ready to ride a few winners. In this latest podcast they tackle the impending AFL Finals Series, NBA Free Agency and the Hammers hot start to the Premier League season.


#40 Rare Gold

It's been a fortnight that nobody will ever forget - not the back to back lockdowns but the absolute avalanche of gold medals in the swimming pool at Tokyo 2020. Or is 2021. We don't know but we're hear to deliver the absolute best and worst of the Olympic Games.


#39 Around the Globe

Like an Olympic athlete in the Games Village, the Average Team Podcast is spreading all around the world!! In a wide ranging and slightly inebriated episode we give a shout to the best and worst recent sports performers as well as taking a look back at some of our favourite Average Olympians.


#38 Happy EOFY

Is craft beer a taxable deduction? The ATP boys are asking for a friend.... Join us this week as we have a round table chat, about who has enhanced and who has diminished their reputations in the world of sport.


#37 Playing Favourites

Revisiting some of our favourite breweries, we bid farewell to Nathan Buckley, Mark Robinson, Lebron James, David Warner and Mark Milligan among others. Watch out this week, as the ATP boys are putting a line through everyone!!


#36 I Moan Backwards

Somehow we survived our 2nd GABS experience, and are back with episode 36 of the AT Podcast. We figured Naomi Osaka probably wouldn't come so we didn't invite her to participate, nonetheless we carried on with some beer, some sport and some average attempts at humour.


#35 Age is the loneliest number

How old is too old to play footy? Whitey and Duddo are asking for a friend? And yes, Eddie Betts is our friend. Join the boys this week as they chat all things Jamara Ugle-Hagan, the world of covid sport as we know it and smash a few beers on the way. Three Average blokes with Average opinions and Average humour. We are an Average Team!


#34 Did Someone say KFC?

Large Ripper Combos and Man on the Mark 50m Penalties. It may be a new AFL season but it's the same average takes on all the big issues from the opening rounds. Plus the usual wrap of sport from around the globe.


#33 Christmas Eve

The decorations are up, the wish lists have been written; now we wait to see what the 2021 AFL season delivers! The ATP crew are joined by sporting and grog smashing legend Timmy Davidson to preview the year ahead.


#32 Off the Deep End

An episode that starts with sharing some AFL preseason hopes and dreams, goes off the deep end as we put together our Average Olympic Diving Team from the world of sport!! Grab a good beer and have a good laugh..


#31 Peak Performance

If Rahkeem Cornwall is the picture of fitness, the ATP boys are well on their way to becoming elite athletes. Talent being the only missing ingredient. Join the the Average Team this week as they pull apart the last fortnight of sport, have a couple of beers and a well earned lockdown laugh.


#30 Home Ground Advantage

After an embarrassing home series defeat the boys consider where to next for the Aussie test team; as well as previewing next weeks Super Bowl between the Cheifs and the Bucs. We're an average team at best!


#29 Safe Space

Taking our lead from Kyrie Irving, we've burned some sage at ATP HQ purging the bad vibes from last year and creating a safe space for the gang to share all their thoughts on some tasty beers, the summer of cricket and all the action in the NBA, NFL and Premier League over the silly season.


#28 Average Year

The ATP lads finally make it back to headquarters for the first time in 6 months to lay down their Above and Below Average everything from 2020.. Plenty of beers and plenty of sport; this was a bloody good laugh!!


#27 Babies, Beers, Baths, Big Bash, Bed

Super Sub time this week for the Average Team. Timmy out on new baby duty (congrats to Tim and Melissa), old mate Cornwell in; as the boys breakdown this years T20 Big Bash; running the ATP ruler over this years above and below average contenders!


#26 - All Positive

#26 All Positive Whether it's West Ham's early season form or a NFL players Covid-19 test result, things are all positive. Lots to talk about and lots of laughs this week, as we're also joined by cricket tragic Cade Lucas for a look at the start of the summer.


#25 - Please Explain

This week we hit you with some knowledge, as we're joined by Alex from Brick Lane Brewing Co; in a wide ranging and fun chat about all things beer. There is plenty of sport too, with cricket, NFL and Premier League all getting a run. This is a good one!


#24 - MINI POD - Average SAS Australia

When our good mate and loyal listener threw out the challenge of creating our own Average SaS Australia tv show, we had to get the big fella on to help us out. This is 12 of the world's best as chosen by three of it's most average!!


#24 Hops, Hoops & Hopes

Will the real Cameron Smith please stand up? In a big week for the sporting world's next big things, the AT boys give a NBA Draft and Trade recap, along with a Premier League early season review and special guest Steve Basile helps us decide our ultimate Average SAS Australia recruits.


#23 Cooked

What do Collingwood list management, Tom Brady's arm and Joe Burns test career all have in common?? We try our best to make sense of a crazy week in world sport, but we're an average team at best!!!