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A weekly breakdown of the NBA. Recorded in Sydney, by your three hosts, Jake, Josh & Batey. We love basketball about as much a swagman loves his Akubra.

A weekly breakdown of the NBA. Recorded in Sydney, by your three hosts, Jake, Josh & Batey. We love basketball about as much a swagman loves his Akubra.




A weekly breakdown of the NBA. Recorded in Sydney, by your three hosts, Jake, Josh & Batey. We love basketball about as much a swagman loves his Akubra.




NBA Bubble Day 29: The Season is Officially Back on Track

As expected, teams like the Lakers & Clippers have come into the bubble ready to play. What's exciting is the perceived tier of squads below them that have also turned up firing, and potentially even more so. Do the Raptors and Rockets have anything to say about who's going to take home the chip?


NBA Bubble Day 21 : Players are Playing Real Basketball Against Each Other

Lou Williams quarantined for eating lunch, Domantas Sabonis untimely foot injury, Tom Thibodeau signs a 5 year deal to coach the Knicks and 5 whole days of gloooorious NBA scrimmage basketball to dissect.


2019/20 NBA Awards Extravaganza

This week, the NBA announced that the eight upcoming playoff seeding games will have no implications on the traditional end of season awards. Considering this means that we've seen all we need to in order to decide our very own 2020 Backdoor Cut Awardies, it's time to crown some winners.


Backdoor Cut from Home: The Players Have Entered the Bubble

After another spell on the sidelines, Jake, Josh & Batey are back, only in extremely unfamiliar surroundings... their homes. Forced into separation for the very first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boys break down all things NBA bubble, and touch on the teams who weren't quite fortunate enough to get the invite.


Return From The Pandemic: The Last Dance & The Greatest Duos in NBA History

With the NBA on hold and most of the world in lockdown due to COVID-19, Backdoor Cut was forced to take a brief hiatus. Now back from a few months apart, Jake, Josh & Batey embrace for a discussion around The Last Dance documentary series, and the greatest 1-2 punches in NBA history. We would also like to express our regret that this episode was recorded just before the recent death of George Floyd and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests right across the world, as we would have...


Jason Tatum's Reached a New Level, Utah Still Hasn't Figured it Out & Houston's Unlocked Russ

With All Star Weekend now in the not-so distant past, we are well and truly in the midst of the NBA's final stretch. This week we chat Jason Tatum's sudden ascendancy, the weird funk in Utah, CP3's perpetual brilliance, and the revolution of the micro ball Houston Rockets.


All Star Weekend Recap & What to Expect for the Season's Home Stretch

Jake & Josh back after the All Star break, recapping the highlights of the weekend (what a dunk contest), before running through everything to expect for the business end of the 2019/20 NBA regular season.


2020 NBA Trade Deadline Special

Running through the winners, losers and future impact of the biggest NBA trades, immediately following the 2020 deadline!


Remembering Kobe Bryant

A few short days ago, Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and 7 other passengers including, teammates, parents, coaches and a pilot, passed away in a tragic helicopter crash. Kobe was a source of inspiration to the entire basketball community throughout his legendary career, and as we’ve come to see in the past few days, the whole world at large. We haven’t merely lost one of the game’s greats, but a cultural titan. His passing was truly shocking, and the gaping hole of a Kobe-less world has...


ZION PLAYED AN NBA GAME... & The All-Star Lineups are Revealed

I think in this instance, the title speaks for itself.


Is the Western Conference Way Better Than the East?

Refreshed from the festive season, Backdoor Cut returns with the first episode of 2020, and an argument in dire need of settling!


The Backdoor Cut Holiday Special!

With a long year finally winding down to a close, we snuggled in this week to catch up personally on our respective happenings for the Holidays, as well as (of course) preview the ever-exciting 2019 NBA Christmas Schedule.


Stock Watch: The Struggle for the NBA's 7th & 8th Seeds

Hovering right around a third of the way into the 2019/20 NBA season, Backdoor Cut check in on who's slipping, and who's rising in the fight for each Conference's last Playoff seeds.


Backdoor Cut's Top 15 NBA Players 25 & Under

From 15 through to number 1, Jake, Josh & Batey run through their respective big boards round by round to decide who is the NBA's top 15 players aged 25 and under.


Ben Simmons Has Scored an NBA 3, Portland Turn to Melo & The Celtics are Back

Jake & Batey in the studio this week, for an episode of celebration. Of course, this means talking the evolution of Ben Simmons as he hits his first NBA 3, Carmelo Anthony landing a job in Portland and all the good vibes returning to Boston.


Portland Miss Nurkic, Philly's Looking Ugly & Aaron Baynes is a Monster

We're back in the studio this week! Discussing what's going wrong in Portland, the 76ers overly clunky offense, Anthony Davis' revival of the Lakers, and how great the Phoenix Suns are!?


KAT Has a Go at Joel Embiid & The Biggest Takeaways From the NBA's First Week Back

The dust has settled on the NBA's first week, and low and behold, there's been some surprises. Tune in to find out which teams have exceeded expectations, and which have bitterly, bitterly disappointed.


2019/20 NBA Over/Under Predictions: The Eastern Conference

We've run through the West, and now it's time to break down the East. Part 2 of the Backdoor Cut 'Over/Under' Special.


2019/20 NBA Over/Under Predictions: The Western Conference

Backdoor Cut is back! Just in time for the regular season, the show returns with probably our favourite episode for each year, the 'Over/Under' special. First up, the West.


Ninja Headbands Banned, Grizzlies Want to Keep Iguodala & FIBA Recap

On the agenda this week, Jake & Josh chat: - The whole Mike Scott/Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate incident. - Why the Grizzlies obviously want to keep a hold of Iguodala for a little while longer. - The NBA's bizarre decision to ban ninja-style headbands. - Jake's experience meeting Jayson Tatum's mum and son, Deuce. - FIBA World Cup recap (and praise!)