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A podcast all about the wonderful world that is thru-hiking and long distance backpacking. From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everything in between. Co-hosts, Zach "Badger" Davis and Juliana "Chaunce" Chauncey muse on the backpacking life and the latest from the trail every other week. Topics include but are not limited to news, trail culture, interviews, gear, advice, and all you can eat buffets. A podcast brought to you by The Trek ( ).

A podcast all about the wonderful world that is thru-hiking and long distance backpacking. From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everything in between. Co-hosts, Zach "Badger" Davis and Juliana "Chaunce" Chauncey muse on the backpacking life and the latest from the trail every other week. Topics include but are not limited to news, trail culture, interviews, gear, advice, and all you can eat buffets. A podcast brought to you by The Trek ( ).
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A podcast all about the wonderful world that is thru-hiking and long distance backpacking. From the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everything in between. Co-hosts, Zach "Badger" Davis and Juliana "Chaunce" Chauncey muse on the backpacking life and the latest from the trail every other week. Topics include but are not limited to news, trail culture, interviews, gear, advice, and all you can eat buffets. A podcast brought to you by The Trek ( ).




#27 | The Colorado Trail Episode with Bill Manning, Chaunce's Big Reveal, and The Top Sleeping Bags on the Appalachian Trail

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, the Cinnamon Connection catches up with Bill Manning, the Executive Director at the Colorado Trail foundation. We do a deep dive on all things Colorado Trail related, including the best time to hike the trail, the biggest mistakes aspiring thru-hikers make, and the inner workings for keeping such a beautiful trail afloat. Chaunce lets us in on a mega surprise, and we cover the most popular sleeping bags used on the AT last year. Subjects discussed...


#26 | Scout + Frodo, The Top Tents on the Appalachian Trail, & Forgotten Internet Holidays

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, Chaunce sits down with famed PCT trail angels, Scout and Frodo. We get an in depth look at Scout's new book, "The Continental Divide Trail: Exploring America's Ridgeline Trail", his passion for writing, and we learn about the first person to hike the Continental Divide. We also cover the most popular tents used by 2018 Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, and get into a new segment, Forgotten Internet Holidays. Subjects discussed in today's show...


#25 | Bethany "Fidgit" Hughes on Trekking the Length of the Americas

A life changing adventure is merely a decision away. That's the takeaway lesson from today's interview with Bethany Hughes, who just a few years ago, was running the books at her local H&R Block and miserable for it. Fast forward to December 2018- she just completed trekking the length of South America- just the first piece of her goal to travel the length of the Americas by non-motorized means. We learn all about this adventure and all the the incredible stories and lessons that come with...


#24 | Mike "Kickstand" Papadatos, from Backpacking Novice to the Calendar Triple Crown

Starting a thru-hike without any prior backpacking experience, although not entirely rare, is a brave endeavor. To string three consecutive thru-hikes back-to-back-to-back is a whole other level of insanity. Today’s guest accomplished just that. Without any prior backpacking experience, Mike “Kickstand” Papadatos decided that instead of starting with the AT, PCT, or CDT, that he’d string them all together in a calendar year. The Paprika Pals sat down to learn what inspired him to jump...


Trail Correspondents #17: Life After the Trail

This is it. The end. Our final episode of the season. A thru-hike is- typically speaking- a half year adventure. In the midst of this journey, that feels like a very long time. Certainly long enough to adapt to an entirely different way of life. In the spectrum of one's life, however, it's just a blink of an eye (God willing). Which is why I think today's episode might be my favorite yet. Today we hear from our hikers a couple weeks (or more) removed from their treks. We learn how the...


#23 | Heather "Anish" Anderson on Her Calendar Triple

Today's guest is very fitting for our 23rd episode, since she is arguably the Michael Jordan of backpacking. In a world where setting just one FKT (fastest known time) is a lifetime achievement, Heather "Anish" Anderson has set the self-supported FKT on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Arizona Trail. She is also in a small, exclusive club of triple triple crowners- those who've hiked each of the triple crown trails three times each. And most recently, she became the newest...


Trail Correspondents #16: The End

If this episode doesn't give you goosebumps, seek medical attention. Today we hear from our hikers at the end of their journeys. More specifically, they give us two different check ins- the night before their last day on trail, and from the summit itself. As you can imagine, this is an emotional moment for any thru-hiker. Although the journey is the destination, the destination is the goal, to succeed at this near half-year pursuit toward a single, tangible end is good reason for a...


#22 | "Guthook" on Building the Most Popular Thru-Hiking App

What's it like to build the most ubiquitous in the hiking community? Today we learn that answer as we're joined by Ryan Linn, more commonly known as Guthook, one of the people behind the "Guthook App", the uber-popular navigation app, especially amongst thru-hikers. He shares his background in backpacking and thru-hiking, the inspiration for the creation of the app, his coding background, and what lies in store for the future of the app. We also talk about Jennifer Pharr Davis' wonderful...


Trail Correspondents Episode #15: Diversity on the Trail

Diversity on the trail is a heavy, but important subject. It's impossible to do this subject justice in the span of an hour long podcast, but it's a conversation worth having nonetheless. Our correspondents share their thoughts about the diversity -or lack thereof- that they've encountered on trail. Our hikers also ponder ways the community can encourage under-represented groups to get onto the trail. Admittedly- our correspondents largely follow the demographics of the thru-hiking...


#21 | Nathan "Puma" Bauman on His 18-Month Adventure, Photography Tips, & The Best Trail Magic Items

What does it take to turn a thru-hike turns into an 18-month adventure? That's the central theme of today's show, as the Cinnamon Connection is joined by Nathan "Puma" Bauman- who, after hiking the Appalachian Trail, next hiked on the Continental Divide Trail, Long Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail within a year and a half span. We talk about the differences between the three triple crown trails, what it's like to quit on a thru-hike, why the Long Trail is the most difficult trail Puma's...


Trail Correspondents #14: The Evolution of Groups on Trail

In today's show, our hikers discuss the evolution of their hiking groups over the course of their journeys. Injuries occur, people grow apart, paces differ, life happens. You get to learn the ins and outs of how and why this happens directly from the mouths of our hikers. Also, we say farewell to another of our trail correspondents. You'll get to hear who's getting off- and why- at the end of our hikers' updates. In today's show, we hear from: Jacob BeaverKate Mueller aka Sassafras...


#20 | The Real Hiking Viking on His Colorado Trail FKT Attempt

Reoccurring guest The Real Hiking Viking joins the Turmeric Team to chat about his recent attempt at an FKT (fastest known time) on the Colorado Trail. The interview kicks off with a short discussion we had before he left for his yo-yo hike- to get a feel for his nerves going into this ambitious undertaking. We chat about what ultimately went wrong (spoiler alert), what he would do differently in his future attempt, and FKT culture and requirements. The show ends with the unveiling of a new...


#19 | Piers Ellison on His PCT Brown Recluse Spider Bite, Hiking with a Guitar, and Considerations for International Hikers

Before leaving for a long distance trek, it's common for people to envision worst case scenario. For Piers Ellison, on his 2016 PCT hike, this fear became a reality when he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. In episode 19, we talk in depth about this nightmare, how he hiked the entire PCT while carrying his guitar, the challenges an international hiker must confront in order to trek one of the United States' long trails, and finally, Piers delights us by playing a pair of songs from his...


Trail Correspondents Episode #13: Technology Use on a Thru-Hike

Technology on a thru-hike. Combining these words tends to rouse some heated debate. Some people abstain entirely from technology during their hikes, opting only to keep in touch with loved ones while in town. Some are nearly constantly plugged in, listening to music and/or podcasts all day, posting Instagram updates every time they get service, constantly checking Guthook's app, even watching movies in their tents at night. Most thru-hikers fall somewhere in the middle. We check in with...


#18 | Andrew Downs on the Future of the Appalachian Trail, Thru-Hiker Entitlement, and Trail Maintenance

What's in store for the future of the Appalachian Trail? This is one of the primary topics in today's episode of Backpacker Radio, as the Cinnamon Connection are joined by Andrew Downs, the Central and Southwest Virginia Regional Director at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We also talk about the unintended negative consequences of trail magic, thru-hiker entitlement, Leave No Trace, bear canister regulations on the Appalachian Trail, how people can most effectively give back to the AT,...


Trail Correspondents Episode #12: The Lows

Many people's perception of the thru-hiking lifestyle comes via social media, where people are more likely to portray the the cheery, positive aspects of this undertaking. You see the breathtaking views, the smiling faces, the slender bodies, and the hiker camaraderie. What you often don't see is the chafing, the injuries, dehydration, never ending rain, the heat, the cold, what it's like to get sick on trail, the attrition, loneliness, sleep deprivation, home sickness, a lack of motivation,...


#17 | Thru-Hiking Injury Prevention and Recovery Tips with Dr. Emily Kelly

A sad, yet seemingly inevitable byproduct of long distance backpacking is pain and injury. Though it's not a guarantee, to escape a long distance trek without one of the two or both is a rare feat. Consequently, two popular questions for thru-hikers are how to prevent injury while on trail and what to do about it once an injury manifests. In episode 17 of Backpacker Radio, the Paprika Pals are joined by Dr. Emily Kelly, a physical therapist based in Centennial, Colorado. She answers Badger...


Trail Correspondents Episode #11: The Highs

Today's episode is our most uplifting to date. That's because our thru-hikers have been tasked with describing the highs of their journey. Specifically, we learn what keeps them going- what they most look forward to each day- and what they think they'll miss most once their journey is over. So hop on your unicorn and get ready to ride the rainbow because you're about to get filled with a healthy dose of joy. Here it is. In today's show, we hear from: Kate Mueller aka Sassafras Jacob...


#16 | Furball on Thru-Hiking with Your Dog, Tour du Mont Blanc, and Appalachian Trail Terminology

In Episode 16 the Paprika Pals sit down with Nadia “Furball” Westenburg to talk about the pros and cons of thru-hiking with a dog. She also regales with tales from the West Highland Way and Tour du Mont Blanc, both European trails which Furball has trekked. Also, Chaunce catches us up on her Colorado Trail section hike while Zach sulks about his upcoming knee surgery, and what that means for his future hiking plans. They also explain some of the common lingo used in the thru-hiking world....


Trail Correspondents #10 | Trail Food, Changing Physiques, and Gear Sent Home

Today's episode hits on some subjects that are often top of mind for thru-hikers and those curious about the undertaking. They are: food, how hikers' bodies change over the course of their hike, and gear. We learn more about the infamous hiker hunger, the "eat anything and everything and still lose weight diet", how their getup has evolved over the course of their hike, and what gear they've sent home. And lastly, we get an emotional goodbye from one of our correspondents- as the injuries...