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Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 14 - "MITB Fall Out & Double Rainbows"

The gang is back - Dennis, Maria, Dylan and Coach - talking about AEW Dynamite, MITB, ASUKA, Becky Lynch, Double Or Nothing, Kris Statlander, Double Rainbow guy, Pie and lock down.


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 13 - "How You Survivin' Toxicity & Covid19?"

Topics covered in Episode 13: Maria & Dylan with Coach AEW Talk - High's and Low's Twitter Talk - The toxicity Dylan blocks everyone and has a bad cough. New Life In Quarantine Times Dylan bullies Maria about (not sponsored) Coach talks about finding sobriety Maria - Dylan - Coach -


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 12 - "In the Darkest Timelines We Must Seek A Brighter Light".

On one of the darkest days in WWE History, we try to look at things with positivity - while also understanding the ramifications of the WWE Purge. A run down of Dynamite A look at who got released. Where we think those who were released end up. It's not the end for these talents - just a waiting game till things get back to normal. At least, that's what we hope. And to end the show, Dennis asks a totally random question to lighten the mood.


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 11 - "WrestleMania and Listener Questions,".

On this weeks episode, Maria and Dylan talk WrestleMania; and took some questions from the listeners. Unrehearsed and off the cuff.


Barstools & Bodyslams - "Just another fan podcast,"

Is Dylan an official member of the podcast now? We're just a stupid fan run show anyways. Boring and pointless. Maria & I barely watched Dynamite, but Dylan ate Fazoli's and watched the show. We do talk about Dynamite - I come up with a genius idea for Cody Rhodes and AEW; Maria even admits it. We talk about Maria's eating habits and the term #MariaMoney is born. That seques into a "Potato Chip Flavor's We Wish Existed" ... which, I crush the fucking subject. Why does the wrestling world...


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 9 - "Taylor Hams and Teleporting".

This episode has it all. We talk about AEW Dynamite, teleportation, how Dennis (@bwbprowrestling) doesn't feel like AEW even has a midcard, We talk about Maria (@Mareea_Rose) living her dream being on "Tea Time" with Gary Vee ... and how Dennis is basically Gary Vee without the money, or Maria's respect. Which somehow segues into breakfast talk and the lie the Maria is living. We talk about Tik Tok and Maria's new sponsor that isn't a sponsor or something. Plus, thinks get heated when Dennis...


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 8 - "Oh, hi Luis."

Due to some life issues, Dennis isn't on the show today. In his place, his mortal enemy, Luis. Dennis believes Luis is stoned out of his mind in the beginning of this episode - what do you think, listeners? Maria attempts to steer Luis into conversation; she's got questions and he better have answers. A groove is found and they talk about the wrestling for a bit and then a little bit of this and a little bit of that, such as how to grow the podcast, Benoit VICE docu, etc. They also bring...


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 7 - Maria Makes A Wish

Another fun show. We run down the empty building shenanigans of WWE and AEW. Mixed emotions on the Raw show - but we both agree that Dynamite knocked it out of the park. We talk about Undertaker/AJ ... and who should have ended the Undertakers streak. Dennis pisses Maria off so he ever so gently changes the subject to food; because he's a stress eating fatty. Listen this show goes all over the place as it normally does, because I'm a nonfocused schmuck. Check it out!


The BAB Interviews: Synergy Pro Wrestling Owner Colin West

Dennis and Colin talked about Synergy Pro Wrestling's upcoming event, "For The Crown," and the tribulation and trials of getting it through the crazy times we're having. For The Crown Fite TV Link: ($9.99 is a crazy deal).


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 6 - Traversing A World Gone Wild

Dennis apologizes for being out, how he cured himself from the devils sickness, we guess what kind of whiskey Maria has at her house, Dennis wants to be besties with Maria's grampa, we talk about wrestling fans and how they interact with a show, Favorite snack talk, Dennis is a bad dooms day prepper, we talk about getting lost and so much more.


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 5 "Where In The World is Dennis?"

Dennis is out so Kyle sits in and talks wrestling, relationships and clumsiness with Maria!


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 4 "Pandemic has hit the show".

Well, in the time that we recorded this show, Maria was ill and I started feeling ill. So it's official, B&B W/M&D has contacted the coronapandemic. We trudged through, for you, though. Topics included: Cody's Tattoo/Revolution Talk Jake Roberts ... Long Distance Relationships Favorite horror movies And so much more. As usual, check out for recaps on pretty much everything. And especially check out this month - as we look to help those in Nashville pick up...


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode 3 "I've never benefited from a fan".

This show is all over the place. First off, visit us at & Dennis twitter: Maria's Twitter: Topics: AEW Dynamite's go home show for Revolution. Mailbag: Favorite Beer, Worst beer Revolution Predictions What's AEW doing well. News Wire: Lance Archer signs with AEW Is Matt Hardy the exalted one? What will we do when the U.S. goes into shutdown mode for the Corona Pandemic Spam and why...


Maria & Dennis - Episode Two "The Bonus Hour (Uncensored, Unedited)"

Maria has a lot to say about MJF and his DM - we talk about the Spaghetti Monster, The WWE Hall of Fame, and a ton more.


Barstools & Bodyslams - Episode One "Get To Know Us".

We answer twitter sourced questions in an effort to win the adoration of the internet. We answer questions about Pizza, movies, MJF, we deep dive into the indywrestling scene. That and much more.