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ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.

ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.


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ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney leads the baseball discussion alongside other top analysts.




Picturing Yukiko Ueno

Jessica Mendoza and Buster discuss Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hitting a bomb off Shohei Ohtani, a home run Jessica that still revels in, Mookie Betts not being so hard on himself, Freddie Freeman finding his power and the poor state of facilities for women on coaching staffs across the league. Then, Karl Ravech stops by to talk about Pete Alonso on the mic for Sunday Night Baseball and if he’ll defend his Home Run Derby title, the Rowan Wick-Joey Votto feud, and the Red Sox’s offensive...


Old Time Tag-Team

Tim Kurkjian and Buster discuss how they’ve come around on Joc Pederson, if we’ll see more offense as the weather turns, Josh Donaldson’s one-game suspension for calling Tim Anderson “Jackie,” Rob Manfred’s lack of leadership in the Donaldson decision, most disappointing teams to start the season and Buster’s Home Run Derby gimmick. Then, Todd Radom stops by to deliver the Phantom Franchise and administer the weekly quiz. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sick Of It

Jeff Passan and Buster discuss Josh Donaldson calling Tim Anderson “Jackie,” why Donaldson hasn’t issued a mea culpa, what to expect when Trevor Bauer goes before an arbitrator to appeal his suspension, the Orioles calling up Adley Rutschman, the Yankees’ in flux bullpen and who is currently the best player in baseball. Then, Sarah Langs stops by to talk about who she’d pick as the Yankees closer, Johnny Cueto’s resurgence and the Dodgers’ struggles in close games. Learn more about your ad...


Spray Paint on a Work of Art

Karl Ravech and Buster discuss the Mets losing Max Scherzer, if the Braves miss Freddie Freeman’s at-bats, the White Sox seemingly being a sleeping giant, if the Yankees have a hole, AJ Pollack on the mic for Sunday Night Baseball and Build-A-Park at Camden Yards. Then, Hembo on Bryce Harper’s hat exchange, his newest baseball crush and the lack of precedent for a team potentially trading a talent like Juan Soto. Next, Bob Ryan stops by to talk about his new book “In Scoring Position: 40...


Complete Hypothetical

Alden Gonzalez and Buster discuss the Red Sox as mid-season sellers, if it makes sense for the Nationals to trade Juan Soto, the Angels’ starting pitching and Shohei Ohtani’s fastball command. Then, Todd Radom stops by to talk about Boston being 13 games out of first place in the AL East, deliver the Phantom Franchise and administer the weekly quiz. Later, Buster talks to Jason Heyward about the baseball academy he’s building on Chicago’s West Side. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Please, Give Me More

Tim Kurkjian and Buster discuss Albert Pujols making his pitching debut and how it looks like he’s having more fun than ever, Adam Wainwright’s stellar start, if Harrison Bader froze the glove from his Gold Glove season, and Shohei Ohanti’s amazing weekend. Then, Sarah Langs stops by to talk about the most fun moments in baseball so far this season, Pirates winning without registering a hit and Ohtani’s 100th home run. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Gabe Kapler: The Most Interesting Man in Baseball

Picture a baseball manager. Whatever image you’ve conjured in your mind of, say, a slightly out of shape, older man who’s all business - it probably doesn’t match Gabe Kapler, who manages the San Francisco Giants. Kapler is an enigma: an uber-buff fitness geek who only eats red meat. He sports well manicured facial hair and speaks in verse, sounding more like a poet than a baseball player. Tim Keown introduces us to Kapler, and how he’s rewriting baseball’s unwritten rules…and reimagining...


Bet on Yourself

Tim Kurkjian joins Buster for a special edition of Baggage Claim Monday on a Friday to discuss the Bryce Harper injury update and what this means for the future of the Phillies. Plus, they break down the impact of Aaron Judge and why he is an early leader for MVP. Then, Jessica Mendoza joins to give her take on the electronic strike zone and how it could bring in a younger viewership. Later, Buster answers your Bleacher Tweets. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


More of an Oval

Buster looks back at last night’s Red Sox-Braves game where another blown strike call was a deciding factor in the outcome. Then, David Schoenfield stops by to discuss Reid Detmers’ no-hitter, Justin Verlander’s productive fastball, if Christian Yelich is turning a corner, the Yankees’ secondary players stepping up, Jim Crane’s hypocrisy and Buster’s idea to improve the umpiring situation. Later, Todd Radom delivers the Phantom Franchise and administers the weekly quiz. Learn more about your...


Sorry Fellow Travelers

Buster Olney joins Karl Ravech to discuss why it felt like the Cubs had no chance against the Dodgers this weekend, if Los Angeles will run away with the National League, the number of teams on pace to win 100 games and Trevor Story getting booed in Boston. Then, Sarah Langs stops by to wax nostalgic about her time in Chicago, and talk about Walker Buehler’s career WHIP, Wilmer Flores’ bases loaded at-bats and Sunday’s bonanza of games. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Guttural Laugh

Hembo and Buster discuss the Phillies’ collapse against the Mets, if panic or patience is needed for Philadelphia, the White Sox and Red Sox, and the only thing holding back the Blue Jays’ lineup. Then, Tim Kurkjian stops by to talk about the Mets’ comeback, the Buck Showalter-Aaron Boone dynamic in New York, Madison Bumgarner getting tossed and the Reds’ unique ugliness. Later, Jessica Mendoza on a huge college softball series between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this weekend, Shohei...


Something Special Brewing

Aaron Boone and Buster Olney discuss Boone’s unconscious superstitions while he’s on a winning streak, the energy in the Yankees’ clubhouse, why he wasn’t worried about Aaron Judge after he turned down New York's contract offer, his team’s defense and Dusty Baker. Then, David Schoenfield stops by to talk about Baker’s 2,000th managerial win, Brian Cashman’s offseason moves panning out, Judge’s torrid start, if the Blue Jays need to add depth to their lineup and which division race will be...


Chicken Salad

Karl Ravech joins Buster to discuss Francisco Lindor’s mic’d up performance on Sunday Night Baseball, the Mets’ six game lead in the NL East and the upcoming series against the Braves, Bryce Harper looking off, the Angels' beach head of pitching, the Red Sox finding themselves in a deep hole after losing a series in Baltimore, and if Trevor Bauer will play in MLB again. Later, Sarah Langs plays The Numbers Game with notes on Kevin Gausman not yet allowing a walk, Clayton Kershaw breaking the...


Stick to Words

Jessica Mendoza joins Buster to discuss calling Dodger games, the Braves activating Ronald Acuña Jr., concern for Gavin Lux, Eric Hosmer’s concentration and Joe West’s comments on Angel Hernandez. Then, Hembo drops by to defend his scorching hot Albert Pujols take, contextualize the Pirates and Orioles’ spending, and lay out how exactly Buck Showalter makes an impact. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Still Talking About The Balls

Jeff Passan and Buster discuss Chris Bassitt’s tough words for MLB about the baseballs, the year-over-year changes to the balls, their scorching hot takes, why the Yankees letter was a nothingburger and how we haven’t yet seen the best of the Blue Jays. Then, Xavier Scruggs stops by to talk about the conversation in the Mets’ clubhouse after Pete Alonso was hit again, what the Mets’ pitching staff is doing so well thus far and Cody Bellinger hitting off speed pitches up the middle of the...


Double Z

Tim Kurkjian and Buster discuss Angel Hernandez’s strike zone and Kyle Schwarber’s meltdown, Bryce Harper wearing the mic for seven innings on Sunday Night Baseball, Eric Lauer’s rising velocity, Miguel Cabrera’s legacy after notching 3,000 hits, if Cabrera will be the last player to reach that milestone, Yankee fans throwing garbage on the field, and Eloy Jiménez going down. Then, Sarah Langs plays The Numbers Game with notes on Jazz Newsome and Ozzie Albies’ first-pitch home runs, Byron...


I Don't Drink Tap Water

Karl Ravech and Buster discuss Aaron Boone walking Miguel Cabrera, Bryce Harper on the mic for Sunday Night Baseball, the Phillies escaping a sweep in Colorado, the Brewers needing Christian Yelich to perform to become a complete team and attendance bottoming out in Oakland. Then, Hembo on why he’s upset about the lack of Cabrera coverage, the best left-handed pitcher in baseball and the ugly consequences of non-competitive behavior. Later, Jessica Mendoza stops by to talk about joining the...


A Cold Night in Queens

Buster examines the Mets’ 9-3 start, coming on the heels of a forgettable 2021 season. Then, Jesse Rogers stops by to discuss the similarities of Joe Maddon’s culture change with the Cubs in the mid-2010s to Buck Showalter’s culture change with the Mets, the Cubs putting the ball in play, the White Sox’s depth, Gerrit Cole’s rough night out and the minor league pitch clock shaving off 20 minutes of game time. Later, Todd Radom shares his thoughts on the Padres’ uniform ads, delivers the...


Kiké Hernandez and Shakespeare

Tim Kurkjian and Buster discuss Tim moving heavy things, baseball not disappointing with Freddie Freeman’s home run against the Braves, Ronald Acuña Jr. starting his minor league rehab assignment, the Angels intentionally walking Corey Seager to score a run, the Red Sox leaving players behind as they head to Toronto and Jake Arrieta big-timing Tim in a Starbucks. Then, Sarah Langs stops by to play The Numbers Game with notes on sock height, Seiya Suzuki’s low chase rate, Hunter Green’s 100...


The Impact of Jackie Robinson

Buster Olney pays tribute to Jackie Robinson and discusses the legacy he leaves behind on the game. Then, Karl Ravech joins Buster to break down if Clayton Kershaw should have been pulled after pitching a perfect game through seven innings and the instability of the Padres. Plus, Jessica Mendoza shares what Jackie Robinson means to her and the struggles of Gerrit Cole. Later, Hembo joins Buster to discuss the emerging star of Steven Kwan and the games he’s excited for this weekend. Learn...