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Enthusiastic data-driven fantasy baseball analysis and strategy.

Enthusiastic data-driven fantasy baseball analysis and strategy.
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Enthusiastic data-driven fantasy baseball analysis and strategy.




Episode 45: Luis Castillo, Jeff McNeil & Marcell Ozuna

Episode 45 profiles Reds SP Luis Castillo, Mets 2B Jeff McNeil and Cardinals OF Marcell Ozuna. What is they key to making Castillo’s 2019 more like his rookie campaign than his disappointing sophomore efforr? Is McNeil worth drafting higher than some solid veterans with similar skills? Should we expect Ozuna version 2018 or 2017? I also explore a new concept that has me enthused—the psychology of BABIP regression—and give my thoughts on the big three-way trade between the Rays, Indians and...


Episode 44: German Marquez & Jon Gray

Episode 44 profiles two Rockies SP with very different ADP trends in German Marquez and Jon Gray. Can fantasy owners trust a Rockies SP enough to draft him in the top 75? Can Jon Gray right his previous wrongs (and those BABIP issues)? Let’s dig in. Players discussed: German Marquez (8:36) and Jon Gray (28:33). Twitter: @BatFlipCrazy.


Episode 43: Chris Taylor, Kole Calhoun & Reynaldo Lopez

Episode 43 profiles Dodgers SS/OF Chris Taylor, Angels OF Kole Calhoun and White Sox SP Reynaldo Lopez. Is Taylor a post-hype value at an ADP over 200? Calhoun worth a flier near his 400 ADP? Can Lopez repeat his awesome end of season over a full year in 2019? Let’s find out! Players discussed: Chris Taylor (5:35), Kole Calhoun (22:51) and Reynaldo Lopez (36:12). Twitter: @BatFlipCrazy


Episode 42: Merrifield, Hoskins, Springer & Syndergaard

Episode 42 profiles Royals 2B/OF and speedster Whit Merrifield, Phillies OF phenom Rhys Hoskins, Astros OF leadoff hitter George Springer, and Mets SP and Norse God Noah Syndergaard. How does Merrifield’s high ADP change his value proposition to fantasy owners? Should you draft Hoskins or Springer for your OF? Are there signs that Thor may be close to regaining his throne alongside other elite SP? Let’s find out. Players discussed: Whit Merrifield (5:05), Rhys Hoskins (21:16), George...


Episode 41: Cody Bellinger and Ozzie Albies

Episode 41 profiles Dodgers 1B/OF Cody Bellinger and Braves 2B Ozzie Albies. High expectations have pushed these two up draft boards in their early careers, but are they worth the cost? Let’s dive into the numbers. Players discussed: Cody Bellinger (2:27) and Ozzie Albies (17:43).


Episode 40: K. Davis, Rizzo, Snell & Cole

Episode 40 profiles slugger Khris Davis, Cubs first basemen Anthony Rizzo, Cy Young winner Blake Snell and Astros co-ace Gerrit Cole. I also give some love to’s detailed batted ball profiles in the Reach, Charles! segment. Can Davis hit .247 again? Will Rizzo’s power rebound? After league-winning performances in 2018, can Snell and Cole live up to their high ADPs? Players discussed: Khris Davis (4:10), Anthony Rizzo (19:31), Blake Snell (37:07) and Gerrit Cole (57:25). You can...


Episode 39: Corbin, Dahl & Verlander

Episode 39 profiles free agent pitcher Patrick Corbin, ADP surger David Dahl and fantasy ace Justin Verlander. I also give props to Alex Chamberlain (@DolphHauldhagen) in the Reach Charles! Segment for some great recent research he’s done on stolen bases and statcast power metrics. Does Corbin’s 2018 look repeatable? Is it worth buying into the Dahl hype? Is this the year Verlander starts his descent from greatness? Listen to find out. Players discussed: Patrick Corbin (2:46), David Dahl...


Episode 38: Soto, Severino & Marte

Episode 38 tackles the fantasy outlook for Juan Soto, Luis Severino and Starling Marte. Can Soto make the leap from one of the game’s best hitters to one of fantasy baseball’s best? Is Luis Severino the Sevy of 2017 and the first half of 2018 or are we likely to see more of second half Sevy? How might injury have impacted Starling Marte’s late season struggles? These and more questions answered. Players discussed: Juan Soto (3:13), Luis Severino (20:16) and Starling Marte (40:25).


Episode 37: Blackmon, Bryant, Correa & Nola

Episode 38 looks at the fantasy outlook for Charlie Blackmon, Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa and Aaron Nola based on past performance and skills. Blackmon took a step back last year, but remained solid, while Correa and Bryant struggled through injury and inconsistency. Which of the three looks like the best player for 2019 and is Nola showing signs of becoming a top 5 pitcher? Listen to find out. Players discussed: Charlie Blackmon (2:11), Kris Bryant (14:42), Carlos Correa (27:27) and Aaron...


Episode 36: Kershaw, Stanton, Story & Benintendi

Episode 36 looks at the fantasy outlook for Clayton Kershaw, Giancarlo Stanton, Trevor Story and Andrew Benintendi. Kershaw and Stanton on the decline? Story and Benintendi on the rise? I also debut a new segment called Reach, Charles! where I discuss things I’m excited about, including the idea of opportunity cost as it relates to early picks. Players discussed: Clayton Kershaw (4:00), Giancarlo Stanton (19:36), Trevor Story (32:20) and Andrew Benintendi (47:14).


Episode 35: Trevor Bauer, Carlos Carrasco & Mike Clevinger

Episode 35 looks at the fantasy outlook of three Cleveland Indians starters and ranks them, along with Corey Kluber, among the top starting pitchers in fantasy baseball. Who’s the leader of the four heading into 2019? The answer may surprise you. As always, the podcast looks at past performance, skills, pitch splits, batted ball profile and more to figure out whether you should own them in your leagues next year and at what price. Players discussed: Trevor Bauer (4:28), Cookie Carrasco...


Episode 34: Corey Kluber, Javier Baez & Jacob deGrom

Episode 34 looks at the fantasy baseball outlook for Corey Kluber, Javier Baez and NL Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom. Kluber and Baez have Profiles with a lot more questions than some of the other top players, while deGrom has joined the ranks of truly elite starting pitcher. Players discussed: Corey Kluber (6:11), Javier Baez (27:02) and Jacob deGrom (40:58).


Episode 33: Chris Sale, Freddie Freeman & Aaron Judge

The player profile adventure continues! Episode 33 looks at the fantasy outlook of Chris Sale, Freddie Freeman and Aaron Judge based on past performance and skills. Players discussed: Chris Sale (3:07), Freddie Freeman (18:39) and Aaron Judge (34:37).


Episode 32: Alex Bregman, Ronald Acuna & Christian Yelich

Episode 32 dives deep into three super exciting players—Alex Bregman, Ronald Acuna and Christian Yelich. In fact, it’s unlikely that another podcast this offseason will have a trio I like so damn much. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of talk about Yelich’s hard hit fly ball rate. Players discussed: Alex Bregman (3:11), Ronald Acuna (21:18) and Christian Yelich (31:54).


Episode 31: Jose Altuve & Manny Machado

Episode 31 looks at the fantasy outlook for Jose Altuve after a disappointing season and Manny Machado after he played the villain in this year’s playoffs. As usual, the episode dives deep into past performance and skills to see what 2019 might hold for both players. Players discussed: Jose Altuve (4:09) and Manny Machado (20:06).


Episode 30: Trea Turner & Paul Goldschmidt

Episode 30 covers the fantasy outlook for two players currently going in the first round of mock drafts—Trea Turner and Paul Goldschmidt. Find out why only one belongs there. Also, a quick dive into the proposed Mallex Smith and Mike Zunino trade and it’s fantasy implications. Players discussed: Mallex Smith and Mike Zunino (0:08), Trea Turner (12:10) and Paul Goldschmidt (23:10).


Episode 29: Max Scherzer

Episode 29 looks at what makes Max Scherzer the best pitcher in the game with a deep dive on his past performance and skills. You will leave the podcast feeling refreshed and believing in starting pitching once again. Scherzer’s got production, skills and volume for days.


Episode 28: J.D. Martinez & Bryce Harper

Episode 28 looks at two outfielders currently going in the first round of mock drafts—J.D. Martinez and Bryce Harper. I take a look at the metrics and skills behind their past performance to see what we should expect from each player in 2019. Players discussed: J.D. Martinez (2:39) and Bryce Harper (14:54).


Episode 27: Trout, Betts, Ramirez, Lindor and Arenado

This episode takes a deep dive into player analysis, including an overview of my offseason process and the first five player profiles for 2019. I look at the current top 5 in early ADP to see what we might expect next season. Players discussed: Mike Trout (13:40), Mookie Betts (22:33), Jose Ramirez (31:08), Francisco Lindor (39:23) and Nolan Arenado (50:29).


Episode 26: Interview with Max Freeze

In Episode 26 of the podcast, I talked with Max Freeze of, FantasyPros and Sports Degens. Our conversation touched on a number of subjects, including his approach to hitter and pitcher analysis, the impact of changes to pitcher roles on fantasy baseball strategy, players he likes and dislikes heading into 2019, and more. Players we discuss include: David Dahl, Jake Bauers, Josh James, Corbin Burnes, Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Correa and Gleyber Torres.