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Episode 15: Columbus Restaurant Draft

Episode 15: Columbus Restaurant Draft by Battery Life


Episode 14: Catching Up During The Holiday Break

After missing three weeks, Rob and Sam are back. They don't do too much recapping. They get right into it and talk about the past week. The team had a typical week. They won the games they were supposed to and lost the game that was a bit more of a challenge. Are the expectations for the Blue Jackets too high? Kyle comes on for more Morrison's Minutes. He talks Pierre-Luc Dubois and presents around the holidays. Candle nation, stand up!


Episode 13: Reaching A Breaking Point

Rob and Sam are back again. This time they record the podcast from the comfort of their own homes. Kyle also checks in with Morrison Minutes during the second segment. The Blue Jackets weren't themselves once again. It caused coaching changes to take place and more questions than they have answers for at the moment. Do the Blue Jackets know what currently ails them or are they flailing about aimlessly trying to figure it out?


Episode 12: Battling For Perception

The Blue Jackets are facing an uphill battle knowing that mediocrity is only a couple of steps away if they don't take care of business. Sam and Rob talk about the inconsistencies again. They also talk about the news around the NHL including Chuck Fletcher, Tyler Bertuzzi and William Nylander. Kyle comes in once again to feed us hot takes and tells us which takes you can take to the bank.


Episode 11: Everything I Told You Is True

Another week in the books for the Blue Jackets. Two wins and a loss but all three of the games sent mixed messages. Just how good are they and how do they match up against the league's best. Rob, Sam and Kyle try to make sense of it all. Artemi Panarin is discussed in depth again as well as the fourth line. The Blue Jackets are good. They're going to determine just how good they're going to be.


Episode 10: Thanksgiving And The Grey Cup

It is a festive edition of Battery Life as Sam and Rob discuss the Blue Jackets successful week. They discuss how the fourth line can be improved, they talk the likelihood of Artemi Panarin re-signing with the team. The Blue Jackets are one of the best teams in the NHL but they still have a lot to do before they become a complete team. Oh yeah, the Grey Cup is discussed as well.


Episode 9: Grandview And Short North

The Columbus Blue Jackets are first overall in the Metropolitan division. It is early in the season but it isn't anything to scoff at especially after their rocky start. Sergei Bobrovsky seems to have found his way and the offense is beginning to perform on a consistent night in and night out basis. The team is playing straightforward and it lends itself to their physical players. Rob and Sam discuss just how that affects the team and what it means for perimeter players as well. They also...


Episode 8: You Sure About That?

California dreaming? It felt that way for a long time when the Columbus Blue Jackets made their way out to the West Coast for their annual road trip. They went a perfect 1-1-1 during the trip but why does it feel so disappointing? The Blue Jackets have invisible players like Alexander Wennberg and Oliver Bjrokstrand, how do you get them going? Sergei Bobrovsky is back in the starters net and it is tough to determine just how long he will occupy that spot. The Metropolitan games in the...


Episode 7: Bobby Mixer!

The Columbus Blue Jackets are who we thought they were? The team has had a solid start but it is nowhere near the level they had hoped to be at this point of the season. Goaltender Joonas Korpisalo has taken over the starters net, Forward Artemi Panarin continues to score goal after goal and yet, the consistency just isn't there. Luckily, as a chaser, we get to talk about the team's Halloween party and which costumes we enjoyed the most.


Episode 6: Seth Jones Makes His Triumphant Return

Sam and Rob are back talking hockey after another short delay. Kyle is unable to make it so it means that we are without Morrison Minutes. They discuss the return of defenseman Seth Jones and just how important it is for the Columbus Blue Jackets. They also discuss how worried you should be about goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. They also talk about the Artemi Panarin-Brandon Saad trade, Sonny Milano and just how much do the Blue Jackets need to shake up their lineup. After the break they...


Episode 5: Finding Consistency with The Blue Jackets

Three games last week and the Columbus Blue Jackets won two of them. Why does it feel like such a disappointment then? The Blue Jackets continue to beat the teams they're supposed to but it isn't always a great time for them when they face an equal foe. We discuss how the team can prepare for such teams while also recognizing they themselves are a good team. We also take on the rumors around Josh Anderson, the white-hot Toronto Maple Leafs, the healthy scratched Brandon Saad and the...


Episode 4: The Good And The Bad From The Blue Jackets

Sam is out of town so Rob and Kyle break down the opening week of the Columbus Blue Jackets' season. They saw some good and they saw some bad. They aren't sure what to expect and already players are being put under the microscope. Players are dissected and examined to see if they are already in the doghouse.


Episode 3: 2018-19 Blue Jackets Season Preview

Rob and Sam talk about the upcoming season position-by-position. They talk about the surprises to expect and they also do a quick lightning round to answer burning questions. Another edition of Morrison Minutes along with a great Ask Us Anything session to end the show.


Episode 2: It's Only The Preseason

Rob and Sam are back to talk Blue Jackets hockey. They start with the slow moving preseason and the oft injured Ryan Murray. They then pivot to talk about the recent NHL news of the past couple weeks including Erik Karlsson and Tyler Seguin. They then are joined by Kyle to talk hot takes and a tiny bit of Florida hockey.


Episode 1: Beginning of an Era

Welcome! Sam Blazer and Rob Mixer start off the inaugural episode of Battery Life with a bang when they discuss training camp storylines and what to watch in the weeks ahead. Kyle Morrison joins to talk hot takes and what he believes will take place during training camp. You can find the podcast on Stitcher, Soundcloud, iTunes and TuneIn. Make sure to rate and subscribe to help them out!