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The official home for audio programming from Battle Red Blog, SB Nation's community for fans of the Houston Texans.

The official home for audio programming from Battle Red Blog, SB Nation's community for fans of the Houston Texans.
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The official home for audio programming from Battle Red Blog, SB Nation's community for fans of the Houston Texans.




Battle Red Radio: Super Blood Orgy Overtime Full Wolf Moon

On Sunday night, the moon crossed in front of the Earth’s shadow, creating a full and bloody lunar eclipse. For millennia, man has personified the heavens and extrapolated it to the slop we roll around in. On a Sunday that had two overtime championship games, a bizarre no-call, a Kansas City comeback and subsequent devastation, it’s impossible not to. There is something happening that we just don’t understand. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the newest Houston Texans news (Seantrel...


Battle Red Radio: Conference Championship Round Preview

The four best teams are left. Three of the best offenses remain and Tom Brady. Defense doesn’t matter. The weather is crunchy. It’s championship weekend. Here’s your preview. This week, it’s Rams v. Saints (24:29) and Patriots v. Chiefs (41:45).


Battle Red Radio: Scrape Out The Gunk

What was thought to be a classic weekend of playoff football ended up featuring an alright game, a blowout, a sloppy beatdown, and a good game that ended before it could be great. Well, at least the four best teams are still alive. The committee got it right. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the newest Houston Texans news (spoiler, there isn’t any) and review the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL Playoffs. Topics include the Colts’ crappy game, the Chargers getting outcoached, outhit, and...


Battle Red Radio: Divisional Round Preview

Nothing is good about this time of year. It’s cold, it’s dark, my lips are chapped and my butt is fat from holiday lounging. I’m tired and dried out and bored, staring out the window and waiting for that dying star to scrape the gunk from my heart. Nothing is good about this time of year, except the NFL Playoffs, and this week we get the best part of the playoffs, the best weekend in sports, the Divisional Round. This week, it’s Colts v. Chiefs, Cowboys v. Rams, Chargers v. Patriots, and...


Battle Red Radio: We've Been Waiting For You

Just about everything I expected to happen to the Texans in the NFL Playoffs happened in their loss to the Colts. What I saw written in the stars back in October came to fruition in January. At least the Texans have Deshaun Watson. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the Texans’ 21-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Topics include what the hell happened in that first half, the Colts’ success running the ball, Houston’s defensive strategy, Bill O’Brien’s scheme, and Deshaun Watson’s jitters....


Battle Red Radio: Wildcard Round Preview

Jeff Rosenstock used to be in a band called Bomb! The Music Industry. He wrote an album titled Vacation. The first track off that album is Campaign For A Better Weekend. There’s three lines in the song as followed: I thought about the winter/Under layers, I wouldn’t bleed/Drinking root beer, watching football. It’s now time to do exactly this. Put on layers, drink rootbeer, and watch football. This week, we talk Colts v. Texans, Seahawks v. Cowboys, Chargers v. Ravens, and Eagles v. Bears,...


Battle Red Radio: Never Hungover Again

Every drop of blood in my body has been sucked out and replaced with gravy. Shiny red and green paper is shrapnel all around my house. My burps still taste like tequila, black-eyed peas, and cold brew coffee. I’m ready for a new year. I’m ready for the 2018 NFL Playoffs. This week, Matt, BFD, and Luke discuss the Texans’ 20-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and preview the Wildcard matchup between Houston and Indianapolis. Topics include Deshaun Watson’s use as a runner, J.J. Watt’s...


Battle Red Radio: Week Seventeen Preview

I’m penning New Year’s Resolutions, and the only thing I want to do in 2019 is LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE more. That’s it. To groom the horses that pull that fleeting cart of motivation, I’ll jump start it by savoring Week 17 of the 2018 NFL season. Whew. Watching Sunday football is all I want to do. I love all these games. Hahahahahaha. Can’t wait! This week, we talk Colts v. Titans, Bears v. Vikings, Bengals v. Steelers, and Browns v. Ravens


Battle Red Radio: Nickadelphia

The Texans have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. They’ll have to wait four more years to get the chance again. Hopefully the Earth still exists then.


Battle Red Radio: Week Sixteen Preview

Last week was bad. This week I'm sad. Next week will be better. Just two more weeks until real football actually starts. Until then we get a little bit more purgatory. We break down Texans-Eagles, Buccaneers-Cowboys, 49ers-Bears, and Steelers-Saints. Make sure to subscribe to the show no matter how you listen to it.


Battle Red Radio: I’m A Fat Crook From New Jersey

Despite beating the shoddy Jets by one score, strangely, I feel better about what I thought would be impending January doom. This week, Matt and Luke discuss the Texans 29-22 win over the New York Jets. Topics include Houston’s awakening, the Jets actually throwing the football, New York’s blitz schemes, the intersection of our lives and DeAndre Hopkins’s, J.J. Watt usage, and Nick Foles doing it all over again.


Battle Red Radio: Week Fifteen Preview

Houston is playing an awful Saturday game against Sam Darnold's missing frontal lobe. They're going to win 27-13. Do something else. Watch football on Sunday instead. And when you do, the games we discuss will be your guide for all of it. We break down Chiefs-Chargers, Cowboys-Colts, Patriots-Steelers, and Raiders-Bengals. Make sure to subscribe to the show no matter how you listen to it.


Battle Red Radio: Throw The Ball Against The Houston Texans

To beat the Houston Texans, don’t run the ball against the Houston Texans. To beat the Houston Texans, you should throw the ball. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the Texans’ 24-21 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Topics include how to beat the Houston Texans, how to lose to the Houston Texans, T.Y. Hilton’s love of Houston, Deshaun Watson holding onto the football, Houston’s woes in the running game, Darius Leonard as a superstar, and a preview of the Texans’ Saturday afternoon football game...


Battle Red Radio: Week Fourteen Preview

This is the biggest week in professional football. This week the AFC South may finally be settled. There's no greater glory. Only one singular game matters: Colts v. Texans. The rest are what have to happen to keep a professional athletic association afloat. This week we preview the only game that has ever mattered, Texans-Colts, and discuss the filler that doesn't matter, Eagles-Cowboys, Ravens-Chiefs, and Seahawks-Vikings.


Battle Red Radio: Cleveland Sucks

OHIO. This week Matt and BFD discuss the Texans’ ninth straight win, the one between the Texans and Browns. Topics include Cleveland going down easy, another big Texans run game, the Browns blitzing, Baker Mayfield‘s downfield throwing, the difference between Justin Reid and Tyrann Mathieu, and what Indy and the rest of the league should learn from Cleveland’s second half.


Battle Red Radio: Week Thirteen Preview

Things are getting es muy, muy, muy, muy caliente. It’s Week 13. The NFL Playoffs are no longer some unthinkable speck way out in the reaches of time. The top of the peak is a prairie dog peeping out of its hole. Tangible. Visible. It’s there. And this week are actual, real, meaningful games to see who will set up a base camp and attempt to summit this beast. To get ready for it, my good friend Taylor and I preview this weekend’s slate. Chargers-Steelers, 49ers-Seahawks, Broncos-Bengals,...


Battle Red Radio: I Want A Tribal Tattoo

I want a tribal tattoo. I want it to hurt really bad. That’s how I know. I’ll know it’s real. A real tattoo. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the Texans’ eighth straight win, the one between the Texans and Titans. Topics include the Titans being really stupid, Houston’s run offense, the Titans’ steadfast refusal to throw the ball to Corey Davis, J.J. Watt’s unbelievable night, the immortality of Marcus Mariota, the importance of being the third seed in the AFC Playoffs, fears of the Colts,...


Battle Red Radio: Week Twelve Preview

Ooooooo, Daddy. I am hungry. I want to fill my belly button with gravy and dip giblets in it. I’m on the last rung of my belt and don’t want to drill any holes into it. A hammock will be swaying under my chin. Cranberry in my ears. Turkey wrapping me up and tucking me in bed. All while I fall in and out of sleep with football on the TV. You’re doing the same. To get ready for it, my good friend Taylor and I preview this Thanksgiving football slate: Bears v. Lions, Redskins v. Cowboys,...


Battle Red Radio: Wait, What? The Texans Are 7-3?

1-2-3-4-5-6-7. I can barely even count that high. This week, Matt and BFD discuss the Texans’ seventh straight win, the one between the Texans and Redskins. Topics include the difference between talent, performance, and win loss record, the inevitability of every Texans’ game, another whatever offensive performance, offensive line play, Brennan Scarlett's PFF grade, and how hard it is to get TITAN'ED UP.


Battle Red Radio: Week Eleven Preview

Matt Weston and his mortal enemy Taylor preview Week Eleven in the NFL. Matt gazes into his palms to give a Texans-Redskins summary from the future. Then they discuss the offensive game of the century, the Cowboys being back once again until they lose this week, Vikings v. Bears; two teams that ain’t make no gosh darn sense to me, and the Big Kahuna between Bengals and Ravens.