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The Bear Hunting Magazine podcast is hosted by magazine editor and owner Clay Newcomb. This podcast covers variety of bear hunting topics to help you become a better bear hunter. From strategy and tactics to gear reviews and stories from the field, if you are hardcore bear hunter this is the podcast for you.

The Bear Hunting Magazine podcast is hosted by magazine editor and owner Clay Newcomb. This podcast covers variety of bear hunting topics to help you become a better bear hunter. From strategy and tactics to gear reviews and stories from the field, if you are hardcore bear hunter this is the podcast for you.
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The Bear Hunting Magazine podcast is hosted by magazine editor and owner Clay Newcomb. This podcast covers variety of bear hunting topics to help you become a better bear hunter. From strategy and tactics to gear reviews and stories from the field, if you are hardcore bear hunter this is the podcast for you.





We recently trailered the mules up and headed west again with hopes of finding bugling elk in Colorado! In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine podcast, Clay and his son, Bear, break down their hunt! They discuss talk about the trip overall, some mistakes that were made, some wisdom being passed from father to son, and some highlights from 5 days in the backcountry!


Lawdog with Chris Powell

In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast, we are joined at the global headquarters by Chris Powell from the Houndsman XP Podcast. Chris is a retired game warden who has a deep history in working with law dogs and is a dedicated houndsman! We talk about some of his history in law enforcement. We also dive into some of the science behind a dog's nose and how an animal leaves scent behind.


Dummies Guide to Baiting Bears

The bell is ringing and class is in session on this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast! Clay is joined by Ryan Grebb and Jason Liles as they share their collective experiences surrounding baiting bears. In this episode they talk about getting permission, how to pick a spot, how to get bait, how to use commercial scents, how to hold the big ones, and more. As always, this is a good one to listen to no matter your level of experience!


Lyle Lovett's Song Bears

This episode gets bear-crap-crazy as the guys discuss and dissect the hidden meanings of the song "Bears" covered by Lyle Lovett in 1998. A fellow could learn about bear biology, bear habits, gun safety, Lyle Lovett's short relationship with Julia Roberts & why you should never go back the same way you came. Brent Reaves and Kolby Morehead join Clay on the podcast for a super fun conversation!


Beginners Guide to Bear Hunting with James Brandenburg

Black bear season is just around the corner and we're taking it back to the basics at the Global Headquarters of Bear Hunting Magazine! Guest James Brandenburg from EP. 34 is back and interviews host Clay Newcomb with a long list of questions from people who have never hunted the icon of the North American wilderness, the black bear. This was a fun podcast to record and we know you'll enjoy it whether you're a new to bear hunting or a seasoned professional!


Dummies Guide to Stone Projectile Points w/ Dr. Adam Gray

Jump start your knowledge base on "arrow heads" by a decade by listening to this conversation. We sit down with Dr. Adam Gray and discuss stone projectile points, different ideas of where North American's came from, Clovis points, weapon technology, and understanding the different time periods during the last 13,500 years.


First Lite Layering with Kevin Harlander

Kevin Harlander is the Community Manager at First Lite. We sit down with him to discuss some family history, elk hunting, and his favorite First Lite layering kits. This is a fun podcast with a solid outdoorsman and good DUDE.


Trained by a Hound Dog with Ed Vance

Ed Vance is a veteran mountain lion and bear hunter from southern California, and author of new book, who tells all in this unique podcast. We traveled out to meet with Ed in his home in the Greenhorn Mountains to hear first hand about his origins in hunting, his hounds and some of his most memorable hunts. This is our third podcast in hound our series and you'll enjoy Ed's fascinating life story of hunting with hounds. Check out Ed's book at


Breeding Big Game Hounds with Steve Herd

Steve Herd has been breeding big game hounds for decades and has been around them his whole life. Steve's strain of dogs are known as Bluff Creek Plotts. He's got some insight into consistently producing hounds bear hounds generation after generation. This is our second podcast with Steve and we're sure you'll learn something. His passion and enthusiasm for what he's devoted his life to is sure to entertain and teach.


Bluff Creek Plotts with Steve Herd

Steve Herd is an iconic big game Plott breeder known for his Bluff Creek hounds. On this episode we have a great discussion about his history with these dogs, what he's learned about bear dogs, and many incredible stories. Steve has some strong opinions and he loves his dogs. We think you'll appreciate it his upfrontness about what he's learned in 65 years of being around bear dogs. In the next podcast, Steve discusses his philosophy on breeding big game hounds.


Traditional Archery Super Ten with Jake Downs

In this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast we sit down with traditional archer Jake Downs. Jake is one of the few hunters who have completed the North American Super Ten with traditional archery equipment. We talk to Jake about some of the highlights and challenges that happened along the way and his journey with traditional equipment. Enjoy! Note: Have you heard of the North American Super Ten? The 29 north North American animals can divided into ten categories: antelope, bears,...


Oklahoma Bear Biology with Jeff Ford

On this episode of the Bear Hunting Magazine Podcast, we sit down with friend and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife biologist Jeff Ford. He's the "Bear Man" in Oklahoma and we talk nuts-and-bolts biology of Sooner bruins. We all have something to learn about the icon of North American wilderness in this episode! Show Notes:


Trad Bows in Wild Places

The guys are at black bear in camp in British Columbia with Jeff Lander and Primitive Outfitting. Along in the conversation is Jeff's good friend, Dave Kueber, who is an Alaskan resident and veteran traditional bowhunter. The conversation revolves around why we limit ourselves in traditional archery and lots of great stories including brown bear hunting with stick bows, and a recent adventure with Jeff and Dave and a giant black bear.


Stalking Bears & Bear Attacks with Primitive Outfitting

We were recently in British Columbia where we sat down with Jeff Lander and Gary Hilsher of Primitive Outfitting. We discuss spot & stalk hunting and how black bears behave differently in grizzly country. We talk about how being around grizzlies changes our thought processes and increases our awareness. We also have some intense grizz and black bear attack stories! This is an exciting podcast with two great guys, we think you'll enjoy it!


The Gate - Why Protecting Bear Hunting is Important

On this podcast we discuss the hard questions about bear hunting. James Brandenburg, the Arkansas chair of the Southeast Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters & Angler's joins us to discuss some hot-button topics, specifically the use of bait and hounds. It's a discussion that not many have had, but we all need to. You'll hear a unique narrative that's hard to dispute that will help unify the hunting community. Hunters need to know why we do what we do.


Motivation with Aron Snyder

We were in Denver at Kifaru & Aron Snyder joins us for some conversation on manhood, identity, motivations, goals, traditional archery, aspects of success and just a lot of fun. This podcast is probably a lot different than some of the other conversations you've heard with Aron, so check it out. This is the final podcast on our Montana Tour!


A New Narrative: Western Bear Foundation

Joe Kondelis and The Western Bear Foundation are writing a new narrative of why predator hunters are the good guys and are helping all wildlife. On this episode we'll talk about the Foundation and what they do, the intrigue of the bear, some Western bear hunting tactics, but also dive into the complex issues of the grizzly bear issues of the West.


Traditional Archery Booner Bear with Brian Strickland

Outdoor writer Brian Strickland transitioned to traditional archery several years ago and shares about the process. His most recent success was in Manitoba in early May 2019 where he took a bear that will likely break 20-inches qualifying it for the Boone and Crockett Awards record book. On this episode we also talk about where color phase bears are, the uniqueness of Booner bears, the timing of spring bear hunting, Baldy Mountain Outfitters, and three kinds of bear hunters.


Montana Mule-based DIY Spring Bear Hunt

Clay Newcomb and Kolby Morehead just got back from a successful mule-based DIY spring bear hunt in Montana. This was Clay's third trip to Montana in five years and it was the time he brought home a bear. They talk about the trial and tribulation of this style of hunting and the lasting sense of accomplishment of putting it together. Traveling across the country hauling the mules, to the advantages of using equines in the backcountry, to long range shooting this podcast is full of twists and...


Best of the West with Jim Sessions & Jared Peterson

Jim Sessions is a veteran Western hunter and precision shooter. On this podcast #2 of the "Montana Tour" we talk about the Best of the West rifle systems and Huskamaw optics, but also: Jim's hunting history, Jared's new Mountain Scout rifle system, traveling with equine animals, predator problems in Wyoming, custom turrets, BOTW shooting schools, and the ethics of long range shooting.