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Cue It Up & Cash It w BeatinTheBookie & TheRealMrACL

Cue It Up & Cash It w BeatinTheBookie & TheRealMrACL
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Cue It Up & Cash It w BeatinTheBookie & TheRealMrACL




Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 25!

25th Show! College Football Playoffs, NFL, 5 Betting Mistakes Jesse sees people make at the window, Rapid Fire Q&A, MNF Contest, and a Free NFL Play. Time Stamps Below! 🏈 College Football Playoffs 3:59 NFL Recaps: 🏈 Saints vs Cowboys 10:01 🏈 Chargers v Steelers 16:58 NFL Previews: 🏈Ravens v Chiefs 21:03 🏈Rams v Bears 23:41 ❌ 5 Betting Mistakes People Make at the Window 27:15 ⁉️ Rapid Fire Q&A 38:06 🚨 FREE MNF Contest--3 Questions Revealed 51:34 🚨 NFL FREE PLAY 53:56...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 24!

TIMESTAMPS BELOW! ENJOY! NCAA Recaps: 🏈 Ohio St v Michigan 4:43 🏈 LSU vs Texas A&M 8:47 NCAA Previews: 🏈 Big 12 Championship--Texas v Oklahoma 12:17 🏈 SEC Championship--Alabama v Georgia 17:09 NFL Recaps: 🏈 Browns v Bengals 19:33 🏈 Packers v Vikings 23:56 NFL Previews: 🏈 Vikings v Patriots 26:30 🏈 Chargers v Steelers 30:37 πŸ’° ACL Vegas Contest Updates 33:50 🏈 NFL Coach Firing Prop & Value Plays 36:58 πŸ€ College Hoops 41:12 🏈 Q&A 42:29 Teasers & Surprising / Disappointing NFL Teams...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 23!

FREE Play + a MNF Contest Winner---We're back with this week's MNF Contest Questions + a FREE College Football play from ACL, along with Recaps & Previews of this week's top NFL & NCAA Football games. Time Stamps Below. NCAA Recaps: 🏈 Ohio St v Michigan St 6:14 🏈 LSU v Arkansas 9:07 NCAA Previews: 🏈 Syracuse v Notre Dame 14:31 🏈 Iowa St v Texas 19:21 NFL Recaps: 🏈 Falcons v Browns 24:36 🏈 Seahawks v Rams 27:40 NFL Previews: 🏈 Steelers v Jags 33:34 🏈 Eagles v Saints 37:15 FANDUEL...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 22!

We recap & preview top games in both College Football & the NFL. The 3 Questions for the Monday Night Football Question are revealed and with the questions being made easier, we fully expect a Winner this week! Plus, a FREE NFL Play from ACL. Time Stamps Below! NCAA Recap: 🏈 Alabama v LSU 8:35 NCAA Preview: 🏈 Mississippi St v Alabama 12:58 🏈 Clemson v BC 17:09 🏈 College Football Rankings & Look-Ahead Lines 21:18 NFL Recaps: 🏈Chiefs v Browns 25:30 🏈 Rams v Saints 31:14 NFL Previews:...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 21!

BEST BETS from ACL & BTB + The 3 Questions for the FREE Monday Night Football Contest. The Prize has been increased to either your choice of $100 in Cash or a Free 4-Week NFL or College Football Package. ACL also updates everyone on where he stands in his 3 Las Vegas based Football Handicapping Contests. Time Stamps below! NCAA Recaps: 🏈 UF v Georgia 1:45 🏈 Iowa v Penn St 4:08 NCAA Previews: 🏈 West Virginia v Texas 7:14 🏈 Alabama v LSU 11:03 NFL Recaps: 🏈 Browns v Steelers 24:41 🏈...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 20!

BEST BETS from ACL, BTB & Jesse. The 3 Questions for the FREE $100 Monday Night Football Contest are also revealed. The 1st person to answer all 3 Questions correctly gets either $100 in cash or $150 in Package credit--your choice. Good Luck and enjoy the show! Time Stamps below! NCAA Recaps: 🏈 Oregon v Washington St 3:48 🏈 Ohio St v Purdue 6:27 NCAA Previews: 🏈 Iowa v Penn St 13:37 🏈 UF v Georgia 17:07 🏈 Texas v Oklahoma St 20:27 NFL Recaps: 🏈 Panthers v Eagles 23:48 🏈 Giants v...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 19!

BEST BETS from ACL, BTB & JESSE. We also debut our FREE $100 Monday Night Football Contest--Completely FREE to Enter. The 1st person to answer the 3 Questions correctly that ACL asks in the Podcast gets either $100 in cash or $150 in Package credit---your choice. Good Luck. Time Stamps Below! NCAA Recaps: 🏈 LSU vs Georgia 2:50 🏈 Michigan St vs Penn St 5:57 NCAA Previews: 🏈Michigan vs Michigan St 11:33 🏈Mississippi St vs LSU 13:52 🏈Oregon vs Washington St 16:30 NFL Recaps: 🏈Steelers vs...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 18!

ACL & BTB Preview this weekend's top NFL & NCAA games along with predictions for some of them. The Heads-Up competition continues this week as ACL & BTB go head-to-head on Florida vs Vanderbilt. MLB, NBA & Tennis talk as well. Time Stamps Below! Enjoy It! NCAA Recaps: 🏈 Texas vs Oklahoma 1:45 🏈 LSU vs Florida 4:50 College Football Playoff Scenarios 7:53 NCAA Previews: 🏈Georgia vs LSU 13:30 🏈Washington vs Oregon 16:50 🏈Wisconsin vs Michigan 20:05 NFL Recaps: 🏈Falcons vs Steelers 24:02...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 17!

Full NFL & NCAA Previews & Recaps, MLB Playoff Talk, Jesse tells us how action was at the book this past weekend, & an in-depth interview with NHLCappinWags who gives all of his season-long Futures plays absolutely FREE. Episode 17 of the Cue It Up & Cash It Podcast. ENJOY! TimeStamps Below! NCAA Recaps: Syracuse v Clemson 2:45 Ohio St v Penn St 10:43 Stanford v Notre Dame 15:50 NCAA Previews: Texas v Oklahoma 21:24 LSU v UF 25:15 Auburn v Miss St 27:05 NFL Previews: Jags v Chiefs 34:22...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 16!

BTB and ACL go Head-to-Head! BTB, ACL and Jesse break down last week's action, look ahead to this weekend's top games, and BTB and ACL start a new contest going Heads-Up in the Washington St / USC Game. Time Stamps Below! NCAA Recaps: Boise St v Okst 3:01 BYU v Wisco 7:46 LSU v Auburn 14:06 Ohio St v TCU 17:31 Utah v Washington 21:20 Rankings Discussion 24:39 NCAA Previews: Nebraska v Michigan 28:10 Tex A&M v Alabama 31:50 Stanford v Oregon 37:28 NFL Recaps: Min v GB 41:34 Car v Atlanta...


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 15!

Dave Mason from joins the show again to let us know what kind of Sharp action he is seeing from the sportsbook's side of the counter. We also recap last week's NFL Week 1 & NCAA Week 2, as well as look ahead to this weekend's biggest matchups! Time Stamps below! Recaps: Georgia v South Carolina (5:37) Clemson v Tex A&M (9:47) Penn St v Pitt ( 13:17) USC v Stanford (16:45) Mich St v Arizona St (21:04) Previews: Boise St v Ok St (27:37) LSU v Auburn (31:16) USC v Texas (35:30) FSU...


Cue It Up & Cash It Ep. 14!

Dave Mason from BetOnline joins the show this week to discuss what the Sharps have played so far this week. We also recap the top games from Week 1 in College Football, along with previews for the upcoming Top 25 College Week 2 games and top NFL games. Auburn v Washington (2:40) Ohio St v Oregon St (6:03) Maryland v Texas (10:27) Michigan v Notre Dame (13:46) Miami v LSU (19:42) VTech v FSU (25:30) College Football Rankings (32:31) Georgia v South Carolina (37:20) USC v Stanford (41:40)...


Cue It Up & Cash It Ep. 13!

***All 1st Time Deposits get a 50% Deposit Bonus at BetOnline.Ag using Promo Code: BTBACL -ACL Returns as 4 major College Football games are broken down in terms of line movement and on-field matchups; ACL gives out a FREE NCAA Football Season Win Total -Updated Heisman Trophy Odds -NFL news, trades, and Divisional Odds Value -Why was ACL at Hooters Casino at the $1 Blackjack table???


Cue It Up & Cash It Ep. 12!

BTB & Jesse hold it down as the Technical Difficulty bug hit ACL hard at the Superbook. BTB wraps up his College Football Power Rankings and gives out a FREE NFL Preseason Play. There is also lots of MLB talk, and of course, NFL thoughts with the season fast approaching. Episode 12. Enjoy!


Cue It Up & Cash It Ep. 11!

FOOTBALL!!!! Coming off a 2-0 NFL Preseason NFL Week 1.... -ACL Gives out 2 more Preseason NFL Plays & finishes his NFL Power Rankings -BTB Gives out 1 Free College Football Future & starts with his Top 10 teams -Tiger Woods Talk -Thoughts on D.J. Durkin, the Cleveland Browns on Hard Knocks and Sam Darnold's 1st Preseason start


Cue It Up & Cash It Ep. 10!

-NFL Week 1 Preseason FREE Play from ACL -College Football Power Rankings from BTB & Season Win Totals -ACL continues his NFL Power Rankings & thoughts on each team -Top 6 SportsBooks in Las Vegas with breakdowns of each


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 9!

FOOTBALL!!!!! ACL, BTB and Jesse talk Urban Meyer, his contract, and how that impacts Ohio State's Season Win total along with the latest on MGM's deal with the NBA. BTB Gives out a FREE College Football Season Win Total, ACL breaks down 4 more NFL teams, talks a little Preseason NFL, and the latest with legalized sports betting in Mississippi which began this week. And if you've ever wondered what happens when ACL & BTB disagree on a potential pick....that question is answered during Q&A....


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 8!

ACL and Jesse talk College Football, Heisman Trophy Odds, Value on Teams to Make the College Football Playoff, NFL Power Rankings, the SuperBowl of Professional NFL Handicapping...the NFL SuperContest, and ACL dives into some of his philosophy on Power Rankings and Situational Handicapping when betting Football.


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 7!

ACL and Jesse lead the show as BTB is off at a "special event". FOOTBALL FOOTBALL and FOOTBALL is the main topic of conversation, including breakdown of odds on the 1st NFL Coach to get fired with a value play from ACL. Plus the latest on legalization in Mississippi, Virginia and New Jersey, and ACL recalls the worst beat he has ever suffered.


Cue It Up & Cash It Episode 6!

Football Football Football (and Hot Dogs!) Episode 6 is a deep dive into College Football which is right around the corner, and includes a FREE PLAY on a College Football Season Win Total from BTB. ACL reveals more of his personal NFL Power Rankings, with teams in some possible BUY LOW spots. And of course, the Podcast wouldn't be complete without talking about the Worldwide controversy that was the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.