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Cover 2 Cover Ep. #1: Open the Saloon Doors

Kris Zellner & Rob Naylor have started a new wrestling podcast called Cover 2 Cover, and in our first episode we go over our mission statement for the show as well as many other topics. We talk about how we became huge fans of the newsstand wrestling magazines, the places where we bought them, the magazines we liked the most and some we didn't like, the difference between the 80's & the 90’s—especially hipness wise, and tons more. This is a really fun show, and just the appetizer for when we...


Ep. #208: July 10-18, 1984 with Beau James

Kris & David are joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to celebrate our 4th Anniversary and to discuss the week(-ish) that was July 10-18, 1984; nine days because we had a 1984 show that started on July 19th. We give a full rundown on BLACK SATURDAY from both the GCW and WWF perspectives, including how crazy it was that night. We talk about how Ole Anderson started the whole war, Jim Barnett's pivotal role in it, who sold stock to Vince, Ole taping TV that day in Macon, and tons more...


Ep. #207: July 3-9, 1993 with Joe Sposto

Kris & David are joined by Joe Sposto (@JoeSposto) to discuss the week that was July 3-9, 1993. We talk about the Yokozuna Bodyslam Challenge aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid, featuring the birth of "All-American Hero" Lex Luger, and how the fans there were really hoping for someone else. We also discuss the alternate universe of Bret Hart slamming Yokozuna, an influx of new talent coming to the WWF, Riki Choshu tearing his achilles tendon, Road Warrior Hawk doing a job in Austria, Carlos Colon...


Ep. #206: June 26-July 2, 1999 with Marty DeRosa

Kris & David are joined by Marty DeRosa (@MartyDeRosa) this week to discuss the week that was June 26-July 2, 1999. We talk about ECW signing with The Nashville Network, featuring some amazing quotes that Paul Heyman gave to the Pro Wrestling Torch, plus Chris Jericho signing with the WWF the week of a bad King of the Ring pay-per-view show. We also go over Master P having a falling out with WCW, the debut of the "Rap Is Crap" video, Kevin Nash and Randy Savage playing cat and mouse on...


Ep. #205: June 19-25, 1994 with John Thorne

Kris & Bix are joined by John Thorne (@JohnThorneAIW) to discuss the week that was June 19-25, 1994. We talk about the King of the Ring pay-per-view starring Art Donovan and what a glorious performance he had as an announcer on that show. Elsewhere on that show, we also look at the crowning of Owen Hart and how that was overshadowed, Vince McMahon not being around due to neck surgery and how that affected the week’s shows, and the Governor of Maryland proclaiming his love of Hulk Hogan. We...


Ep. #204: June 12-18, 2009

Kris & David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was June 12-18, 2009, a Patreon backer selection. We talk about the death of Mitsuharu Misawa and how it affected the wrestling business as a whole, as well as the cultural differences between Japan and the United States on how in handling the aftermath of a tragedy like that. We also look at Koji Kanemoto winning the Best of the Super Juniors in an era of New Japan that was changing for the better, referee Ted Tanabe dying...


Ep. #203: June 5-11, 2001 with Rob Bihari

Kris & David are joined by Rob Bihari (@RobViper) to discuss the week that was June 5-11, 2001. We talk about WWF's plans for WCW and how that was changing by the day along with their ideas for who they were going to bring in. We look back at about Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit in a steel cage and how that match's legacy changed after the Benoit tragedy. We also talk about All Japan & New Japan running big shows at the Budokan, featuring Keiji Mutoh winning the Triple Crown from Genichiro...


Hidden Gemcast #2: Texas Rasslin, Flair-Wildfire, & more

David Bixenspan & Emil Jay are back to discuss more new old wrestling footage finds: Back to back WWE Network Hidden Gems in the form of three ‘50s matches from Texas Rasslin, the December 4, 1983 Atlanta Omni house show headlined by Ric Flair vs. Tommy Rich, and a previously unseen Cactus Jack vs. Sabu match from the NWC in Nevada that Mick Foley had written was better than their more famous match that ended up on a blackjack table the night before. Also: Lots of tangents, including a...


Exile on Badstreet #62: Memphis Mayhem 1-4/84 w/ Scott Bowden

Kris Zellner is joined by Scott Bowden (Kentucky Fried Rasslin) to discuss the first four months of Memphis Wrestling in 1984. We talk about all the major angles and feuds of the time period including Nick Bockwinkel's only appearance in the Memphis studio, the departure of The Fabulous Ones, the births of TWO versions of New Fabulous Ones, the genesis of Ravishing Rick Rude, J.J. Dillon finally showing up in Memphis, a big talent turnover with all sorts of new names and gimmicks coming in,...


Ep. #202: May 29-June 4, 1986 with John McAdam

Kris & David are joined by John McAdam (Stick to Wrestling) to discuss the week that was May 29 - June 4, 1986, a Patreon-requested show. We talk about Kerry Von Erich's life changing motorcycle accident and how it affected World Class as a promotion at the worst possible time for them. We also look at the talent turnover they had thanks to so many wrestlers leaving for the UWF. Speaking of which, we then go to the UWF and talk about Terry Gordy being crowned the 1st UWF Champion, and most...


Ep. #201: May 22-28, 1988

Kris & David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was May 22-28, 1988. We talk about the initial reporting of the impending sale of Jim Crockett Promotions coming out during our week, and how it would become more and more drawn out. We also play some great clips from JCP TV, including a particularly keyed up Tully Blanchard promo. Other topics of discussion include Adrian Adonis returning to NJPW, Keith Hart replacing Bruce Hart as the booker in Stampede, Ron Wright being...


Hidden Gemcast #1: Mission Statement & Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee

David Bixenspan & Emil Jay try to start a new podcast (its own feed coming soon maybe?) looking at newly surfaced old wrestling, from WWE Network’s Hidden Gems section and elsewhere. In our inaugural episode, Bix and Emil talk about the show’s mission statement and the release of the famous 1986 Bret Hart vs. Tom Magee match. To support the show and get access to exclusive rewards like special members-only monthly themed shows, go to our Patreon page at and...


Exile on Badstreet #61: Rasslin 80’s Style Part 5 w/ John McAdam

Kris Zellner is joined by John McAdam (Stick to Wrestling) as we continue our journey through John's classic "Wrestling from the 80's" video compilation series with Volume 8. We talk about Tommy Rich's return to Georgia from Memphis in 1981 and how it gave the territory a much needed spark, as well as Gino Hernandez & The Road Warriors working on Mid-South TV and the relationships Mid-South had with other territories. We also discuss The Great Kabuki and his many ripoff gimmicks including...


Ep. #200: May 15-21, 1996

Kris & David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was May 15-21, 1996. We talk about the "Curtain Call" by The Clique at Madison Square Garden and why it might have happened in the first place, which no one really talks about. We also look at the immediate aftermath, especially regarding Hunter Hearst Helmsley. We then talk about the Godwinns winning the WwF Tag Titles, Kazuyuki Fujita signing with New Japan, Lucha in Nuevo Laredo getting red hot, maybe the greatest match in...


Ep. #199: May 8-14, 1989 with Beau James

Kris & David are joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to discuss the week that was May 8-14, 1989. We talk about Terry Funk debuting at Center Stage in Atlanta and wreaking havoc on the NWA, and we also look about the scheduling issues afflicting the Saturday night TBS show, including how Ted Turner made the call to fix them himself. We also discuss two newcomers to Stampede who left immediately, the Midnight Express working indie shows, Randy Hales debuting as a manager in Continental,...


Ep. #198: May 1-7, 1997

Kris & Bix are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was May 1-7, 1997. We talk about the Erich Kulas controversy being spotlighted on a Providence TV station and how ECW handled that, as well as Bam Bam Bigelow making his ECW debut in his hometown of Asbury Park. We also discuss Vader’s legal issues in Kuwait, Goldust taking off the paint, New Japan opening up the Osaka Dome with Shinya Hashimoto vs. Naoya Ogawa part 2, Atsushi Onita meeting with Vince McMahon at Titan Towers,...


[Patreon Preview] In which Bob Ryder trolls Wade Keller on ECW's behalf

In this free preview of the latest Between The Sheets Patreon special, covering ECW’s road to securing a pay-per-view contract in early 1997, Kris, David, and guest John Philapavage take a look at some of the internet fallout from the initial PPV date being cancelled. ECW house organ Bob Ryder and his friends decided to blame it all on Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell of the Pro Wrestling Torch, and all hell broke loose. For the full show, go to and become a patron...


Ep. #197: April 24-30, 1990

Kris & David are guestless this week as we discuss the week that was April 24-30, 1990. We talk about Genichiro Tenryu leaving All Japan to help form SWS and what that means for both promotions, as well as how New Japan also got hit by SWS with Naoki Sano & George Takano jumping ship, plus the NWA running two controversial house shows (for different reasons) at the Meadowlands & in Greensboro, Marc Lowrance quitting the USWA, the NWA helping the AWA's ticket sales, a fun Saturday Night's...


Ep. #196: April 17-23, 1992 with Dave Prazak

Kris & David are joined by Dave Prazak (@DavePrazak) to discuss the week that was April 17-23, 1992. We talk about a big 20/20 story on ABC regarding steroids which involves the WWF, as well as well as the upcoming Current Affair piece on the Murray Hodgson scandal. We also talk about the WWF taking over Europe while also sending talent to Japan for SWS, Stan Hansen winning the Champion Carnival, Roberto Duran working for Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Bob Holly quitting SMW for his shoot job, The Man...


Ep. #195: April 10-16, 2000

Kris & David are guestless as we discuss the week that was April 10-16, 2000, which was a Patron-requested show. This week was so huge that we were only able to fit in WCW, ECW, & the WWF. We talk about the Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo reboot of WCW including Nitro, Thunder, & Spring Stampede with all the details you could want on everything involved, and we play some great clips in this section that you can't miss. We also discuss Mike Awesome leaving ECW as the World Heavyweight Champion...