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India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 4 MILLION riders. Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.

India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 4 MILLION riders. Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.
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India's exclusive fortnightly motorcycling podcast celebrating the spirit of motorcycling of 4 MILLION riders. Listen to the compelling stories of motorcycling, the riders, their machines, the rides, gear and more, one legend at a time.








BRR Ep # 27 Shiv Raj Singh on the Long Way Home

Celebrating the circle of Life ! On our Anniversary episode, we return to the wise macaque, who had shown us the road on which rode the lions and lionesses of India. He’s cradled Biker Radio Rodcast in his hands and showed us the road that led us to you. Living life on the fast lane, he’s a father, a husband, an amateur motorcycle designer, an entrepreneur, adventure junkie, rider of speed machines and a great friend, please welcome Bhanwar Shiv Raj Singh Shekhawat aka Shivvy


BRR EP 26 Mohit Ahuja of Bikers For Good

On the Long Way Home with Mohit Ahuja, founder of "Bikers For Good", a 7 thousand strong motorcycle brotherhood forged for goodness and "Know Disability" a photography studio that skills differently abled people to explore the art and make a mark, Big Mo, our gentle giant, is on the show penultimate as Biker Radio Rodcast completes a brilliant year of production, travel, friendships, collaborations and celebrations with this episode. A prolific copywriter, Mohit's poetry camouflages stark...


BRR EP 25 Milan Khurana of MK Designs India

Its not a paradox if you simply process 0 and 1 at once 1 can go into 0 as many times as it wants The new kid on the block who drifted thru schooling like tumbleweed but struck anchor with tooling and found creativity and passion on the Long Way Home. In our series of motorcycle customisers we present our youngest guest and also one of the first people we met on our journey on BRR, Milan Khurana. Our silver episode is dedicated to our man who made money from demonitisation !


BRR #24 with Hashim Qayoom

Hashim Qayoom came with capital, what we call belief. One of our listeners, he was among the first to acknowledge our effort and has ever since been just a phone call away. Hashim runs Karma Yatri - A motorcycling touring company and combines it with KYTA or Karma Yatri Touring and Art from a village called Kalga in the Parvati Valley in Himachal. Catch his stories from Munnar to Anthony Bourdain on this episode of BRR. Dedicated to the people who believe...


BRR # 23 B - It's twins!

2 of a kind ! We ran into the legendary Gordon May, the Royal Enfield historian and Mark Wells ROyal Enfield's head of product strategy and industrial design. Then there was Elvis and Cliff, Ricardo and Vijay, we even landed up ordering twin Royal Enfield Coffee ice-creams, in keeping with the theme (a must have while you’re at the @royalenfieldgargecafe). The verdict is unanimous. The burble is oh so attractive, retro is now young and the world is waking up to the new twins. Royal Enfield...


BRR # 23 A - It's twins !

RIDER MANIA weekend struck GOA and that’s where we found the new twins burbling away to the joy of everyone! Riders from all over India descend each year to participate in a three day shindig that celebrates everything motorcycling. From testosterone powered competitions to motoart, from creative expressions to mind blowing experiences, and from rookies to veterans, this is the best motorcycling goulash you can find on the spice coast. In short, keep your 3rd weekend of November free next...


BRR #22 with Gurmukh Singh Sahl

Today we celebrate an artist mechanic, an internationally celebrated restorer, a boy next door, and an unassuming human being with a heart of gold. Gurmukh Singh Sahl is a master restorer, a collector and an antique lover who fell in love with the old world. Having earned his first Quail a prestigious international laurel of at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2017, he’s all geared up to take on his passion with renewed vigour. Biker Radio Rodcast managed to steal a few hours with him...


BRR#18 : The Whickers Award in the UK

An iconic international award making Biker Radio Rodcast the first Indian podcast to be conferred with a Whickers, a felicitation beyond our wildest expectations. We're chuffed, to say the least. This award is a celebration of motorcycling in India. OF the Rider, FOR the Rider and Hosted by a duo who're...well...Listen Connect Ride On...


BRR Episode # 21 Long Way Home with Shahnawaz Karim

Versatile and self made might be two useful words when it comes to describing Shahnawaz Karim. He's had a penchant for out gunning others since his early days....from DTC buses as he vigourously out-pedaled them down Delhi's roads to the BIC and Kari racing circuits where he regularly can be spotted on race days. Shahnawaz has been a model, a musician, an innovator and now an entrepreneur in the making. Over kehwahs and spinach n cheese fried momos, on a rare Lehover, Biker Radio Rodcast...


BRR Episode 20 Raid De Himalaya 2018

Imagine this; minus 25 degrees centigrade, 18000 ft above sea level through terrain that is in hospitable, low on oxygen, exposed to the elements on two wheels and a prayer.... Meet some of the people who dare to brave the mighty Himalayas in an epic battle between human, machine and the mountain. Biker Radio Rodcast travels to Leh for the 20th edition of the Raid to experience the lull before the storm.


BRR Episode 19 Long Way Home with Jamshed Madon of Royal Enfield Garage Cafe, Baga, Goa

Arguably, 'susegad' is Goan for 'Take it easy' that's tight slap in the face of modern stresses. Goa, where fish there are a plenty and stresses there are a few, camouflages a Parsee castaway marooned on an exotic tropical paradise. Meet Jamshed Madon, the charming lad missing the ageing gene as he takes us on his Long Way Home up the Baga creek in Sunny Goa. He’s been a champion sailor, a successful restaurateur, an avid adventurer, and a motorcycle nut case powered by a...


Episode 17 - Long Way Home with Hemant Sahai

Legal eagle, Boss Hoss man, Hemant is a collector and a connoisseur of all things big and small. Biker Radio Rodcast caught brunch with the Mohammed among a spectacular collection of his trophies which range from Hussains on restaurant napkins to drop dead gorgeous motorcycles and an ocean of cars, antiques, guns, knives, crossbows, treasured memories and friends and family who he surrounds himself with. Biker Radio Rodcast makes a detour to explore corporate India and bring to you this...


Episode 16 - Long Way Home with Col. Manoj Keshwar

Celebrating India’s 72nd independence day, we are joined on the show by a proud soldier, who is a purist, a disciplinarian, alpha wolf, a father, a biker, an entrepreneur and someone who values loyalty above everything, Col. Manoj Keshwar founder of Victorianz, is with us on the Long Way Home.


Episode 15 on the Long Way Home with Sanjay Tripathi

Royal Enfield, Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Hero Motocorp, 22 years of developing motorcycles. Sanjay Tripathi, loves motorcycles, music and memories that changed the geometry of motorcycling in India one fateful day in the December of 2007. Biker Radio Rodcast now is the proud owner of the open face helmet used at the launch of the Royal Enfield Continental GT in London autographed by the man himself. He spoke to BRR about his childhood,growing up, his career, family, his bikes,...


Episode 14 on the Long Way Home with Dr. Neharika Yadav

Getting yakity yak on the Long Way Home, we give you the JK Tyre National Superbike Championship racer at the Buddh International Circuit, Neharika Yadav aka with Dr. N She’s affable, always willing to engage; jovial almost border line gregarious. She’s guarded but willing to throw caution to the wind She’s a daughter, a sister, a doctor, a rescuer, a survivor and a brave heart, a fighter, a racer, a friend, an accomplice, a charming woman and above all, a won’t give upper…. Well she most...


Long Way Home Episode 12B with Vijay Parmar

The Biker Radio Rodcast Hangover. Patrician, to borrow a word from one of his friends, Vijay Parmar is back on the concluding part of the 2 part series. Founder director of the Raid De Himalaya, the highest rally in the world, he's an Indian icon. If you enjoyed the party on our last episode, it's time to enjoy once again. Even hangovers are fun @ BRR !


Episode 12A on the Long Way Home with Vijay Parmar

The man in the saddle is a demi god of motorsports. He is the custodian and a founding member of the highest rally in the world, the Raid de Himalaya. A true son of the Himalayas, he’s a father, a son, a teacher, a guide, an entrepreneur, a rider an artist and the buck stops here race director. This man is an enigma and our country is richer because he is ours and Biker Radio Rodcast is proud beyond composure to host the legend and chat up with him.


Episode 11 Long Way Home with Sarah Kashyap

If there's a challenge for the taking... Who do you call ? Sarah Kashyap The quintessential Judoka, her unputdownable grit kicks in when the going gets tough. Over Amritsari kulchas....on the Long Way Home, we chatted up rally racer Sarah, on her plans for #DakarOneDay... Growing up in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Judo, Geri route, Raid De Himalaya, Dessert Storm, SOJOBA, UK, Banking, motorcycles and a whole lot more. Biker Radio Rodcast - Listen...Connect...Ride on...


Episode 10 Long Way Home with Sanjay Sankhla

Gattu Da is one of the earliest rally riders of the country raised under the tutelage of the Legendary John Singh aka John Da of the Jeypore Motorcycle Club. Getting out of the single digits Biker Radio Rodcast is now Rally Ready to Ride On... with the greats as we walk the Long Way Home with Sanjay Sankhla.


Episode 09 - On the Long Way Home with Candida Louis

The diva of touring, OUR lady of the road, an apostle of motorcycling, a loving daughter, a true blue friend, a tour guide, a successful influencer and the lone rider…… We give you, Candida Louis ! Also; great news for listeners with androids, just Google BIKER RADIO RODCAST and choose Episode No. 9 in RECENT EPISODES. No more apps… you can subscribe to the show right away…Happy Listening