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Beau Bishop takes the art of sports radio and day drinking to a whole new level. Catch the live experience weekdays from 9am-Noon on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.


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Beau Bishop takes the art of sports radio and day drinking to a whole new level. Catch the live experience weekdays from 9am-Noon on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.




Bishop & Friends February 3, 2023

Show Open- request your own job title. Holtmann gets ejected, Buckeyes lose again. Adam Jardy (Columbus Dispatch) joined for more hoops talk. Donovan Mitchell was not happy with Dillon Brooks. TV partners are the real boss of college football. Winners and Losers of the CFB off-season. Tim May (Lettermen Row) stopped in for some Buckeye talk. What we learned this week. Pro Bowl Games are a mess. Doug Lesmerises joined the show.


Bishop & Friends February 2, 2023

Show Open- back to 6 years old or $10 million. Jim Knowles in his first full offseason with Ohio State. Ryan Day on his offseason calendar and what else he’s looking at. NCAA attempting to beef up their NIL enforcement. How the Buckeyes sit in this landscape. Dan Murphy (ESPN) joined for more on the changes in CFB, the NCAA and more. Higher or Lower: returning college football QBs. How’d recruiting classes shake out? Big Ten in recruiting.


Bishop & Friends February 1, 2023

Show Open- Tom Brady retires. National Signing Day used to be more fun. Joshua Perry (BTN, Bally Sports) joined the show. NFL head coaching jobs filling up. Brian Hartline will do some playing calling for Ohio State in the spring. 33’s joins the show for the latest with his new job. Jay Morrison (The Athletic) joined for a Bengals season exit survey. Hey Guys: Favorite 33’s memory, following up a masterpiece, picking kid’s names and more. Jaden Rashada chooses a new school. Bears reportedly...


Bishop & Friends January 31, 2023

Show Open- How did a Seattle team move to OKC? The Pro Bowl is not a game this year. Bengals turn sights to the off-season. Buckeye hoops in freefall. The Real Truth. Andy Reid back in the Super Bowl against his old team. Tuesdays with Tiberi: The Schott vs Nationwide Arena, the beauty of St. John, Bob Knight and more. NFL Blitz. LIV tries and fails to subpoena Augusta members. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 30, 2023

Show Open- 33s is coming back to Columbus. Officiating rough for Cincy in 4th quarter. Sam Monson (PFF) joined for more NFL talk. Chiefs take down Bengals. Can something be done about refs? Jalen Hurts has an incredible story. Austin Ward (Dotting the Eyes) joined the show for some Buckeye talk. Weekend Sports Blitz. Summing up the AFC and NFC championships.


Bishop & Friends January 27, 2023

Show Open- remembering Billy Packer. College basketball used to be bigger. Bengals preparing for Chiefs. Carolina hires Frank Reich. When will the Big Ten hire a commissioner? Other Big Ten teams are portaling. Tim May joined the show. What we learned this week. NFC Championship preview. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 26, 2023

Show Open- Will Columbus ever get another pro team? NFL Award finalists. Adam Teicher (ESPN) joined for some Chiefs talk. Change has to be coming to the NBA. Higher or Lower: final 8 teams with just 4 still alive. Mel Kiper has CJ Stroud going first, but a different QB number 1. Who’s going to fill the open NFL HC jobs? Beat the House. LSU accidentally gives Brian Kelly a million dollars. Eric Crocker (Locked on 49ers) joined for a preview of the NFC title game.


Bishop & Friends January 25, 2023

Show Open- NBA needs to do something about “rest days.” Buckeye basketball drops another one. Big Ten hoops aren’t good this year. Donovan Mitchell reaggravates groin injury. The Bengals have a chance to do something special. Hulk Hogan is not Paul Hogan’s brother. Jon Crispin joined for a college basketball talk. Hey Guys: Winter vacations, first sporting events, 2 kids to 3 kids and more. What’s going on with Brady and Rodgers. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 24, 2023

Show Open- OSU Women’s basketball loses first game, Gaudreau booed in Calgary. Lines in the conference championship games. Neutral sites coming for AFC and NFC titles? Who’s going to buy the Commanders? The Real Truth. Edmonton might be a good visit. Tuesdays with Tiberi: Joe Burrow, Bengals’ popularity in Columbus, grandsons and more. NFL Blitz. Adam Jardy (Columbus Dispatch) joined for some Buckeye hoops talk.


Bishop & Friends January 23, 2023

Show Open- Joe Burrow is great. Bengals advancing to AFC title game. Buckeyes break losing streak. Do you want a surprise party? Choreographed shenanigans to promote a show. Austin Ward joined the show for some Ohio State and CFB talk. Weekend Sports Blitz. Divisional weekend recap. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 20, 2023

Show Open- Deion steals another top CB. Jackets suffer perfect loss. Bills host Bengals Sunday. Chiefs getting ready for Jags. This week in CFB. Harbaugh returns to Michigan amongst turmoil. Tim May joined the show. What we learned this week. NFC Divisional round preview. Jay Morrison (The Athletic) joined for more on the Bengals.


Bishop & Friends January 19, 2023

Show Open- time to panic with OSU basketball. How can they turn it around? Jim Tressel hiring anniversary. Who do you like better: Tressel or Urban? Higher or Lower: remaining 8 playoff teams. Markets watching the most in the playoffs. Matt Parrino ( joined for a look at the Bills. Beat the House. Chops Movie Review: “M3gan.” Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 18, 2023

Show Open- kids bring sickness to your home. What Beau missed. OSU collective blows announcement. Mike DeCourcy (Sporting News) joined for a look at Buckeye hoops. Not the best comments from Bengals’ Mike Brown. Wildcard wrap up. Hey Guys: all-time matchups, top comedies, close vacations and more. Browns hired Jim Schwartz as DC. Jake Burns (Orange and Brown Report) with more on the Browns.


Bishop & Friends January 17, 2023

Show Open- halftime adjustments are a myth. Cowboys take care of Bucs. Harbaugh staying at Michigan. Where could Sean Payton land? The Real Truth. Ohio State’s basketball team are having different experiences. Tuesdays with Tiberi: CJ Stroud, Buckeye hoops, Bengals at Bills and more. NFL Blitz. Our first look at the divisional round. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 16, 2023

Show Open- Sam Hubbard saves the day. Bengals outlast Ravens. Could CJ Stroud actually come back for one more year? Buckeye basketball reeling. Wildcard Weekend was super. Transfer Portal is silly. Austin Ward joined the show for some Ohio State football talk. Weekend Sports Blitz. One more playoff game tonight. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 13, 2023

Show Open- What should Buckeye basketball be? Bad loss to Minnesota last night. Tommy Eichenberg is coming back. NCAA tweaks transfer rules. Our fantasy playoff teams. NFC playoff preview. Adam Jardy (Columbus Dispatch) joined for more on Ohio State hoops. What we learned this week. AFC Wildcard preview. John Breech (CBS Sports) joined for more on the NFL playoffs.


Bishop & Friends January 12, 2023

Show Open- latest NIL conundrum. How are recruits finishing high school early? Sam Monson (PFF) joined for a Wildcard primer. NFL coaching carousel. Higher or Lower: Way-too-early CFB top 25. Kevin Warren taking CEO job with Bears, B1G commish job open. Can we fix the CFB calendar? Beat the House. Feels like Harbaugh is gone. Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 11, 2023

Show Open- A Tale of Two Off-Season Star Acquisitions. Calipari is in trouble. Buckeyes need to rebuild their offensive line. Mike Renner (PFF) joined for a look at NFL draft prospects. Who else can do what Georgia is doing? Calls to change CFB’s December calendar. Brandon Marcello (247Sports) joined for more college football talk. Hey Guys: Dogs playing football, favorite sporting events and more. Around the NFL. WWE is real life Succession.


Bishop & Friends January 10, 2023

Show Open- The what if for Ohio State. This is why Alabama gets the benefit of the doubt. Georgia’s dynasty is on. Who could be the next Georgia? The Real Truth. Browns heading into long off-season. Tuesdays with Tiberi: Georgia wins it all, what could have been for OSU, switching phones and more. NFL Blitz. Could the Bears trade Justin Fields? Shelley Time with Jody Shelley.


Bishop & Friends January 9, 2023

Show Open- Wild NFL Sunday. Basketball Buckeyes drop another one. National Championship tonight. Spring football in high school prepares players for college. Bengals close season strong, Browns don’t. Chris Gordy (Locked on SEC) joined for more on the CFP title game. Weekend Sports Blitz. NFL playoff picture. Nate Davis (USA Today) joined for more on the NFL.