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Get all your favorite Jayhawks news and analysis from host Jonas and Kansas alum Jonas Nordman!

Get all your favorite Jayhawks news and analysis from host Jonas and Kansas alum Jonas Nordman!


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Get all your favorite Jayhawks news and analysis from host Jonas and Kansas alum Jonas Nordman!




Garrett Locks Down DPOY

It's official, Marcus Garrett has been named Defensive Player of the Year. Host Jonas Nordman breaks down perhaps the most dominant defensive season in the Bill Self era plus looks into the announcements of KU taking on USC and Gonzaga in the coming seasons. Jonas has his preferences for other teams to play, who would you like to see? The player recap series also moves onto the redshirts.


Full On Off- Season

The Bleav in Jayhawks Basketball Show is in full off- season mode as we continue to report on the postseason awards being announced. Host Jonas Nordman also begins his off- season series of Player Recaps. The show finishes off with a look at Jayhawk legend Paul Pierce's all- time KU team.


Hang The Banner

It is unfortunately an abrupt start to the off-season. Host Jonas Nordman goes over the postseason rankings and awards to paint a picture of why the 2020 Jayhawks deserve to be recognized as the National Champions. He also delves into why he won't be watching any YouTube March Madness Highlights and way too early 2020/2021 rankings.


COVID-19 = 0 Fans Ft. Guest Mike Snow

On the day where the NCAA announced there will be limited fans in the stands at March Madness, host Jonas Nordman talks about the impact it could have on KU's upcoming run through the Tournament. Bleav in Big 10 Bets host Mike Snow also joins the program to cover everything from the Coronavirus, Big 10 outlook, and Bachelor Peter's journey to find love.


Back On Top of the Big 12

The Jayhawks have recaptured the Big 12 Championship and host Jonas Nordman reminisces on the journey they took to the title. Jonas also shares a controversial opinion ahead of this Saturday's game vs. Texas Tech and has a thank you for the 2020 senior class.


New #1

There's a new #1 in the polls and the Bleav in Jayhawks Basketball program reviews the dominant performances of Udoka Azubuike. Host Jonas Nordman also gives a quick preview of the upcoming game against Kansas State


Battle With Baylor Is Here!

The time has arrived, #3 Kansas will travel to #1 Baylor this weekend and the Bleav in Jayhawks basketball show has it all covered. The host of Rock Chalk Sports Talk Nick Schwerdt is back to give his take on all things Kansas Basketball as well.


Wild Wild West Virginia

It was a major battle in Morgantown last night and host Jonas Nordman is here for the in- depth recap. Who were the players, stats, and moments that contributed to Kansas’ victory over West Virginia. Jonas also takes a glance at the opening seeds released by the NCAA, previews this weekends game against Oklahoma and … Continued


Historic Big 12 Season?

It’s the midpoint of conference play and Jonas Nordman is taking a page from the past to see what it would take to create Big 12 history. We also review the previous two games before taking a look ahead to TCU. Plus, Jayhawk NBA trade talk!


Who’s Most Important? Plus Guest Nick Schwerdt

Host Jonas Nordman dives into the topic of who is the most important player for the 2020 Jayhawks basketball team. Plus host of Rock Chalk Sports Talk on 1320 KLWN, Nick Schwerdt joins the show to discuss all things KU Basketball. Topics such as, Dirk Nowitzki…Jayhawk?


Fight In The Fieldhouse!

It’s our first full episode and it’s starting with a bang! The Jayhawks and Kansas State had a big basketball brawl and host Jonas Nordman is here to break it all down. What happened last night and what does it mean moving forward?


Welcome to Bleav in Jayhawks

Welcome to the Bleav in Jayhawks program! Our first episode will introduce you to the host of the show and what to expect as we get underway.