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Check out the newest podcast about Portland Trail Blazers basketball with host Jordon Schultz. It’s the best spot to keep up with all things Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, NBA news & more.

Check out the newest podcast about Portland Trail Blazers basketball with host Jordon Schultz. It’s the best spot to keep up with all things Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, NBA news & more.


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Check out the newest podcast about Portland Trail Blazers basketball with host Jordon Schultz. It’s the best spot to keep up with all things Damian Lillard, Carmelo Anthony, NBA news & more.




Episode #31: Where Do They Go From Here?

What are the three priorities for the Portland Trailblazers this NBA offseason? Also, find out why people calling to fire Terry Stotts are crazy! This Week In Blazers History pays respect to Rip City legend Cliff Robinson, who recently passed away at the age of 53.


Episode #30: It's Playoff Time! (And Dame Time)

Find out why this Trailblazers fan isn't very high on their chances against the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.


Episode #29: Blazers Win Game One! (Or 67)

NBA Basketball has officially returned! Recap the Portland Trailblazers exciting comeback win in OT over Memphis, and find out why Rip City's chances of making the playoffs are better than ever!


Episode #28: Inside The Bubble

The Portland Trailblazers have been in the NBA bubble for a couple of weeks now. Find out what inspiring message Damian Lillard gave the team on his birthday. Also, how far does Charles Barkley think Rip City can go in the playoffs?


Episode #27: Erik Gunderson, LeBron Wire

Erik Gunderson, Editor of LeBron Wire for USA Today joins the podcast to talk about NBA teams beginning their stays inside the "Bubble League" in Orlando. Get the scoop on what it's like there, and find out why Erik thinks all the uproar over "airline" food and living conditions for NBA and WNBA players is being overblown. Erik also talks about the Portland Trailblazers chances of making the playoffs.


Episode #26: No Trevor? Uh Oh...

Can the Blazers make the playoffs without Trevor Ariza? Also, Damian Lillard will be a cover athlete for NBA 2K21! And find out why Kevin Colabro is no longer with the Portland Trail Blazers.


Episode #25: Nick Pedone, Bleav In Cavaliers

Nick Pedone, host of Bleav In Cavaliers joins the podcast to talk about the return of the NBA, and why the news keeps going back and forth. Also, Charles Barkley named the Portland Trailblazers as his dark horse team to win the NBA Title. Is he crazy, or accurate?


Episode #24: Is Change Afoot?

Why are players like Carmelo Anthony and Damian Lillard from the Trailblazers questioning the NBA's return to action in July? Also, Bleav in Trailblazers takes time to remember Founder and President Emeritus Harry Glickman, who passed away at the age of 96.


Episode #22: The NBA is Back!

Dive into the details of the NBA’s plan to resume the 2019-2020 season at Disney World, and find out why it’s the best case scenario for the Portland Trail Blazers.


Episode #21: Which Matters More; Money Or Safety?

As professional sports leagues try to resume amid the COVID-19 pandemic, what do you think matters more to them; money or safety? Also, find out why Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard thinks the end of the season is "meaningless" without a chance at the playoffs.


Episode #20: Damian Lillard & The Chip

ESPN’s Steven A. Smith says Damian Lillard needs to leave the Blazers to win a title. Is he right? Also, find out which NBA Hall of Famer wanted to come to Portland in 1992!


Episode #19: NBA Restarting Or Not?

Are Reggie Miller & Charles Barkley correct when they say it’s unsafe to restart the NBA season? Also, Shaq says an NBA Champ wouldn’t be respected because of the shortened year & format. Do you agree?


Episode #18: Sports Radio Host Chad Doing

Chad Doing from NBC Sports NW Rip City Radio 620 talks NBA and the Blazers. Will LaMarcus Aldridge return to Portland? Also, why did Jerry Krause blow up the ‘98 Chicago Bulls?


Episode #17: Time To Write Off The Season?

Portland was still fighting for the 8th spot in the West when the NBA season was suspended. Is it time to forget about it and look forward? And what’s the latest on the mysterious “Jailblazers” documentary project?


Episode #16: What I Learned About Scottie Pippen

After the debut of ESPN’s new documentary about Michael Jordan and the ‘97-‘98 Chicago Bulls “The Last Dance,” Bleav in Trailblazers reacts to all things Scottie Pippen. Is he one of the greatest NBA players of all time?


Episode #15: Best Trades in Portland History

This week it’s the best five trades in Blazers history instead of the worst! Did yours make the list?


Episode #14: Worst Trades in Portland History

Did yours make the list? Find out which five trade blunders are the worst in Blazers history. Number two will surprise you!


Episode #13: NBA Playoffs Cruise Ship?

Could the NBA really hold the playoffs on cruise ships? Also, Carmelo Anthony thinks he would’ve won “two or three” titles if the Pistons drafted him. Is he right?


Episode #12: Erik Gundersen, LeBron Wire

Erik Gundersen, Editor of LeBron Wire for USA Today talks about the future of the NBA schedule and what the Portland Trailblazers plans are moving forward, with or without a season. Also, what movies should you be watching during your isolation from the coronavirus pandemic?


Episode #11: Coronavirus Cancellation

We are now living in a world after the day that sports stopped. When will the NBA start up again? Also, take a trip through the timeline of events as every major sport shut down. Finally, what classic Portland Trailblazers game do you want to re-watch?