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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!

Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!


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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!




Episode 24 - Slapdicks, Fucksticks, & Shitbirds

Quote of the day... talking about slapdick of the week, the QB of the NY XFL team McGloin being a true shitbird and we talk NBA All Star weekend along with Trumps Daytona Fly by and much much more.


Episode 23 - Just another Slapdick Situation

Quote of the day... Does Kaepernick really want to play? why not the XFL then? NBA all star weekend, The struggling Clippers and the horrible PR nightmare that the Houston Astros displayed yesterday! Why aren't the players being punished? Opening up Pandora's box aren't we?


Episode 22 Feat Quincy Avery QB Guru

All talk Football, the disconnect between million air coaches and their players, past and present! The Mel Tucker debacle, along with special guest who is Deshawn Watson's QB coach and QB Guru Quincy Avery.


Episode 21 - XFL Weekend Highlights

Quote of the day, discussed Gayle King and Snoop Dogg beef regarding Kobe Bryant along with XFL thoughts and is Dak Prescott worth the money or not? Where will Tom Brady go? Is he a system QB or does the system need him? Discussed the Lakers trade deadline debacle and Sarah Rice's threats toward Snoop Dogg.


Episode 20 - Feat. Oliver Maroney BIG3

Quote of the day... Plus a great special guest joins us with a great discussion on the BIG3 by the name of Oliver Maroney who covers the BIG3 in totality and is a star in the making.


Episode 19 - Super Bowl Special

Live Super Bowl party, featuring Netflix Cameras and guests near and dear to my heart!


Episode 18 - Feat. EX NFL Great Travis Johnson

Quote of the day... Discussing the Kobe factor along with a great discussion with special guest and ex Florida State Alum, and 1st Round Draft Pick Travis Johnson.


Episode 16 - Feat. Jordan Palmer

Quote of the day, Cheer Netflix show discussion, and discuss the T.O. and Donovan McNabb twitter beef, along with is Eli Manning HOF worthy, and special guest Jordan Palmer joins us on the podcast.


Ep 13 – Live From Nashville: Independence HC Kiyoshi Harris Interview

Episode 13 of the Slapdick Podcast live from the AFCA Coaching Conference in Nashville, TN. Interviews include Independence Head Coach Kiyoshi Harris, Independence D-Line Coach Donelson and Colorado Coach and former National Champion Darian Hagan


Episode 13 – Live from Nashville featuring Darian Hagan & Others

Special live show in Nashville, TN at the National Coaching Convention at the Tin Roof Broadway in downtown Nashville. Guests, Darian Hagan, former National Championship winning QB at University of Colorado and the Creator of Crocs, George Boedecker. Discuss the Houston Astros debacle along with the Rooney Rule and lack of black NFL ownership and … Continued


Episode 12 – Multiple Slapdicks!

Quote of the day! Discussing the new NFL hires, and this weekends NFL playoff picks, along with the IG model raising money for Australia’s wild fires and R-Kelly’s girlfriends lovers quarrel, plus Rocky Long’s sudden resignation at San Diego State University, plus his quick replacement! Plus much much more!


Episode 11 – Educate, Matriculate, & Graduate! Feat. Ms. C

Quote of the Day… This past weekends bowl games, and NFL playoff weekends games along with a special guest Ms. C to discuss education and how a college degree truly works out for you in the real world!


Episode 10 – Featuring guests from LCU & Univ. of Cal Kuony Deng

Quote of the day.. David Sterns passing along with Sam Wyche, and their impact on their respective sports. NFL playoff picks, and this past weeks bowl games. Special guest from Last Chance U season 4, and current star Linebacker at the University of Cal Berkeley Kuony Deng who is in the top 5 in tackles … Continued


Episode 9 – 1st Choices, 2nd Chances.

Happy New Year’s 2020! My Quote of the day… Discussing this USA Today article that threw me under the bus, the college BCS and my theory! The horrible bowl games and the attendance of them. Marshawn Lynch’s performance vs 49ers. NFL weekend and the weekend ahead. Patriots a wild card? Eastern Michigan’s QB get’s kicked … Continued


Episode 8 | Cleats Vs. Cancer + Eddie George Interview

Cleats Vs. Cancer episode 8, Quote of the day… Freddie Kitchens and how he was set up to fail in the first place. Bowl games and get your junk cleaned by using Manscape. Exclusive Interview with Eddie George and how kids deserve 2nd chances, along with his thoughts on Marshawn Lynch and Rakeem Boyd staying … Continued


Episode 7 | Coaching is Overrated!

Quote of the day… NFL weekend, Raiders keeps hope alive, while the Cowboys implode once again! Lebron misses 1st game of the season as they get blown out at home and how USC’s shitty recruiting and irrelevance has affected the college football landscape. NFL healthcare scam and the slapdick of the day!


Episode 6 | It’s Still A Man’s World…

Quote of the Day… The death of Herman Boone T.C. Williams Football Legend (Remember the Titans) The demise of Tom Caughlin and the Jags, Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson nominated for the Hall of Fame. Richard Sherman donating his pro bowl earnings to his children. Lakers lose 2 in a row. New NCAA grades revealed … Continued