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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!

Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!


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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!




Agree To Disagree

Agree to Disagree that good conversation doesn't mean you have to agree with each other! Agree to Disagree with me that KD is not the best in the World, or even close in my opinion. Great scorers don't mean greatest player! Let's discuss it on this real talk session as I dive deep into the Nets, KD, and much more!



Blasphemy is what I call Stephen A. Smith's takes on Kevin Durant, Spider Mitchell, and others. I discuss nothing but real talk and discuss my top 10 most over-rated NBA players. Don't be shocked! Plus how Booker didn't want any of that Joker Smoke! Plus much more!



Misunderstood is the common denominator that begins all arguments and disagreements! We are so simple minded that we cannot look beyond the projection of the voice, or the message from afar! Another real talk session as I discuss how misunderstandings cause break ups, fights, drama, that should never exists. Along with much much more.


True Definitions

True Definitions of what defines us, what the meanings in sports and life truly stand for when you turn over rocks and do some research! I discuss the NBA, MVP's, Coach of the Years, and much more on this episode! Tune in! #slapdickpod


Then & Now!

Then & Now, Day by Day nothing seems to change, but when we look back how different is this world? Let that sink in as I discuss all real topics from Human Interaction, to Luca & the Clippers, along with Dame Lillard demanding Jason Kidd is their next coach. Tune in today!


Just Talkin' To Be Heard

People just talk to be heard.. no merit behind what they say.. no facts, all fiction! Irresponsible reporting, and commentary and I'm here to talk about it! Plus the Lakers, Lebron, and Coach K vs. John Wooden talk.. plus much more..


The Easy Way Out!

Why does everyone want to take the easy way out? Cutting corners is the way of life in today's world, and nobody is talking about it! Tune in as I discuss Lebron, the Lakers, Clippers, 76ers, and Kyrie Irving and how stomping on the logo of the Celtics is ok to him, but everyone else is wrong? Don't miss this one!


Public Persona Vs. Private Reality

Public Persona Vs. Private Reality - How funny it is to praise one person in public and come to find out he/she is the devil in private! I also talk everything NBA, NFL, and all around Real Talk Banter!


Ungrateful Fucks!

Ungrateful fucks is what we are! Fans are back, and more ungrateful than ever, NFL adds a game, and puts an extra check in players pockets, yet they are ungrateful as fuck! The issue is nobody wants to work, and wants everything handed to them! Aaron Rogers, Chris Paul, and more discussion on real topics! Tune in!


Waste Of Time!

We Waste more time wasting time than any other thing that we do! Tune in to listen to me speak about Lebron's Flops, Kwame Brown's Rants, Phil Michelson's Feat, and so much more!


Stay in your Lane!

Stay in your own lane, too many people talk about what they know nothing about! Assumptions makes asses out of us all! Kyrie Irving stick to hoops dog, you ain't going overseas to fight, how he makes every excuse besides playing the game that pays him millions! Why doesn't anyone want to work anymore? Unemployment, turning down jobs, etc, and NBA Sunday showdown, meaningful games on last day of season! Did anyone know that the FCS championship game is today?


Not A Care in the World!

Nobody has compassion or could care less about other folks until it happens to you! "Not A Care In the World" Listen to me discuss the NCAA and how they dropped the woman's golf championships, along with the hiring of the new PAC12 commissioner along with Ohio State banning a masseuse and how Deshaun Watson is watching very closely! The NFL schedule and how the Middle East is at war during a pandemic! Not a Care in the World!


Well.. what do you know?

Well.. what do you know? Tebow signed as a TE 8 years later! J-Cole the rapper playing Pro Hoops in Africa.. and the definition of what a "Mud Duck" is and how many we have coaching our kids at every level! Plus so much more! Tune in today!


Paying Homage

Paying Homage on this fine Mother's day weekend. Don't take things for granted, especially not your own Mother! Tune in as I discuss the good, the bad, and everything the Truth!


Officially a "SLAPDICK"

I'm officially a "SlapDick" I discuss the Trademark process along with the difference between Trademark and Registered! Plus my new Caddy and my last 2 slapdick bully puppies for sale.. along with the Lakers defense vs the Nuggets and why ESPN can't put the effort in to spell "Last Chance U" correctly! My former player Rakeem Boyd's signing with the Detroit Lions so, Tune in!


Lazy Investments

Lazy Investments- Not only in our Community, but in Youth Sports, High School, & Collegiate sports, along with how bad and lazy most investments are in California compared to where they should be! Tune in for this one!


Sometimes Less is More!

Sometimes Less is More! I discuss the KU hire, the Southern Football hire, and the NFL Draft, along with much more!


Cut & Dry

Everything isn't always so "Cut & Dry" listen to me explain my Steph Curry rationale, along with LBJ tweets, and the Dodger & Padres so called Rivalry! The NFL Draft approaches and who is going in the top 10 along with much more! Tune in today!


Better & Worse

There is always a better & worse situation to be in, but make the most of what you have and STOP bitching about the small issues that you do have! I discuss everything from Lebron's tweet to Brett Favre & the George Floyd hearing along with much much more!


White Collar Crime!

White collar crimes have separated this Country in my opinion! Tune in and listen to all I have to say, plus the Brooklyn Nets, Blue Collar front line workers, and So much more!