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Follow our team of bowhunters throughout their season as we bring you the best bowhunting action. You'll see everything from pre-season scouting and stand setup to whitetail hunts from all over the US, right here on the web's #1 bowhunting-only show. Bowhunt or Die!

Follow our team of bowhunters throughout their season as we bring you the best bowhunting action. You'll see everything from pre-season scouting and stand setup to whitetail hunts from all over the US, right here on the web's #1 bowhunting-only show. Bowhunt or Die!
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Follow our team of bowhunters throughout their season as we bring you the best bowhunting action. You'll see everything from pre-season scouting and stand setup to whitetail hunts from all over the US, right here on the web's #1 bowhunting-only show. Bowhunt or Die!




S:10 Trophy Does and Grunting Bucks – Mid October Bowhunting Action!

Justin heads out with his son Joey on his first hunt in a treestand. We wrap this episode with a heartbreaking encounter with a nice Illinois buck.

S:10 Buck at 10 Yards – Hunter Can’t Stop Shaking!

It's mid-October and the weather is finally getting right as we ramp up to the pre-rut phase of the hunting season. We're joining up with Clinton Fawcett as he climbs into a ladder stand for a last minute doe management hunt in Illinois. He's mowed down a trail that leads to where the deer have been feeding on acorns, but will it pay off and put deer in front of his stand? We're also catching up with Tommy Alford on a hunt that finds him in some of the best October weather conditions he's...

S:10 Self-Filmed Traditional Archery Spot and Stalk

Paul Morrison attempts the impossible bowhunt, a self-filmed spot and stalk with traditional archery gear! As a bonus, he goes out a few days later with his Mathews and puts the stalk on some antelope.

S:10 Big Buck Down! Hunter vs. Heat and Fire Ants Attack!

In this week's episode we're joining up with Tyler Barron to kick things off in Texas as he gets his deer season underway. He's fighting extreme heat and fire ants in his treestand. We're also catching up with Matt Miller as he begins his quest for a Trophy Doe in Illinois. See it all go down in this exciting episode of Bowhunt or Die.

S:10 Spot and Stalk Bowhunting Elk in Montana

John Herrmann meets up with Dustin and Paul on another bowhunting adventure in Montana. Can Johnny bring home his very first elk?

S:10 Stalking Within 10 Yards of a Mature Buck

Dustin Decroo takes some time off from guiding to test his bowhunting skill on a mature Mule deer in Wyoming. With Paul Morrison, and Johnny Herrmann both behind the camera, can Dustin make it happen on this nice buck?

S:10 Non-Stop Wyoming Deer Hunting Adventure

Arrows are flying in this episode as we join up with Josh Sturgill for a couple of spot-n-stalk mule deer hunts in Wyoming. Josh makes his annual trip from Tennessee to Wyoming to get in on all the opportunity and action Wyoming has to offer. He has plenty of chances at both whitetail bucks and mule deer right from the start, but watch how the hunt finally wraps up.

S:10 Minnesota Bear Hunting

The Minnesota hunting action is in full swing, with Mike Fitzgerald and Neal McCullough heading out to the stand. Will Mike's effort to get his first black bear pay off? Will Neal McCullough connect on opening weekend? Watch and find out!

S:10 Mule Deer Spot and Stalk Bowhunting in Wyoming

The western bowhunting adventures continue this week as Tyler Rector spends three days out in Wyoming stalking mule deer with Dustin Decroo.

S:10 Bowhunting Public Land in Kentucky Heat

Justin and Matt head down to Kentucky for a hot sweaty weekend bowhunting public land. Will the heat, bugs, or poison ivy stop them? Or will they land a big Kentucky bruiser?

S:10 Wisconsin Opening Weekend Trophy Does

The Wisconsin opener found several of the BHOD team members in the tree for the long-awaited kickoff to the season. Josh Fletcher has WI doe tags in his pocket and a empty freezer at home. Watch what happens when he has a doe slip in to 12 yards. We also jump in the stand with wild-man,Tommy Alford. Tommy's got a pocket full of tags and ample does and cull bucks on the farm. There's nothing safe when Tommy climbs in the stand! We finally catch up with Clinton Fawcett for a look at how his...

S:10 Bowhunting Kentucky Opening Weekend

The team sweats it out on Kentucky's opening weekend. Chad and Cody run and gun in the bedding area of their number one buck, Kickstand. Josh juggles family and hunting as he tries to put time in the woods.

S:10 Gearing Up For The Hunting Season

Whitetail season is almost here in the Midwest and we're getting everything ready to go. Dan Richardson boats out to an isolated hunting spot in Indiana to set up a new stand. Heading back out west Dustin Decroo and Paul Morrison set their eyes on some great animals in preparation for our team heading to Wyoming this fall. In the studio, Justin breaks down his run and gun setup for his public land hunts.

S:10 Massive Blood Trail Bowhunting Antelope In Wyoming

We're kicking things off this week with our first hunt of the year as Frank heads out to Wyoming to chase antelope with Dustin DeCroo. The guys waste no time in getting right down to work with over 10 stalks on the first day before finally connecting with an opportunity in the final hour. Watch the shot Frank puts on this buck! We're also checking in with Tom Alford and his son, Jack, as they wrap up their final food plot prep work and get some Antler King seed in the ground. Finally, P.J....

S:10 The Bucks We’re Chasing

Before you know it, the velvet will be gone and those big bucks will be moving around more. We decided to change things up a little bit and have all of our guys send us their #1 Hitlist buck for the 2019 season. So without further ado, here are some of the bucks that we'll be chasing this year.

S:10 Important Treestand Maintenance Tips

In this episode, we get to meet the newest addition to the BHOD team, Kurt Thorsen. Come along with him, as he preps a plot in a unique way. Also, we get some updates from Neal McCullough and Todd as they are both preparing for opening day.

S:10 Chasing A Monster Drop Tine Buck & Forestry Improvements

We've got a packed episode this week as we take you to the woods with Todd Graf as he gains insight on how to maximize one of his hunting properties through forestry management. What vegetation are the deer utilizing and what trees and vegetation need to go? We visit with P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Archery for some drills on how to build a more solid and steady shot sequence in your shooting routine. We'll also ride along with Paul Morrison as he bikes his way to bigger bucks while scouting in...

S:10 Velvet Scrapes & Horses On Public Land

The BHOD team is staying busy with food plot prep and summer scouting in this episode. Josh Fletcher puts the horses to work to cover more ground as he scouts some of his favorite public land hotspots and puts trail cams up to take inventory on the local herd. Justin and Brad are wrapping up their food plot chores as they plant the last of their Antler King clover plots, and Clinton shares how to go about maintaining established clover plots through the summer months.

S:10 Food Plot Help From An Expert

In this episode, we're spending some time with Todd from Antler King as he visits a couple of the food plots to share insight to help the guys maximize their food plot's effectiveness. Antler King's Redzone, Honey Hole and Slam Dunk food plot products are on the menu for this fall, and Todd shares why they work so well throughout the hunting season.

S:10 Fall Food Plot Tips

We're digging deeper into food plots on this episode as Todd and Justin answer plot questions in our Ask the Experts segment. We also head to the woods with Justin as he shares a look at how to use minimal equipment for maximum results on the properties you're hunting this year.