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A Podcast based around my everyday life and the people I know. Hunting and the outdoors is always a topic but the podcast isn't restricted to just that. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy.

A Podcast based around my everyday life and the people I know. Hunting and the outdoors is always a topic but the podcast isn't restricted to just that. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy.
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A Podcast based around my everyday life and the people I know. Hunting and the outdoors is always a topic but the podcast isn't restricted to just that. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy.




Bowhunters Life #11 with Kimmi Greentree, Jessica Byers, Braxton Byers, and Rihana Cary

Hello everyone, welcome to the show. Today’s podcast is an episode I recorded with Rihanna Cary, Jessica and Braxton Byers, and my lovely cohost Kimmi Greentree. The Byers and Rihanna were down not to long ago to join me in Australia in pursuit of some of the hunting that I do on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting with this group of people, and am so thankful for the success that we had and how I was able to get to know each of them on a deeper level. In this episode we spend most...


Bowhunters Life #10 with Antonio Lara and Kimmi Greentree

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. On today's episode I am joined once again by Antonio Lara and Kimmi Greentree, and we discuss the many events of our recent hunting trip together. Kimmi arrowed a buck and we go into a lot of detail behind the series of events, and Antonio and I talk a lot about a hunters instinct, the connection we as hunters have with the animals we kill, and the reality of what it means to be a hunter and all the emotion and depth that comes with it. Towards the end of...


Bowhunters Life #9 with Antonio Lara

Hello everybody, welcome to episode 9 of the Bowhunters Life podcast. On today’s show, I am joined by my good friend Antonio LAST NAME, who is a fellow Australian bowhunter like myself and has been apart of many movements to help fight for the hunting communities rights. Antonio and I talk mostly about the different hunting opportunities in Australia and explain the different types of license licenses and regulations that many people have questions about if they’ve never hunted Australia...


Bowhunters Life Episode 8: Western Hunt Expo with Kimmi Greentree

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 8 of the Bowhunters Life Podcast. On today’s podcast, Kimmi and I sit down in our hotel room while we were at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. We discuss a lot of the events that we attended while at the show, including Cam’s run, Eva’s work out with Mnt Ops, and the Gritty Movie Night. We talk about all the awesome and positive people that we’ve met in Utah, and how many fans have talked to us while at the show, and how grateful we are for...


Bowhunter's life #7 with Kimmi Greentree

Hey everyone, welcome to the show. We apologize for the lack of recent episodes, but as you may know, the family has been traveling around Australia for the last month, and trying to podcast during our road trip didn’t turn out as well as planned. Kimmi and I spent the new years here at the cabin, and recorded this episode as a recap of our trip, discuss things we liked and didn’t like, as well as what we’d do differently. Being that is is the new year, we discuss new years resolutions, and...


Bowhunter's Life #6 with Kimmi Greentree and April Vokey

On today's episode, I once again sit down with my lovely wife Kimmi, and our close friend and fellow podcaster, April Vokey. As usual, we stay up way too late and discuss a wide range of topics, including the recent political debate on the trophy hunting ban. We all have similar opinions on the matter, and we spend most of our time on this topic. We dig into a bit of my past, and I discuss how I was introduced to bowhunting, and how it has changed my life, and how it has become a part of who...


Bowhunter's Life #5 with Kimmi Greentree

In today's episode, I am joined by my lovely wife in the comfort of my home, and we had a late night discussing many of the details of my last hunts in the states. Kimmi is pretty much my biggest fan and seems to remember more of the details than I do from the last three months. We talk a bit about the anti-hunters view and Instagrams "sensitive content" on a few of my recent posts. And of course, we had to bring up my good friend Joe Rogan, and remind everybody that the once host of the...


Bowhunters Life #4 with April Vokey and Kimmi Greentree

Bowhunters Life episode 4 with the notorious Fly Gal April Vokey and my sometimes co host Kimmi Greentree. Definitely my favourite Podcast so far, its full of laughs and great information on deer hunting and habits, fishing, the outdoors, parenting, and having a full life. Instagram @AprilVokey @KimmiGreentree Thank you girls


Bowhunters Life Podcast #3

This episode is a solo Podcast discussing, bowhunting, the outdoors, answering some questions from Social media, discuss my Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34 set up and why it works so well. There's is a bunch of general life and life style discussed in this episode also. Hope you enjoy this episode.


Bowhunters Life Podcast #2 w/ Antonio Lara

On this second Episode of bowhunters life we have the pig fearing Antonio Lara. Besides being hell scared of pigs for good reason Antonio is one of my greatest friends, manages my business and has shared a ton of epic hunts with myself. We talk bowhunting, fishing, outdoors, wild accidents and a bunch of general life.


Bowhunters Life #1 with Kim Greentree

In this very first episode of the Bowhunters Life Podcast I am talking with the most interesting person I know, my wife Kim Greentree. Kim is a very intelligent, funny and worldly person, just a few of the reason why I married her. After 17 years together Kim has become a bowhunter and recently taken her first animal which we discuss, we also talk pig attacks, knowing where your meat comes from, a little bit about understanding haters and some general life chit chat. This podcast is filmed...