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The official home for audio programming from Brew Hoop, SB Nation's community for fans of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The official home for audio programming from Brew Hoop, SB Nation's community for fans of the Milwaukee Bucks.
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The official home for audio programming from Brew Hoop, SB Nation's community for fans of the Milwaukee Bucks.




Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 9: Talking Bucks-Pistons with Duncan Smith

Duncan Smith and Brian Sampson discuss the first two games of the Bucks-Pistons series as well as what lies ahead for each team.


Episode 25: A Proper Playoff Pounding of the Pistons

In today's episode, it's all about the waxing that was Milwaukee winning over Detroit, 121-86. This game had it all, from Giannis free throw-line dunks to fiery, physical altercations, and it has sent an irrational amount of confidence through Adam, Riley and Kyle's veins. They look at all the happenings from Game One before investigating the Eastern Conference's upset-laden first weekend with an admittedly high-on-ourselves tone. This was recorded before the bummer of a news drop that...


Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 8: Bucks-Pistons Playoff Preview!!

Bucks Film Room begins the dive into the Bucks-Pistons playoff series and how the two teams match up.


Episode 24: Dying on the George Hill for Homecourt

Note: This episode was recorded before the Bucks-Hawks game. In today’s episode, Kyle and Riley touch on the loss to the Nets, which didn’t include Giannis but Eric Bledsoe stepped up for the team. Next we touch on that Sixers win to clinch homecourt, including Giannis manhandling the baby that is Ben Simmons and George Hill stepping up after a weak ejection for Bledsoe. We then decide how many awards the Bucks should win while prognosticating which of the competing playoff teams will earn...


Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 7: Playoff rotations and threats

Bucks Film Room answers your questions on Twitter and discusses the playoff rotations, biggest threats, defending the pick-and-pop, and more.


Episode 23: Bonkers for Bonzie

In today's episode, Adam, Riley and Kyle break down the bizarre Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks matchup. They dive deep into the eccentricities of this sub-focused game and how Budenholzer's entire roster seemed ready to show up and nearly pull out a victory despite missing the stars. Then, they break down the week that was including takeaways from the MVP matchup that never really materialized in Bucks-Rockets. Finally, they mourn the loss of Donte DiVincenzo for the season and peer into...


Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 6: Debating Antetokounmpo vs Harden for MVP

Bucks Film Room debates the heated MVP race with Conrad Garcia of SB Nation's Houston Rocket's site The Dream Shake.


Episode 22: A Quieter Week, a Quicker Bucks Breakdown

Note: This was recorded prior to the Cavaliers game, so we don't touch on Marques Johnson's touching retirement ceremony, nor the Bonzie Colsonnaisance that occurred in the game's waning moments. In this week's episode, the full gang gets back together to break down a week of mostly Giannis-less games. What does Khris Middleton stepping up in those games mean for his potential to do so come Playoff time? Is it concerning that Eric Bledsoe doesn't make his presence known that profoundly in...


Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 5: The Injury Bug

Bucks Film Room runs through the Bucks' historic comeback, Brogdon's injury, the loss to the 76ers, waiving Christian Wood, signing Tim Frazier, beating the Lakers, Mirotic's injury, the loss to the Cavaliers and D.J. Wilson. Catch that all? Don't worry, we have you covered.


Episode 21: How Do You Solve a Problem Like No Brogdon?

In today's episode, Adam and Riley dive into Milwaukee's loss against the Philadelphia 76ers. How much was the Bucks' lack of defensive rebounding due to the bounce of the ball versus the Sixers length? Was this just an example of outlier performances on both sides, or is there something deeper to read into this loss heading into the Playoffs? After a brief breakdown of the week that was, they dive deep into the ramifications of the Malcolm Brogdon injury. Who is the best option to take...


Bucks Film Room Podcast Episode 4: Scouting the Philadelphia 76ers

Bucks Film Room chats with Jackson Frank of SB Nation's Philadelphia 76ers site Liberty Ballers. We discuss the 76ers matchup against the Bucks on Sunday among other topics.


Episode 20: The DiVincenzo Code

Note: This episode was recorded prior to the sadness that was losing to San Antonio. We were a man down, but much like Donte DiVincenzo's heel, we fought through for the good of the pod. On this week's episode of the Brew Hoop Podcast, Kyle and Riley begin by talking about the week that was by lamenting the baffling loss to the Phoenix Suns and evaluate whether some new looks against the Pacers and Hornets are a portent of things to come. The discussion then moves to long-anticipated...


Bucks Film Room Episode 3: Big Game vs Indiana Pacers

Bucks Film Room examines the Bucks big matchup against the Pacers on Thursday night in front of a nationally televised audience. I also take a look at how the Bucks sparked a comeback last time against Indiana and what the key will be this game. Lastly, I answer your questions about the Bucks.


Eric Bledsoe gets Paid and Pau Joins the Fray

In today's episode, Adam, Riley and Kyle break down the surprising news that Eric Bledsoe would be staying a Buck for four more years. Then, they dive into the Pau signing, pay tribute to Canaan, look back at the week that was and peer into the Bucks' upcoming schedule. Music is courtesy of MC Cullah and is available at


Bucks Film Room: Nikola Mirotic and "paint switch"

Bucks Film Room intensely examines Nikola Mirotic's fit with the Milwaukee Bucks after just three games and warns against small sample size. We also discuss what a paint switch is and how Milwaukee has been using it on defense so far. Lastly, we answer questions you submitted via Twitter.


Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 18: Bucks Keep Streaking After All-Star Break

In today's episode, Adam, Riley and Kyle reconvene after the All-Star Break to discuss Milwaukee winning in multiple ways against the Celtics and Timberwolves, how Mirotic has fit in thus far, Giannis' place in the MVP race and preview the week ahead. Plus...the brief return of Donte's Inferno. Music is courtesy of MC Cullah.


Bucks Film Room Ep. 1: PnR Coverage and Boston Celtics

Bucks Film Room takes describes the drop coverage the Bucks employ in the pick-and-roll and how to recognize it as well as the weekly rant.


Episode 16: Where's the All-Star Love?

In today's episode, Adam, Riley and Kyle quickly recap the Orlando game before delving into the All-Star results. Why can't Eric Bledsoe or Khris Middleton crack the top ten? Will they be able to slip in as reserves? Then, they look at some trends from across the season, discuss the (likely) quiet trade deadline coming and peer into the upcoming schedule.


Episode 15: Dizzy Over D.J. Wilson

In today's episode, Adam, Kyle and an internet-challenged Riley dive deep into the emergence of D.J. Wilson from the depths of Bucks benchdom. What sort of long-term impacts can the rise of Milwaukee's younger players have on Horst's roster-building? Finally, they dive into the joy of watching the Bucks on Xmas day and touch on Khris Middleton's annual slump.


Episode 14: Trader Jon Strikes Again

In today's quick-hitter, Adam Riley and Kyle touch briefly on the thrilling victory in Toronto before giving their perspective on Jon Horst's latest trade jettisoning the contracts of Matthew Dellavedova and John Henson. Music is courtesy of MC Cullah.