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Ep 90: Coaching and Women/ Women Coaching, Ally Quinney on Women in Combat Sports, and SPORTING JOY.

*This week's episode is dedicated to the MSU and USA Gymnastic survivors as it is one year anniversary of the Nassar's sentencing hearings*. Shireen, Brenda, Lindsay, and Jessica open the show up with a discussion on the Gillette's advertisement and male tears [2:58]. Then the crew talks about coaching and what can be better, and how women are included or excluded [7:29], Brenda interviews FSU doctoral student Ally Quinney on the UFC, MMA and the history of women in combat sports [19:36],...


Hot Take: NWSL Draft and Sky Blue Updates with Steph Yang

Steph Yang joins Lindsay to talk about the 2019 NWSL draft, Washington Spirit ownership, and the latest problems with Sky Blue FC.


Ep 89: the NFL’s Rooney Rule, end of sporting careers, and fighting trans discrimination

On this week’s show, Amira, Brenda, Lindsay, and Jessica talk about the Rooney Rule in the NFL and what needs to change, [18:57] the end of sporting careers and why they can be so challenging for athletes, [31:45] and Jessica interviews with Christina Ginther, a trans woman who recently won a discrimination suit against a women’s tackle football team and league. [43:53] Of course, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, [54:48] our Bad Ass Woman of the Week, starring Thembi Kgatlana and with a special...


Ep 88: Fixing amateurism, continued corruption and abuse in WoSo, and tennis with Caitlin Thompson

For our first episode of 2019, Lindsay, Shireen, Jessica, and Brenda talk about a rare moment of joy in U.S. politics (3:22); celebrate the national championship game by talking about how to fix amateurism (9:20); Lindsay interviews Caitlin Thompson about Racquet Magazine and the Australian Open (26:50) ; and the group discusses the ongoing corruption in global soccer, particularly in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal with the Afghanistan national team. (42:50) As always, there's the Burn...


Ep 87: The Best of Burn it All Down 2018, part 2

This week’s show is part 2 of the best of Burn It All Down 2018! We feature three of our favorite interviews from this year: 1)Wyomia Tyus, the first person ever to win gold medals in the 100-meter sprint in two consecutive Olympic Games, was interviewed by Amira Rose Davis in episode 54. [21:30] 2)Gaby Gartón, goalkeeper for Argentine national women's team and sociologist of sport, joined Brenda Elsey in episode 46 [38:33] and 3) Jessica Luther interviewed Mary Carillo, former professional...


Ep 86: The Best of Burn It All Down 2018, part 1

This week’s show is part 1 of 2 where we recap the best of 2018 in sports and the best of Burn It All Down. After the gang talks about their favorite sports moments from this year, [13:27] we play three of our favorite segments from 2018: 1) from episode 42 in February, when Amira, Brenda, and Lindsay discussed the “woke” Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue; [31:40] 2) from episode 49 in April, when Shireen, Lindsay, Amira, and Jessica talked about the relationship between Kobe Bryant and...


Hot Take- Mina Ahmadi and Haley Carter of the Afghanistan Women's National Football Team

Shireen speaks with Mina Ahmadi and Haley Carter of the Afghanistan Women's Football Team about unjust contracts, accusations of sexual abuse in the Federation by officials, where they are now, and the team mission.


Ep 85: How USOC and USAG Enabled Nassar, Lack of Diversity in Sports Media but We Share Our Faves

The whole team is together for the last recorded episode of 2018! To wrap up the year, Amira, Jessica, Shireen, Brenda and Lindsay begin with a discussion about seasonal movies. [6:27] The women talk about the developments in the Nassar case and the most recent 267 paged report released by Ropes & Gray on how he was grossly enabled by USOC and USAG, and why this isn't the most widely covered story in sports. [22:18] Then the BIAD crew speaks about the ridiculous and non-shocking lack of...


Hot Take: The Los Angeles Sparks hire Derek Fisher as their head coach

Erica Ayala joins Lindsay Gibbs to discuss the Sparks' controversial decision to hire Derek Fisher as head coach. They talk about the not-so-thorough search, the limited opportunities for women in coaching, double standards, and the revelation that Fisher heads up the division of a predatory lending agency that preys on broke athletes.


Ep 84: Women's Soccer Despite Men, & interviews w/ WNBA's Monique Billings & hockey host Amrit Gill

On this week's show Shireen starts the episode with a heartfelt message and clarification to all the Kiwi listeners. [3:43] Then Jessica, Shireen, Brenda and Lindsay have a discussion about the NCAA women's hoops drama that unfolded between UConn and Notre Dame. [8:20] The women chat/vent about Ada Hegerberg and the Ballon d'Or plus the unfortunate existence of Martin Solveig on the stage, the FIFA 2019 Women's World Cup Draw. [24:55] Jessica interviews WNBA Atlanta Dream player Monique...


Ep 83: Racism & sexism in coaching, the NFL & domestic violence, and an interview w/ Gloria Nevarez

On this week’s show, the whole crew is together again! After wrapping up the Women’s World Cup U17, [8:03] Brenda, Amira, Lindsay, Jessica, and Shireen talk about racism and sexism in coaching. [21:52] Then Jessica interviews Gloria Nevarez, the commissioner of the DI West Coast Conference. [33:08] And, once again, the gang talks about the intersection of domestic violence and the NFL. [49:11] Of course, you’ll hear the Burn Pile, [1:02:32] our Bad Ass Woman of the Week, starring Dawn...


Ep. 82: Bad redemption narratives, insulting WoSo contracts, and college football w/ Nicole Auerbach

In this episode, the crew talks about Thanksgiving food, [6:35] bad redemption narratives, based on the recent profiles of Kobe Bryant and Adrian Peterson; [27:19] Lindsay interviews Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic about the NCAA college football season, and the latest developments at Ohio State and Maryland; [44:26] and they dive into atrocious women's soccer contracts. [58:22] As always, there's Burn Pile, [1:04:12] Bad Ass Women of the Week, [1:05:16] and What's Good. [1:07:49] To help...


Ep 81: U17 FIFA WWC, the NHL and concussions, and Dr. Rachel Allison on her new book!

On this week's show Shireen, Brenda and Lindsay open the episode with a discussion about the validity of using flatulence as a strategy at Grand Slam of Darts (2:00). The women talk about the U17 Women's World Cup, the development of the teams, youth soccer and how and why it might not translate into successful women's programs (6:02). Brenda interviews Dr. Rachel Allison about her new book "Kicking Center: Gender and the Selling of Women's Professional Soccer" (20:00). Then the gang...


Ep 80: Sports and Politics, a preview of the women’s bball season, and an interview w/ Janet O’Shea

On this week’s show, Lindsay, Brenda, and Jessica are joined by guest co-host Erica Ayala. After laughing about a new statue of Mo Salah (5:41), the gang talks about the many overlaps of Sports and Politics (22:36). Then Brenda interview Dr. Janet O’Shea about what play can offer today’s society and O’Shea’s experiences as a martial arts practitioner (39:39). Then we get into the brand new women’s collegiate basketball season (48:44). Of course, you’ll hear the Burn Pile (58:05), our Bad Ass...


Ep 79: The WNBA players opt out of their CBA, the NFL Players Coalition, and fight doctor Linda Dahl

On this week’s show, all 5 co-hosts are back together again. After celebrating the reception Red Sox manager Alex Cora received in Puerto Rico (5:31), Amira, Brenda, Shireen, Lindsay, and Jessica talk about the WNBA players deciding to opt out of their collective bargaining agreement with the league (19:32). Then the gang discusses the NFL Players Coalition, Eric Reid, Malcolm Jenkins, and the messiness of organizing (31:22). And Shireen interviews Dr. Linda Dahl, one of the few women to...


EP 78: Prize Money for Women's WWC, Toxic Cultures in Maryland Football, and Nicole McClure

Lindsay, Brenda, and Shireen start this week's show with a chat about Rihanna not giving any f*cks about the NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show, (5:02) then talk about FIFA increasing their commitment to the women's game (*laugh*) by increasing prize money for the Women's World Cup (16:45). Then Brenda interviews Nicole McClure, veteran Goalkeeper for the Jamaican National Team and their journey to their first World Cup berth (30:54). After that, the gang talks about the toxic culture in the...


Ep 77: What is the NCAA for, what’s wrong w/ USA Gymnastics, and an interview w/ Layshia Clarendon

On this week’s show, Brenda, Lindsay, and Jessica chat about NBA fights and the World Series matchup (5:25), before delving into a discussion (burn of?) the latest with the NCAA and so-called amateurism (25:19). Then Jessica interviews the WNBA and Team USA’s Layshia Clarendon about the FIBA Women’s World Cup, the WNBA off-season, and Clarendon’s new sponsorship with DivaCup (37:11). After that, the gang talks about the on-going shitshow that is USA Gymanstics following the recent arrest of...


Ep. 76: Women’s WC Qualifiers, reporting on sexual assault, and Safia Ahmad of Les Canadiennes

On this week’s show Shireen and Brenda talk Mental Health day (7:13); before running down the CONCACAF Women’s World Cup qualifying tournament. They ask, what went wrong for Mexico, tip their hats to Jamaica and Panama, and look ahead to a Canada-USA final (20:41); Shireen interviews Safia Ahmad, the media relations manager for Les Canadiennes of CWHL and the women’s hockey season (37:29); Self-care when covering sexual assault stories Then, there’s a Burn Pile (57:44); Bad Ass Women of the...


Hot Take: MLB Postseason Updates + Predictions w/ Shakeia Taylor

Amira chats with Shakeia Taylor to recap what has gone down so far in the MLB postseason before previewing the NCLS and the ACLS. Plus Amira worries about the Red Sox's bull pen and Shakeia makes some predictions for the Championship Series.


Ep. 75: Cristiano Ronaldo rape case, ownership of athletes' bodies, and NWHL with Erica Ayala

Lindsay, Jessica, Amira, and Brenda discuss the recent report on men's interest in women's sports (6:14); the latest developments in and coverage of the Cristiano Ronaldo rape case (24:52); ownership of athletes' bodies featuring J.R. Smith and Earl Thomas (39:26); and women's hockey expert Erica Ayala joins Lindsay to talk about the NWHL season and the shocking Lisa Borders news (53:17). Then, there's a Burn Pile (1:02:25), Bad Ass Women of the Week (1:03:35), and in What's Good, we manage...