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CHISOX WEEKLY - Presented by & Wegryn Enterprises. Hosted by Tony Marchese (@chisoxmkz) and Jon Suarez (@chisoxjonda)

CHISOX WEEKLY - Presented by & Wegryn Enterprises. Hosted by Tony Marchese (@chisoxmkz) and Jon Suarez (@chisoxjonda)
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CHISOX WEEKLY - Presented by & Wegryn Enterprises. Hosted by Tony Marchese (@chisoxmkz) and Jon Suarez (@chisoxjonda)




CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 37 - Jake Burger (featuring Dane Dunning)

Tony, Jonda, and Jonnie are joined by Jake Burger to discuss his rehab down in Arizona, bonding with other White Sox prospects, wild minor league stories, the Sox Twitter community, gaming, and much more. Jake also brings his roommate Dane Dunning on the call for quick hits. The guys close out the show with who's hot/who's not, a look at the week ahead, and more information about the next ChiSox Weekly tailgate. TIMELINE 1:32 - Intro 2:50 - White Sox News 3:44 - Jake Burger 37:35 -...


ChiSox Weekly Episode 36 - Sean Roberts

Tony, Jonda, and Jonnie are joined by Sean Roberts of 1460 KXnO to discuss the White Sox disappointing road trip to Detroit and Baltimore, who's hot and who's not, announce the next ChiSox Weekly tailgate, and preview the week ahead for the Sox. TIMELINE 1:42 - Intro 3:50 - Tony's New Pet 7:53 - White Sox News 10:10 - Sean Roberts 14:00 - The Past Week of Games - A Disappointing Road Trip 36:49 - Who's Hot, Who's Not 38:14 - ANCHOR AD 39:08 - Quick Hits with Sean Roberts 45:03 -...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 35 - Brad "Buzz" Squires

In a jam-packed episode, Tony Marchese, Jon Suarez, and Jonnie Nonnie are joined by Brad "Buzz" Squires to recap the the Sox season thus far, introduce the new On Tap Sports Network, Jon issues an apology to the OG 108ers, and the guys answer listener questions. TIMELINE 1:35 - Intro 2:33 - On Tap Sports Network 4:33 - Brad "Buzz" Squires 5:20 - First Home Stand, Yankees Series, and Royals Series 34:18 - The Royal Scuffle 41:22 - Ricky's Boys or Donnie's Boys? 51:00 - Who's Hot,...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 34 - First Taste of 2019

Tony Marchese, Jon Suarez, and Jonnie Nonnie announce a new date for the first ChiSox Weekly tailgate before discussing the first four White Sox games of the season and Rick Hahn's comments during his interview on 670 The Score. In the second half of the show, the guys answer some Twitter questions before previewing the week ahead for the Sox. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 33 - 2019 Season Preview

Episode 33 of ChiSox Weekly is here. Tony Marchese, Jon Suarez and Jonnie Nonnie break down the Eloy Jimenez extension, take a look at the year ahead with the 2019 Season Preview, and also talk a little bit about ballpark happenings at the Home Opener. Sit back, relax and strap it down for some White Sox talk. TIMELINE 1:42 - Intro 3:34 - Eloy's Extension 16:15 - THE BLACK TUX AD 17:33 - 2019 Season Preview 1:15:20 - ChiSox Weekly Special Event Announcement 1:18:30 - Wrap Up This...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 32 - Happy Birthday CSW & Live Spring Training Update

Jon Suarez and Tony Marchese discuss this years @fromthe108 White Sox Twitter Personalities Tournament, make a few predictions and talk about their matchup in the first round. Later they are joined by Jonnie Nonnie and Andrew Kinzler from Spring Training in Arizona to discuss whats gone on down in the desert. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 31 - Justin Havens

Justin Havens of Barstool Sports Starting 9 joins ChiSox Weekly's Tony Marchese, Jon Suarez and Jonnie Nonnie to discuss how the White Sox rebuild and offseason have been viewed nationally, as well as how the the AL Central will look over the next few years. Justin also sits in for the return of QUICK HITS. After the break the guys discuss Kenny Williams most recent comments to the media, recap White Sox Spring Training, and more. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 30 - Money Talks

Tony and Jonnie discuss Manny Machado signing with the Padres and the ramifications for the White Sox. The guys dug into the each team’s offers, how the front office handled (botched) the situation, the current state of the rebuild, and the White Sox path going forward. TIMELINE 1:14 - Intro LITERALLY ALL MACHADO DEAL AND WHITE SOX RAMIFICATIONS TALK This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 29 - Patrick Nolan

Tony, Jonda and Jonnie are joined by Patrick Nolan of Sox Machine to discuss all White Sox-related topics. Patrick recaps some of his season outlook panel from the 108/Sox Machine after party for those who couldn’t hear or couldn’t attend before diving into some prospects and rule change talk. TIMELINE 1:40 - Intro 2:17 - SoxFest Afterparty Recap 8:13 - Patrick Nolan: Malort Shots, White Sox Season Outlook, Potential Rotation Pieces, the Sox Offseason, Prospects, Proposed Rule Changes,...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 28 - Machado Rumor Breakdown with WhiteSoxDave

Amid the storm of Machado reports yesterday, plenty of things need to be cleared up. Tony, Jonda and Jonnie are joined by White Sox Dave of Red Line Radio in an attempt to do just that. Dave also gives some predictions for the 2019 season before the guys close the show with some SoxFest talk. TIMELINE 1:40 - Intro 3:42 - Jonda’s Dish of the Week 6:48 - Dollar Dog Wednesdays Are Back, Preparation Starts NOW 9:34 - White Sox Dave: Machado Reports, Who to Trust, What it all Means, White...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 27 - Offseason Additions

Tony, Jonda, and Jonnie are back with some of their own offseason additions to the ChiSox Weekly crew. The guys also discuss the additions the White Sox have made over the past few weeks and are joined by new Editor in Chief of Future Sox Clinton Cole for a special announcement. TIMELINE 1:40 - Intro 11:07 - New Bloggers at ChiSox Weekly 16:37 - Minor League Updates by Future Sox Coming to ChiSox Weekly 17:18 - Clinton Cole Joins the Show 23:39 - Recent White Sox Acquisitions 24:29 -...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 26 - We're doin it LIVE!

ChiSox Weekly hosts its first ever live stream event as the guys talk about whats new for ChiSox Weekly, Winter Meetings, more Harper/Machado rumors, Christmas, and announce the first ever ChiSox Yearly Awards. TIMELINE 1:35 - Intro 2:10 - ChiSox Weekly Independence Day 4:50 - Michael Brantley is off the Table (RIP ChiSoxJonda) 6:07 - Machado's Meetings 15:34 - White Sox Insider [John]/More Machado 24:51 - White Sox Trades/Free Agent Signings 44:55 - Closing Thoughts Not Heard on...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 25 - Seby Zavala

Tony and Jon welcome a new member to the CSW crew and are later joined by Seby Zavala of the Chicago White Sox. TIMELINE 1:39 - Intro 2:35 - Jonnie Nonnie joins ChiSox Weekly 7:20 - The Seby Zavala Train is Rolling Through 8:54 - Omar Narvaez for Alex Colome Trade and Non-Tender Deadline Moves 25:50 - Favorite Avi and Matty D White Sox Memories 30:31 - Leury Garcia Tendered 32:06 - What Roles do Yolmer and Delmonico Play Next Year? 34:30 - Harper/Machado Talk 41:33 - Free Agency: Possible...


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 24 - The Offseason Begins

Tony and Jon are back with their first episode of the 2018/19 offseason. The guys discuss the Hot Stove rumors surrounding the White Sox and answer listener questions. Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 23 - SEASON FINALE featuring @fromthe108

The OG 108ers (Beefloaf, Chorizy, & MySoxSummer) join Tony and Jon to close out the 2018 season with lots of talk, some of which centers around the White Sox past season and where they should go from here. The rest... well you'll just have to listen to find out. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 22 - Contest Winner Dave Pollina

Tony and Jon are joined by our very first contest winner Dave Pollina. The guys talk about Jose Abreu's interesting injuries, Twitter polls, and preview the upcoming series against the crosstown rival Cubs. Later on in the show an always special guest caller hops on to talk about a specific player he does not like. Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 21 - Jon's Rant

CHISOX WEEKLY is back with Episode 21. This week Tony and Jon answer listener questions, talk about the Kopech injury, and discuss some celebs who have passed away and some who haven't. Once that's over, Jon takes the soapbox for a rant that he's been planning. As Hawk would say, sit back, relax and strap it down. It's time to enjoy some CHISOX WEEKLY. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 20 - Herb Lawrence 2

Jon is back and he and Tony discuss the goings on in White Sox baseball. Herb Lawrence from 670 the Score then joins Tony and Jon to talk about the decision to not call up Eloy Jimenez. Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 19 - Jonnie Nonnie

In episode 19 Tony is joined by Jonnie Nonnie from SoxOn35th as he fills in for Jon to talk White Sox baseball. Topics include: Can Adam Engel keep this level of play up? A review of the hype from Kopech Day. Will Eloy get the call, what 2019 may bring us, and of course much more. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Send in a voice message:


CHISOX WEEKLY: Episode 18 - IT IS KOPECH DAY w/ Clinton Cole

Clinton Cole re-joins Tony and Jon to discuss the call up of Top Sox pitching prospect Michael Kopech and also talks Frozen Pizza, Dogs, The Office and more. Send in a voice message: