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Since 2007, the original team podcast has been delivering analysis and anecdotes about the Cardinals every week. Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck use their extensive experience covering the team to offer commentary with some humor and a few zings along the way.


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Since 2007, the original team podcast has been delivering analysis and anecdotes about the Cardinals every week. Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck use their extensive experience covering the team to offer commentary with some humor and a few zings along the way.




Cardinals Underground - Planning Future At Scouting Combine

With Dani Sureck and Darren Urban out at Indianapolis, they join Paul Calvisi (who remained in studio) to talk about Monti Ossenfort and Jonathan Gannon talking at the Scouting combine. Among the topics: being comfortable with QB (and maybe backup QB), the quarterbacks who are in the draft, the idea of the Cardinals trading down, what the Bears could do with their No. 1 pick, needs in free agency and Ossenfort’s philosophy, the cornerbacks out there, the evolution of the combine and star gazing in Indy.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Because It’s The Offseason

Because we said so, Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck have their pre-Combine podcast, and there’s lots to debate. Among the topics: Which free agents the Cardinals should prioritize to keep; potential cap casualties around the league; Monti Ossenfort’s second offseason; the Cardinals making sure to draft the “right guys”; the quarterbacks and how they impact the top four in the draft; trading down options; whether the Cardinals take a wideout in round one; and what Jonathan Gannon accomplished in Year One.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Super Ending, Another Beginning

With the Chiefs finishing off the season with another Super Bowl win, the new NFL season is just about to start already. Before it does, Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck have their own postmortem with discussion about Super commercials, Dani’s trip to Vegas, Caleb Williams’ likelihood to be drafted by Chicago, whether the outcome of last year’s first-round trade would influence Monti Ossenfort this season, the possibility of MHJ at 4, the Niners’ inability to close out a title, the overtime rules and whether Kyle Shanahan made a mistake, finding a free-agent defensive stud, Usher’s performance and a brief ranking of halftime shows.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Super Bowl Is Two Words

It’s Super Bowl week - and people, that’s two words, never one - and that’s where Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck start this week’s discussion (and where Dani will end her week.) Our trio chat about how the 49ers were built and how the Cardinals might be able to imitate some of that roster construction; what defensive positions make sense to target in free agency; how Trey McBride measures up to the current Super Bowl tight end icons George Kittle and Travis Kelce; Paris’ growth; Kliff Kingsbury returning to the NFL; Budda at the Pro Bowl; what came from the Senior Bowl that could impact the Cardinals. The Super Bowl awaits. Will Taylor Swift be there? Probably.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Championship Lessons Learned

The NFL found its two Super Bowl teams over Championship weekend, and Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck discuss all of it in the latest Underground, including Chiefs (and/or Niners) fatigue, how Swiftly K.C. got back to the Super Bowl, the Lions’ chances to get back to this stage (which the Cardinals could not after 2008 and 2015), Dan Campbell’s fourth-down choices and Darren’s impassioned rant about the changing NFL, Budda Baker’s Pro Bowl trip and what the future is for the safety, how tackle might be the strongest draft position, Paris Johnson’s rookie year to build upon, and Dani mulling potential future projects.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - How Will Offseason Be Received?

The NFL is down to four teams, and what might the Cardinals learn from the best left in the NFL this season? Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck discuss such things, as well as what Monti Ossenfort’s second offseason of roster building might look like, whether the offense or defense get the most attention in free agency, taking a receiver in the draft or not, how much the Cardinals need an offensive tackle, all the Cardinals’ assistant coaches working college all-star games, Pete Carroll’s outgoing comments, Paul’s potential Lions socks, and Super Bowl color conspiracies.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Of Coaching And Changes

So many questions about coaching have come out of the end of the regular season and the first round of the playoffs for the NFL, but Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck know that Jonathan Gannon is in place for the Cardinals and that means they are that much more ahead of last season. Among the topics discussed: What to pick at 4, and whether a wide receiver makes sense, the need for a big-time pass rusher, what unrestricted free agents of their own might the Cardinals target for return, needing to find wins in the NFC West, Pete Carroll’s departure, the sinking Texans first-round pick and the excellence of C.J. Stroud, and Paul honors the yeoman’s work of sideline reporters at the bitter cold postseason games.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - What Was, And What Could Be

The season is over, and just what did we all witness? Four wins isn’t great, but what Jonathan Gannon has started seems to have foundational qualities. Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck break down big-picture of what 2023 was about for the Cardinals, Kyler Murray’s growing trust with his pass catchers (and them with him), Kyler working under center, how a balanced offense helps Murray overall, how James Conner is not just a 1,000-yard rusher but everything the Cardinals need, D.J. Humphries’ ACL injury and how it impacts the future of the offensive line, Paris Johnson’s role going forward, the desperate need at edge, and (yes it’s early but) what to do with the No. 4 overall draft pick.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Cardinals Making Headlines

It was a grand trip to Philly, where the Cardinals toppled the Eagles and then Dani Sureck dueled QB Kyler Murray in a couple of word games on the flight home. Dani, Paul Calvisi and Darren Urban didn’t bring any cheesesteaks back, but they did bring some stories and analysis on how Jonathan Gannon returned to his old stomping grounds and out-coached his old peers, how the Cardinals were the more physical team again, the genius of the onside kick that didn’t work/still worked, Kyler’s huge game, the comeback of Michael Wilson, James Conner’s dominance, Greg Dortch making plays and how winning trumps draft status.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Seeking A Philly Special

With Christmas behind them, Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck dig into the post-Bears loss leftovers and the New Year’s festivities to come in Philadelphia - where Jonathan Gannon last coached. The trio discuss the emotions at the start of the Chicago game, the consistent inconsistency of the offense and trying to get the wide receivers going, the inability to slow the Bears rush game or contain Justin Fields, the release of cornerback Marco Wilson and the message that might come out of it, the need at edge rusher, and what knowing the Eagles might help with for Gannon and the Cardinals.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Full Dani’s Jacket

As the Cardinals head to Chicago - and Dani Sureck pulls out her very excellent winter coat - Paul Calvisi leads the discussion with Dani and Darren Urban on all things Cardinals as Christmas nears. No, Darren can’t wrap presents but he can chime in on the powerful Cardinals run game against a good Bears defense, the absence of a pass rush of late by the Cards, Trey McBride’s continuous breakout season, Kyler taking accountability, the wide receiver conundrum, the Niners dominating the division, and Pro Bowl Matt Prater (OK, he’s not in the Pro Bowl yet, but he deserves it.)See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Feeding Trey McPlay

With the Cardinals back from the bye, the final stretch of four games awaits and Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck return too. The trio discuss the ugliness of the NFL’s playoff picture, the Cardinals learning to compete in the current NFC West with two division games left, the ongoing battle to defend the run with the Christian McCaffrey coming to town, the identity of the Cardinals’ offense, a new Paulie nickname for the blossoming tight end, Kyler Murray’s ongoing learning curve, Brock Purdy’s MVP chances, and the anecdote you didn’t know you needed: a 17-year-old Darren drinking lemonade with then-Cardinals QB Neil Lomax in the desert.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - OK, Byeeeeeee

Now that Paul Calvisi has dried his socks out from the sideline weather in Pittsburgh, he joins Darren Urban and Dani Sureck into some pre-bye breakdown of an important Cardinals win - one that showed the Cards beating the Steelers at their own game in a perfect sendoff before some time off. The trio talk about the defense standing up after a terrible game against the Rams, James Conner’s storybook return to the Steel City, Conner’s latest “Angry Runs” award, Jonathan Gannon’s work to build the culture, Kyler progress, Trey McBride’s evolution, Jonathan Ledbetter’s Walter Payton award, and the weather still to come in the final two road games.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Looking For Answers

The Cardinals come off a hard performance against the Rams, so Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck try to sort through where the energy went as the team tries to maneuver through the home stretch of the season. The trio talk about the struggles of the run defense and the lack of a run game on offense, missing Kyzir White, a new cornerback rotation, Kyler Murray’s continuing development in a new offense, Kyler and Hollywood connections, taking on the steady Steelers, and how Paul and Darren know how to change a tire. Dani does not.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - It’s All A Process

Thanksgiving is here and don’t get Paul Calvisi started with your turkey facts. He almost didn’t stop. But once he did, he led Darren Urban and Dani Sureck into comfortably satisfying discussion about Kyler Murray Game 2, Kyler’s potential rust in every facet of his comeback, the fourth-down choices (and misses), Kyler’s new footwork, working through the cornerback situation, losing both Kyzir White and Leki Fotu, and just who is stepping up to cook this week (Darren and Dani) and who is not (Paul).See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Kyler Murray Completes Comeback

After Kyler Murray’s memorable return against the Falcons from his ACL injury, Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck marvel at K1’s ability to return looking like he never left. The QB dominates the discussion, as our trio talk about surprises from Murray’s return, his teammates’ enjoyment from his play, his chemistry with burgeoning star Trey McBride (and McBride’s future going forward), how James Conner helped with his own return, as well as a defensive line outplaying the sum of its parts, the Texans outplaying its expectations, a developing rookie class, and whether it’s too early for holiday music.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Kyler Is Back

The countdown is on for Kyler Murray to return to the field on Sunday, although Paul Calvisi tries to convince Darren Urban that a clock is needed to commemorate the moment. The two join Dani Sureck to talk about - finally - Murray’s activation to the roster and expected start against the Falcons, what he might look like in his first game back, and his comfort in the offense. Also discussed were the Cardinals (and Clayton Tune’s) tough day in Cleveland, a defense that doesn’t give up, James Conner’s potential return, and Dani’s big pop-a-shot win.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Tune In If Kyler’s Out

It’s spooky season for the Cardinals quarterbacks room this week, as Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck have so much to discuss. Josh Dobbs is traded to the Vikings after a half-season starting for the Cardinals, and that clears the way for Kyler Murray’s return. Except Kyler may not quite be ready yet, which would open the door for rookie Clayton Tune to start in Cleveland. What might await Tune, and what might await Murray as he enters his last seven days of practice window before he has to be put on the active roster. There is also Trey McBride love, and Paul’s attempt at nicknames – one misfire, but one that makes sense.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - Lights, Camera, Action

Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck finally go simulcast on the podcast, recording for audio and YouTube, and they are (kind of) ready for their close-up. There is still lots to talk about, even before the in-depth Kyler Murray discussion, of which there is plenty. There is also Zach Ertz’s IR trip, Trey McBride’s opportunity, moving on from K’Von Wallace and the Budda Baker experience, Hollywood’s quiet excellence, struggling in the pass game, how much the defense must shoulder, Dani’s insistence Kyler could be back this week, and what the offense looks like with Kyler on the field.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Underground - About QBs And Receivers

Our trio of Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck get a little loose in the turns to open this latest episode, but quickly focus on what’s important - like conversations about both Joshua Dobbs and his current arc at quarterback, and when Kyler Murray will return to actually play. There is also talk about Hollywood Brown’s near-misses in L.A. and his overall future, the need to get Michael Wilson the ball, how the secondary might filter out when Budda, JT and Garrett Williams return, the release of Myjai Sanders, and the chance, however small, that Paul will wear an umbrella hat.See for privacy information.