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The folks who brought you Cavs: The Blog bring you Cavs: the podcast. Here you’ll find the most in-depth Cavs analysis in our audacious game recaps. We boast an insightful, clever, and civil commentariat – the best you’ll ever come across.

The folks who brought you Cavs: The Blog bring you Cavs: the podcast. Here you’ll find the most in-depth Cavs analysis in our audacious game recaps. We boast an insightful, clever, and civil commentariat – the best you’ll ever come across.
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The folks who brought you Cavs: The Blog bring you Cavs: the podcast. Here you’ll find the most in-depth Cavs analysis in our audacious game recaps. We boast an insightful, clever, and civil commentariat – the best you’ll ever come across.




204: Ping Pong Balls, Hotcakes, & Beelines to Hot Takes

Well... the Cavaliers weren't able to pull off another NBA Lottery bonanza tonight... in fact, they fell all the way to fifth behind the Pelicans, Grizzlies, Knicks and Lakers. Whether you believe in karma or conspiracy theories, in the end it looks like New Orleans got a potential lifeline back to relevancy as the almost assuredly winner of the Zion Williamson sweepstakes. Yet, there may still be some sneaky good talent available in the five hole for newly minted head coach, John Beilien to...


203: Dunking all over the Playoffs

Nate Smith and David Wood had a much needed reunion in the pod booth. There isn't much going on as far as the Cavs are concerned, so they hopped around the league. They went into James Harden's foul seeking Rockets and how their methods make them feel. They talked about the twiggy stature of this years draft class and their favorite players: De'Andre Hunter and Brandon Clarke. From there they hit on whether or not college players should be getting paid. And, as if that last topic wasn't hot...


202: First Round of the Off Season

Because they generally have nothing better to do on a Thursday night in late April... Nate and EG hung out in the podcast booth tonight to catch up. We spend some time touching on the NFL Draft (which the Browns aren't expected to participate in until tomorrow), recapping the first round matchups (that neither of us watched all that much of), keeping tabs on the Cavs' coaching search, and projecting where the league is headed with an increase of lawyer ball, 37 foot daggers, social media...


Podcast 201: Who's In Charge?

It's a strangely unfamiliar time right now for Cavs fans. With the regular season behind us, the draft ahead, and maybe only passing interest in this year's first round playoff matchups, it's time to wonder who exactly is in charge? The wine & gold don't seem to be in any hurry to hire their next leader, now that they've parted ways with Larry Drew... though, maybe it could be a former leader of the Charge? Meanwhile, over in Lakerland... is anyone calling the shots now that the Magic is...


Episode 200: Rocketing to Retirement

Welcome to CtB's 200th podcast! On Channing Frye's last night as a Cavalier, in the last quarter of the last game of the season, the smiling big man fired off one last flurry of fireworks... scoring 10 points in just seven minutes. He left the court to chants of "MVP! MVP!" from the adoring crowd at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (ay yay yay). The Cavs still lost by a wide margin, but you'd never guess given the rousing ovations bestowed upon Frye and his teammates. To recap Channing's...


Episode 199: The Winter Soldier

The Cavs may have lost a meaningless game in April, but the real story of the night was that Nate and EG were able to defrost C:tB's "Winter Soldier" for an appearance on this latest podcap. Yes, Tom Pestak returns from his deep, frozen slumber to catch up on all the goings on from this past winter of NBA action. We pick up during the second half of this Cavs continued tank-a-thon, comment on the game, bounce around the NBA to forecast some potential summer moves, and break the news to Tom...


Episode 198: Measuring Up

The Cavs had another growth spurt as they inched closer to respectability with an entertaining victory over the team with the best record in the NBA tonight. Granted, the Milwaukee Bucks were sans their Alpha and Omega, Giannis Antetokounmpo, yet the wine & gold still did what the purple & gold couldn't the night before. For once, the Cavs were the healthier team, as Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance, Jr. were all back on the floor... while the Bucks were down to just eight able...


Episode 197: Two for Tuesday Part Two

Yes, you'll get double your pleasure on this podcap, as we celebrate the Sunday Cavs victory against the Toronto Raptors... and the very close loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on the second night of a back-to-back. The Cavs gave the Raptors everything they could handle (and more) the night before, and though they dug themselves a hole against the Sixers, fought back until the end... even though they were woefully shorthanded. Nate and EG pulled some double duty in the booth, recapping both...


Episode 196: The Prodigal Son Buys a Sweater

A rare colorful treat awaits you with this latest podcast. Tom Pestak returns to spin yarns about the trials and travails of his recent move, his water battles with his new city and the benefits of owning a table saw and lots of white paneling. Nate and EG joined the Prodigal Pestak Podsmith in the booth to help catch Tom up on what's been happening with the Cavs and around the Association. We touch on the two most prominent former Cavs, cover their respective currently ugly situations (but...


Episode 195: One and Done?

Nate and EG went one-on-one in the podcast booth. We not only break down how the Cavs won, but we review all-star weekend, and have a spirited debate about the current basketball debate over the collegiate "one and done" rule. We also touch on one LeBron James and whether or not his Laker team is already done for the postseason. Oh, and a bonus prediction on which one film will win Best Picture when it's all said and done. Send in a voice message:


Episode 194: Winning the Battle... Losing the War

Well, the Cavs effectively shot the Knicks into last place by themselves tonight, rolling out to as much as a 17 point lead against their tanking brethren before nearly sliding back into a late tie. Fortunately, Cleveland had Larry Nance, Jr. leading the charge with his sixth straight double double (including a career high 10 offensive rebounds), and got some terrific support early from a rejuvenated Kevin Love and newly acquired guns in Brandon Knight and Marquese Chriss. The Cavs...


Episode 193: Riding the Youngbull

It's been an up and down season for Cavs fans, but it's always exciting to see progress from young players... even in a losing effort. Down a couple more hombres, with Rodney Hood gone in a trade to Portland and Cedi Osman out with an ankle sprain, the Cavaliers rode their Young Bull for the first three quarters of their contest against the Boston Celtics. For a change, Collin Sexton looked less like a mechanical bull, and more like a fast and dangerous real life one right out of the chute....


Episode 192: 2for Tuesdays

Nate and EG formed a dynamic duo (or tried to at least), and hopped in the booth to break down this exciting game, and the current two game surge. We cover the Cavs current rising stars, their bobbling rookie, some old Cavs who nearly brought Washington all the way back, and some other old Cavs who might just be reuniting someday in another city. Not to mention, we spent a long time furrowing our brows about the whole AD situation. You might need a couple of shots to get through it... Send...


Epsiode 191: Too Many Blows

Nate and EG whistled their way into the booth to discuss this latest loss, the positive things that might be gleaned from it going forward, and why it seems like Cavs games are so poorly officiated this year. We take a deeper dive into the whole McCaw situation, contemplate the complicated legacy of Dan Gilbert, examine the hazards of tanking under the new lottery rules, and much, much more. Stick around for the end since Nate finally finished Bird Box. Send in a voice message:...


Episode 190: Don't Take off Your Blindfolds!

Nate and EG stumbled blindly into the bird box… er, podcast booth to hash out this latest loss (a season high seventh in a row). We debated the eye test on everything from Cavs big men to Collin Sexton, Luka Doncic and the rest of this rookie class. We also chose to believe little of what we heard and only half of what we’ve seen on topics like Kevin Love trade rumors and LeBron’s birthday/Christmas present to himself of G.O.A.T. status. So, blindfolds on… and enjoy an hour or two of the...


Episode 189: Bucked

Nate and EG trotted into the booth for a recapping this game and a few of the others leading up to it. We spent some time discussing the rookie ups and downs of the Young Bull, the somewhat disappointing sophomore campaign for Cedi Osman, hit on the return of the Thunder from Down Under, and mused about other goings on in the NBA universe. We did it all while occasionally tuning into the final throwdown between LeBron and DWade out in Los Angeles, and were rewarded when we got to see Kelly...


Episode 188: Closer than The Score

Nate Smith and David Wood went to the Pod Booth after the game to discuss the past couple Cavs games, who we think is making it to the Finals, trade spots for current Cavs, who we like in the West, new Cavalier Alec Burks, and much more. We get closer than the score on the Warriors game. who blew the Cavs out by 24 points. The game was close though, we swear. The Cavs finished the first-half on a 19-5 run hitting five 3s to be up six. The third quarter didn’t go as planned though, as the...


Episode 187: Off the Rails

Not sure the degree that Tom, Nate and EvilGenius actually captured the outcome of this Cavalier setback tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves, as the guys spent a large chunk of time debating the semantics of what transpired in the Browns game Sunday and the subsequent shade thrown by Baker Mayfield on his former coach today. Tom and EG were on diametrically opposed sides of the argument, while Nate was content to lob chaos grenades whenever the flames waned. (Fast Forward to the 15:40...


Episode 186: Turnovers and Turkeys

Nate Smith and David Wood hopped in the podcast booth to discuss this Wizards game and the Cavs development over the past couple games. They then touched on the NBA at large, who the Cavs might trade first, some G-League Action, the Cavs front office, and who the the Cavs might get in trades this season. And, they covered their preferred turkey making methods. Send in a voice message:


Episode 185: Milquetoast Motivators

Tom Pestak and Nate smith hopped into the podcast booth to discuss the Thunder loss, the overall NBA, the disaster that was Monday's collapse against Orlando, and the guys the Cavs could've drafted instead of Sexton. We also hit on a lot of "get off my lawn" topics with rants on punditry, horrible headlines, clickbait, and the mind numbing blandness of linked-in and its mind-numbingly milquetoast motivational memes. It seemed like a metaphor for how the Cavs are competing: saying all the...