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Ep. 136: Deep Fried Butter & "Manifest" recap

America's favorite game - "Who Sucks More?" - is back... State Fair edition! Aannd... we introduce America's SECOND favorite new game - "Name that Name"!! Plus, a new bargain bourbon in this week's Pappy's Products, some sports takes, an impromptu "Get yo ass back on track" and we recap our new favorite(ish) show, MANIFEST. Cheers!


Ep. 135: Halloween, Hall & Oates, and Red Sox Gloating!!

It's a quick, mini-episode for Halloween and we're in the spirit with our fan-voted prime costumes, Hall & Oates, C&C style, one on one and making your dreams come true! Jason recaps the joys of the Red Sox winning another World Series while Anthony and producer @HunterGames just have to sit and take it. We also premiere the first behind the curtain test run of the C&C video feed. Cheers!


Ep. 134: Praise Football Season

It's a throwback to early September, as this episode got stuck in the can for a month while we were addressing hurricanes and other some such. Just a little peek-in here to some live ramblings from mine and yours truly during the first week of Monday Night Football. Of course we tap into some "Why are you still in my life?" along with an "If we ran it." Anthony has a couple takes on Beericana, Jason tips us off to the exciting new "food court" in downtown Raleigh, and we unravel the makings...


Ep. 133: Hurricane Flo!

It's a special emergency Hurricane Florence episode! We've got Hunter in the studio, aka @theHuntergamesNYC to help us crack wise about the storm of the century, including "If We Ran It," "Why are you still in my life?," and "Who Sucks More?" It's also a crossover episode with Mix Tape Mafia as we run through an add-on to our recent "Makin' it Rain" playlist with some extra strong Hurricane tunes. Finally, we end it with a tease for our next "Smooth 70's" episode of the Mix Tape Mafia as we...


Ep. 132: NY Pizza Showdown

It's another C&C mini-episode! - 18 minutes live from the fantasy football kickoff party. We've got a bunch of native New Yorkers in the house to help us determine the best slice of NY Pizza that can be found anywhere... within a 15 mile radius of our studio. Who will come down with the best flop? the best crisp? the best flavor? candidates include The Original NY Pizza in Holly Springs, J&S NY Pizza in Fuquay, and Johnny's Pizza in Apex.


Ep. 131: Pappy's Products Mini-Episode!

Short & Sweet - 14 minutes, 4 new products - two different gourmet sodas and two unique types of jerky. Dig in!


Ep. 130: Cold Showers, Starbucks, the DMV, and Alexa Quivers!

Alexa Quivers is back with us in the studio and she's right on point as always. Starbucks gets called out on their new Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, and the guys debate the hot shower vs. cold shower post workout. Tales from the DMV, the PGA Championship fantasy draft and we wrap up by contemplating the possible racism behind the naming of certain fruits. Cheers!


Ep. 129: Vlad P. in the CCCP, Smirnoff, Stroganoff, and bad TV.

We dig into the gmail bag this week in the long-awaited return of "potentially authentic emails" including one from loyal listener Vlad P. in the CCCP (8:02). Reese's gets a call out this week (12:22) and we discuss surprise parties and gender reveal parties in this week's "Why R U Still in My Life?" (18:35). We bring you another edition of our fall TV pitch sessions - C&C style (27:09) where we run through a list of upcoming new TV shows by title, and try to predict what the premise should...


Ep. 128: Peach Cheerios & Mango Beer

Have you ever poured beer into your breakfast cereal? Neither have we, but we do indulge in both together in this week's Pappy's Products segment, as we taste test the new Peach Cheerios and Blue Moon's Mango Wheat Ale. We hit on our perennial complaints about the death days of summer for sports fans on the heels of the ESPYs and the baseball all-star game. There's an update with more details about our BBQ Yard Games Olympics, including some exciting new games and new stipulations. We do our...


Ep. 127: Sam '76

We give the new Sam Adams '76 beer a taste test in the Pappy's Products tasting room. In theory, it should be a winner since it's a blend of Boston and Philly history, right? Listen and find out. Also, we ask a few folks to "get their ass back on track" - we're looking at you, "guy with the misfits sticker on the back of his laptop!" In this week's edition of "If we ran it" we take a look at the latest fringe sports being broadcast on the various ESPN channels, and come up with an exciting...


Ep. 126: Can We Vote For a Queen?

It's time to drum up a little game we like to call "If we ran it," and you'll be glad we did this week, as we take a pen and some white-out to the "lines" in sports... ALL sports. Then, speaking of games, we play a short edition of America's FAVORITE new game - "Who Sucks More?" - movie edition. We ponder if the Star Wars movie franchises are in crisis mode. And finally, we get a little cheeky with the Brits and ask the question everybody's been feeling... Why is the Royal Family still in my...


Ep. 125: Edelman, Colangelo, US Open Draft, and Timeless Finale!

The Bat Signal went up!!... aka, the Giant Cannoli in the sky, as we called ourselves in for an emergency pod this week to discuss the breaking news of Julian Edelman's banned substance and Bryan Colangelo's fake Twitter accounts. We also do our annual U.S. Open fantasy draft and discuss the finale and future of Timeless!! #thepastisfemale


Ep. 124: Chubbin' it up

Two new Pappy's Products are in the test kitchen as we christen the new Villa Papagna 2.0. We review Oskar Blue's Old Chub Scotch Ale and a new variety of Good Thins. Jason also challenges Anthony with naming the artists who are multiple times inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and we discuss the problems with America's national anthem in the face of the glorious O Canada.


Ep. 123: Juvy Maguire

So, we spent the first half on a bunch of sports takes - it's NHL and NBA playoff time, plus Anthony shares stories from the Masters. If you're in a movie reboot mood, jump to (43:45) where we present our take on some movie reboots, sequels and prequels that you may not have heard of yet, including Juvy Maguire, 47 Candles, Police Academy 11, and a recasting of "Cheers" for the 2018 Cheers movie reboot.


Ep. 122: Cheesesteak & Chowder 122

So, who sucks more... bands who name their albums with numbers, or bands who don't name their albums at all? That's right, some of you favorite C&C segments are back with a fury, including "Why are you still in my life?", "If we ran it", "Who sucks more?", and "Get your ass back on track." We've also got 2 new weird items to check out in Pappy's Products and we do our traditional "Masters Draft" to kick off the golf Majors season.


Ep. 121: Mix Tape Mafia

It's the kickoff of our brand new spin-off podcast... the Mix Tape Mafia! We get things rolling here with a hybrid episode that includes some traditional C&C takes and segments off the top. Then we roll out the introduction of the Mix Tape Mafia - a re-branding of our fan-favorite music playlist episodes. We start things off here with the sequel to our famous "there can only be one" compilations but this time we are pulling the SECOND best song from every band. Enjoy the tip of the iceberg...


Ep. 120: Bean Bag Studios

It's our first episode from Pappy's new pad, aka "Bean Bag Studios," with genuine imported live concert hall reverb. We reflect on the death of the Olympics, whether or not teams should be called "Worlds Champions" and one of Jason's favorite bands gets called out for an atrocious album that nobody knew about. AND... we present our C&C movie towns Mt. Rushmore - i.e. the best flicks set in Boston and Philly respectively... with a twist!


Ep. 119: Beer Tasting & Super Bowl Recap

We're back from our winter hiatus! Yes, there's been a lot going on. Cut us some slack. We promise the 2018 C&C episodes will start to flow heavily your way as we head into spring. First, we bring you one that's been in the can for a few weeks - live from our guest studio host Nate LaNeve's beer tasting kitchen, we apply our Pappy's Products gobs scale to a flight of new craft beers. But not before Anthony kicks off the show with the angriest "tribute" to his Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia...


Ep. 118: Super Bowl Bound!!!!

It actually happened - Our beloved Pats & Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl!! Once again, Cheesesteak & Chowder guides the universe. Listen in to hear how it all went down on Championship Sunday. We've packed together 101 minutes of real-time reactions during both games, and squeezed in a bunch of other C&C favorites, including "If We Ran It", "Who Sucks More?", "Pappy's Products", and of course, no episode would be complete without a helping or two of "Why are you still in my life?"


Ep. 117: We Hate These Bands

We enter the cringe zone in 2018 by revealing our Mt. Rushmores of least favorite bands. Spoiler Alert: RHCP makes an appearance. There's some early NFL playoffs discussion as our beloved Pats and Eagles hold the #1 seeds and begin the drive toward Mission: C&C Super Bowl. There's a new chocolate covered potato chip in the Pappy's Products test kitchen, we play a new TV show-themed trivia game and a little bit of America's FAVORITE new game... Who Sucks More?