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Ep. 154: Summer Musings

We're outside on the Villa Papagna with the Jon Secada bugs to yap it up about the Red Sox' sorry ass title defense, why baseball is boring, what happened to Dave & Busters and why Hotels can't figure out how to do TV.


Ep. 153: OJ Tweets & Panera Power Moves

The Juice is 72, out of the clink, and tweeting from the links. We play a new game called "OJ Did It" where we try to guess if a tweet is a (blood) red herring or an actual tweet from OJ. Jason calls out Panera for its bread bowl soups and we dig into the mail bag to read an interesting "potentially authentic email" that reflects the powerful influence of the C&C universe.


Ep. 152: Paisopoly with Jimmies

Lots of ice cream talk this episode - fresh off some recent trips to New England, Jason dives into the Jimmies vs. Sprinkles debate and why are Dippin' Dots still in my life? We play a game of Paisopoly... sifting through some of the promotionally branded monopoly games out there and trying to guess what the Boardwalk and Park Place properties are for each of them.


Ep. 151: Mall Walkers

In this new episode, the gang is back together again as Jason and Anthony reunite with Hunter in the outdoor Villa Papagna at Bean Bag Studios for some fresh new Cheesesteak & Chowder takes in the sports realm, as well as some mall-related "Why are you still in my life?", a couple rounds of America's favorite game - "Who Sucks More?" and a whole bunch more...


Ep. 150: Grammar Police & Movie Threequels

We pull some summer sci-fi movie franchises into America's favorite game of "Who Sucks More?" and call in the grammar police on short notice. Anthony calls out The Fast & the Furious and asks "why are they still in my life?" and we offer up some good sports takes and suggestions. Also... we wrap up with a quick rundown of our US Open fantasy draft.


Ep. 149: Boston's 3-month Title Drought

With the Bruins back in the Stanley Cup Final, we're mourning the souls of all the 3-month old babies in Boston who've never seen any of their teams win a championship in their lifetime. Will it finally happen? Also, Samsies, Totes and Yuppers go head-to-head-to-head in America's favorite game... "Who Sucks More?"


Ep. 148: PGA Draft Shenanigans

It's the second leg of our 2019 Majors Draft with some fun nuggets sprinkled in. Our interim producer Hunter calls in from the john and we get a "Who Sucks More?" to cap things off in this quick hit episode.


Ep. 147: Shit we care way too much about

We dive into some NHL and NBA playoff debates and wonder if it's good or bad that the refs swallow their whistles in OT or that seeding and home ice means zilch in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Our new segment "shit we care way too much about" debuts and we realize we could pretty much call the entire podcast that. But hey, that's what we're here for...


Ep. 146: Masters, Skittles, Big Game Footballs

We discuss some new rules for our Masters pool, call out Skittles on making up fake flavors in their new "Darkside" mix, and we get presented with a special gift to commemorate our 150th episode!


Ep. 145: Just a couple of dudes...

We're podding outside on the Villa Papagna, talking the current state of Philly and Boston sports! (spoiler alert: one of those cities is home to the reigning World Series & Super Bowl champs). We'll call out some folks, shout out some other folks, bring in the grammar police, play a new game, and announce a brand new podcast coming to the CCPN!!


Ep. 144: Asher & Acai

Lots of new "Pappy's Products" in the studio as we test out two new diet coke flavors, three new international M&Ms flavors, and another attempt by Hershey's to stuff Reese's Pieces into a candy bar. We also explore the surge in Hollywood of biopic movies about 70's and 80's musicians, and come up with our own ideas for the best movie titles about our favorite bands.


Ep. 143: Super Bowl Recap

A quick 27 minutes of C&C style commentary about the Super Bowl. Jason gloats the 6th New England Championship and Anthony wishes it was 2018 again.


Ep. 142: Fondonuts & Gobster Nation

Why are you still in my life? Several people are getting called out. When we discuss how we'd better manage Dunkin Donuts' new munchkin offering in "If We Ran It," we stumble into our newest business idea... Fondonuts! And a big warm welcome... not to our new interim producers, but to all of you out in Gobster Nation!!


Ep. 141: Cheez-it SNAP'd & Championship Sunday!

It's a Championship Sunday mini-episode as we bring you a power-packed 26 minutes of NFL playoff pool and updated Super Bowl picks, a step into the Pappy's Products test kitchen with new Cheez-it SNAP'd, and an update on our current opening for the producer position, now hiring on


Ep. 140: Snickers Creamy & NFL Playoffs

Dive into the Pappy's Products kitchen with us to test out 3 new "creamy" offerings from Snickers. A former MTV star finds herself victim to the podcasting world's most feared question... "Why are you still in my life?!" And sit in on some NFL Playoff predictions with our interim producer @theHunterGames back in the Villa Papagna.


Ep. 139: Scoville Scale Snack Showdown

It's a special super-mini Pappy's Products episode where we test out two new hot pepper snacks - Creamy Jalapeno Poppables and Ghost Pepper Chex Mix. The draft pack is in studio with us to help weigh in on the spiciness and deliver some gob ratings. A quick 8 minutes for ya...


Ep. 138: Whalers, Near Beer, & 2019

We kick things off with some live podding from the PNC Arena where we took in the debut of the Hurricanes "throwback" Hartford Whalers sweaters, complete with "Brass Bonanza" pumping over the PA as they threw down with Jason's Boston Bruins. Later in the summit lodge, interim producer @theHunterGames brings us some eerily familiar beer in Pappy's Products and we discuss a few wraps to 2018 and upcoming thoughts for 2019.


Ep. 137: Tangy & Zesty with Alexa Quivers

Our digital producer behind the glass, Alexa Quivers is back with us providing all the input and answers that nobody really asked for. And we introduce you to a few of the new digital assistants that Alexa paved the way for, who you may not be quite as familiar with. We've also got a new Scotch Ale and Harvest Crisps in the Pappy's Products test kitchen. Phil Mickelson leads a large cavalry of people who need to "Get their ass back on track" and a few others who need to explain "Why are you...


Ep. 135: Halloween, Hall & Oates, and Red Sox Gloating!!

It's a quick, mini-episode for Halloween and we're in the spirit with our fan-voted prime costumes, Hall & Oates, C&C style, one on one and making your dreams come true! Jason recaps the joys of the Red Sox winning another World Series while Anthony and producer @HunterGames just have to sit and take it. We also premiere the first behind the curtain test run of the C&C video feed. Cheers!


Ep. 133: Hurricane Flo!

It's a special emergency Hurricane Florence episode! We've got Hunter in the studio, aka @theHuntergamesNYC to help us crack wise about the storm of the century, including "If We Ran It," "Why are you still in my life?," and "Who Sucks More?" It's also a crossover episode with Mix Tape Mafia as we run through an add-on to our recent "Makin' it Rain" playlist with some extra strong Hurricane tunes. Finally, we end it with a tease for our next "Smooth 70's" episode of the Mix Tape Mafia as we...