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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Week 6 Picks: Kyler vs Baker & Threading the Needle

(3:10) TNF: Buccaneers at Eagles (6:10) Dolphins at Jaguars (hello London again!) (10:50) Chargers at Ravens (14:00) Vikings at Panthers (16:25) Packers at Bears (18:40) Bengals at Lions (21:05) Texans at Colts (23:10) Rams at Giants (25:55) Chiefs at Washington (28:15) Cardinals at Browns (34:30) Raiders at Broncos (36:45) Cowboys at Patriots (41:45) SNF: Seahawks at Steelers (45:30) MNF: Bills at Titans (50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick


WTF Happened: Chiefs woes, OBJ, & Trey Lance

(4:30) Chiefs disastrous D: What's wrong with it, and is it fixable? (23:45) Chiefs offense: Why did they abandon the run? (33:30) Browns confused coverage: How did Justin Herbert keep torching them? (44:00) Odell Beckham Jr: "I'm ready to give up on it...It's like he's not on Baker's radar." (59:45) Davante Adams: How do the Packers keep abusing defenses with him? (1:12:30) Trey Lance: "There's some wow, and there's some whoa." (1:22:10) Najee Harris: "He's Le'Veon Bell 2.0"


Week 5 Recap: Allen and Herbert making MVP case

(3:45) Bills def. Chiefs: "Patrick Mahomes is not 100%" and are the Bills the best team in the NFL? (16:20) Chargers def. Browns: Justin Herbert, MVP candidate. And Cleveland makes the wrong kind of history. (23:35) Cardinals def. 49ers: Is Arizona the best team in the NFC? And are things going south for Kyle Shanahan? (32:55) Packers def. Bengals: Ja'Marr Chase gets a victory lap. And is 200 yds enough to change Chris' mind on Davante Adams? (40:40) Steelers def. Broncos: "Chase...


Week 5 Picks: My Boy Blue vs Mahomie

(3:30) TNF: Rams at Seahawks (5:55) Jets vs Falcons (hello London!) (8:40) Eagles at Panthers (10:35) Packers at Bengals (13:20) Patriots at Texans (16:30) Titans at Jaguars (20:00) Lions at Vikings (21:40) Broncos at Steelers (24:25) Dolphins at Buccaneers (26:20) Saints at Washington (28:50) Browns at Chargers (33:30) Bears at Raiders (36:10) 49ers at Cardinals (39:50) Giants at Cowboys (44:00) SNF: Bills at Chiefs (47:20) MNF: Colts at Ravens (50:15) Best Bets & Folsom...


WTF Happened Wednesday: Cowboys balance & Justin Fields bounces back

(2:50) Cowboys offense: How Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas O-line ripped off a big run. (16:45) Seahawks offense: Is it any different under Shane Waldron? (20:15) Trey Lance: How did Deebo Samuel get so wide open? (32:30) Patrick Mahomes: After missing a Tyreek Hill TD last week, he cashed in this time. (45:45) Lamar Jackson: A Broncos safety underestimated his arm, and paid for it. (54:30) Justin Fields: As Matt Nagy says he's sticking with the rookie, Chris has a plan for how they can...


Week 4 Recap: Brady's return & Cards make a statement

(2:25) Buccaneers def. Patriots: Chris was impressed by Tom Brady, despite the underwhelming stats. (13:25) Cardinals def. Rams: Does Arizona have the best offense in the NFL? (21:30) Seahawks def. 49ers: Seattle just keeps surviving, and can Trey Lance save the 49ers offense? (29:00) Cowboys def. Panthers: Dallas kicks off an offensive-line edition of Damn! Okay (35:20) Ravens def. Broncos: Was it BS for Baltimore to run a final play to extend their rushing record? (40:30) Packers def....


Week 4 Picks: Brady vs the Pats

(2:45) TNF: Jaguars at Bengals (4:40) Washington at Falcons (7:25) Texans at Bills (10:00) Lions at Bears (13:15) Panthers at Cowboys (15:40) Colts at Dolphins (17:15) Browns at Vikings (20:10) Giants at Saints (22:20) Titans at Jets (25:45) Chiefs at Eagles (27:45) Cardinals at Rams (30:10) Seahawks at 49ers (33:00) Ravens at Broncos (35:20) Steelers at Packers (38:55) SNF: Buccaneers at Patriots (45:25) MNF: Raiders at Chargers (48:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick


WTF Happened Wednesday: Stafford to DJax & Mahomes misses

We self-scouted ourselves and took a different approach this week to make the podcast more audio-friendly. Chris goes deep on quarters coverage, and Ahmed breaks down a flea flicker. (3:30) Packers-49ers: How the same play came up big for Green Bay on both offense & defense. And what does Jimmy Garoppolo do for the 49ers that Trey Lance doesn't? (23:55) Aaron Rodgers: Chris breaks down his beautiful TD and "that" throw to Davante Adams. (37:00) Matthew Stafford: How did DeSean Jackson get...


Week 3 Recap: Rodgers magic & "The best team in the AFC"

Chris is on a heater with his best bets and he's not hiding it. Then he and Paul hit every game from a wild Week 3 Sunday. (4:40) Packers def. 49ers: "This makes me think differently about Green Bay moving forward" (14:50) Rams def. Buccaneers: Now everybody is seeing what Simms has always said about Matthew Stafford (21:25) Chargers def. Chiefs: Justin Herbert is special, while Patrick Mahomes was "too cool for school" (28:35) Bills def. Washington: "Buffalo is the best team in the...


Week 3 Picks: Bucs-Rams heavyweight fight + Rodgers back to Cali

Mike is reeling after Chris' 3-0 Best Bets performance last week. (2:45) TNF: Panthers at Texans (4:10) Washington at Bills (6:50) Bears at Browns (9:30) Ravens at Lions (13:00) Cardinals at Jaguars (15:00) Chargers at Chiefs (17:30) Saints at Patriots (20:55) Falcons at Giants (23:25) Bengals at Steelers (25:55) Colts at Titans (29:15) Jets at Broncos (32:15) Dolphins at Raiders (35:15) Buccaneers at Rams (40:10) Seahawks at Vikings (43:40) SNF: Packers at 49ers (50:15) MNF:...


WTF Happened Wednesday: Kyler & Carr lasers & Justin Herbert's mistake

It's another WTF Happened Wednesday as Chris breaks down some of the biggest plays of the week. Then the guys invite former NFL Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan on to teach us about recovery timelines for the big QB injuries of the week. (5:45) Kyler Murray: How a Patrick Peterson gaffe led to a big play for the Cards. (23:15) Derek Carr: How Minkah Fitzpatrick's mistake led to a Henry Ruggs bomb. (33:45) Derrick Henry: How a key AJ Brown block sprung him for a monster TD. (46:05) Justin...


Week 2 Recap: Damn! Okay Lamar Jackson + Zach Wilson's INTs

Ahmed is back, and he is swaddled in Under Armour swag. He and Chris hit every Week 2 game with Damn! Okay, Self-Scout Thyself, and Give Me The Headlines. (4:45) Ravens def. Chiefs: "Their whole gameplan is around Lamar Jackson" (13:40) Raiders def. Steelers: "He's the MVP of football after 2 weeks" (22:20) Titans def. Seahawks: Derrick Henry broke Seattle's defense (29:30) Panthers def. Saints: "Their defense is a freak show" (35:40) Cowboys def. Titans: "Micah Parsons looks like he's...


Week 2 Picks: Mahomes vs Lamar + Browns & Bills get right

Mike and Chris are ready to bounce back in their picks after an underdog-dominated Week 1. (1:55) Giants-Washington (5:40) Saints-Panthers (9:45) Bengals-Bears (12:55) Texans-Browns (15:10) Rams-Colts (18:20) Broncos-Jaguars (20:00) Bills-Dolphins (22:40) Patriots-Jets (24:30) 49ers-Eagles (27:30) Raiders-Steelers (30:15) Vikings-Cardinals (33:55) Falcons-Buccaneers (36:00) Cowboys-Chargers (39:15) Titans-Seahawks (42:05) Chiefs-Ravens (45:50) Lions-Packers (49:50) Best Bets...


WTF Happened Wednesday: Tyreek Torches Browns, Steelers stifle Allen

It's our first WTF Happened of the season, and Chris has a new toy to break down every play. (6:05) Chiefs def. Browns: How did Tyreek Hill torch Cleveland (again)? (18:15) Rams def. Bears: How did Cooper Kupp get so wide open? (31:20) Steelers def. Bills: How did the Steelers contain Josh Allen? (43:15) Saints def. Packers: WTF happened on Aaron Rodgers' "nut shot" INT? (52:00) Raiders def. Ravens: How did Derek Carr burn the Baltimore blitz? (1:03:35) Buccaneers def. Cowboys: How did...


Week 1 Recap: Damn! Okay, Kyler Murray + Start Justin Fields

It's the first Recap Monday and there's a lot for Chris and Paul to break down. The guys go through nominees for "Damn! Okay...", "Self-Scout Thyself", and "Victory Lap" to decide what games we can overreact to. (4:05) Chiefs def. Browns: "Cleveland treated Tyreek Hill like a pedestrian" (13:40) Seahawks def. Colts: "I'm not sure there's a better trio that can go to the house on every play" (16:00) Rams def. Bears: How is Matthew Stafford helping Sean McVay get better? (19:35) 49ers def....


Week 1 Picks

Oh baby, football is back, and so is the Florio-Simms joint collaboration! After a wild Kickoff game, Chris does his picks from Raymond James Stadium while blocking out the noise (literally). (2:40) Eagles at Falcons (5:00) Steelers at Bills (7:45) Jets at Panthers (9:40) Vikings at Bengals (12:45) 49ers at Lions (14:50) Jaguars at Texans (16:25) Seahawks at Colts (19:00) Cardinals at Titans (20:30) Chargers at Washington (22:50) Browns at Chiefs (25:25) Dolphins at...


2021 Playoff Bracket & MVP Predictions

Chris introduces our new sponsor, just in time for the long-awaited 2021 predictions podcast. But first, Chris gives some thoughts on college QBs he saw this weekend and Paul recaps working the epic Notre Dame-Florida State game. (8:45) AFC East: Will the Patriots take the division back from the Bills? (12:20) AFC North: Can Chris get over his Browns mental block? (15:55) AFC South: Will the Colts get past their bad preseason? (18:40) AFC West: Can anyone challenge the Chiefs? (21:40)...


Patriots cut Cam Newton + NFC Win Totals

As the Patriots cut Cam Newton, Chris tells the story of the time he was a potential backup for Bill Belichick. (5:45) #AskMeAnything: Is Andy Reid building a running O-line? How did Sam Darnold look in the preseason? (11:05) GUEST: Big Phil: Papa Simms returns to give his outlook for Mac Jones. And can Trey Lance fix his throwing this season? (45:25) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC East (56:55) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC North (1:02:35) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC South (1:10:20) Win Total...


Start Justin Fields + AFC Win Totals

Chris tells us what should (and will) happen in the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears QB battles. Then he and Paul pick over/under for AFC win totals. But first, Simms explains how he dodged a face-full of cake Sunday night. (5:30) Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance: Did Kyle Shanahan show his hand yesterday? (23:30) Cam Newton vs Mac Jones: What does Mac bring to the Patriots that Cam (and Tom Brady) did not? (35:15) Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields: "Have I seen everything I need from Justin Fields?...


#AskMeAnything on Jameis & Trevor + GUEST: Injury expert Mike Ryan

We hit the mailbag to answer questions about young QBs and impressive rookies. And then Chris and Paul welcome on Sunday Night Football's injury expert, Mike Ryan, to talk about how worried we should be about Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Carson Wentz. (3:15) Jameis Winston: Chris has changed his mind on the Saints QB battle. (8:50) Trevor Lawrence: Does the Jaguars offense fit him? (15:30) Tua Tagovailoa: "I don't Tua last year throw's this football" (25:10) Lamar Jackson: "It's not...