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Episode 21: Camel Toe and NFL Cheerleading Rights

"Come Correct" is officially legal! Bring on the Hennessy! Cati & Bri tackle the most recent music releases from Cardi B and Drake, NFL Cheerleaders and teach DJ Skinny about camel toe.


Episode 20: Dancing In The Mirror Naked To Beyoncé with Model, Actress and Dancer SelBreezy

Come Correct turns 20 episodes old! We celebrate by preventing thigh sweat in the summer #ThickThighsSaveLives, talking about the NFL possibly pulling the race card and #MarchForOurLives. We had a very special guest and triple threat in the game SelBreezy (@selbreezy) talking about self confidence and loving yourself while working int he modeling industry.


Episode 19: The Black Yelp With Guest DJ VKY Smallz

So much female energy on this episode of Come Correct! DJ VKY Smallz takes over for DJ Skinny and gives us sounds from some powerful women in music while The Ladies tackle their busted NCAA brackets and the possibility of another Black Wall Street.


Episode 16: Black Women Handling Business with Dani #BlackGirlMagic

We had A LOT to cover on Episode 16 of Come Correct! We missed last week so we cover the Super Bowl, talk about Black Panther, Valentine's Day gifts and Black women doing their thang in the world of business. William Paterson senior and president of Caribsa, Dani talks about her #BlackGirlMagic event coming up this week! Enjoy!


Episode 15: Interracial Dating

On this episode the Ladies make Super Bowl LII predictions, Grammy snubs and the thin line between admiring and fetishizing in interracial relationships. Follow Us: Instagram: Comecorrect_live Twitter: Comecorrectlive


Episode 14: Workin' On Our Fitness with Fit Factory's Jessi Corredor

This episode we tackle Super Bowl match ups and welcome in our first guest of 2018, trainer and owner of The Fit Factor, Jessi Corredor. She debunks workout myths and talks about being a boss lady in the world of fitness! Follow Jessi and her crew on Instagram @njfitfactory. Follow Come Correct Instagram: @comecorrect_live Twitter: @comecorrectlive


Go Malley Guac Somewhere Else

This week, the Ladies Of Come Correct talk about some of their favorites, spreading balls on toast and recap their Thanksgiving weekends! Also, the listeners had a chance to submit their questions, which we answered on air! Thank you for everyone who sent in a question and we are forever grateful for your continued support! Follow Us! IG: ComeCorrect_Live Twitter: ComeCorrectLive


Episode 6: Be A Man!

Well it finally have infiltrated our show. JK! Inorder to talk about masculinity we had to invite two lovely gentleman onto our show. Thank you Na'fee and Quawee for lending your voices and ideas on the topic of masculinity. On Episode 6 we tackle what it means to be a man. Is it okay for men to cry? Can a man be a stay at home dad while his woman brings home the bacon? We need the answers! Follow Us! IG: ComeCorrect_Live Twitter: ComeCorrectLive


Episode 5: Dating. What's really going on?

We are here to stay ya'll! The ladies of Come Correct are official members of Trauma Radio! Shout out to our brothers at Trauma Radio for believing in us and our vision. On Episode 5, the ladies tackle dating. What is "dating?" Can you date multiple people at once? When do you take the next step? What if your partner doesn't want to? Does sex complicate things? We heard from our listeners and answered their questions. Have some feedback to add? Email us at or hit...


Episode 3: Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse with Cheyenne Jacobs

It's Episode 3 ya'll and things got serious. The ladies of "Come Correct" sat down with current NYU student and sexual abuse and domestic violence survivor, Cheyenne Jacobs. They talk about the facts and figures of domestic violence and the hurting and the eventual healing process. This episode does contain sensitive stories and content that may be upsetting to some listeners. Suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255 National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673 Domestic Violence Hotline...


Episode 1: We Gotta Get Rid Of All This Bad JuJu

"Come Correct" was started by 4 women of color on a long car ride back to NJ after a not so fun VA College Beach Weekend. Maya Papaya, CatiDash, Keyoncé and Bri will provide their raw and witty commentary on sports (that's right, women talk about sports and ROUTES *cough cough Cam Newton*), politics, relationships, mental health, culture, social issues and so much more. On episode one, the ladies of "Come Correct" introduce themselves and talk about how the show came to be. They also touch...