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Comic Book Breakdown is a podcast in which the host examines and breaks down the how, why, and back-matter of some of pop culture's most beloved characters. Updates every Thursday.

Comic Book Breakdown is a podcast in which the host examines and breaks down the how, why, and back-matter of some of pop culture's most beloved characters. Updates every Thursday.


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Comic Book Breakdown is a podcast in which the host examines and breaks down the how, why, and back-matter of some of pop culture's most beloved characters. Updates every Thursday.




12.7 Fantastic Four v3 - The Accused

A mysterious dream heralds the arrival of a dangerous threat - Ronan the Accuser - and the Fantastic Four find themselves without allies to face it. But what does Ronan want with the Four? And why does it take them to Earth's moon? Join me as I return to breaking down Fantastic Four volume 3 with issues 13 and 14.


13.2 Superman - Our Worlds at War part two

Man of Steel 115 sees Superman - and the population of Metropolis - ABDUCTED BY ALIENS. And when Superman learns who is behind it, he finds that nothing is what it seems. Then, in Action Comics 780, President Luthor orders Superman to Berlin, to save the city from the invading General. Who is this masked man and what personal connection does he have with Superman? Join me as I continue to breakdown the Our Worlds at War crossover.


13.1 Superman - Our Worlds at War - part one

Breakdown makes a surprise stop at 2001's Superman crossover event, Our Worlds at War this time around. Join me as I breakdown Superman's attempt to save the kidnapped planet Pluto, his battle against the Suicide Squad, and President Luthor's attempt to save the planet - as war looms over it.


12.6 Fantastic Four v3 - It ALL Comes Together

The Fantastic Four go to war-torn Genosha in order to save their kidnapped member, Reed Richards. But against the combined might of Ayesha and Crucible, in a land where they aren't welcome, do they stand a chance? Join me as I finishing breaking down the first year of Fantastic Four volume 3 with issues 11 and 12.


12.5 Fantastic Four v3 - the Hunted

The Human Torch's old pal, Spider-Man, swings by for a visit and, with new character Caledonia, they must survive the deadly traps of Kraven the Hunter! Then, in issue 10, the spotlight shifts to Mr. Fantastic, as his lack of brilliance becomes evident - and a kidnapping attempt by the nation of Genosha takes full advantage of it. Join me as I break down issues 9 and 10 of Fantastic Four v3!


12.4 - Fantastic Four v3 - the Power of the Babe

The bounty hunting aliens called Technet pursue Alyssa and Franklin through the mean streets of New York City in Fantastic Four issue 7. Then, in issue 8, the team comes to their rescue - only to face the near endless might of the Captain Britain Corps! Join me as I breakdown another two issues of Fantastic Four volume 3.


12.3 Fantastic Four v3 - New Foes; Old Flames

In issue 5 of Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic and the Thing encounter the mysterious Crucible - whose plan is more than it seems. Then, in issue 6, a group of bounty hunting aliens crash the FF's home as they search for Franklin Richards. Join me as I breakdown another two issues of Fantastic Four vol. 3.


12.2 - Fantastic Four vol. 3 - Harsh Lessons

Old foes return in new forms as the Fantastic Four ring in the new year. In issue 3, Mr. Fantastic is all that stands between the super-intelligent, super-powered, Super Apes. Then, in issue 4, the Mole Man's kingdom has gone missing and the FF have to stop the world-destroying Terminus to save it.


12.1 - Fantastic Four vol. 3 - No Place Like Home

Marvel's first family return to the Marvel Universe! A new creative team and threats both known and new join the World's Greatest Comic Magazine as I breakdown the third volume of Fantastic Four, issues one and two.


May Check-in

Hows you doing? I take a break from breaking down comics to talk about mental health, how things've been, and some of the collections that I've been assembling lately.


11.6 Battle Chasers - Battle's End

Gully learns the tragic past of her half-brother, Sebastius, as Battle Chasers comes to a close. Knolan returns to Capital City, a wounded Monika finds safety with Garrison, and we look to the future as I examine Nightwar, the 2017 video game sequel to the Battle Chasers comic.


11.5 Battle Chasers - A Father's Legacy

Garrison is offered a new job by King Vaneer - one that Red Monika can't afford him turning down. Meanwhile, Gully is stalked by the corpse-gathering monster, the Borrower. But why did Sebastius Nefar unleash such a beast - and why does he want Aramus' gloves? Join me as I breakdown Battle Chasers issues 7 and 8.


11.4 Battle Chasers - New Challengers Appear

Gully and Calibretto fight a monstrous djnnn, Knolan battles the magical Cranius, and Garrison finally faces the monk Brass Demur as the Battle Chasers defend Capital City in issue 5. As they recuperate from their efforts, menaces old and new alike approach - one of them much closer than anyone knows. Join me as I breakdown Battle Chasers #5 and 6.


11.3 Battle Chasers - Haunted by the Past

Hunted for her father's gauntlets, Gully has fallen under the protection of the mage Knolan and the war golem Calibretto. But her pursuers haven't lost her trail yet in Battle Chasers #2. Then, in #3, Red Monika takes us along on a heist that has dire implications for the land.


11.2 Battle Chasers - the Battle Begins

Gully, daughter of the missing hero Aramus, has fled into the night after her home was attack by werewolves. So begins her quest to find her father, but thankfully, she won't adventure alone. Meet the war golem Calibretto, the magical Knolan, the reluctant swordsman Garrison, and the roguish Red Monika as I breakdown Battle Chasers #1 and 2.


11.1 Battle Chasers - A Dark and Stormy Prelude

There was no comic artist whose work I loved more than Joe Mad's when I first started buying comics. When he launched Battle Chasers in 1998, my fantasy-loving-heart was about ready to explode - but will the same be true 22 years later? Join me as I breakdown Joe Mad's journey through Uncanny X-Men, the founding of Cliffhanger Comics, and the Battle Chasers Prelude.


10.11 Maverick - Team X/Team 7

A listener suggestion! Before he was a solo mercenary, Maverick was part of Team X - a covert operations unit made up of himself, Sabretooth and Wolverine. And at some point in their past, Marvel's Team X met up with Wildstorm Comic's Team 7. This was too fun of a match-up to miss, so join me as I breakdown Team X/Team 7, the graphic novel.


10.10 Maverick - Mission Complete

Maverick's journey to a solo book took three years of publishing and it's finally come to a close. But I've got 12 whole issues to talk about and wrap up, the fates of Maverick and Chris Bradley to cover, AND my own pitch for how some small changes could've upped the stakes in the final arc. Join me as I explore the legacy of Maverick.


10.9 Maverick - Mortal Coil

Maverick has to escape a dungeon, face Sickle and Omega Red again AND stop Ivan the Terrible from accomplishing his plan in the final two issues of his ongoing series. Join me as I break down Maverick issues 11 and 12.


10.8 Maverick - Red Reign

Maverick's hunt for answers leads him into battle with the assassin called the Confessor. Then, Maverick finds himself in the clutches of Ivan the Terrible once more - and Ivan has some mean plans for the mercenary. Join me as I breakdown issues 9 and 10 of Maverick.