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A Cowboys Fan vs. A Seahawks Fan and their mutual love for all things NFL Football

A Cowboys Fan vs. A Seahawks Fan and their mutual love for all things NFL Football


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A Cowboys Fan vs. A Seahawks Fan and their mutual love for all things NFL Football






087 : Super Bowl Recap; Hips Don’t Lie

The 2019 NFL season is officially in done! Bryan goes through his recap of Super Bowl LIV. What went right for the Chiefs along with what went wrong for Niners, and did the game live up to expectations? He covers the halftime show and of course the commercials too. Then it’s NFL news time with a Cowboys and Seahawks contribution.…Continue Reading→


086 : Super Bowl Week; Sports Can Be An Escape

We are back and just in time for the big game. Bryan does a very quick recap of the Seahawks final 2019 game, and then moves on to Super Bowl discussion. What is the biggest key for each team to beat the other according to Bryan? Find out those and why he thinks you should be careful before picking your…Continue Reading→


085 : ’19 Divisional Round; Shaken Up, Things Have Been

What a crazy Wild Card Weekend it was. We had 4 really good games and Bryan talks about them all, but dives deep into what the Seahawks did in Philly to take down the Eagles and move on to the Divisional Round this week. There is also some NFL coaching news to go over, including a new coach for the…Continue Reading→


084 : ’19 Wild Card Weekend; Technical Difficulties

An episode cut short, but still full of good content. Bryan has a lot to say about the week 17 matchup for the NFC West title. He also has some things to say about Dallas and their final game of the season. He goes through how the final playoff seeding turned out, who was let go on Black Monday, and…Continue Reading→


083 : ’19 Week 17; This One Is For All The Marbles

Let’s not focus on the past and the embarassment of Week 16 and move past it to Week 17 and the games that matter now. Cowboys need a win and an Eagles loss to keep their playoff hopes alive. Seahawks face the Niners in a Sunday Night Game for the division title and hopefully a bye week in the playoffs.…Continue Reading→


082 : ’19 Week 16; Go In With Low Expectations

Cowboys rebound, Seahawks hang on, and week 15 was a doozy! Bryan recaps the week and the big Cowboys win, as well as the Seahawks winning and clinching a playoff berth. Where does everyone sit now in the playoff hunt? The Patriots look pretty damn guilty with the new evidence. Drew Brees is one of the greatest, and he just…Continue Reading→


081 : ’19 Week 15; Why Take the Hard Road?

Why do they have to make everything more difficult? The easy path was right in front of them, and yet, they choose not to even look at taking it. We are course referring to the Seattle Seahawks. It was a loss for both our teams in week 14. Dallas falls to da Bears, while Seattle doesn’t even come close to…Continue Reading→


080 : ’19 Week 14; One Rises, While the Other Falls

We make the final turn into the final quarter of the 2019 season with only 4 games left. The Seahawks are ascending in the NFC ranks while the Cowboys continue to stumble to the finish line. Loaded episode. Quick recap of Week 12, then an in depth look at the week 13 loss for the Cowboys and the thrilling Monday…Continue Reading→


079 : ’19 Week 12; Every Game Matters Now, ft. Dean Giles and Dennis Alstad

Dean and Dennis are back! Dean Giles jumps on with Bryan to recap the Cowboys win in Detroit and preview what they must do to beat the Patriots in New England this week. He also gives his thoughts on the Seahawks vs Eagles game and a couple tidbits on the Colin Kaepernick situation. Then the one and only Dennis From…Continue Reading→


078 : ’19 Week 11; What Did We Just Witness?

Was that the craziest football game you have ever seen? It had to be pretty close. Week 10 goes out with a bang with the Seahawks beating the Niners in overtime. Bryan breaks that one down and also discusses the Cowboys losing to the Vikings and how it was the worst possible time for the Cowboys to lose a game.…Continue Reading→


077 : ’19 Week 10; Things Are About To Get Interesting

HUGE week for both the Cowboys and Seahawks. Dallas has a chance to really put a strangle hold on the division, while Seattle has the chance to challenge the Niners for the NFC West. In this episode, Bryan recaps the Seahawks week 9 win and then with special guest, Dean Giles, goes over the Cowboys week 9 win and previews…Continue Reading→


076 : ’19 Week 9; Tale of Two Halves

Back again, this time with Bryan riding solo. Quick week 7 recap and a good rant in his week 8 recap. Why can’t the Seahawks just have a good, easy, clean win? Just one? Michael Bennett now in Dallas is hilarious, the trade deadline was a bust, and there are a couple of must see games on the schedule this…Continue Reading→


075 : ’19 Week 7; Oh Look, Another Flag!

Another week flies by, kind of like all the flags flying in the air during an average NFL game these days. Andrew recaps the Cowboys loss to the Jets, while Bryan goes over another semi-ugly win for the Seahawks, this time against the Cleveland Browns. Plus, Ramsey is traded, Mariota is benched, and Bennett is suspended. Week 7 previews include…Continue Reading→


074 : ’19 Week 6; Stats Don’t Lie, Or Do They?

We roll into week 6 with some fire! In their week 5 recaps, the guys have two very different stories to tell with the Cowboys losing their second in a row and the Seahawks taking down their division rival. Is it time for Cowboys fans to panic? Are the Seahawks an NFC favorite now? In NFL stories, the guys discuss…Continue Reading→


073 : ’19 Week 5; Share the Cake!

Can’t believe the first quarter of the season has come and gone. The guys give their assessment of their teams so far, how week 4 went, and what do both teams need to do to win in week 5. On top of that, there is a healthy discussion about all the flags being thrown this season, and how it’s hurting…Continue Reading→


072 : ’19 Week 4; Spicy Nuggets Are Back

Andrew returns healthy and ready to talk about his Cowboys and their 3-0 success. He recaps both the week 2 win against the Redskins, and the week 3 win against the Dolphins. How does this offense keep ticking? What’s different? How much confidence does he have going forward. All questions are answered. On the other side of the couch, Bryan…Continue Reading→


071 : ’19 Week 3; Don’t Downplay the Competition

Bryan is riding solo this week with Andrew out sick. He does his best to talk Cowboys and rants and raves about the week 2 results of his Seahawks. What went right and what went wrong? Eli Manning, all the injured QB’s, Jalen Ramsey rumors, and the rigged Patriot’s schedule are the news stories of the week. For a week…Continue Reading→


070: ’19 Week 2; The Great Clavicle Epidemic

The first week of NFL games are in the books and what an opening week it was. Andrew’s Cowboys went all out in all phases of the game and beat the Giants. Dak had an MVP style performance and probably added a couple million to his impending extension. Andrew is a happy guy and shares this thoughts on the game…Continue Reading→


069 : ’19 Week 1; Are You Ready For Winning?

We finally made it to week 1 of the 2019 football season!!! We have to look back before we can look forward though so the guys give a quick review of the 4th preseason game for both teams, what the impacts were that bled over to cut day, and ultimately, who is and isn’t on the 2019 rosters. Huge news…Continue Reading→


068 : Your Journey, Nears Its End

The regular season is now that light at the end of the tunnel. The guys go over the happenings from the dress rehearsal games, talk about team news, and then what to look for in the final preseason game. Is there a Zeke update? Has CJ Prosise risen from the dead? Bryan and Andrew also give their take on Andrew…Continue Reading→