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046 : ’18 Week 15; Overtime, Primetime, and Squirrels

We cannot believe that week 15 is already here. It feels like just yesterday, we were previewing the season. We were looking at hopefully Dallas taking the next step and becoming a playoff team, and looking at Seattle hoping they would win 5 games. Both teams have been surprising in different ways but both teams look to lock up playoff…Continue Reading→


045 : ’18 Week 14; Non-Stories, Playoffs, and Butt Fumbles

We finish up recapping week 13 with the Seahawks big win over Richard Sherman’s Niners. That’s a whole lot of talk for nothing isn’t it Richard? That win paired with other results makes the playoff picture for the Seahawks a real possibility, and the guys discuss that for both teams. Before previewing the big games of week 14, the NFL…Continue Reading→


044 : ’18 Week 13; A Little Late, Some National Attention, and The Bitter Ex

Better late than never. Flu season attacks the guys and this week’s episode comes to you on a Friday! Some quick recaps of week 12 games, but a lot of attention to the opening game of week 13. The Thursday Night Football game in Dallas was HUGE for the Cowboys. Lots of analysis, reaction, and good things to say from…Continue Reading→


043 : ’18 Week 12; Some Awesome, A Little Bummer, and All Must Wins

Week 12 is here, which means the smell of deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy is in the air. Thanksgiving is upon us! After big wins by both teams in week 11, they are presented with a couple more “must win” games to keep their playoff hopes alive. Dallas plays division rival, Washington while Seattle heads to Carolina to…Continue Reading→


042 : ’18 Week 11; Running Hard, Throwing Soft, and Lots of Tackles

Week 10 has come and gone, Cowboys win, Seahawks lose. Now both with the same records once more. The Seahawks visited the Rams and put up 31 points, but ultimately the high powered Rams offense did what they do. The Seahawks may have exposed some weaknesses in the Rams defense, but in the end, the Seahawks are that team that…Continue Reading→


041 : ’18 Week 10; Bad Schemes, Ugly Scenes, and Crushed Dreams

An episode full of ranting! Ok, not a ton of ranting, but still, there is plenty to be said after terrible losses for both teams. Andrew goes through all the issues in Dallas from terrible play calling, terrible execution, and Dak’s continued struggles. In Seattle, Bryan saw almost an identical game with garbage play calling, terrible clock management, and some…Continue Reading→


040 : ’18 Week 9; New Faces, New Places, and Reese’s Pieces

Week 9 is here! But we cannot move forward without first looking back at what we went through to get here. Dallas had a bye week so Andrew has nothing to recap. Bryan got to watch his Seahawks go to Detroit and dominate. What did he like to see? What still irritated him? How is this team doing what they…Continue Reading→


039 : ’18 Week 8; Big Trades, Days Off, and Snap Infractions

While Bryan enjoyed a nice Sunday off with no Seahawks, Andrew had to endure a Cowboys loss against the Washington Redskins. What went wrong? Andrew has plenty to say about what went down, both bad and good, and of course the snap infraction. What the hell is a snap infraction? And this week, it’s his turn for a bye week,…Continue Reading→


038 : ’18 Week 7; Tea, Crumpets, and Offensive Explosions

So many offensive explosions all over the NFL during week 6. Seahawks dominate the struggling Raiders in London while the Cowboys take down one of the top defenses, in fact, it was no contest. The guys talk recap their games in great moods! The Cowboys drop 40 on the Jaguars, and where has that offense been this season? Andrew is…Continue Reading→


037 : ’18 Week 6; Offense, Defense, and Moral Victories

It was a rough week 5 for Seahawks fans and Cowboys fans. At least in Seattle, there was some offense. Too much offense in fact from the visiting team but that’s not important. The guys go over what happened in week 5, including a little rant from each of them. Big mistakes were made in each game that cost them…Continue Reading→


036 : ’18 Week 5; Creativity, Identity, and Dropkicks

Andrew returns! Back from his work trip to DC, Andrew quickly gives us part 2 of Episode 35, and then the guys jump right into recapping week 4 and looking ahead to week 5. Both teams sit at 2-2 and both Bryan and Andrew still aren’t sure what to make of the respective teams. Big tests this week as the…Continue Reading→


035 : Part 1 : ’18 Week 4; Running, Passing, and Tiger Woods

With Andrew on a work trip, Bryan must fly solo for Part 1 of our week 3 recap and week 4 preview. Nervous, Bryan navigates through the Seahawks big win against the Cowboys. They ran the ball!!! He gives his Awesome of the Week and his Bummer of the Week, and you may be surprised on who gets that coveted…Continue Reading→


034 : ’18 Week 3; Winning, Losing, and FitzMagic

Week 2 is in the books and we have a winner in the Cowboys and a loser in the Seahawks. Andrew saw some encouraging things with his team from Dallas while Bryan saw nothing encouraging out of his hometown team and his rant in this episode clearly says that. Check out their thoughts on both games. Plenty of other NFL…Continue Reading→


033 : ’18 Week 2; Missed Kicks, Bad Picks, and RPO’s

Week 1 of real football is in the books!!! Bryan and Andrew discuss their team’s losses, what went right, what went wrong, and try to look on the bright side of things. Earl Thomas returns and so does bad offensive line play and lack of pass rush. Dak doesn’t look great, but he’s sandwiched between Cam and Goff, which can’t…Continue Reading→


032 : ’18 Week 1; Crisp Air, Bacon, and Real Football

Football season with games that count are upon us!!! We made it through the preseason, and it’s time now to get the 2018 regular season under way. Who made the team? Who didn’t? How do the rosters look? Some guys made some big money this week and NFL contracts will never be the same. What will Russell Wilson get? Dallas…Continue Reading→


031 : Hot Peach Cobbler and a Billion Dollars

Real football is almost here. It’s the last week of preseason and the guys find plenty to talk about despite how boring this week usually is. Cowboys have offensive line concerns, not good. Seahawks have pass rush concerns, not good. The mailbag was full of questions that spur some great discussions over Jerry Jones quotes, passing yards leaders, hot takes,…Continue Reading→


030 : Smoke, S’Mores, and Safeties

Better late than never we always say!!! The guys get together for a quick episode after Bryan was gone most of the week on a little camping trip. On the Cowboys side of things, they play again Sunday, and Andrew likes what he has seen from training camp. The only big issue, seems to be the hits to their bread…Continue Reading→


029 : It’s Preseason, Just Chill Bro!

Another week of camp, and the preseason continues to roll on. The guys recap the first game, and preview the next one, going over what they are hoping to see out of both the Cowboys and Seahawks. As camp continues for each club, what is being seen that is encouraging, disappointing, or downright frightening? How’s the injury front look for…Continue Reading→


028 : Growing Pains

As training camp continues for both the Cowboys and the Seahawks, the teams experience some growing pains. We too go through a little growing pains this week as we record our first episode in our new space. The sound isn’t quite right yet but like the whole podcast, it’s a work in progress. Please forgive us. Anyways, we actually get…Continue Reading→


027 : Look At All Those Clicks You Got There!

First week of training camp is in the books and there is already a lot going on. Find out who is standing out, who is still holding out, and who is already out with an injury. On top of all the excitement in camp, there is always other drama to deal with. Andrew tackles the SiriusXM vs Dez Bryant story…Continue Reading→