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020 : Sometimes, I Guess There Just Aren’t Enough Rocks

The Draft is a week away, but it wasn’t a boring week at all. The Seahawks were busy signing backup QB’s while turning away, the most talented available. They were signing kickers to bury the memory of the Blair Walsh Project as deep as possible. And they were talking about making the hard decision to let a player go that…Continue Reading→


019 : You’re Killin’ Me Smalls!

Our podcast is old enough to drink in Canada eh!!! We are all over the place for this one. The Dez Bryant saga continues in Dallas, while the Earl Thomas rumors continue in Seattle. Will Andrew Luck ever come back from his injury and be great again? In the offseason, we don’t just cover football, we cover whatever we want.…Continue Reading→


018 : Are We There Yet?

The offseason can drag on and on. The time between free agency excitement and the draft is like standing in the longest line ever to get into a cool show. It was quiet in Dallas and Seattle, but the guys recap the little things that did happen. There’s controversy over a different rule now in the NFL, and flag football…Continue Reading→


017 : Careful What You Wish For

The Free Agency period continues and some big names make some moves. The Cowboys actually make some moves of their own and finally sign some free agents, and now Andrew is excited! Up in Seattle, the Seahawks sign some defensive guys from Minnesota for some revenge on the Vikings getting Sheldon Richardson. The owners meetings are going on and with…Continue Reading→


016 : Our Super Sweet Sixteen Podcast Episode

OMG!!! The big number 16 episode! The guys eat some cake and recap what was a crazy first week of NFL Free Agency. From the quiet happenings in Dallas to the very loud happenings in Seattle, they cover it all. Dallas continues to put their focus towards the upcoming draft, while up in the Pacific Northwest, the Seahawks make big…Continue Reading→


015 : It’s Not You, It’s Me; Breakups Are Tough

What a crazy week it has been, and NFL Free Agency hasn’t even officially begun yet! In this episode, we dive into the lack of activity from the Cowboys so far, the abundance of moves the Browns have made, and how the Seahawks look to be blowing things up. We go over the big names that have already been moved…Continue Reading→


014 : It’s Speculation Season, Let the Fun Begin!

The 2018 NFL Combine comes to a close. Who stood out? Who made an impact? Free agency and a new league year is up next, and with that comes plenty of reckless speculation. Bryan gets a chance to rant about the one and only Earl Thomas, and his situation with the Seahawks. He also gives updates on Bennett, Jimmy Graham,…Continue Reading→


013 : Are They Worth It?

The fresh new talent gets ready to go on stage and show teams they are worth those draft picks, while the veteran talent wait around for their futures to be decided. And in the middle of it all, an unlikely name gets a big extension. Are they worth it? Worth the draft picks? Worth the cap space? Worth $26.5 million…Continue Reading→


012 : We All Have Priorities

The offseason is long and boring, but the guys try to keep it exciting. Franchise tags are the first topic of conversation; who will be tagged by the Cowboys and Seahawks. While there isn’t a lot happening in Dallas or Seattle, they dig up some news for both teams. The best discussions happen around an ESPN article about the biggest…Continue Reading→


011 : Football Is Like Star Wars; Our Last Jedi Review

The offseason is slow, so the guys bring to you their second ever SPECIAL EPISODE!!! This time around they tackle a subject very close to both their hearts…STAR WARS, THE LAST JEDI!!! Bryan and Andrew give their honest review of Episode VIII of the Skywalker Saga. This isn’t your average movie review and having two very passionate Star Wars nerds…Continue Reading→


010 : Survive The Ground

The first Sunday of the offseason has come and gone and the guys are already itchin’ for more football. It’s NFL rules discussion time in this week’s episode. What needs to be changed? The guys talk kickoffs, pass interference, over time rules, challenges, fumbles, and of course…The Catch Rule. What is a catch? Nobody knows, but Andrew has some good…Continue Reading→


009 : The End Is Just The Beginning

The Super Bowl has come and gone and the end of the 2017 NFL season is here. The guys recap Super Bowl 52, which was a game for the ages. They discuss MVP Nick Foles, and how he played the game of his life and went toe to toe with the legend that is Tom Brady. They break down what…Continue Reading→


008 : Special Edition; Anger Leads to Hate

Our first ever Special Edition episode!!! With it being Super Week ahead of Super Bowl 52, the timing is perfect for a little something extra. The guys tackle the subject matter of why we hate certain pro athletes and with Tom Brady playing Sunday, it needed to be talked about. They go through a list of 25 of the most…Continue Reading→


007 : Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, & The Toilet Bowl

It’s Super Week!!! The biggest week in the NFL is upon us and the guys are pumped up to talk about the big game. First, a quick recap of the Pro Bowl, a big “other football” news story, and then it’s on to Super Bowl mania. They don’t just stop at previewing the game though, they also go through their…Continue Reading→


006 : Return of the Patriots

Just when you think you got them, their fearless leader Tom Brady leads them to victory once again. The Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. Yawn, so much yawning, kind of like the yawning during the NFC Championship game. We recap both of the games, discuss the Super Bowl 52 matchup and wonder when Brady will one day…Continue Reading→


005 : Bortles Strikes Back

Bortles continues his NFL domination! The Divisional Playoffs are done and they were fantastic. Bryan and Andrew recap the games including the exciting finish in Minnesota. Andrew takes us through the Cowboys coaching news for the week, and Bryan goes through the crazy coaching news coming out of Seahawks headquarters. They also premier the “Our Teams vs The Offseason” segment…Continue Reading→


004 : Emptiness, Despair, & Bortles

Wild Card Weekend is in the books! Bryan and Andrew recap each game and preview the upcoming Divisional Round games. Blake Bortles is still in the playoffs?? In NFL News, the guys touch on the drama in Foxboro surrounding the Patriots, how bad have concussions become and is the NFL Concussion Protocol actually doing what is meant to accomplish, and…Continue Reading→


003 : Our Only Hope…There Is Another

The regular season is over, and playoffs get underway this weekend. Unfortunately, both our teams are sitting out the playoffs this year. We discuss how each team did in week 17 to finish their seasons, and Bryan even gets to rant about what went wrong in Seattle for the Seahawks. We discover that Andrew doesn’t love all wins, and hasn’t…Continue Reading→


002 : Week 17; There Can Be Only One

What a game it was….for the Seahawks anyways. We recap the big game and what went wrong for the Cowboys as well as what went right for the Seahawks as they keep their playoff hopes alive. We also talk about Dez, his buddy Earl’s comments after the game, and how Zeke did in his big return. In the news we…Continue Reading→


001 : Week 16; A Rivalry Brewing?

We recap a Cowboys win and the Seahawks getting stomped on in week 15. There are a few good stories around the NFL, and we get into those and then preview the big matchup in Dallas between Bryan’s Seahawks and Andrew’s Cowboys. The maiden voyage of the Common Ground Football Podcast begins now…


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