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Listen to Man and Bone's mindless conversations about sports, pro wrestling, and moving to Greenland. Catch the live experience weekdays from 3pm-6pm on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.


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Listen to Man and Bone's mindless conversations about sports, pro wrestling, and moving to Greenland. Catch the live experience weekdays from 3pm-6pm on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.




Common Man & T-Bone Weekend February 4, 2023

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone February 3, 2023

Happy Friday! The OSU hoops team disappointed us once again, Gene gave the Holtmann a vote of confidence, Deion is really turning over the Colorado roster, the Reds made some easy money, Buckeyes have the best football uniforms, NHL players don’t want to expand the playoffs, we create a new sitcom & we do Tool of the Week.


Common Man & T-Bone February 2, 2023

Happy Thursday! Buckeyes have to win tonight or it’s all over, we chat about common last names, NCAA getting involved in NIL infractions, we chat about how NIL is affecting OSU, Man’s a fan of Lucy Lawless, Iowa fans are not happy, Paul Giamatti has lost his mind & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone February 1, 2023

Happy Wildcard Wednesday! Tom Brady retires again and needs to eat some real food, Man tells us a sad Valentine’s Day story, Urban says he won’t coach again, CBJ lose to the Caps in OT, we answer lots of Wildcard Wednesday questions & we do Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone January 31, 2023

Happy Tuesday! Man’s happy that Bone’s having a bad day, Eleven Warriors ranked Buckeye QB’s since 2000, NFL championship games got big TV ratings, the Broncos get Sean Payton, we do Rapid Fire, Buckeyes get a transfer, the Queen shows up & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 30, 2023

Happy Monday! The Bengals suffered a tough loss to KC, the refs were not at their best, the Eagles beat the 49ers who didn’t have any healthy QB’s, both OSU hoops teams are having a bad time, Man went to Disney on Ice, we c hat about Gravy & The Sleaze, the Broncos reached out to Harbaugh, Eli Apple can make some easy money & we do Yikes!


Common Man & T-Bone Flashback January 29, 2023

Here's a flashback to 2015 with Man & Bone chatting about our Deadball Game and Bone falling off the wagon eating cupcakes & nutty bars. Enjoy!


Common Man & T-Bone Weekend January 28, 2023

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone January 27, 2023

Happy Friday! We preview the NFL conference championship games & give our predictions, a Clemson player had a unique injury, OSU has set a new revenue record, Beyonce is having a big night, Laurinaitis is coming home, Bone has cursed the OSU women’s hoops team & we do Tool of the Week.


Common Man & T-Bone January 26, 2023

Happy Thursday! The Panthers are recycling an old coach, you have to a crazy person to in radio, there’s an asteroid coming close to the Earth, there was an on court incident with a food delivery, the CBJ had a nice win last night, old people like to text emoji’s, Tress supports Ryan Day, Man is frightened by his Roomba & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone January 25, 2023

Happy Wednesday! It’s a Wildcard Wednesday, we chat about the Cocoon-Brimley Line, OSU hoops had their worst game of the year, Man’s upset at the baseball HOF, we love Rory McIlroy, we answer lots of Wildcard Wednesday questions & we do Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone January 24, 2023

Happy Tuesday! Tuesday’s are now Too Hot! Tuesday, OSU women’s team suffered their first loss, NFL on TV is a juggernut, we chat about your Too Hot! Takes, CBJ lose in Johnny’s return to Calgary, we do Rapid Fire, we preview the MLB HOF selections & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 23, 2023

Happy Monday! We’re taking suggestions for SFX on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, the Bengals dominated the Bills, it was great to watch a playoff game in the snow(how it should be), we recap the rest of the NFL weekend, take a look the point spreads for the championship games, we waste time on bedroom nicknames & we do Yikes!


Common Man & T-Bone Flashback January 22, 2023

The city of Columbus is chatting about putting in an outer-outer belt. Well, we said this should happen back in 2017. Listen to our mindless conversation about building the 671 which became the 971. Enjoy!


Common Man & T-Bone Weekend January 21, 2023

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone January 20, 2023

Happy Friday! Rimer’s commercial was the highlight of the CBJ game, all of Man’s teams are bad, we preview the NFL playoff weekend, Buckeye men’s hoops are in another must win game, we have a pee pee scandal, chat about an overpriced house, we chat about some NIL issues & we do Tool of the Week.


Common Man & T-Bone January 19, 2023

Happy Thursday! We talk about the dudes who suck at basketball, Buckeyes should be able to compete for titles, CBJ are making some smarter lineup decisions, Harbaugh isn’t getting along with his AD & has an issue with the NCAA, we chat about an expanded 270, come up with new TV show reboots & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone January 18, 2023

Happy Wednesday! We’re really excited for Wildcard Wednesday, Man explains the origin of his Mother Bar, we chat about soap fragrances, Florio has another story that aggravates Man, we recap the latest CBJ loss, OSU hoops have to win tonight, we learn some new ping pong terms & we do Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone January 17, 2023

Happy Tuesday! We recap the Cowboys win over Tampa & Man believes that Brady can’t help any team now, we recap the CBJ loss and give thoughts on not playing Sillinger, Browns hire a new DC, Buckeyes get a QB from the portal, we chat about Shakira, we do Rapid Fire & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 16, 2023

Happy Monday! CJ officially announces he’s going to the NFL, Bengals struggle but get the playoff win, we recap the rest of the NFL playoffs, M&B want more live sporting events during the day, the Reds Phil Castellini shows his stupidity again, the OSU hoops team has us in a rage, Harbaugh is returning to Michigan & we do Yikes!