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Listen to Man and Bone's mindless conversations about sports, pro wrestling, and moving to Greenland. Catch the live experience weekdays from 3pm-6pm on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.

Listen to Man and Bone's mindless conversations about sports, pro wrestling, and moving to Greenland. Catch the live experience weekdays from 3pm-6pm on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.


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Listen to Man and Bone's mindless conversations about sports, pro wrestling, and moving to Greenland. Catch the live experience weekdays from 3pm-6pm on 97.1 FM in Columbus, on The Fan App, or at The Fan, Ohio's Sports Destination.




Common Man & T-Bone January 18, 2022

Happy Tuesday! The Rams made easy work of the Cardinals who were exposed last night, Odell was able to have success with the Stafford, the Raiders are making changes & Harbaugh may be interested, some bad news for the Bengals, stop with all of the love for Mike Brown, we chat about old TV shows, Apple’s getting into the sports broadcasting business, PFF hates CJ, coaching titles are getting out of hand, we do Rapid Fire & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 17, 2022

Happy Monday! Common Man made some cookies and shared them with us & a lucky listener, Bengals snapped their long playoff drought, the Bills rolled the Patriots, Tampa had no problems with Philly, Chiefs started slow but crushed the Steelers, the 49ers won a crazy game against the Cowboys, full time refs should be a real thing, Belichick isn’t going anywhere, the CBJ embarrassed themselves, we tell you all about Spalding University, we chat about who will take over for Big Ben, Bills fans...


Common Man & T-Bone Weekend January 15, 2022

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone January 14, 2022

Happy Friday! We start off talking about classic NFL playoff games, the CBJ had a great win on the road, OSU hoops lose at Wisconsin, we make our predictions on the Bengals game, preview the other NFL playoff games, Tirico will be bleeding from the eyeballs soon, Harbaugh may be leaning toward staying at Michigan, baseball experiments have come to an end, Olympic athletes need burner phones & we do Tool of the Week.


Common Man & T-Bone January 13, 2022

Happy Thursday! The CBJ & OSU hoops are both back in action tonight, Ryan Day making big coaching staff changes, the Texans fire head coach David Culley, the NFL is pandemic proof, Bengals are getting healthier, Joe Judge is having a party, Bone of Education on ants, Viagra helps you beat the cold, check your ears for cockroaches, NFT’s are crazy & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone January 12, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Panama Ted goes the extra mile for the listeners, Marco’s in Hawaii riding horses, we tell you everyone named Fox, the CBJ lose again, you need to spend money to win titles, Antonio Brown regrets his actions, the Browns have no issues with keeping Baker without a new deal, Buckeyes football schedule gets tweaked, MLB & players union will finally meet, we chat about a way too early Top 25 & we do Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone Uncensored January 12, 2022

Here's the 3rd edition of the CM&TB Uncensored Podcast. Man & Bone chat about the art of radio for the first twenty minutes before they bring in the Platinum Fox to take your questions.


Common Man & T-Bone January 11, 2022

Happy Tuesday! We did another uncensored podcast today & it drops at midnight, Georgia snapped their championship drought, we look at the odds for next year’s champions, Buckeyes finish 6th in the final poll, Seth Jones won’t be playing against the CBJ tonight, Browns say Baker’s their guy, we do Rapid Fire, Alabama & Georgia fans had some interesting internet searches last night, Common Man recaps his WB party & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 10, 2022

Happy Monday! Common Man finally beat Super Mario, OSU hoops win without the Holtmann, Browns beat the Bengals in a meaningless game, the last game of the NFL regular season was wild, we chat about the firings around the NFL, Harbaugh’s name being mentioned for these jobs, Carson Wentz lets the Colts down, we know where the Browns will be drafting, Doss makes the college football HOF & we do Yikes!


Common Man & T-Bone Weekend January 8, 2022

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone January 7, 2022

Happy Friday! Common Man’s back on the ‘gram, new report on Harbaugh going to the NFL, OSU hoops lose to Indiana, CBJ lose to the Devils, Buckeyes looking for a new OL coach, Common Man tells his chicken nugget story, we give you some interesting NIL stats, we do our NFL picks & have Tool of the Week.


Common Man & T-Bone January 6, 2022

Happy Thursday! Common Man may need a relief host so he can do a number two, Antonio Brown explains his actions for leaving the game, NFL doing away with the Wonderlic tests, Aaron Rodgers calls reporter a bum, we chat about Dave Grohl, Jags fans are dressing up as clowns, it’s the return of Bone of Education on things we don’t know, Baker’s upset at the Cabbage & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone January 5, 2022

Happy Wednesday! The CBJ looked terrible again last night & Common Man’s running out of patience, Bengals will be missing some players against the Browns, we had some weird college football last night, conference bowl records don’t matter, we recap Ryan Day’s Morning Juice appearance, we’re going surfing in Duluth, take a look at possible names for WFT, we discuss Brian Kelly’s accent & we go Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone January 4, 2022

Happy Tuesday! We chat about Common Man’s hate for the show Scrubs, we agree with Little Mermaid’s father, the Browns lose to the Steelers and are a dysfunctional mess, Harbaugh may be headed to the NFL, Rob Manfred is a bad commissioner, selling farts can be hazardous to your health, Joe Burrow’s knee will be fine, we do Rapid Fire, huge XFL news & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone January 3, 2022

Happy Monday! It’s our first show of the new year and we’re all here today, Buckeyes beat Utah in the Rose Bowl, OSU WRs are unbelievable, CJ & JSN broke every record in the game, Herbie had a hot take on opt outs, Bengals win the AFC North, Browns have been eliminated from the playoffs, Antonio Brown walked out on the Bucs, the CBJ had an epic meltdown & we do Yikes!


Common Man & T-Bone Weekend January 1, 2022

Happy Weekend!


Common Man & T-Bone December 30, 2021

Happy Thursday! Common Man’s wearing his Italia jacket today, the CBJ are finally back in action tonight, we chat about Matt Barnes’ future with the Buckeyes, there was some record bad in the NBA last night, Baker’s getting death threats & Common Man gets fired up, we our NFL picks, Common Man promises to sing more in 2022 & we do Would You Rather.


Common Man & T-Bone December 29, 2021

Happy Wednesday! Common Man forgot to wear his Italia track jacket today, we discuss clothing lines, we’re not excited for the bowl games, Tony the Tiger was a big influence on Common Man, we react to the passing of football legend John Madden, Herbie defends the Rose Bowl, we chat about bathroom routines, Aaron Rodgers plays victim again & we go Name Dropping with Jeff Rimer.


Common Man & T-Bone December 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday! Common Man is back and Timmy Hall is filling in for Bone this week, we discuss Christmas with the family, dressing down for holiday week at work, we chat about the new Covid protocols, Common Man still isn’t excited for the Rose Bowl, he rants on Christmas decorations, Ryan Day updates us on his team’s health status, we discuss what sound bites we could sell, we do Rapid Fire, we’re fine with the NHL not going to the Olympics & it’s Game Show Tuesday.


Common Man & T-Bone December 27, 2021

Happy Monday! Tim and Dave Biddle were in for Man and Bone today. They spend the first hour grieving of all the games that have been lost due to COVID. They gave you an update on the Jackets taxi squad at the end of the first hour. The Bengals are legit, the guys talked about Joe Burrow and his record setting day. They guys are argued on the best way to get their kids to play sports. They did Yikes halfway through the second hour. Then they ended by talking about the Browns.