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Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.

Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.




Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.






Cory Wallace and the art of lockdown in Nepal

In mid-May, Cory Wallace, the three-time 24-hour mountain bike champion and Annapurna circuit record holder from Jasper, Alta., was living a simple life in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, which is where he’s been since the country went into lockdown in late March. He's had lots of time to think and even cook up a wild escape route from Nepal that he's mentioned on his website. It's only something he'd use if, as he says, "it does go sideways." In this episode of the Canadian Cycling Magazine...


Ryder Hesjedal's victory at the 2012 Giro d'Italia

On this day, eight years ago, Ryder Hesjedal was in the midst of the final rest day of the Giro d’Italia. He had worn the pink leader’s jersey for three days, lost it, got it again and lost it once more before that rest day. Hesjedal was still in a good position overall, but could he really win the Italian Grand Tour against the explosive Joaquim Rodríguez? Listen to this interview with Hesjedal as he discusses the race in detail, the composition of his Garmin-Barracuda team and the...


The last time there were no Olympics

International events kept Gordon Singleton, Louis Garneau and Steve Bauer from the Moscow Games. What they experienced can offer guidance to cyclists waiting and wondering about Tokyo 2020. Also, an interview brought to you by Structure Cycleworks. Loni Hull, founder of the Calgary-based mountain bike company, discusses his unique front linkage system. It is literally, WTF: without telescoping fork. Please rate and review the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast wherever you get your...


They went on a subarctic fat bike trek, and then the whole world changed

In March, Buck Miller, Eric Batty and Ryan Atkins covered all 721 km of the Wapusk trail by fat bike. The trail is the world’s longest winter road, which runs between Peawanuck, Ont., and Gillam, Man. Sections of the trail are close to Hudson Bay. Last year, they rode along James Bay, a trip they called the James Bay Descent. The Wapusk trail trip was longer and more remote. RELATED Lessons from the James Bay Descent This year’s trip is not only a fascinating adventure but it speaks to...


When Steve Bauer was 1 cm away from winning Paris-Roubaix

Do remember what race was supposed to run this Sunday? It was supposed to be Paris-Roubaix. But more important, do you remember who won Paris-Roubaix on April 8, 1990? Well, when Belgian Eddy Planckaert and Canadian Steve Bauer crossed the line on the Roubaix velodrome 30 years ago, neither of them was sure. After a lot of deliberation by race officials, the win went to Plankaert. After 265.5 km of hard racing, Planckaert beat Bauer by millimetres. In March, Canadian Cycling Magazine editor...


Michael Woods has had bad luck, but also some lucky breaks

Two weeks after Michael Woods crashed out of Paris-Nice, he was in Girona, Spain, his broken right femur on the mend. “I’ve been crutching outside to get my blood checked,” he said. The EF Pro Cycling rider was taking blood thinners following his surgery. “I go about 1.5 km from my place. It’s a good workout.” Because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Spain, the country had been on lockdown since March 14. Woods found the empty streets of Girona eerie. After the crash, Woods was taken to a...


Canadian pros preview the Hoogerheide cyclocross World Cup

From drunk fans to a course that's muddy even when it’s dry, listen to tales of the Hoogerheide cyclocross course and its atmosphere during the World Cup. This Sunday, Canadian champions Maghalie Rochette and Michael van den Ham will compete in the final event of the CX World Cup series. Ruby West, the under-23 Pan Am champ, will also be there. Hear what they have to say about the Dutch race. Also, CX veteran Aaron Schooler has a story about how hard it can be simply getting from the team...


Lessons from the national cyclocross championships

Top riders from the Canadian cyclocross championships speak about what some of their wins and disappointments mean, and about the event itself and some things we can look forward to next year. If you missed our coverage of CX nats, check out our reports and galleries. Jake Williams, from frenemy podcast The Lantern Rouge, checks in from the Pan Am championships. You can see all the muddy action in our galleries from the event. Podcast art by Maxine Gravina Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn The...


Pros preview CX nationals and Pan Am championships

Canadian star ’crossers Maghalie Rochette, Michael van den Ham, Jenn Jackson and Ruby West look ahead to two of the most important cyclocross races in Canada: the national championships and the Pan Am championships. Coach Peter Glassford has advice for transitioning to trainer season. He shares great tips for riding on the spot throughout the winter. Hamilton rider Ed Veal recently spent 24 hours riding on a trainer. He was chasing a distance record within the Zwfit platform. Listen to the...


How to ride in costume this Halloween

During the cross country mountain bike season, Sandra Walter can rip up the course. For late October cyclocross races, she dresses up. Her costumes have included a cave woman, a monster, Pippi Longstocking, Minnie Mouse, a cow and some sort of sea creature. Walter offers tips on how you can get in costume and race this Halloween. This past Thanksgiving weekend, editor Matthew Pioro and producer Adam Killick raced an Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series event in Ottawa. Pioro spoke with...


Catharine Pendrel and Haley Smith take on the Epic Israel

Two top Canadian mountain bike riders teamed up recently to race Epic Israel. Catharine Pendrel of Cliff Pro Team and Haley Smith of Norco Factory Team took on the four-day stage race in the north of Israel. Pendrel, who has won the cross country World Cup series three times and the world championships twice, kept an audio throughout the event. Coach Peter Glassford has tips that will help you run better when you have to get off your bike in a cyclocross race. Cyclocross racers Maghalie...


The Moneyball of Canadian cycling and road cycling world championships preview

Behind the scenes throughout the past 15 years, Kevin Field has been using data to improve Canada’s cyclists. He helped orchestrate this country’s success at the 2018 road world championships. In this episode, he discusses numbers and previews the 2019 road cycling world championships in Yorkshire, England. Full Send/No Send on the Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal, Team Canada’s efforts at those one-day races, Nick Zukowsky’s KOM and Maghalie Rochette’s cyclocross World Cup...


Why Michael Matthews likes the Quebec one-day WorldTour races

Michael Matthews looks back on five appearances at both the Grands Prix Cyclistes de Québec and Montréal, especially his wins at the two events in 2018. He gets into the tactics of the races he says are real thinking games. For Matthews and other pros, the GPs are exciting because there’s always something going on. Many pro and amateur cyclocross racers target CX weekends with competitions on both Saturdays and Sundays. Such events are athletic and logistical challenges. Coach Peter...


Did Catharine Pendrel’s puppy help her to a World Cup podium?

Catharine Pendrel talks about her springer spaniel Mingus, the Lenzerheide World Cup – where she was on the podium with her fifth-place finish – and the upcoming mountain bike world championships at Mont-Sainte-Anne. In 2018, Pendrel and Haley Smith rode together and won the Swiss Epic. In this interview, Pendrel reveals what race she and Smith will be tackling together after worlds. “It really reminded me that being a racer is not just what I do; it’s who I am,” Pendrel says. “I love that....


Michael Woods and his Tour de France debrief

This past July, some of gravel cycling’s top minds and practitioners gathered in Peterborough, Ont., to ride and discuss gear. Matthew Pioro spoke with members of the Shimano Gravel Alliance, a group that the Canadian Cycling Magazine editor believes is the “Gravel Avengers.” He wants to know who their Thanos is. Related: The Canadian influence on Shimano’s new gravel groupset Leah Kirchmann of Team Sunweb took second place at La Course by Le Tour de France. It was a thrilling race that...


Kicking off summer in style at Sea Otter Canada

Canadian Cycling Magazine heads to Blue Mountain, Ont., for the Sea Otter Canada cycling festival. Editors Matthew Pioro and Dan Walker, and photo editor Matt Stetson, bring you the vibes from the event. They are impressed that on the first day, the first Friday of July, that there are a good amount of people at the expo. Walker figures they had read ‘12 excuses you can use to sneak out of work early.’ Pioro and Walker take on the 120-km gran fondo. Stetson, a longtime mountain biker, rides...


Special Tour(s) edition with the first Canadian to crack the top 10

When you think of this country’s pioneering riders in the Tour de France, you probably think of Steve Bauer and Alex Stieda. But 35 years ago, six Canadians—Marilyn Trout (née Wells), Kelly-Ann Way, Suzanne Lemieux, Hilary Brown (née Matte), Senta Bauermeister and Jacqueline Shaw—not only rode the Tour de France Féminin but distinguished themselves in that event. Trout, the group’s historian, looks back at the group’s accomplishments. Read the Canadian Cycling Magazine feature on the six...


Climbing tips and riding far with Fara Cycling

Contributor Molly Hurford has tips that will help you go up hills a little quicker. She talks about training, body positioning and the muscles you want to engage when climbing. She also has some inside information on the climbing competitions at Sea Otter Canada: the Grind Uphill Challenge and the Hill Climbing Championships. "When you see a corner coming up and it looks like it's the end of the climb, it absolutely is not," she says. In Full Send/No Send, Matthew Pioro and Dan Walker...


Haley Smith on her best mountain bike World Cup finish

At the Nové Město World Cup, Haley Smith crossed the line in third place. It marks her best result at mountain bike World Cup. She reflects on race at one of her favourite courses. “When you feel good on a course, you find that flow zone a lot easier,” she says. “At Nové Město, it feels like mountain biking in Victoria. It’s physical and technical, but it’s also fun.” She also talks about her struggles with mental health. Smith looks ahead to the rest of the season, and the wedding she and...


Riding the roads of the Giro d’Italia and behind the scenes with B.C.'s Knolly Bikes

If you’ve been watching the Giro d’Italia, you’ve seen the Emilia-Romagna region. Stage 9 passed through it. Editor Matthew Pioro rode in the area a week before the pros got there. After you hear about Pioro’s experience, you’ll want to head there, too. Social media editor Dan Walker and Matthew Pioro debate Giro smack talk, bad bike-maintenance karma and the no-look right turn in Full Send/No Send. Canadian MTB web editor Terry McKall starts a new series that focuses on Canadians who are...