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Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.

Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.




Cycling stories from across Canada and around the world. We talk to pros who ride on the road and the trails. We also talk about gear, riding and training. It's bikes, bikes and more bikes, eh.






The inside story of Hugo Houle’s Tour de France stage win

As Hugo Houle crossed the line in Foix on July 19, he pointed to the sky. He had accomplished a goal he had had for close to 10 years: win a Tour de France stage for his brother, Pierrik, who died after being struck by a vehicle while he was out for a jog. In this episode, find out what went into that victory, the decisions made out on the road and how a rider can be transformed. Featuring Houle himself, Michael Woods, Steve Bauer and Antoine Duchesne.


How an 18-year-old Canadian signed with Ineos Grenadiers

In late September, it became official: 18-year-old Michael Leonard signed with Ineos Grenadiers for three years. About a month later, he returned home to Oakville, Ont., from his base in Italy. He was staring at his new team bike, but couldn’t ride it. In this episode, find out why Leonard wasn’t taking that sweet new Pinarello out, as well as how he landed on the pro cycling’s richest team. Also, the Matts talk riding in Italy—where Hansen was recently to check out Campagnolo’s...


How a judgement on U.S. Postal rocked Canadian cycling

On Oct. 10, 2012, almost 10 years ago, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) released its reasoned decision, a comprehensive investigation into doping by Lance Armstrong and other members of the U.S. Postal Service and Discovery Channel cycling teams. The document brought charges against Armstrong and supported USADA’s call to strip Armstrong of his results, including his seven Tour de France wins. The reasoned decision sent reverberations up to this side of the U.S./Canada border. Michael...

What’s next for Olympian and national champ Leah Kirchmann?

This past August, Leah Kirchmann revealed that she’ll retire from professional road racing following the world championships in Wollongong, Australia. Kirchmann turned pro 12 years ago. In that time she’s ridden with Optum presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies (now Human Powered Health) and Team DSM, the latter since 2016. In this episode, Kirchmann looks back at career highs, such as the team time trial at the 2017 world championships and her three maple-leaf jerseys from the 2014 national...


JaBig, the DJ and far-ranging rider, on his six-month cycling tour of the U.S.

JaBig, a.k.a. Jean-Aimé Bigirimana, is known for his huge rides, including a 15-month, 17,000 km trek on a fixie across Canada that took him to the Arctic Ocean. His most recent adventure was around the U.S., from the northwest, down the Pacific coast, east across southern states, north on the Atlantic side and then back west. In this episode, JaBig looks back on his big ride. He’s a great storyteller with tales about bike theft, serious attention to gear, harrowing rides through unwelcoming...


She was supposed to be a reserve rider, but Magdeleine Vallières Mill did the Tour de France Femmes and more

Tour de France Femmes, the Giro d’Italia Donne, Paris-Roubaix—those are just a few of the races Magdeleine Vallières Mill did during her first season on a WorldTeam. The 21-year-old rider from Sherbrooke, Que., had 40 days of racing, supporting her EF Education-TIBCO-SVB teammates. This year, Vallières Mill also opened a bike shop, called Qui Roule, in her hometown with her father and two business partners. In this episode, she looks back at the busy season, as well as important moments in...


‘I have to know that it’s not in the disco socks’

It’s Laurie Arseneault’s second season with Canyon MTB Racing. The squad was a total powerhouse at the national mountain bike championships in July, where she took the short track event and her teammate Emily Batty won the XCO title. In August, the day after the World Cup at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Arseneault returned to her place in Bromont, Que. She had had a tough XCO competition as she faced a few mechanicals. Still, she was glad she could race in front of friends and family, and vowed to...


Road and criterium national champion Maggie Coles-Lyster is on the podium a lot

This past June, Maggie Coles-Lyster won the national championship road race and the national championship criterium. Of the two results, the crit win was possibly less of a surprise. Coles-Lyster has been on the podium at American Criterium Cup races regularly throughout the past two years. Still, she’s no stranger to longer road events, including the Joe Martin Stage Race where she took the young rider’s jersey in 2021. In this episode, Coles-Lyster looks at the significance of both her...


Canada’s first Action Jackson, her WorldTeam and the new Tour de France Femmes

In 1997, Linda Jackson was third at the Tour Cycliste Féminin. The 12-day stage race, with two split stages, was the closest thing to a Tour de France for women at the time. In 2004, Jackson started a women’s team that has now become EF Education-TIBCO-SVB. That team will be at the new Tour de France Femmes, starting on July 24. In this episode, Jackson discusses her career as a cyclist, the growth of her team and the new women’s Tour. What can that race do for women’s cycling and what...


There are three Canucks going to the Tour de France. No! Four. Wait. Five?

Oh, things move fast these days. Matthew Pioro and Matt Hansen are joined by former pro Michael Barry to preview the Tour de France. How many Canadians will be there exactly? Well, check out the discussion around Guillaume Boivin that was nicely prescient. And don’t forget Steve Bauer. The trio discusses a bridge that could have a significant effect on the race, cobbles and the main contenders. Can Tadej Pogačar be beaten? Also, Euro Disney [?!] and Michael Woods’s chances of taking a stage...


The Biking Lawyer has tips for staying safe on the road

Since 2020, Dave Shellnutt, the Biking Lawyer, has been a legal force behind cyclists in southern Ontario. With his partner Joel Zanatta based in Vancouver, the pair cover a lot of ground advocating for riders. At Canadian Cycling Magazine, editors often call on Shellnutt when they need an expert quote or insight about road safety and cyclists' rights. Shellnutt is quite active in the community. He not only commutes, but races gravel, too. He does workshops. He’s also behind the Bike...


Michael van den Ham and Andrew Randell talk gravel racing, gear and tips for big days on rough roads

Ahead of gravel racing’s biggest event, Unbound Gravel, two racers discuss the discipline of riding the bumpy stuff. Former pro-roadie and coach Andrew Randell will be racing Unbound for the first time. He talks about his preparation for the 200-mile event. Canadian cyclocross star Michael van den Ham, who started racing gravel in 2018, looks at how much the sport has changed in four years. He was second at his first gravel event, Mid South, after he finished his cyclocross season that year,...


Ryan Roth on winning Tro Bro Léon, but no pig, 10 years ago

In this episode, former pro Ryan Roth recounts his big win in northern France. In 2012, the rider from Kitchener, Ont., won Tro Bro Léon, a race that features gravel sectors called ribinoù. Its famous prize is a pig, however, Roth didn’t leave the podium with livestock. No, the pig goes to the best-placed rider from Brittany, the region within which Tro Bro is held. Tro Bro can be a chaotic race. Riders, sport directors and race officials each often have only a partial picture of what’s...


Kelsey Mitchell, beyond big watts

You’re no doubt familiar with Kelsey Mitchell’s story. It’s not only been documented in the pages—both print and web—of Canadian Cycling Magazine, but it’s also retold at the start of a recent docu-series called Back on Track, which focuses on the athletes at the Champions League that ran in the fall of 2021. Mitchell got into track cycling a bit later than most elites. In 2017, at the age of 23, she attended an RBC Training Ground talent identification event. She churned out some serious...


Pier-André Côté on his big win and on managing risk in bike races

In March, Pier-André Côté won the one-day race Grand Prix Criquielion. He rides for Human Powered Health and is now in his fourth year with the U.S.-based ProTeam. The team’s race schedule has been bringing Côté to Europe pretty consistently since 2019. The sprinter is from Gaspé and he grew up in Levis, near Quebec City. His current home is Girona, which makes for a solid European base. In this episode, Côté discusses connections between hockey and cycling and the nature of risk in bike...


How Bridge Bike Works plans to make carbon frames in Toronto

Michael Yakubowicz and Frank Gairdner are behind Bridge Bike Works, a new company that’s aiming to roll out a made-in-Toronto carbon-fibre bike this summer. Join the duo for a tour of their factory to learn more about how a modern bike is made. Also, find out why these two Canadian guys think it’s a good idea to work with composites right in their city. This episode is brought to you by GCN+. Canadians can get 25 per cent off of a subscription to the service that streams races (including...


What could freak out Svein Tuft? [rebroadcast]

You’re probably familiar with Svein Tuft’s legendary tales, such as the time he used a broken hockey stick to chase away a wolf that was menacing him and his dog, or how he had a hairy mountaineering descent in the rain. But what used to freak him out? Well, it’s not wolves or slippery heights. Tuft retired from professional road cycling at the end of 2019. In November 2020, the Langley B.C., native moved back to his hometown with his family after living in Andorra for eight years. In this...


Kevin Field and Premier Tech u23 have an ambitious plan to put more Canadians in the WorldTour

When the Premier Tech u23 Cycling Project debuted this past November, the team said it wanted to get some of its riders in the WorldTour by 2024. By 2026, the outfit—which includes Dylan Bibic, Carson Miles, Charles-Étienne Chrétien, as well as seven others—is hoping to have placed five or six riders into the top ranks of road cycling. It’s an ambitious plan. One of the people behind it is Kevin Field. Field has been dubbed the Moneyball of Canadian Cycling because of his ability to crunch...


Top Canadian cycling stories of 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, the editors of Canadian Cycling Magazine get together to discuss the biggest stories in Canadian cycling. Olympics, Paris-Roubaix, the downhill world championships and even the current cyclocross season—the team gets into the details of the top performances of this country's athletes, as well as some of the biggest developments in the sport. Also, is now the time Canadians should really embrace racing bikes on snow? You can also listen back to interviews with the...


Was this Guillaume Boivin’s best season ever?

If you’re on top of your Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast listening, you’ll recall that Guillaume Boivin was on this past summer. He was in the midst of his first Tour de France, while also looking forward to his first Olympic appearance. He was on track for a very good season. And then, things got really good. In mid-September, he won his second elite national road race championship. Later that month, he got a top-20 result at the world championships. Then, Boivin had a fantastic ride at...