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Recomp Body Recomposition Specialist

Recomp Body Recomposition Specialist




Recomp Body Recomposition Specialist




Sports Nutrition Supplements that Work

My latest podcast: Sports Nutrition Supplements that “work”. Yes, the title is pure click-bait. But that is appropriate for a class of garbage, snake-oil products that set the standards for overpromising and underdelivering. What I have to say is not your typical biochemistry scientism waffle. This is a real world discussion about a half-dozen supplements […]


Introduction to How To Do Body Recompositioning

I finally explain what body recompositioning is and the ridiculously simple, logical and obvious way to go about doing it… that nobody else seems to do. And I also rant about why the popular methods are so silly, as usual. This is essentially the basis for most of my diet and training ideas.

Damon Hayhow Podcast: Anti-Aging Medicine BS Rant

This is a purely self-serving rant about the widespread, but utterly moronic belief, that hormonal medications are a miraculous elixir of youth that will make all men look, feel and function like 18 year olds, for the rest of their lives until they die. It is such a shame to see Anti-aging medicine subverted by […]


Damon Hayhow Podcast: Blood Tests in Bodybuilders Part 4: Testosterone

Testosterone is the most horrendously overhyped and misunderstood hormone in the human body. It is the victim of the most absurdly hysterical misinformation from all sides of the manufactured argument. As should be expected, it is neither a deadly killer nor holy grail. I explain the simple realities of testosterone.


Damon Hayhow Podcast: Blood Tests for Bodybuilders Part 3: Cortisol

You’ve probably heard of Cortisol. You’ve probably heard its an evil hormone which only exists to ruin your physique and make you miserable. As usual, the reality is closer to the opposite of the common understanding; in more ways than you can imagine. Find out how cortisol can actually help you lose fat, grow muscle […]


Nathan Wallace Interview on Training

I chat with Pro Natural Bodybuilder and founder of Hold Your Own, Nathan Wallace, about training. If you want to watch our talking heads, for some strange reason, it is also here on YouTube


The Truth About Muscle Fibre Types

Muscle fibre type is yet another irrelevant academic construct which has been blown out of all proportion. It has even become the basis of some ridiculous training protocol recommendations. The truth about muscle fibre types is not hidden and not complicated; but it seems to have been completely overlooked. So I try to explain it […]


Blood Tests in Bodybuilders Part 2

Part 2 of the Damon Hayhow Podcast about interpreting blood tests in bodybuilders. This episode discusses the Full Blood Exam, Iron Studies, Prostate Specific Antigen tests and haemochromatosis hysteria.


The Damon Hayhow Podcast: Understanding Blood Tests Part 1

In this episode I explain the standard Liver Function Test (LFT) and Lipid Profile Test from the perspective of a bodybuilder, and why typical explanations by GP’s are generally ridiculous, hysterical nonsense. (Specific info starts at 3:18)