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Lebron Season

2018 NBA Finals Game 1: Cavs vs Warriors Live Reactions Key Moments: 1:17:59 for McGee getting blocked by the rim 2:05:00 2:13:04 2:23:55 2018 NBA Finals Game 2: Cavs vs. Warriors Live Reactions 1:57:54 2018 NBA Finals Game 3: Warriors vs. Cavs Live Reactions 1:57:10 for KD 2018 NBA Finals Game 4: Warriors vs. Cavs Live...


Cavs/Warriors Finals 4

2:00 - Boston/Cavs Game 7 Recap 17:34 - Lebron’s greatness? 32:00 - Rockets vs. Warriors Game 7 recap 40:00 - How did the Rockets lose? 48:25 - What’s next for CP3 1:04:00 - How can the Cavs win? 1:08:00 - KD doesn’t want to be the guy 1:11:00 - Lebron as a Mixer 1:15:00 - Are the Warriors the most demoralizing team in NBA History? 1:18:32 NFL Anthem Policy


Best Two Out of Three

Feefo and Ken debate Rockets iso-ball offense 1:57 Modest on Rockets chances to win series 10:11 Curry’s game 3 front running 12:30 Eastern Conference Finals 16:58 Kyrie and Gordan Needs 21:25 Harden’s disappearing act 29:55 The Rockets/Warriors are the Finals 32:28 Jay Williams vs. Jalen Rose 43:40 Lebron and DeAndre Jordan 47:47 Cowherd’s Top 10 NBA Players 49:50 Rockets/Warriors Final Minute Live Reactions 53:55 Post game reactions 1:04:00 Blowout games impact on NBA Ratings 1:17:45


End of the Lebron James Era

This week: Game 1's reaction (3:30) Kerr: NBA Tougher (27:00) Draymond wilding out (30:42) Kyrie Irving Salty? (37:10) NBA Draft Lottery (54:48) Cavs/Celtics Game 2 4th Quarter Reactions (1:08:11) Feefo/Ken Debate Lue (1:33:27) Michael Jordan petty (1:55:17)


Celtics/Cavs, Warriors/Rockets Picks

In this episode, we discuss the upcoming conference finals featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets. Who you got winning?



Last week, we watched the Cavs steal game one. This week, we react to the Cavs sweep. This week, while watching the Jazz/Rockets game live, we discuss Donovan Mitchell's career expectations, the lackluster Sixers, players with Championship or Bust labels, Anthony Davis, Matt Ryan, the Yankees, and more. Listen above. Show Outline: Lebronto (1:25) Hood (17:43) Jazz vs. Rockets (23:45 ) Draymond text KD (32:35) 76ers vs Celtics (34:39) Championship or bust (53:23) Trade Westbrook (1:02:00)...


Is It Time to Hold Westbrook Accountable

This episode was recording while watching Game 1 of the Cavaliers and Raptors live and react to the big moments in the 4th quarter and OT. We also talk about the Oklahoma City Thunder failure, Melo’s comments, and the rest of the second round matchups. Show Outline: Cavs/Pacers Recap (5:20) Melo (12:52) Russell Westbrook (17:56 ) #KENTAKE on Kyrie Irving (35:18) Second Round Matchups (41:39) Cavs/Raptors 4th Quarter/OT Live Reactions (55:55) Pelicans/Warriors (1:07:50) Steph Curry...


New Sixers, Who Dis?

3:03 — Who should the Browns take #1? 9:18 — Should the Giants take Barkley or draft a QB? 19:15 — Baker Mayfield perfect for the Jets 22:45 — Lamar Jackson a Patriot? 28:03 — Westbrook avoids suspension 31:47 — Time to have a convo on Dame? 41:48 — Is this Anthony Davis time? 46:05 — New Sixers, Who Dis? Listener Questions: 56:39: @carlyraelooloo — Why LeBron so thkcc for no reason? Where is Dez gonna sign? 1:00:51: @Micskill1 — Why are the Trailblazers so trash? 1:01:06: @jacmayne — If...


The Patriot Way | Dead End Sports

12Kyle is back taking the helm this week. This week, we weigh in on the first few games of the NBA Playoffs thus far. We also hit a few football related topics touching on Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant and whether or not the Patriots are done as a dynasty. 6:40 Pacers/Cavaliers 21:00 Wizards/Raptors 26:03 Bucks/Celtics 33:04 Heat/Sixers 45:29 Embiid Tired of being babied 51:50 Wolves/Rockets 55:52 Pelicans/Blazers 59:31 Jazz/Thunder 1:04:41 Kawhi Done with the Spurs? 1:16:17 Dez...


2018 NBA Playoff Preview | First Round Predictions

Nuggets/Wolves Recap(0:56) Westbrook's Triple-Double Season (8:49) NBA FIRST ROUND PREVIEW Eastern Conference (19:30) Western Conference (42:59) Dead End Sports Playoff Bracket(1:06:34)


Ben Simmons vs. Donovan Mitchell

Show Notes: Pressure — Durant or Harden? (3:49) Thunder and Sixers Finals Odds (23:02) NBA Awards (48:45) Sixth Man (49:07), Coach of the Year (49:32), Defensive Player of the Year (57:32), Most Improved Player of the Year (1:03:21), MVP (1:07:19), and Rookie of the Year (1:15:04). Is Lonzo Ball A Bust? (1:48:45)


The Kobe Bryant Disrespect

Show Notes: Villanova and Michigan Title Game Recap (2:11) One and None Impact (10:10) Donte DiVicenzo’s Tweets (17:27) Mamba Mentality (22:45) Canelo Alverez and Triple G Fight Canceled (28:55) Raptors/Rockets (34:11) Can the Sixers Beat the Cavs (43:45) Race for 8th (56:09) Is Kobe Bryant being disrespected? (1:06:05) Will Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder fight in 2018? (1:22:03) Tiger Wood’s Master’s chances (1:27:06) MLB Talk (1:31:28) Brandin Cooks Traded to Rams (1:38:04) Top NBA...


Odell Beckham Jr. - To Trade or Not to Trade?

Final Four Picks and National Championship Winner (7:15) Kawhi Leonard Drama (22:18) NBA Injuries (32:17) Lonzo Ball Top 5 Defensive Guard (55:32) Kevin Love Underrated (1:00:00) LiAngelo Ball Declares for the NBA (1:05:07) Eric Reid (1:13:03) Odell Beckham Jr. (1:19:48) Markell Fultz Returns (1:31:40)


Bracket Hell, Playoff Lebron, 20 Most Dominant Athletes

Last week we previewed the NCAA Tournament and since that time, all hell broke loose. A #16 seed beat a #1 seed for the first time in tourney history, multiple top seeds crashed and burned, and there were plenty of game winners and double-digit comebacks. We kick off this week show with our key takeaways from last week March Madness (1:05). Afterward, we move on to the NBA touching on the Raptors and Rockets, Playoff Lebron, Carmelo Anthony’s legacy, and thoughts on ESPN’s 20 most dominant...



On this week’s show, we discuss the NCAA Tournament, Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins free agency signings, and dive into some NBA topics including James Harden, the Warriors without Curry, and more. Show Outline: First #1 Seed to Lose (2:16) The NCAA Conspiracy Theory (16:16) Cinderella Teams (22:30) Players to watch (29:11) Final Four Teams (34:12) Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins (40:05) Rams and Chiefs (50:09) D’Angelo Russell’s potential (58:49) Warriors Struggles (1:07:52) Dame Lillard for...


The Damian Lillard Disrespect (ft. @TheManuelBrown)

Damian Lillard is one of the most underappreciated NBA players in the league. He shows up and shows out, steps up when his team needs him the most, and is absolutely clutch. So where’s the love? This week we discuss the lack of attention the media pays to Damian Lillard and why. Here’s the show outline: Damian Lillard (1:52) Larry Nance Jr.(14:11) Houston Rockets (27:18) Le’Veon Bell (40:40) Kirk Cousins (50:05) Saquan Barkley Overrated (1:13:06) Houston Texans x Miami Dolphins (1:28:47)...


Lebron a Sixer??

This week on Dead End Sports, Kinge, Feefo, and Beezy react to the NCAA FBI scandal that found Lebron James calling the NCAA corrupt, Jalen Rose saying players should boycott and more. We comment on Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play, Anthony Davis’s big week, Lebron to Philly, and whether the Knicks should reup Kristaps Porzingus. Barack Obama says the NBA should create a junior league (1:52) Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play (13:52) Anthony Davis’s MVP Week (29:36) Philly recruiting Lebron (37:56)...


New Cavs, Who Dis?

The Cleveland Cavaliers were wheeling and dealing at the NBA Trade Deadline. Here are the moves they made: TO CAVALIERS: Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance TO LAKERS: Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, 2018 first-round pick (Cavs’ own) TO CAVALIERS: Rodney Hood, George Hill TO JAZZ: Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose TO KINGS: Joe Johnson, Iman Shumpert, 2020 second-round pick TO HEAT: Dwyane Wade TO CAVALIERS: Lightly-protected future second-round pick We lead off the show discussing the new look Cavs. We also...


Philly Special

The Philadelphia Eagles did the unthinkable — beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to win Super Bowl LII. It was an offensive showdown that featured trick plays, questionable coaching decisions, comeback drives, and more. We recap that game, lend our thoughts on Malcolm Butler, and more. After the Super Bowl recap, we discuss the nightmare in Cleveland with Lebron James and the Cavaliers plus the upcoming trade deadline. (2:10) Superbowl Recap (27:18) Malcolm Butler (45:11) Patriots Dynasty...


Blake Griffin Traded x NBA Rookie of the Year (ft. @themanuelbrown)

This week, @themanuelbrown of the Technical Foul Podcast joins us to discuss all the happenings in sports last week. Check out his podcast here: Monday featured a blockbuster trade that involved Blake Griffin being shipped off to the Detroit Pistons from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for Avery Bradley, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic and a first-round pick. The Clippers also sent Brice Johnson and Willie Reed to the Pistons. Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs...