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Wrap up your day with a catch up on the biggest stories in Denver Sports from the team. Hear from the writers cranking out the content that makes your online home for the best opinions and information on the Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies and more. Denver Sports Tonight weekdays from 6-7p.m. on Denver’s Sports Station 104.3 The Fan!


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Wrap up your day with a catch up on the biggest stories in Denver Sports from the team. Hear from the writers cranking out the content that makes your online home for the best opinions and information on the Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies and more. Denver Sports Tonight weekdays from 6-7p.m. on Denver’s Sports Station 104.3 The Fan!




Denver Sports Tonight | 02.23.24

DST says goodbye to Russell Wilson as his days in Denver will be over very soon. Cecil Lammey talks about where it all went wrong with Russell Wilson. He also explains why moving on doesn’t have to mean it’s over. Russell Wilson has been in a weird position since he’s gotten here but how it ended works out in his favor. Cecil congratulates Russ as his next endeavor will be soon as the cap situation just got easier for Denver. | Cecil goes through why the Broncos next QB will be “the one.” Rookies QB’s will be on a steep learning curve moving forward but will Sean Payton be patient enough? Cecil talks about why Sean’s demeanor will determine what’s next for him. | Cecil goes through why the Broncos can’t stay put at #12 overall in the first round.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.22.24

DST reminds everyone that where there is smoke, there is fire; Sometimes! Cecil Lammey talks about why JJ McCarthy to Denver is more so noise than sound. What does Sean need from his QB on gameday? Cecil identifies why what Russ does is still successful but not for Sean on Sunday’s. Cecil also reminds George Paton that his days of creating anything less than great needs to be over. | RG3 came to Russell Wilson’s defense. Cecil explains that stats can be misleading but more importantly, don’t listen to everything you here. Russ wasn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean he gets to be treated with kids gloves either. | Cecil reminds the Broncos that it’s okay to start over, even if it’s this year.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.21.24

DST follows the breadcrumbs as to why JJ McCarthy to Denver has some smoke to it. Cecil Lammey ties the rumors together and helps Broncos Country to know what it all really means. Sean Payton is to a new QB as tinder is to dating; Who’s his ideal guy in the NFL Draft? Cecil reminds Sean to let his hair down so that the guys in the media can show him all is good moving forward. | JJ McCarthy is still getting better so why is watching his maturation so hard? Cecil talks about making sure Sean knows that whatever he decides to do at QB, it needs to stop the bleeding for a very long time. | Cecil Lammey ends the show explaining why the Broncos must get their QB in the 1 round.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.20.24

DST gets into why you can run when times get hard. James Merilatt and Marcello Romano discuss why the Broncos mortgaging the future to get instant gratification may prolong the process. James makes his case for where the Broncos could be if they be patient with Russ while they develop Sean’s “guy.” Where did it all go wrong this past season? | James explains why the Broncos drafting a QB early is setting the new guy up for failure without the proper skill position players. Should the Broncos focus on getting weapons for their QB first? | Is the NBA All-Star Game done? James and Marcello are frustrated with why the guys refusing to compete.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.16.24

DST gets into the breaking news that Russell Wilson’s house is taking visitors as it appears his time in Denver may be over. Cecil Lammey talks about how disappointing things have gone with Russ under center. The Walton/Penner Ownership group will have the final say but what will the Broncos do after Russ is gone? Cecil talks about paying the price for a franchise QB. | Jimmy G has absolutely put himself in a weird position after today. Cecil explains why the Broncos need to stay as far away from him as possible. What would it say about George Paton if he entertains the idea? | Cecil says the Broncos only have one option when it comes to getting their QB of the future. Is George’s future riding on the Broncos next move?


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.15.24

DST highlights why the Broncos are trending in the right direction. Cecil Lammey goes through why the hiring Pete Carmichael and Jim Leonhard shows that Sean Payton is getting more accountability partners. Cecil talks about the structure of the coaching staff and the impacts it could have down the line. Are these moves a reminder that Greg Penner will do anything he can to win as soon as possible? | Cecil is heading to the NFL Draft Combine in a few weeks. There are two CSU stars who should grab the Broncos attention. They could be diamonds in the rough to capture in prime spots later in the draft. Cecil emphasizes why the Broncos need to take advantage of the talent that's around them locally. | Mike Tomlin has his eyes set on acquiring Justin Fields from Chicago, according to reports. How will this impact the Broncos offseason? Cecil explains one little wrinkle that may affect the Broncos as the offseason goes along.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.14.24

DST gets right into why the Broncos need to stop the madness and be honest. Cecil Lammey reveals what QB’s the Broncos need to stay focused on. He also explains which rookie QB will determine the longest road of success for the Denver Broncos. Is the Broncos future QB in this draft or should they wait? | Cecil talks about why the bridge QB option could be thrown out the window. He further details why even if the perfect bridge option is open, it just prolongs the inevitable. | Cecil ends the show by helping the Broncos understand they can’t afford anymore misses moving forward or else!


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.13.24

DST welcomes back the one and only Andrew Mason from Mobile, AL and Las Vegas, NV! Mase talks about the crazy week that was Super Bowl Week from a media perspective. Will and Mase waste no time getting into why John Elway handed the Super Bowl trophy to the Chiefs. After this year’s Super Bowl, it was another reminder that the Broncos aren’t close and Mase explains why. | Mase brings home the latest on what was said about Russ in Vegas. Also, the guys go through why Jake Browning is or isn’t a top option as the Broncos bridge option at QB. | The fellas sift through how bad things are with the Nuggets right now. Should anyone be concerned? The show ends with Nuggets Nation being reminded that Jokic is on track for his 3 MVP!


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.12.24

DST has been reminded of why the Broncos and Chiefs are farther apart. James Merilatt and Will Petersen discuss why Sean Payton isn’t as patient as he’s coming off to be with his future QB decision. James explains why a rookie QB appears to be fools gold since Sean has never developed a rookie QB in his career as a HC. Who’s more likely to budge first: Russell Wilson or Sean Payton? The guys discuss why Russ coming back to Denver may be his best option. | Could the Broncos move up from 12 to 2 in the 2024 NFL Draft? The guys discuss why the Broncos can’t afford to lose the capital it would take to get a top QB in the draft. | John Elway handed the Chiefs the Lombardi Trophy. James and Will come to his defense! The guys close the show with the 2025 NFL Mock Draft that has Shedeur and Travis going #1 and #2.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.09.24

DST says Viva Las Vegas as Sean Payton had the time of his life on Radio Row! Will Petersen and Marcello Romano react to everything Sean had to say about the Broncos offseason plans. Also, Sean said Russ and he are on good terms and Will goes off on him for constantly playing coy. Sean Payton details why he went off in the USA Today article that was released around training camp. Marcello berates Sean for not giving Russ the best chance to succeed. | The Denver Nuggets own the LA Lakers and the guys love it! Will and Cello knew the Nuggets would win but they detail how Nuggets Nation got to this point with the Nuggets. | The fellas end the show by giving their official Super Bowl predictions. Before that, how worried should everyone be about the Avs?


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.08.24

DST gets down to business as Cecil Lammey reminds everyone that the Broncos won’t be bringing most of their free agents back. Cecil breaks down how the cap situation will be impacted between now and next year for the Broncos. How many contracts will need to be restructured next season? Cecil uses that question to discuss why George Paton has failed as a GM. | Jake Browning could emerge as the leading bridge QB. Cecil explains why he’d be the perfect guy to do what Sean needs while mentoring the next rookie QB that the Broncos may draft. | Cecil ends the show smashing the K.C. Chiefs as he predicts the 49ers will pull it out on Sunday! Is it time for Christian McCaffrey to get his just due on Sunday?


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.07.24

DST heads right to Las Vegas! Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss what Tony Romo had to say to Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason. The guys are having a hard time trying to see how the Broncos get out this hole without having the QB position resolved. Also, Baker Mayfield to Denver is back on the rumor mill but the guys aren’t sold because of the finances. The conversation transitions into why some relationships were never meant to be! | Super Bowl 50 will live in infamy with Broncos Country! Will and Marcello relive the day and the storylines of the 2015 season. Could the 49ers be the Panthers of this Super Bowl? | The Chicago Bears are open for business when it comes to Justin Fields. Is there any team in the NFL that would give up a 1 round pick for Justin Fields? Should the Broncos be open for business or let the Raiders have this dance?


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.06.24

DST doesn’t hold back any punches as they try to figure out what the Broncos QB plans are. Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss why the intrigue of drafting a rookie QB is there for all involved. Who’s in charge of the draft for the Broncos right now? Also, the guys go through why the Broncos must learn from their previous mistakes. | Marcello and Will have with the discussion about why Broncos Country should be rooting for the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Also, Christian McCaffrey has been geared towards greatness since he could remember, and he has a story to back it up. Marcello tells a story about Ed McCaffrey to tie it all together. | Randy Gregory thanked George Paton and the Broncos for doing right by him. The fellas also highlight some things that have stuck out to them from opening night in Vegas!


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.05.24

DST clears up the rumors from the Senior Bowl with Draft Analyst, Cecil Lammey. Michael Penix Jr. decided against playing in the Senior Bowl and Cecil details why that was a bad move. Cecil talks about why things were on a silver platter for MPJ to assure the scouts he was a first round pick. The conversation transitions into why the guys who did take advantage of every moment will be remembered when draft time comes. | South Carolina QB Spencer Rattler turned his draft stock in the other direction after his performance in the Senior Bowl. Cecil praises Spencer for grinding it out and putting himself in position to get draft early on Day 3 of the draft. | Drake Maye is sliding down Mock Draft boards and Cecil explains why. Cecil also calls out the Broncos to not sit still in this year’s draft.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.02.24

DST comes in slinging heat with Marcello Romano and Danny Williams. Sean Payton used a rookie QB as his lead guy only once in his coaching career. The guys debate about why the Broncos need to define what type of QB they’re looking for. Danny wonders did the Broncos factor in Sean’s track record before they hired him. The guys try to find a common ground but without a QB, will they ever get there? | Carl Weathers, former star actor, passed away and the guys pay homage. Jamal Murray has another season go by where he’s not an All-Star! Marcello and Danny breakdown why Jamal’s HOF legacy is being impacted as we speak. Can Jokic win his 3 regular season MVP? | The fellas discuss what would happen to Lebron’s legacy if he wins a championship for the New York Knicks! The guys end the show by giving their official Super Bowl predictions.


Denver Sports Tonight | 02.01.24

DST has breaking news as its confirmed that Nikola Jokic will be the lone Nuggets All-Star again. Will Petersen and Marcello Romano debate about whether Jamal Murray was snubbed or not. The news also comes down that Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers have found out their fate regarding their actions from Saturday afternoon in Denver. The conversation shifts to why MPJ can’t remain consistent to truly show his maturation. Will the Nuggets make a move at the trade deadline? | George Paton isn’t at the Senior Bowl this week but why? Will and Marcello discuss what keeping him in Denver means for Sean Payton and George’s future. Is the writing on the wall for Denver that it’s trade up for their QB or get nothing? | Former Seahawk Shaun Alexander says Russ to Atlanta has some real smoke! Marcello explains why he isn’t sold. The guys end the show arguing about how important CU’s 2024 Spring Game will be.


Denver Sports Tonight | 01.31.24

DST doesn’t waste time as they discuss the latest reports from Cecil and Mase about the Broncos meetings with Michael Pratt, QB from Tulane! Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss why this is important when it comes to what the Broncos think about QB in this offseason. The guys transition into why Bo Nix and MPJ are struggling at the Senior Bowl. Could this become a three-horse race at the top again? Will Petersen talks about his article that has drawn interest about a former New Orleans Saint! | ESPN ranked the 57 Super Bowl teams that have played up to this point. Will and Marcello go through where the Broncos three Super Bowls were ranked! | Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh is a match made in heaven according to Marcello. The guys piggyback off ESPN’s comments today and discuss what his return to Denver could look like in a different uniform.


Denver Sports Tonight | 01.30.24

DST immediately hops on the Denver Saints bandwagon as another member was added to the offensive staff today. Will Petersen and Marcello Romano discuss why there are so many additions and no subtractions. Reports continue about what the Broncos should do at QB. The guys use this info to discuss where the Broncos could go at QB this offseason. | It’s time to dial in on the CU Buffs as their official 2024 Big 12 schedule is out! Will and Marcello discuss which games are winnable and which games could be like slipping on a banana peel. Will isn’t sold on one specific thing about CU Football. Could it come back to haunt them next season? | Nikola Jokic has taken the lead as the current MVP front runner! Will Joel Embiid get the sympathy vote from the voters down the stretch? Will applauds Giannis for playing at Ball Arena last night.


Denver Sports Tonight | 01.29.24

DST has fun with the Embiid vs Jokic battle that didn’t take place on Saturday. Marcello Romano and Danny Williams discuss Cecil Lammey’s latest report about the Broncos trading up. The guys discuss why the Broncos drafting a QB must be their top option after their decision on Russ. Dan goes on a tangent about why the Broncos need to make history this year and move up and draft their guy. | Dan Campbell says he doesn’t regret his 4 down call but is he telling the whole truth? This leads Marcello and Danny on their NFL Championship Weekend recap. | Marcello and Danny praise the 49ers for cutting ties early instead of hanging on to something that isn’t going to work. Is this the year the K.C. Chiefs go down or do the Chiefs have the motivation to keep going? They close out DST by getting you set for Bucks vs Nuggets!


Denver Sports Tonight | 01.26.24

DST has breaking news on the Avs front as help appears to be on the way. Will Petersen and Marcello Romano react to the newest member of the Avs. Could this be a sign that Valerie Nichushkin may be out a little while longer than expected? Saturday is the next episode of Embiid vs Jokic! The guys debate about what happens if the Nuggets lose tomorrow night. Will gives his Joker stat line that would take him over the top vs Joel Embiid and the 76ers. | Was Sean Payton serious about Hard Knocks? Broncos DB’s Coach Christian Parker is getting Defensive Coordinators interviews. Is he the only coach from Sean’s staff that could hired this coaching cycle? Joel Klatt supports Sam Darnold to Denver. The guys react to his comments. | Will and Marcello do their own AFC Coaches Rankings! Can Sean ever get to #2 in this division?