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The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.

The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.
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The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.




Nuggets Numbers 6 - Nikola Jokic is absurdly good

Thanks to everyone for tuning into Nuggets Numbers this week! In this episode, I first decided to talk about the fan experience briefly after attending Pepsi Center and how the vibe around the team has completely changed in the city of Denver. Next, I dove into notes about Denver's two games against Houston and Miami, explaining why the Houston loss wasn't that bad and some concerns I have with Denver's rotation going forward. Last, I dove into Nikola Jokic's statistical profile and...


The Dig: Getting Healthy - Millsap, Harris, and Barton are in - how far along until MPJ and Vanderbilt?

The physical health of the Nuggets is finally coming together. How will Malone distribute the minutes going forward? And how far away are Jarred Vanderbilt, Michael Porter Jr., and Isaiah Thomas? The play of the Nuggets is looking healthier too: Jamal Murray closed out the month with a bang, Malik Beasley is playing at a career high level, and Jokic continues an MVP display of carrying the team down their first place path.


Nuggets Numbers 5 - A bird's eye view of the Denver Nuggets season

In this episode, Ryan goes solo during the Holiday season and dives into Denver's first 31 games from a statistical perspective. He breaks down numbers on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball as well as how Denver projects moving forward. Then, he answers some Twitter questions ranging from medical updates for players on Denver's injury report to expectations for when they return. 1:30 - Overall Breakdown 3:20 - Offense 10:50 - Defense 17:00 - Q&A with Nuggets fans


Full Court Press: Vic Vela

A fascinating professional life and a turbulent personal one have helped to build a truly unique and important perspective in the local media. CPR’s Vic Vela sits down with Brendan Vogt.


Pickaxe Pundits: Denver Nuggets get quality two quality wins, now face Luka Doncic for first time

Back to back wins against playoff caliber teams Upcoming week


Full Court Press: Katy Winge

Katy Winge is the latest addition to the Denver Nuggets crew at Altitude Sports and the first full-time female Nuggets analyst in the history of KSE. Armed with knowledge of the game from her days as a player and a background in sports media, she’s quickly become a cornerstone of the team’s local coverage.


Pickaxe Pundits: Denver Nuggets sign Nick Young, get bounce back win against Memphis Grizzlies to open home stand

Beating the Magic but losing to the Hornets Wrapping up the week Upcoming week


The Dig: Denver Nuggets Quarterly Awards ft. Brendan Vogt

With a quarter of the season in the books it's time to hand out some awards: most improved player? Best bench player? Best win so far? Worst "The Dig" hot take? And we have the host of "Full Court Press", Brendan Vogt, on board to help out. But before we get to the quarterly awards, The Dig tackles the most important quarter of all: the 4th. As strong as the Nuggets have been, the closing minutes have been hard for the Nuggets to make the most of. And it's a problem going back for seasons....


Pickaxe Pundits: Denver Nuggets get massive win against Toronto Raptors, look to close out road trip strong

Handing the Lakers and Blazers Ls to take on the way out Raptors Game Closing out the road trip


Nuggets Numbers - Adam Fromal on Nikola Jokic, Defense, and Analytics

After the Denver Nuggets won their fourth straight game, Ryan brought on Bleacher Report writer and Founder of NBA Math Adam Fromal to discuss how the Nuggets are performing so well. The two talked in depth about Nikola Jokic and his progression as a player, the weirdly elite defense, Adam's projects on NBA Math, and more. This was a great conversation for analytics fans, discussing what goes into Adam's Total Points Added metric and why Jokic performs so well analytically. Make sure to...


The Dig: Casting the Nuggets - What Roles Should The Nuggets Be Playing and How Well are the Current Players Doing at Them?

Should Jamal Murray be the point guard? Should Jokic be the leader? What is the role of the 3 and who should fill it while Barton is out? The Nuggets are in the midst of a downward spiral and fingers are being pointed at who should be doing what. But those questions are hard to answer without defining a path: do they grow towards the future or win right now? The answer seems different depending on which path is chosen.