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The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.

The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.
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The latest Denver Nuggets news and analysis from the most widely read Nuggets blog on the web.




Nuggets Numbers - The Quarterly Report, plus Q&A

The season is long, arduous, and ever changing. At 14-7, it feels like the Denver Nuggets have endured a roller coaster ride of a season, with high points featuring Nikola Jokic game winners, and low points featuring a broken offensive system. At various points, the Nuggets have thrived. For now, they are in a low point. 21 games feels ripe for establishing an initial look at Denver's roster, from Michael Porter Jr.'s brief stints to Jamal Murray's heavy burden. I looked at the 12 players to...


Pickaxe Podcast - Can the Denver Nuggets right the ship against the Philadelphia 76ers?

Rough week out east What did the Los Angeles Lakers loss tell us? Is there anything that can be salvaged from the losses against the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets? Previewing the upcoming week? How does Denver come up with a victory at the Philadelphia 76ers? What do you think the reception will be like for Carmelo Anthony and the Portland Trailblazers? Win loss predictions for the week Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Denver Stiffs Show - Live post game commentary at Brooklyn's

We had a great time at Brooklyn's in partnership with the Denver Nuggets tonight! Thank you so much to the restaurant and the team for putting together a great event. There were free giveaways throughout the night, from tickets, to signed jerseys and basketballs, to a holiday pack featuring tickets to five separate games. If you're interested in more events, there will be more throughout the season! In this episode, Ryan, Jena, and Brandon spend limited time talking about the Boston Celtics...


The Dig: Dazed and Confused | The Nuggets have us all scratching our heads

As a follow-up to Nick’s Nuggets article this week, the hosts of The Dig discuss some of the Nugget’s more head-scratching offensive problems. Also discussed: urban coyotes, 16-year-old "hoochananny," and sociopath GMs. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nuggets Numbers - The Nikola Jokic discussion, plus Lakers preview

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are coming to town, and they aren't messing around lately. The Los Angeles Lakers are 17-3 and will enter tonight as the Western Conference's top seed. The Denver Nuggets are second. The fireworks will be fun. I preview that game in segment three, but first, I had some thoughts about Nikola Jokic and the brushback he has received over the last month. In here, I put together some statistics on "November Jokic" and why I think he's in line for a bounce back month...


Pickaxe Podcast: Denver Nuggets head into big week with Los Angeles Lakers on the horizon

Denver Nuggets close out week with disappointing loss Any lasting impressions from the Washington Wizards game? How do you explain the loss to the Sacramento Kings? Can the Nuggets have sustained success with a less aggressive Nikola Jokic? Previewing the upcoming week Thoughts on the new City jerseys? How big is the Los Angeles Lakers game? Toughest test on the upcoming east coast road trip? Win loss predictions for the week Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Denver Stiffs Show - Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to our Denver Stiffs readers and listeners! We hope you have a great off day from work, consume a ton of food, and be thankful for what life has to offer. In this episode, Ryan is joined by Zach Mikash and Gage Bridgford (in his Denver Stiffs podcast debut) to discuss Thanksgiving food takes. Is turkey overrated? Best side? Mac n Cheese or Mashed Potatoes? Oh, and they talk some Nuggets too. Can Gary Harris achieve First Team All-Defense? Should anyone be worried about...


The Dig: Do the Nuggets have enough?

Host Nick Hertzog is joined this week by Ryan Blackburn to discuss whether the Denver Nuggets have all the pieces they need to win a championship this year. Topics include the Jokic/Murray duo, leadership, defense, and wildcards. Ryan also comes with a few hot takes including a particularly spicy opinion about Kobe Bryant. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nuggets Numbers - Offense rising like a Phoenix from the ashes

There's a lot going on with the Denver Nuggets right now, not the least of which is their 12-3 record and 7th ranked offense in the last six games. Ryan goes solo to discuss Denver's win over the Phoenix Suns and some notes from an extra viewing session of that game. Then, he goes over the five most important changes the Nuggets could make to help the offense improve while not impacting the defense extensively. Spoiler alert: it still includes Michael Porter Jr., but barely. Finally, what...


Pickaxe Podcast - The Denver Nuggets are streaking!

Denver Nuggets are streaking Which win was more impressive, Boston Celtics or Houston Rockets? Deciding factors in the win against the Phoenix Suns Is there any reason not to consider the Nuggets finals contenders? Previewing the upcoming week Is Isaiah Thomas’ comeback legit? Does the Sacramento Kings game scare you at all? Win loss predictions for the week Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Denver Stiffs Show - Jamal Murray is cold-blooded, Defense is stout, Nuggets win

It wasn't pretty, and it came down to the wire, but the Denver Nuggets brought it once again while facing the Boston Celtics on Friday night. Jena, Brandon, and Ryan break down the 96-92 victory along with all of the major talking points: A clutch Jamal Murray performance and his All-Star campaign Paul Millsap's importance to this team The starters finding their groove The bench...not finding much of anything How to handle Michael Porter Jr.'s situation going forward And much more! From the...


The Dig: The Wild Wild East

With 8 out of the next 13 games against Eastern Conference teams, The Dig takes a look at the major storylines on the other coast. Included in Episode 5, “The Wild Wild East,” co-hosts Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley give some love to the Raptors and Bucks as well as some snark to the Knicks and Sixers. The Dig is also excited to introduce a new segment again this week where the hosts show off their acting chops. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nuggets Numbers - 12 stats diehard Denver fans need to know

This is Nuggets Numbers, so let's get analytical, shall we? In this episode, Ryan shares his research on the Denver Nuggets season so far, discussing the 12 most important stats related to why Denver is 9-3, whether they should be better or worse, and where they will go from here. From one of the easiest schedules to date to one of the best starting lineups in the entire NBA, the numbers range far and wide. If you want to know why the Nuggets are where they are today, this is the episode for...


Pickaxe Podcast - Debating Carmelo Anthony's Denver Nuggets legacy

Denver Nuggets close out week on a positive note Do you just wash away the Atlanta Hawks loss? Juancho Hernangomez inserted into the rotation Have we started to see Denver’s offense click? Previewing the upcoming week Carmelo Anthony’s Nuggets legacy Tougher matchup on the homestand - Houston Rockets or Boston Celtics Win loss predictions for the week? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Denver Stiffs Show - Up and Down but Paul Millsap is steady

Happy Friday! Need a boost heading into the weekend? The Denver Stiffs Show has your back. After a 2-1 week featuring an overtime win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, a brutal loss to the Atlanta Hawks at home, and a gut check victory over the Brooklyn Nets, Jena and Ryan have some thoughts about where the Nuggets currently are. Why do the Nuggets always start slow? What's up with the offense? Has anyone been more consistent than Paul Millsap or Will Barton thus far? Did the Nuggets find a...


The Dig: Time for a Reset

In Episode 4 of The Dig’s second season, co-hosts Jeremy Poley and Nick Hertzog propose a reset on this season, both for certain players and for the media and fans who might be needing it just as much. If you haven’t checked out The Dig yet, give it a listen. If nothing else, you’ll get to hear some great music by a talented local artist, Midi Mansion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Pickaxe Podcast - Denver Nuggets go 3-0 and have winnable stretch in front of them

Rundown 3-0 Week Which win was the most impressive Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic powered the Denver Nuggets through the week Michael Porter Jr. cracks the rotation Previewing the upcoming week Are the Atlanta Hawks going to make a jump this season? How dangerous are the Brooklyn Nets when they don’t have Kevin Durant? Does the Memphis Grizzlies game concern you at all? Win loss predictions for the week? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Dig: Are the Nuggets fool's gold? | Part 2

Good news, everyone! The Nuggets are 5-2 and tied for 2nd in the Western Conference— right where we all thought they’d be! Not exactly. In Episode 3 of the The Dig, co-hosts Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley play “Are We Sure?” and “Buy or Sell” to figure out what and who this team truly is going into an interesting early season test with the 76ers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Nuggets Numbers - A defense of Denver thus far

Six games is too early to draw a statistical conclusion, but the numbers are starting to form trends, and we're here to tell you why. Ryan and Zach dive into the numbers to discuss Denver's defense to start the season. It has been stellar in four games and brutal in the other two. Which performances represent Denver's true defensive abilities? Is the current performance sustainable? After defensive talk, Zach and Ryan discuss each rotation player thus far, picking one stat and predicting...


The Denver Stiffs Show - The Nuggets aren't good when they're hungry

After starting the season with three victories, the Denver Nuggets have fallen back down to earth. The offense remains a work in progress while the defense has taken a major step back. Nikola Jokic doesn't look like the MVP candidate he became last season, and shooting the basketball efficiently is more challenging than ever before. To break down these problems, Ryan and Brandon hopped on to discuss the individual players, to Michael Porter's exciting professional debut, to the concern level...