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Filling you in on all of the geek news there is to geek out about, bringing your geekiness over level 9000!

Filling you in on all of the geek news there is to geek out about, bringing your geekiness over level 9000!
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Filling you in on all of the geek news there is to geek out about, bringing your geekiness over level 9000!






Ep 135: Streamers vs The Anti-Boob Police (and weird food!)

Death, Is there an App for that? Countdown? The Russo Brothers form their own Studio, AGBO, throw some shade on Sony's ability to recreate Feige's magic Paul Rudd's role in the ghostbusters movie? It's described by Dan Akroyd here Comic Book News Lois Lane becomes a White House Press secretary, too real? Twitch streamer banned for... cosplaying? Quqco Banned? Seinfeld fans rejoice! The old episodes are coming back to Netflix! In 4k! The Show About Nothing Batwoman and her love that...


Ep 134 - SNIKT The best at what he does

Why did they not show us (U.S.) the new Gotham City Sirens trailer? Gotham City Sirens trailer, in Romanian... Let's talk about NBA 2K20... NBA 2K what? Do you call it the X button or the Cross button? Cross vs X End of Batman/Superman #1, Could Shazam stab Superman with an Nth metal Batarang? Click Here to See! Two guys kiss in a comic book - Deploy the police! (in Rio) (Wiccan and Hulkling) Eevee Tamagotchis exist. Buy It Here! Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is out!!! Watch Here!...


Ep 133 - Glitter Batman is Better with David Rosen

Everyone is talking about The Joker, what does it mean for superhero movies? Carnival Row is out! Watch it on Amazon. It's only been a few days so we'll avoid spoilers A reminder, The Witcher is coming soon! Some time in Q4 Netflix is starting to release some shows weekly again instead of binging - The Great British Baking Show (Collection 7). Is this the beginning? Would we put up with it? Hulk becomes "The Breaker of Worlds" after the heat death of the universe- What the hell is going...


Ep: 132 Rhythm and Blues with Aggrogahu

Spider-man DealInsomniacThe Cruel DevilArtemis CD AND Comic?!Richard Montanez's CheetosTaika!4K GoodnessPositive Test ScreeningsTwo ThorsSith ReyThe Confirmed CalendarAladdin and Lion King Remastered Aggrogahu's Channel


Ep: 131 - Rolling a Natural 20 with Timothy Connolly

#DitchTheSwitch becomes trending, 36 states put in legislation trying to stop changing the timezone! JJ Abrams and his son tease the new villain for their 5 part Spiderman series Six DC heroes have been infected by the Batman Who Laughs. History of the Marvel Universe #2 reveals Mystic/Destiny's kiss is now definite where its only been hinted in the past. The official James review of his anime list...what's he watching? The D&D movie we talked about might actually happen, Jonathan...


Ep: 130 Byron Chimes In

Disney + HuluBabysitter's ClubVenom 2The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid LIVE47 Meters Down: Uncaged trailerAnother LifeTruth SeekersMatrix RebootGarfield's BackGalarian Pokemon TrailerThose Who RemainVERY Spoiler-Lite reviewNew Batman/Superman series launches this fallThe Batman who LaughsRecommended by HumansSquare Enix LineupIT COULD HAPPENFallout 76 with its wearable helmet for 60 bucks offAre violent video gamesLootbox scandal! Followup, Sony, Microsoft, and NintendoNo...


Ep: 129 A Wild Gabby Appears

Money Money MoneyD&D HomecomingRosa's Dying BreathVenom x3Walking Dead TrailerNOT MY CAPTAINJenny Number 5Angel Has FallenNOS4A2Kill Bill 3PS4 Free GamesREIGN SUPREMEGarfield Kart is Coming Out The Same DayZane Trailer and His Sexy Irish AccentSmash BrosQhira: The Crazy AssassinFire ForceDemon SlayerDr. StoneNinja HIts 1 Million in 5 Days by Switching to MixerWhen did you start cosplaying? When did you start your Patreon? What's your craft room look like? Pets? Worst con you ever...


Ep 128: The Infinity Gauntlet ...not Complete?

Disney and Blizzard?Disney+ +Big MouthStranger SimpsonsCarnival Row Teaser 2The BoysLion KingThe Epic Mjolnir/Cap Scene...again.Beavis and Butthead Return?Iratus: Lord of the DeadDead CellsLucifer Gets More!Lady Taskmaster?Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit Fame Directed a Movie Called "Fanatic" with John Travolta As LeadPokemon Pre-RegZombieland: Double Tap trailerRiddick 4Bautista Wants to be in Gears of War MoviekNOW! the GamePandemicQuratorWeathering With YouJojo RabbitSeason 2 of the Boys...


Ep 127: Comic-Con Dropped The Metaphysical BOMBS.

Phase 4 ScheduleNatalie Portman as ThorBladePicard TrailerWatchmen TrailerHis Dark Materials trailerTop Gun: Maverick trailerSupermen newsDoom Patrol and Young JusticeR-Rated HarleySuperman Returns...Returns?Grimjack and Battle of the PlanetsSnyder CutFinal AppearancesIcon AwardMayhew TributeEndgame Wins!Bro Thor figureSeason 4 startsYoung StanMiddle-Earth MinecraftMr. Rogers trailerNew X-Men stuffSpiderverse comicGaming: Hero 31Tears of AviaSony's returnRemake the remake!Borderlands 3 Box...


Ep 126: The Upside-Down Universe

Disney is releasing its first R-Rated movie in 6 years! What is it? Power Rangers, 3rd time's the charm? Joji's "Slow Dancing in the Dark" hits Platinum Tom Holland is being eyed for the Live Action Atlantis: The Lost Empire 4K drop coming! Iron Man 1, 2 and 3, Thor, and Thor: The Dark World are all dropping August 13th in 4K delciousness. SDCC is attempting to do the world record attempt for the Largest Kamehameha Let's talk about Area 51 and its wealth of...


Ep 125: Could Shantae be the next Smash character!??!

Sad news. Pa Kent from Lois and Clark passes away at age 92. Eddie Jones Disney to make a live-action follow-up to A Nightmare Before Christmas J.K. Rowling announced she's releasing 4 new "Harry Potter" stories Walking Dead came to a surprise end in issue #193, ending the whole series. Disney's live-action Little Mermaid to star Halle Bailey. The internet went into a storm, or… did it? A 15-year old girl defeated a pro Smash player, and was then bullied out of the...


Ep 124: Banana Splits and Paul Rudd

The first screens of the Netflix "Witcher" show have come out, and people are mildly irritated by the fact Geralt only has one sword. Ryan Reynolds is remaking "Home Alone" into a stoner comedy. Some shots have been released of what John Cho looks like with "Spike" hair and I gotta say, he looks pretty good. Charlie's Angels trailer released, James seems to have some issues. The relationship ending game "Catan" is coming to Switch. Beware. EVERYONE DON'T FREAK OUT, PAUL RUDD HAS JOINED...


Etika News | Get Help If You Need Help

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Available 24 hours a day


Ep 123: My Movie News Peter Tingle is Tingling

The final trailer for Far From Home has officially changed Spider Sense to Peter Tingle, and I will forever refer to it as this. Did the Stranger Things 3 trailer give away too much? Blumhouse produced remake "The Craft" is still in the works and they may have gotten Cailee Spaeny as lead! Rim of the World review. Netflix is losing the Office! The new Lion King movie may have Elton John competing for an Oscar with...well...Elton John. Kevin Smith confirms he's finally got a show. It's...


Ep 122: Final E3 Thoughts and "Normal" News

Square Enix wrap up: Marvel's Avengers, More Final Fantasy scenes + Tifa, Final Fantasy 8 remastered Ubisoft wrap up: Watch Dog's Legion, Roller Champions, Gods and Monsters Nintendo wrap up: Sequel to Breath of the Wild, Lugi's Mansion 3, Zelda Link's Awakening, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain, Collection of Mana, Panzer Dragoon remake, and No More Heroes 3. Star Trek movie could be in the works, directed by Tarantino and it would be rated...


Episode 121: The Mostly Complete E3 Wrap-Up

Microsoft announced the next Xbox console, Project Scarlett, It will be on sale towards the end of 2020, and forms one half of Microsoft’s video game strategy – the other half being a cloud-powered service that lets you play Xbox games anywhere, on any screen. Halo Infinite will be a Project Scarlett launch game – but will also be playable on Xbox One. At a Final Fantasy-themed concert, Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be out on 3 March 2020. Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most-anticipated...


Ep 120: Is BrightBurn Crap?

Gaming Disorder officially recognized by the World Health Organization. Overwatch League's founding commissioner Nate Nanzer, left Blizzard, for Epic. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, will it be good? Did James like Brightburn? Inuyasha is coming to Blu-ray for the first time, but only the first 27 episodes. Fun Fact: The John Wick body count... 1 dog for 299 lives. Solo, do we really want a sequel? Fans are sure clamoring. Taika Waititi's Akira confirmed for 2021 release. Sonic's...


Interview - William Dickstein: Writer of Ch05en

We talk with Comic Book writer William Dickstein about how a writer gets started, superheroes and the works he's written including the most important one, "Ch05en". What does it take to become king of the "Dystopian Suphero" genre? Did you know that was even a thing? Come listen as we discuss how a "new" way to get superpowers could spawn an entire universe of lore. Also, we got it first here, go buy the book here:...


Episode 119: RIP Meme Legend

Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat passed away this week Japan wants to make English speakers put Family name first, is that an issue? Someone drop kicked Arnold…why? Why would you do that? Streaming News: Playstation Productions was just formed to make to film and TV series for popular Franchise games, such as Twisted Metal and Last of Us Disney+ is producing a muppet show that's…unscripted variety? Falcon/Winter Soldier is going to have Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter in...


Interview 8 - Brittany J. Butta

We talk with the awesome fashion expert Brittany about things we don't know...and some we do.