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61. Raptors start strong - Rockets fire sale - Doc Rivers fined for telling the truth - Flashback to 06-01-1993

Double Drivel Episode 61: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Toronto Raptors lead the GSW 1-0Pascal Siakam god daaaaaamn. 32 points on 14/17 shootingBoogie played a little but he didn’t look greatDrake stuffGreg, do you recall watching this basketball game?Report from tabloid media : KD has purchased a home in NYC and put his Bay area home up for sale From Woj: Daryl Morey is showing an aggressive desire to improve the roster immediately. All players and picks are availableCP gonna get traded so...


60. Raptors in 6? - Warriors without Cole Cashwell - The Lakers meltdown - Flashback to 05-25-2002

Double Drivel Episode 60: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Warriors eliminate The Rockets and then sweep the blazers to go to the finals for the 5th straight time Klay Thompson wasn’t happy about being left off an all nba team Are the warriors better without Durant? Is that possible? Is Durant coming back for the finals?Steph quote “ The last 3 years everyones tried to drive a wedge in our chemistry. Nobody can be happy when we’re playing well. If KDs playing well its oh its a different style....


59. NBA Playoff Update - D'Angelo Russell tries to fly with an Ice Tea - James Dolan is a no talent hack - Flashback to 05-04-2015

Double Drivel Episode 59: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Portland trailblazers defeat the Denver nuggets in quadruple overtime to take a 2-1 leadRodney Fucking Hood xoxoxoBucks defeat the Celtics to take a 2-1 leadWe watched the game Greg’s kids were there too Raptors fall to the 76ers Ben Simmons elbowed Lowry in the nuts - fined 20kLowry tried to go through a guys legs with the game on the line and it didn’t work and the raptors lost Why would you do that KyleRockets down 2-1 to the...


58. Second round matchups - Dame Lillard Buzzer Beater - JR Smith Alcohol Prohibition - Flashback to 04-28-1998

Double Drivel Episode 58: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Second Round all Set East - Raptors vs 76ers and Bucks/CelticsWest - Rockets vs GSW and the winner of nuggets vs portlandDame Lillards Buzzer BeaterIncredible. 15 point fourth quarter comeback and then the shot to finish.And the wave goodbye. And the photo of him in the dog pile The thunder have lost in the first round 3 years in a rowKD game 638 points in the first half (second most in nba history)Finished with 50.Good job by the...


57. NBA Playoff Roundup - Lamelo Ball Chest Tattoo - D Wade Says Goodbye to Miami - Flashback to 04-20-1999

Double Drivel Episode 57: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Clippers vs Warriors (2-1 Golden state)Game one the clippers came back from down 31! to win Durant vs Patrick Beverly has been the fun matchup Go ClippersThunder vs Blazers (2-1 Portland)Dame vs Westbrook is the best matchup in the playoffs I would suck dame sideways I like when they taunt each other with the other guys celebrationWestbrook vs Barry Tramel the journalistNuggets vs Spurs (2-2)The nuggets are the #2 seed playing the #7...


56. Magic Johnson Disappears - The 2019 Playoffs Begin - Anthony Davis is a Bitch - Flashback to 04-14-1985.mp3

Double Drivel Episode 56: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Magic Johnson steps down as President of basketball operations of the LA LakersDidn’t tell Jeanie Buss. Broke the news off the cuff Magic said he wants to be able to tweet at other players, mentor players, be on Serena Willliams advisory board.BizarreSacramento Kings fire head coach Dave JoergreThe kings were pretty good this year, especially considering they traded Boogie.BTW Boogie doesn’t want to be called Boogie anymore - please...


55. Steph Curry Couldn't See - Westbrook 20/20/20 Game - Lebron is in a Space Jam - Flashback to 04-04-1997

Double Drivel Episode 55: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Steph Curry got contact lenses for the first time in his lifeHe has had blurry vision this whole goddamn timeHow is that even remotely fucking possible Russell Westbrook For the third season in a row he has officially averaged a triple double Had a 20-20-20 game earlier this week. 2nd time in NBA history and first time that's happened in 51 years.Dedicated that big game to Nipsey Hussle Jeremy Lamb has the Toronto Raptors numberLamb has...


54. Jordan Bell Candlegate - A Lou WIlliams Christmas - Devin Booker goes for 50 x2 - Flashback to 03-29-1995

Double Drivel Episode 54: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Golden State Warrior Jordan Bell was suspended 1 game for “conduct that was detrimental to the team .He charged something to asst. Coach Mike Brown’s hotel room without his permissionWhat was it ????? - A CandleXmas Eve 2011 - Lou Williams was robbed at gunpoint in his carTalked the gunman out of robbing himTook the gunman to McDonalds for dinnerHad a nice chat with him and did not press charges Devon Booker had back to back 50 point...


53. Papa Shaq - D'angelo Russell Laker Killer - Big Baller Robbery - Flashback to 03-23-2012

Double Drivel Episode 53: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Shaq is the newest board member at Papa Johns ( the disparaged pizza franchise)Will also act as brand ambassadorShaq owns 1 Krispy Kreme store and 27 Five Guys burger shacks.D’angelo Russel and The Brooklyn Nets officially eliminated the The Los Angeles Lakers from making the playoffs last night.The Lakers traded him. Crucial turnover from Lebron late in the fourth quarter.Last time Lebron didn’t make the playoffs was 2006The New...


52. We're back! - Lakers suck - James Dolan is a terrible person - Greg Defends R. Kelly - Flashback to 03-16-2000

Double Drivel Episode 52: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers The Lakers are going to miss the playoffs. And Lebron is sitting due to ‘load management.’ Not what we were expecting.James Dolan is a scumbag and he banned a fan from MSG for telling him to sell the Knicks. James Dolan should sell the knicks. Will KD and Kyrie be knicks next year???Klay Thompson was asked what NBA players he would like to be stuck on Desert island with and he answered:Steven adams because he looks like aquaman :/Steph...


51. Kyrie Irving Hates Thanksgiving - Kevin Durant yells at courtside fans - JR Smith is leaving the Cavs - Flashback to 11-24-2014

Double Drivel Episode 51: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Kyrie Irving “ I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, Fuck Thanksgiving”He then apologized saying he spoke out of frustration( Boston had just lost to the Knicks , ouch)Kyrie is part native american and loathes the holiday for what it did to his people.Scoring Champion Kevin Durant told a fan sitting courtside to “ Shut the fuck up and watch the fucking game”The NBa fined Kevin Durant $25K for telling a fan to “ Shut the fuck up and watch the...


50. Durant & Draymond Drama - Hassan Whitesides M-16 - Sunsetting Marv Albert - Flashback to 11-17-2015

Double Drivel Episode 50: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers The Golden State warriors have suspended all star Draymond Green for one game, including pay (120k)Over the summer, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside had a 50 thousand dollar assault rifle stolen out of his Rolls Royce.Turner Sports is in the process of replacing lead announcer Marv AlberNBA Flashback 11-17-2015 - Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat blocks 10 shots in a 103-91 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.


49. Jamal Murray 48 Point Game - Jimmy Butler is a 76er - Serge Ibaka has a Cooking Show - Flashback to 11-11-1996

Double Drivel Episode 49: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Jamal Murray 48 point game controversyJimmy Butler finally tradedSerge Ibaka has a youtube cooking show where he makes Congolese foodGordon Hayward returns to Utah for first time since dicking them overThe Rockets and Carmello Anthony are meeting to discuss if he is a good fit moving fNBA Flashback - November 11, 1996New York's Patrick Ewing became the 23rd player in NBA history to reach 20,000 points, scoring 24 in the Knicks' 92-88...


48. Derrick Rose Scores 50 - Westbrook is Back - D'Andre Jordan Can Shoot - Flashback to 11-3-1989

Double Drivel Episode 48: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers The Minnesota Timberwolves opened their first season in the NBA by dropping a 106-94 decision to the host Seattle SuperSonics.


47. NBA FIGHT! Lakers vs Rockets - Jimmy Butler Trade Talks - Stone Cold Dame Lillard - Flashback to 10-27-1984

Double Drivel Episode 47: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Hakeem the dream Olajuwon made his debut for the Houston Rockets at the Dallas Mavericks. The Rockets won 122-111.


46. The NBA is Back! - Warriors vs Jazz - Lavar Ball is a Monster - Kyrie Flat Earth Irving - Flashback to 10-20-1976

Double Drivel Episode 46: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers Jazz vs Warriors Friday night barn burnerClippers Court vision feature is insaneKyle Kuzma signs shoe deal with GOAT Kyrie has walked back all his flat earth shit. Kind ofWaPo story about Lavar ball's wife, Tina ; suffered a stroke last year


45. Jimmy Butler Explodes at Practice - Uncle Drew Movie Review - Greg & JT Play Ball IRL - Flashback to 10-13-79

Double Drivel Episode 45: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers The Jimmy Butler scorched earth practiceUncle Drew Movie ReviewGreg and JT play 12 games of 1v1 BasketballNBA Flashback to 10-13-79 - The Golden State lost a 102-96 overtime decision to Chicago. The Warriors went on to lose their next 9 overtime games as well, setting the NBA record for consecutive overtime losses with 10.


44. JR Smith and Marcus Smart Fight - Pheonix Suns Fire Their GM - Steve Kerr "Doesn't Wanna Be Here Anyway" - Flashback to 10-10-1980

Double Drivel Episode 44: Twitter: @DoubleDrivelers The Jazz in the Finals?