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Coverage of the Indianapolis Colts, Purdue Boilermakers, IU Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers and the rest of Indiana sports from the IndyStar, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Coverage of the Indianapolis Colts, Purdue Boilermakers, IU Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers and the rest of Indiana sports from the IndyStar, Indianapolis, Indiana.


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Coverage of the Indianapolis Colts, Purdue Boilermakers, IU Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers and the rest of Indiana sports from the IndyStar, Indianapolis, Indiana.






Doyel & Derek Podcast: IU, Purdue and some personal news

Doyel and Derek weigh in on a huge offseason for IU basketball, Purdue expectations and Butler’s future. And then they reveal some personal news.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: IU hires Mike Woodson as new head coach.

IU hires Mike Woodson as new head coach.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Purdue, T.Y. and chocolate mini-wheats

The IU coach search isn’t just dominating NCAA Tournament chatter … it’s also dominating the Doyel and Derek Podcast. Other topics: Purdue’s great season/lousy ending, T.Y. Hilton, Carson Wentz and the pros and cons of chocolate mini-wheats. Link to my IU coach search story under “dominating NCAA Tournament chatter” Link to my Purdue gamer...


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Doyel knows who the Hoosiers will hire!

Doyel and Derek talk about the IU coaching job (Doyel thinks he knows who the Hoosiers will hire) and Purdue’s Final Four hopes (both are bullish), along with some Colts and Pacers insights … but only after Doyel starts the pod by chewing out pretty much everyone on Twitter.


Doyel and Derek podcast: Implosion of Indiana State, the ascension of Purdue and the malaise of IU

On the latest Doyel and Derek podcast, they discuss the implosion of Indiana State, ascension of Purdue and malaise of IU, and use Gregg’s story on novelist Pat Conroy to discuss heroes – Patrick Ewing, Derek, really? – and take a shot at Marilyn Manson, Because why not.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Purdue basketball, Indiana State's Lansing and more

Doyel and Derek celebrate Purdue basketball, lament IU and applaud Indiana State's Greg Lansing.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Colts have a new QB, IHSAA's unacceptable treatment of kids

On the latest “Doyel and Derek” podcast, they dig into the Colts’ Carson Wentz trade, the IU basketball team’s Archie Miller problem, and Gregg Doyel’s story on the IHSAA’s unacceptable treatment of kids and parents during eligibility hearings.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Kokomo billboards, Wentz vs Darnold and more

What’s up with those Kokomo billboards? Doyel and Derek get into that, as well as a rough recent stretch for area basketball teams – starting with IU, but also Butler, Purdue and the Pacers – and debate Carson Wentz vs. Sam Darnold as the Colts’ next QB.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Purdue's surge, Tom Brady and the Colts continue to search for a QB

Doyel and Derek try to make sense of this IU basketball team and the tenure of Archie Miller, while giving proper attention to Purdue’s surge, the Colts’ quarterback search and the winning QB of the Super Bowl, that cheater (Gregg’s word) Tom Brady.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Who will be the next Colts signal caller?

On the latest Doyel and Derek Podcast, they debate Colts QB options (Matt Ryan vs. Carson Wentz vs. Mac Jones), discuss who’s to blame for the Pacers’ being off your TV (it’s Sinclair’s fault), applaud Matt Painter and get into the Super Bowl, where Gregg offers the following: “Antonio Brown? Seriously? Screw YOU, Bruce Arians.”


Doyel & Derek Podcast: D & D demand a trade for Stafford and what's wrong with IU basketball

On the latest Doyel and Derek podcast, they demand the Colts trade for Matthew Stafford, wonder what on earth was that IU loss to Rutgers, and dream about the national championship Gregg Doyel’s promising to win. In boxing. Seriously!


Doyel & Derek Podcast: D & D discuss Caris LeVert and the rise of Purdue

Doyel and Derek discuss the Caris LeVert trade, the rise of Purdue basketball and the fall of IU, and a crazy Colts offseason.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Colts offseason riddled with holes, NCAA, IU and Purdue talk

On the new “Doyel and Derek” podcast, they discuss IU, Purdue and the NCAA Tournament; a Colts offseason already riddled with huge holes before the Tuesday retirement of LT Anthony Castonzo; and the big-time college football coaches Doyel likes the least, a list he angrily starts at his alma mater before hitting the Big Ten.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: NCAA Tournament coming to Indy

What has Gregg Doyel so fired up? Good grief he was roiling on the latest Doyel and Derek podcast, where they celebrated Indy getting the NCAA Tournament and the Colts getting into the playoffs, but where they – OK, Doyel – ripped sports conspiracy theories and the idea of Sam Darnold or Carson Wentz in Colts blue.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: IU Football, NFL playoff picture and is the NBA starting too soon?

Join IndyStar columnist Gregg Doyel and host Derek Schultz as they discuss IU football, AFC playoff picture and Pacers' Oladipo.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Colts dominate Raiders

After the Colts manhandled the Raiders to advance heir playoff destiny, Gregg and Derek try to figure out the Colts’ ceiling while wondering the same about IU football. Plus a special shoutout to our heroes in healthcare.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: IU and Purdue, Colts 4 and 1 and Gregg's fights

Did you know Gregg Doyel once challenged an angry reader to a fight? The guy actually showed up! It’s in the latest Doyel and Derek Podcast, where the feisty IndyStar sports columnist and handsome hipster Derek Schultz discuss IU-Purdue, the Colts on fourth-and-1, Philip Rivers vs. Sam Darnold vs. Carson Wentz, and more.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Sanchez, IU Football and Colts talk

On the latest Doyel and Derek Podcast, IndyStar’s Gregg Doyel gets emotional talking about Colts punter Rigoberto Sanchez’s cancer diagnosis, and sympathetic about IU QB Michael Penix’s latest devastating injury. And he talks noted hater Derek Schultz off a ledge about Purdue’s and the Colts’ coaches. It’s possible Doyel wrote this synopsis, with no input from Derek.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: IU football, Colts and Gregg gets grateful

On Thanksgiving week, the “Doyel and Derek” podcast gets grateful at the end – but starts with the special football seasons of the Hoosiers and Colts, a special season for Purdue derailed by a bad call, the return of Rondale and the Pacers’ offseason decision to stay put. And we’re not saying Kevin Pritchard won that negotiation with Boston’s Danny Ainge for Gordon Hayward … but Ainge absolutely lost.


Doyel & Derek Podcast: Oladipo, NCAA tourney, Purdue, Colts and more

So much to address on the latest Doyel and Derek Podcast, including a coronabro attacking Doyel. Talk about irony … Also: The 2021 NCAA Tournament’s (probable) move to Indianapolis, Rondale Moore’s (potential) return to Purdue, Pacers star Vic Oladipo’s (painful) public statements, IU football’s (possible) lurking at Ohio State … oh, and the 6-3 Colts bear down on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.