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The Duke invites you to enjoy the top notch pro wrestling analysis and exclusive interviews on your new favorite podcast *Duke Loves Rasslin*!

The Duke invites you to enjoy the top notch pro wrestling analysis and exclusive interviews on your new favorite podcast *Duke Loves Rasslin*!
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The Duke invites you to enjoy the top notch pro wrestling analysis and exclusive interviews on your new favorite podcast *Duke Loves Rasslin*!




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Teal Piper of WOW Superheroes: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 172

Teal Piper, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper, created massive buzz around the sports and entertainment world when it was announced she signed on to wrestle for WOW Superheroes. In this exclusive interview, hear Teal explain what it's been like to enter the Pro Wrestling World, what her father Rowdy Roddy Piper has taught her, how it felt to compete against 20 other women in the AEW Buy In battle royal and what her goals are in WOW Superheroes. Other Highlights Include: * Harry...


David McLane of WOW Superheroes: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 171

WOW Superheroes Creator David McLane is fired up about the Season 2 Debut on AXSTV on Saturday September 7th at 8PM EST and he's here to tell you all about it. Hear David give great inside info regarding WOW Superheroes Champion Tessa Blanchard, The Beast, Jessie Jones, the WOW Superheroes Tag Team Championship + explain the real story behind why he created GLOW in the 80's and the lessons he learned back that which he's applied to WOW Superheroes. David also breaks the news that AXSTV will...


Selina Majors of WOW Superheroes: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 170

WOW Superheroes Season 2 begins Saturday September 7th on #AXSTV and who better to get us pumped up for the new season than Wrestling Legend and Head Trainer of the WOW Superheroes Training Facility "Bambi" Selina Majors. Hear all about #WOWSuperheroes stars such as #TessaBlanchard, #JessieJones, #TheBeast & new member of the roster #TealPiper. Selina also discusses her 30+ year wrestling career including feuding with #WWE Hall Of Famer Madusa aka Alundra Blayze & wrestling in WCW. (Begins...


Ken Shamrock Talks Valor Bare Knuckle: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 169

Valor Bare Knuckle #VBK is the new #MMA promotion created by "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock and his amazing team. Hear Ken discuss the new promotion, how Bare Knuckle fighting differs from #UFC style Mixed Martial Arts, thoughts on the fights that'll be on the VBK #1 PPV, plans to get back into #ProWrestling, strong words for #ImpactWrestling star #Moose plus Ken opens up about his passion to use his platform to help others. This is as honest an interview as you'll hear all...


WWE SummerSlam Weekend Review with Ring Scoops Guy: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 168

#WWE #SummerSlam & #NXTTakoverToronto were two of the best PPV events of 2019. Listen in as "That Ring Scoops Guy" aka Wade discusses the highs, lows, hits and misses of both mega events. Which matches were good? Which matches were not so good? What storylines make sense and which wrestlers put on surprising performances? You'll learn all of this and more when you listen. Other Highlights Include: * Ring Scoops Guy shares his thoughts on AEW/Stix incident * Happy Birthday Lil Noel Harlow...


R Bradley Morris of Royal Goblin Films: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 159

R. Bradley Morris has enjoyed a career defining amount of success after the hit Documentary, The Valhalla Club, went viral. Hear all about the aftermath of being the Director of a small Project that hit Mainstream, thoughts on the Entertainment Industry as a whole plus Brad's perspective regarding the roles of Writers and Producers in relation to Pro Wrestling. Brad is a very passionate person and it's clear to see why his Film Company, Royal Goblin Films, is doing so well. Other Highlights...


April Hunter Unfiltured: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 158

April Hunter has had one of the most unique journey's through the Entertainment Business. She went from #Playboy Playmate to Arm Candy for the #NWO of #WCW to officially Killer Kowalski trained Pro Wrestler to Writer, Cosplayer and all of this while managing a successful Adult Entertainment Website. Did I mention she owns a Scented Candles and Soap business all while recently Graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Entertainment Writing? Hear stories about April's journey, how...


AEW Double Or Nothing Debate: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 157

All Elite Wrestling Double Or Nothing( #AEWDON) will go down as one of the most historic PPV Wrestling events of all time, yet The Duke feels there were more misses than hits. During this episode hear Duke have a detailed conversation with Superfan Roy Lucier about #AEWDON and #StarrcastII. Roy agrees with Duke on some points and disagrees on others in a very informative discussion. Next, The Duke has a heated DEBATE with Independent Wrestling Star "Second II None" aka Dejuan O'Neal. Dejuan...


3 Year Anniversary Episode: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 156

We're celebrating 3 Years of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast and we're delivering the same entertaining content you've come to enjoy. Combat Sports Journalist Reed of Pugilism Company is back to break down the amazing knockout power of Deontay Wilder, explain why we have yet to see Wilder/Fury II plus share thoughts on UFC being on ESPN+ Other Highlights Include: * Happy 3 Year Anniversary * Is Vince McMahon behind the outrageous Trump Administration? * The Duke and Boston Bad Boy share...


The Wrap's Tony Maglio & ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 155

Ring Of Honor Wrestling has a NEW World TV Champion and his name is Shane Taylor. Hear all about Shane's thoughts on paying his dues for over 11 Years in Pro Wrestling, the history of diversity Ring Of Honor has maintained as a Wrestling Company plus Shane challenges anyone and everyone to compete for the ROH World TV Championship. (Starts at 1Minute 14 Seconds) Tony Maglio of The Wrap is one of the most well respected TV & Entertainment Journalists on the Planet. In this exclusive interview...


Krista B Of Those Wrestling Girls: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 154

Krista B. wants the world to know not only do Women of Color exist in the Pro Wrestling fan community, they also have something to say! In this exclusive interview hear all about why she joined forces with Queen P.R. to create the "Those Wrestling Girls" podcast, thoughts on if WWE is doing enough with the female wrestlers on their roster plus she puts The Duke in his place when he gets out of line! This is an interview you don't want to miss! Other Highlights Include: * The Boston Bad Boy...


WWE Ratings Are Fine: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 153

WWE ratings have been a major topic of discussion lately and the Duke has had enough of it. After an all night #Twitter debate with former #WCW star "Disco Inferno"aka Glenn Gilberti, The Duke is ready to tell the world exactly why he believes the ratings are just fine. Is he correct or just sticking up for his friend Vincent Kennedy McMahon as usual? Other Highlights Include: * The Boston Bad Boy tries to change the format of the show * Lio Rush complains about WWE pay issues * Dave...


Queen PR & Coach Dustin Davis: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 152

Middle School Teacher & Coach Dustin Davis has started a Pro Wrestling Club for his Students as a way to teach them Positive Life Lessons. In this exclusive interview hear all about why Coach Davis started the Club, how it's impacted Student Attendance and Homework and some of the Wrestlers who've volunteered time to talk to the students such as WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Jeff Jarrett. Patricia Rogers aka @Queen___PR of the "Those Wrestling Girls" Podcast is determined to let the world...


Ken Stix Ray from Go Wrestle: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 151

Go Wrestle Commentator Ken Ray aka Stix is not the drummer of the legendary Rock Band, but he is someone you should know. In this exclusive interview hear Stix talk about his experiences in Radio, Lessons learned being a Pro Wrestling Commentator plus how his lifelong battle with Cerebral Palsy has not slowed down his determination. Stix is an inspiration that you'll enjoy hearing all about! Other Highlights Include: * WWE Roster Shakeup 2019 * Luke Harper asks for his release * Duke calls...


WWE Wrestlemania Recap with Bruce Mitchell: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 150

#WWE #Wrestlemania 35 will go down as one of the most historic events in Pro Wrestling history. Hear all about why when Bruce Mitchell of the PWTorch Newsletter breaks down Becky Lynch winning the Women's Championships, the reason why #WWE is producing so many hours of content plus the historical significance of Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship. Other Highlights Include: * The Rock is a Black Man * Post Wrestlemania Hangover * The Role fans and Wrestling Media played in Kofi's...


Free Pro Wrestling Training for AAF Players: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 149

Rudy Boy Gonzalez of the Texas Wrestling Academy is offering 1 Week of free Pro Wrestling training for All Alliance of American Football (AAF) Players. In this exclusive interview hear Rudy explain his respect for Football Players, the importance of being trained by a reputable Pro Wrestling School and how he feels about the success of his students including WWE Champion Daniel Bryan! (Announcement starts at 9Min 12 Seconds) Other Highlights Include: * Happy Wrestlemania Weekend * Women will...


Sade of DDT Divas & Darnell Mitchell: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 143

It's all about inclusion and diversity this week on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast. First up is Sade, Editor and Chief of DDTDivas, a Blog that provides perspective from Black Female Wrestling fans. Sade goes in depth regarding the need for more content from underrepresented populations within the wrestling community, racism and sexism that exists within many pro wrestling facebook groups plus she provides her take on how WWE is treating it's wrestlers of color and why she's so excited about...


Hassan Wicker the Jiu Jitsu World Champion : Duke Loves Rasslin Week 142

World Jiu Jitsu Champion Hassan Wicker is a busy man. When he's not running his Personal Trainer Business and not Jiu Jitsu training with American Top Team, Hassan is tearing up the Georgia Independent Wrestling scene. In this exclusive interview hear Hassan discuss Perry Saturn's connection to his favorite Martial Arts submission hold, wrestling for Ring of Honor, what it's like being a Gold Medal Jui Jitsu fighter and why being punched in the face makes him not want to become an MMA...


Indy Wrestler Antony Atom: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 141

Antony Atom is one of the rising stars on the Mid-South Indy Wrestling scene who has a heck of a lifelong passion: Weightlifting. That's right since the age of 9 years old Antony has been involved with lifting weights and remaining fit which has paid off well during his current wrestling career. In this exclusive interview hear Antony discuss the importance of staying away from HGH and other Performance Enhancing Drugs, his thoughts on Intergender Matches and why he has a tremendous amount...


Phil Stamper aka President Of Wrestling: Duke Loves Rasslin Week 140

#PresidentOfWrestling Phil Stamper has spent over 20 years in the Pro Wrestling business as both a Wrestler and General Manager. In this exclusive interview hear all about what it takes to be a GM for a Pro Wrestling organization, he being proud of various wrestlers he's worked with on the Indies including Lio Rush and Velveteen Dream, what it's like playing multiple characters in the Investigation Discovery show "Evil Twins", and so much more! Other Highlights Include: * The Boston Bad Boy...