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Episode 87: Dominion of Emotions

STRIGGA & Dylan return to discuss NJPW's Dominion from this past Saturday that was an eventful and trend setting show for many reasons. The Eastern Lariat crew goes in depth on everything on the show and surrounding it from the monumental Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega match and its aftermath over Chris Jericho making a huge impact to New Japan's ambitious program in the near future and the new president's visions. Besides that STRIGGA & Dylan also go back to the Best of the Super Junior...


Episode 86: Eastern Heroes

Japan & China are the focus of the latest Eastern Lariat episode in which STRIGGA & Dylan first of all look back at All Japan's Korakuen Hall with the historic main event between Kento Miyahara and Naomichi Marufuji and also take a look at the upcoming All Japan cards in June. After that the duo sets sail for a voyage to China to discuss the new partnership between Pro Wrestling NOAH and Eastern Heroes as well as Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and their promising talent. In a show that was...


Episode 85: BOSJ Halftime Show

Halfway through the 25th edition of New Japan's big junior heavyweight tournament STRIGGA & Dylan got back together to take a special look at each of the 16 participants and what they contributed to the tournament so far. They highlight the best performers, matches and developments that the Best of the Super Junior has to offer. Plus: What can we expect from New Japan's new president? How do New Japan in Cow Palace and All In effect one another?


Episode 84: Wrestling Fire Country

We're fired up about pro-wrestling! From the highs and lows, from the most compelling stories and matches to rather questionable decisions and confusion about titles STRIGGA & Dlyan discuss all the big matches and developments from the Wrestling Dontaku tour and also look at the upcoming Best of the Super Junior as well as Dominion. Other topics include the split of Dragon Gate business affairs, NOAH opening Pandora's box with their new discount, Big Japan's glass ceiling and The Great...


Episode 83: No One-Trick Pony

All Japan's Champion Carnival is over so STRIGGA & Dylan got together to discuss the entire tournament: What does Marufuji winning mean for All Japan? Where does the promotion go next? Who was the MVP? What were the best and worst matches? Besides that the duo discusses All Japan's rookie situation and what could change.


Episode 82: WrestleMania Weekend Tokushu

The Eastern Lariat returns with a special (tokushu) edition in which STRIGGA & Dylan approach WrestleMania weekend from a japanese perspective. They highlight some of the best performances of the weekend and discuss some events like BloodSport, Spring Break, WWN/EVOLVE and of course ROH Supercard of Honor. A heated discussion about Cody vs, Kenny Omega is followed by an analysis of NXT TakeOver New Orleans and the question in which aspects comparisons between NJPW and WWE can be drawn.


Episode 81: Jay Bradley on Pro Wrestling NOAH

For this episode of the Eastern Lariat STRIGGA & Dylan are joined by Jay Bradley who recently finished a three month tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Jay takes us behind the curtain, talks about his experiences inside and outside the ring, tells us who hits the hardest, why Hideki Suzuki and him have a connection with Antonio Inoki and … oh yeah, Strong Zero! Following that interview STRIGGA & Dylan discuss the start of this year's Champion Carnival as well as their favorite matches...


Episode 80: Taking the Book

In a new episode of the Eastern Lariat STRIGGA & Dylan go in depth on New Japan's Sakura Genesis show and discuss the top matches on this show before looking at the upcoming tour in April & May including the big IWGP Heavyweight Title match between Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi at Wrestling Dontaku. Besides New Japan the dynamic duo also talks about DDT, BASARA, Stardom, Toshiaki Kawada's show in late April and answer some listener questions which includes some fantasy booking.


Episode 79: Friendship, Love & The Common Man

Friendship and love on the one hand and hatred on the other hand are emotions that are closer than one might think so this week's Eastern Lariat episode focuses on New Japan Pro Wrestling's Strong Style Evolved featuring the big tag match between The Golden Lovers and The Young Bucks, the BULLET CLUB and much more. While New Japan went to foreign shores, DDT presented their big Sumo Hall show and All Japan Pro Wrestling was live on their new streaming service AJPW TV for the very first...


Episode 78: World of Sport on Speed

STRIGGA & Dylan are back to discuss Zack Sabre Jr. winning the New Japan Cup and everything that comes along with the Brit being victorious in his very first outing in the tournament. The duo also discusses Tanahashi's role in the tournament and what it brought for the likes of SANADA and Juice Robinson. Besides that more focal points are Ibushi on the Chase, the IWGP Tag Title picture and Strong Style Evolved. Oh yeah, there's Hideki Suzuki too.


Episode 77: Inside Nakanishiology

A new Eastern Lariat episode brings an extensive update on New Japan, All Japan, DDT and Joshi Wrestling. STRIGGA & Dylan discuss the return of the Golden Lovers and other news and notes from Honor Rising, the upcoming Strong Style Evolved and the New Japan Cup before switching gears and getting into the big 3/25 All Japan and DDT cards as well as Hideki Suzuki in Ice Ribbon, recommended matches from Stardom and more.


Episode 76: Lariat The Live

After a couple of weeks of being out of action STRIGGA & Dylan return with an episode focusing on recent events and upcoming cards for New Japan, All Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH. While discussing some of the top matches in February the duo takes a look at the roster of all three groups to talk about what's next for the likes of Okada, Naito, Ospreay, Hiromu Takahashi,Taichi, Kento Miyahara, Kenou, Naomichi Marufuji and shooting star Kaito Kiyomiya.


Episode 75: Twilight Blues Special

Following another eventful weekend in japanese pro-wrestling the Eastern Lariat crew returns to discuss everything surrounding All Japan's Yokohama Twilight Blues Special from this past Saturday: The matches, the stories as well as news and notes including All Japan's announcement of their own streaming service and the Champion Carnival lineup. Plus: More on Hideki Suzuki in Ice Ribbon and...NOAH?, Munenori Sawa in DDT and the HUG that let the wrestling world stand still.


Episode 74: Hideki Suzuki Presents Joshi And Other Shenanigans

STRIGGA & Dylan are back with a new episode covering focusing on one of the best joshi promotions of the year 2017 in Ice Ribbon and their Ribbonmania Event from New Year's Day before also discussing Stardom's Year End Climax and what else to watch in Joshi lately. From there the duo breaks down what ZERO1 and Big Japan Pro Wrestling had to offer going into the new year. Along the way there's one name that leaves its mark on this episode: Hideki Suzuki!


Episode 73: Show Me Your Power

In a new Eastern Lariat episode STRIGGA & Dylan explain the key differences between New Japan and All Japan while discussing their January Korakuen Hall shows. Other topics include the Net Pro Wrestling Awards 2017, Pro Wrestling NOAH's successful start to 2018 and the highly recommended D-King Grand Prix from Dramatic Dream Team.


Episode 72: A Kingdom for a Wrestling Fan

Wrestle Kingdom and New Year Dash are behind us which means STRIGGA & Dylan present their full analysis of what happened in front of over 35,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome. Join the Eastern Lariat crew in their run down of the matches, their takes on winners and losers, on stories, individual performances and especially on the outcome of the main event between Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito. Since New Year Dash is in the books as well they also highlight the rivalries that began at New Year...


Episode 71: Wrestle Kingdom and beyond

Just days before the biggest japanese pro-wrestling show in over a decade STRIGGA & Dylan sit down to preview New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome. They discuss all the matches, their build and give their predictions whilst also weave in some listener questions. The Eastern Lariat crew also goes beyond Wrestle Kingdom as STRIGGA & Dylan talk about the future of Okada, Naito, Goto and Suzuki-gun. Plus: a look at some smaller companies like FREEDOMS, IGF, HEAT UP, Hard...


Episode 70: Tokyo Sports Awards 2017

In a new Eastern Lariat episode the duo goes through this year's Tokyo Sports awards, the most important awards in japanese pro-wrestling. STRIGGA & Dylan highlight the winners, talk about how the voting process works and also give their own takes and nominees in order to review the year in japanese wrestling. In addition to the categories given by Tokyo Sports they also name their promotion of the year and not only look back, but also give some predictions for 2018.


Episode 69: Puroresu Potpourri Turbo

Puroresu potpourri returns yet again! With a little delay STRIGGA & Dylan added even more talking points to their already stacked list for their delayed recording from last Sunday. The duo goes rapid fire on New Japan's World Tag League, All Japan, Big Japan and DDT before they slow down to get back on the bandwagon known as NOAH THE REBORN. Joshi wrestling also continues to be in the focus of the Eastern Lariat crew as they go over Manami Toyota's retirement show, OZ Academy's huge...


Episode 68: Ode to Toyota and Onita

After the retirements of both Manami Toyota and Atsushi Onita the Eastern Lariat crew looks back at some of the greatest matchs in Manami Toyota's career and explains what made her one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. In contrast to that STRIGGA & Dylan focus on the final years of Atsushi Onita's career leading up to his "Final" in Korakuen Hall. Besides that the duo gives an update on WRESTLE-1 and discusses All Japan's Yokohama show from late October.