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Episode 135: Potpourri The Reboot

There's a lot going on in japanese pro-wrestling so The Eastern Lariat crew took their time to discuss a bunch of different subjects including OWE troubles, DDT Beer Garden Shows, Summer Vacation Memories and Osaka Octopus, All Japan's recent Korakuen Hall show and the upcoming Oudou Tournament as well as a look back to the group stage of NOAH's N-1 Victory. Besides that STRIGGA & Dylan take a look at next Monday's big NOAH show in Osaka that features the final of the N-1 Victory.


Episode 134: Big Summer Potpourri

The Eastern Lariat Potpourri returns! The big anchor of the Summer Potpourri is this past weekend's Big Japan show that was headlined by the big boy battle between Daisuke Sekimoto and Michael Elgin. STRIGGA & Dylan also discuss the new Strong World Heavyweight Champion and the chances for young guys within Big Japan. A preview of the Saikyou Tag League concludes the Big Japan topic before the Eastern Lariat crew talks about Dragon Gate's Dangerous Gate show, New Japan's Super J-Cup and the...


Pure Heart, Pure Lariat: Episode 9 - Interview w/ Pumi Boonyatud, GM of Gatoh Move

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat we've got a special edition of the show with another interview! I sit down with Pumi Boonyatud, the GM of Gatoh Move in both Thailand and Japan! We talk a bit about the wrestling scene in Thailand and the surprising longtime presence of Joshi wrestling before diving into Gatoh Move's beginnings with himself and the great Emi Sakura. After that we get a bit meta talking about the realities of running a wrestling company in an emerging country. The...


Episode 133: Super J-Cup 1995

On the eve of the 7th Super J-Cup The Eastern Lariat returns with a review of the 2nd Stage in 1995 that was won by Gedo. Travel back time with STRIGGA & Dylan to relive a magical time in japanese pro-wrestling and a tournament that had a questionable winner, but also many good to great matches and unique characters.


Episode 132: N-1 Victory Pick'Em

With Pro Wrestling NOAH's N-1 Victory tournament already underway the Eastern Lariat team got together to pick every single of the remaining matches in the tournament up until September 16 when the final takes place in the big EDION Arena Osaka. Following the Pick'Em STRIGGA & Dylan speculate more about the N-1 Final show as well as about Sumo Hall and what the attendance could look like. Other topics at the beginning of the episode include Stardom,All Japan's Atsushi Aoki Memorial show and...


Lariat from the Vault: Super J-Cup 1994

In this episode originally recorded in 2016 and published on the MLW VIP feed STRIGGA & Dylan reviewed the legendary 1994 SUPER J-CUP right before the 2016 version promoted by NJPW happened. Fast forward 3 years there's another J-CUP on the horizon and in honor of this occasion the Eastern Lariat presents a "Lariat from the Vault". The review starts around the 30 minute mark, but if you're into some news and notes from japanese Pro-Wrestling in 2016 the first 30 minutes are your zone!


Pure Heart, Pure Lariat: Episode 8

Pure Heart, Pure Lariat is back again with Dylan riding solo, catching up on Sendai Girls who had 3 big shows in July, Stardom who had not only two big shows with 2 of the best matches of the year, but also saw the debut of Riho! On a non-wrestling note we also go over the 5*GP Block announcements including the removal of Kasey Owens and her replacement. Finally I talk about the Catch the WAVE final show, WAVE attendances, and the unique final match itself, finally a shoutout and brief...


Episode 131: G1 Climax 29 Megashow

In the end there can only be one. There can only be one winner and there can only be one G1 Climax Megashow! STRIGGA & Dylan got together to talk about the two Block Final shows and the Final event from Tokyo Nippon Budokan. While going through this trifecta of shows the Eastern Lariat crew not only discusses all the G1 matches from Saturday until Monday, but they also rate every single performer's G1 tournament. You'll also get some fantasy booking revolving around the winner and some other...


Episode 130: Big Things Happen In Osaka

STRIGGA & Dylan return with their coverage of the Osaka doubleheader of this year's G1 Climax tunament. They not only talk about every single of the 10 tournament matches themselves, but also go in depth on Toru Yano and his appeal to casual wrestling fans. That's not all though! In more in depth discussions the Eastern Lariat team touch on the tournament so far for Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi and they also break down the SANADA and Jay White characters and what clearly sets them apart....


Episode 129: G1 & N1 Updates

In a all new Eastern Lariat episode STRIGGA & Dylan discuss days 11 & 12 of the G1 Climax that saw some great and some not so great matches. They also dive deeper into Tomohiro Ishii's outstanding run, KENTA's position within New Japan and the idea of Okada going undefeated in the G1. Besides that the Eastern Lariat crew also talks about the N1 Victory lineup for Pro Wrestling NOAH, the updated card for TAKAYAMANIA as well as some WRESTLE-1.


Episode 128: G1 Climax 29 Coverage, NOAH/MLW, & AJPW

This week on the Eastern Lariat, Dylan flies solo and guides you through nights 9 & 10 of the G1 with thoughts on both shows and his take on the whole tournament through it's halfway point. Then he covers the latest in Pro Wrestling NOAH, talking the announcement of the MLW partnership, the announcement of the first 2 N1 Victory competitors in Hije del Dr. Wagner Jr. & Alex Hammerstone, plus the situation involving Atsushi Kotoge. Finally it's AJPW talk as he covers the weekend's shows from...


Episode 127: Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival 2019

Dragon Gate ran their biggest show of the year and maybe their biggest in the company's history because it saw the return of Ultimo Dragon to the promotion after over 15 years. Because of that and for the main event between Ben-K and PAC for the Open the Dream Gate Championship this show was highly emotional and featured some outstanding matches and moments. STRIGGA & Dylan got together to talk about this show from Kobe and also some other news and notes regarding Fujita „Jr“ Hayato, Sareee...


Episode 126: G1 from Korakuen

The Eastern Lariat returns with a new show covering the G1 Climax triple header that saw some outstanding matches between Thursday and Saturday and after 7 events of the tour STRIGGA & Dylan name their top 5 matches of the tournament. Before going to the main topic of the show though STRIGGA runs down some news and notes on Guts World, 666, Big Japan, ZERO1, All Japan, Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio and Takayamania.


Pure Heart - Pure Lariat: Episode 7

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat Dylan Fox (@DylanZeroSky) is forming his super trio of Joshi focused podcasts with Justin from the Joshi Joshi podcast (@coffeeyay) & Derek Tillotson (@PrivateEyeball) of the Private Eyeball Show returning, with the three talking about the best of Joshi Puroresu so far in 2019. We have a plethora of fun categories we had nominations and picks for, controversy and debates, capped off the only way it reasonably could, an honorary shoutout to Ai Hara. Nearly...


Episode 125: Half Year Awards 2019

A lot of great matches, moments and rivalries of the first half of each year in japanese wrestling get forgotten by the end of the year due to the G1 Climax being so domineering which is why the Eastern Lariat team decided to introduce the Half Year Awards. Based on the Tokyo Sports Awards STRIGGA & Dylan go through each of these categories – and more! Besides the top three for each you will also get some honorable mentions and some ballots that you, the listeners sent in!


Episode 124: Umi no Heat

The holiday Umi no Hi traditionally is a very busy day in japanese pro wrestling so STRIGGA & Dylan at first focus on DDT's Wrestle Peter Pan show from Ota Ward Gymnasium before going over the G1 Climax show from Hokkaido that saw Jay White vs. Tomohiro Ishii and Tetsuya Naito vs. Taichi. In a rare preview the Eastern Lariat crew talks about the big Dragon Gate Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival that will see the return of Ultimo Dragon and towards the end they debate Jun Akiyama stepping down as...


Episode 123: Goto-1 Climax

It's this time of the year! STRIGGA & Dylan return to action with their review of the Ota Ward double header of the G1 Climax that saw some great matches for the G1 Climax beginning on japanese soil after it started in the United States. The Eastern Lariat crew discusses all the matches, stories and possible routes for some of the wrestlers and they also look a little bit more behind some of the characters and their motivations like Jay White, Hiroshi Tanahashi or KENTA.


Pure Heart - Pure Lariat Episode 6

Dylan's join by first time guest and TJPW expert Matt (@mattsdl on Twitter) to talk about the entire Tokyo Princess Cup, the Final, and TJPW as a whole in 2019.


Episode 122: G1 from Dallas

Dylan Fox rides solo to look back at the opening show to this year's G1 Climax tournament from the American Arilines Center in Dallas, Texas!


Pure Heart - Pure Lariat Episode 5

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat Dylan (@DylanZeroSky) brings on his first repeat guest, going back to the original, WH Park (@whpark9) from POST Wrestling as we take a look at fellow POST Worker Damian Abraham (lead singer of Fucked Up) and his documentary show on Viceland TV, The Wrestlers, with this entire show dedicated to the episode focused on World Wonder Ring STARDOM. The episode itself revolves around Mayu Iwatani, Rossy Ogawa, Fuka, Kris Wolf, Jungle Kyona, AZM, with cameos by...