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Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin

Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin


New York City, NY


Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin






David Maraniss On the Politics of Jim Thorpe

This week we speak to David Maraniss, one of the great journalists of our time, who has written a new book on the extremely well-known but frankly little-known athletic superstar Jim Thorpe and what he faced as a trailblazing indigenous athlete. We also have Choice Words about the 100th birthday of the legendary Rachel Robinson. We also have a Just Stand Up award for South Carolina’s Aliyah Boston for calling out ESPN’s disrespect of women athletes and we have Just Sit Down awards for the...


This Is America With Howard Bryant

This week we speak to author Howard Bryant about his recent column on the state of this country as well as his new book on the great Rickey Henderson. We talk about the Supreme Court, where the country is headed, and why Rickey Henderson continues to be a captivating figure, decades after his retirement. We also have Choice Words about developments on the Brittney Griner case in Russia. We also have a Just Stand Up award to Megan Rapinoe, who seems to be a perennial winner of this award....


50 Years of Title IX

This week we speak to Kim Turner, the Director of the Gender Equity Initiative at the national nonprofit Positive Coaching Alliance about the impact of Title IX and how much further we have to go. We also have “Choice Words” about the new Saudi golfing tour and the hypocrisy of guys like Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson who have jumped on. We also have an update on Brittney Griner's case and more. Kimberly Turner https://positivecoach.org/team/turner-kim/ Zirin, Golfers Gonna...


On Baseball’s Hidden Resistance

This week we talk to Robert Elias, author of two books, Baseball Rebels and Major League Rebels. Both are about hidden histories of resistance athletes in the National Pastime. There is so much interesting and useful history that is so worth checking out. We have “Choice Words” about the Tampa Bay Rays and Pride Night at the park and the players using religion as cover for their bigotry. We also have “Just Sit Down” awards to former PGA golfer Phil Mickelson, who is leaving the tour to join...


Are Colin Kaepernick and the NFL Going to Reunite?

This week we explore the significance or lack thereof, of Colin Kaepernick's tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders. We also talk about Gabe Kapler's decision to not stand for the anthem. We also have a special Jake's Takes where we discuss the politics of baseball and the lack of African American participation in the sport as well as whether the game is entertaining. Zirin, Colin Kaepernick Gets His Chance—and It’s Tough to...


Toni Smith-Thompson Travels Full Circle

In 2003, a Manhattanville College basketball player named Toni Smith caused a media frenzy when she turned her back on the National Anthem during President Bush’s wars in the Middle East. It was not received well. Now, two decades later, Toni Smith-Thompson was the commencement speaker at the Manhattanville graduation and received an honorary doctorate. We speak to Toni Smith-Thompson about that journey. In this episode, we have Choice Words about the silence from male athletes when it...


Michael Lee on the Fall of the 76ers

The collapse of the Philadelphia 76ers has been one of the more curious dramas in sports. We speak to Michael Lee of the Washington Post about what the hell happened and what the ramifications are going forward. We also have Choice Words about athletes and the fight for abortion rights. We have Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards, an update on Brittney Griner’s case, and much more on this week's show! Subscribe to The Nation to support all of our podcasts:...


David Dennis, Jr. on “The Movement Made Us”

This week we speak to Andscape’s David Dennis Jr. about his new book “The Movement Made Us: A Father, a Son, and the Legacy of a Freedom Ride.” We talk about his writing process, his father’s influence over both the book and his life as well as his upbringing in the home of a Civil Rights legend. We have Choice Words about the overdue change in strategy in efforts to secure the release of jailed WNBA star Brittney Griner in Russia. We have Just Stand Up awards for folks speaking loudly...


Life of a Minor Leaguer

On this week's show, we talk to Simon Rosenblum-Larson, a minor league baseball player with the Tampa Bay Rays about the ugly realities of playing Minor League Baseball. We discuss the intricacies of organizing workers in minor league clubhouses and what it takes to work with international baseball players. We also got Choice Words about the latest news with Brittney Griner’s case. We have Just Stand Up awards for the people advocating loudly for Brittney Griner's release, and Just Sit Down...


Jake’s Takes on the NBA Playoffs

We got a special episode this week as Jake Zirin joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs as well as who he thinks is going to win the regular season awards. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


Aaron Maybin Is In The True Trenches

Former NFL player, artist, and author Aaron Maybin has a new book about history, politics and his work doing mutual aid organizing and education in the communities of Baltimore. Aaron is always great to talk to and as usual, he doesn’t disappoint. On this week's show, we have Choice Words about the way that the North Carolina Tar Heels managed injuries in their national championship game against the Kansas Jayhawks. We have Just Stand Up awards for Brian Flores and the NFL coaches willing...


Why The Right Is So Mad About Trans Athletes

This week we speak to Purdue University’s Cheryl Cooky about her column defending trans swimmer Lia Thomas and the hellacious backlash that followed. It's a very fascinating discussion you don't want to miss. We've also got Choice Words about Brittney Griner, who continues to be imprisoned in Russia with a chilling silence surrounding the situation. There are Just Stand Up awards for some brave souls at the NCAA Final Four calling attention to Brittney Griner. And we give a Just Sit Down...


From Auschwitz To The NBA

This week we speak to Dan Grunfeld, author of the new book By the Grace of the Game: The Holocaust, a Basketball Legacy, and an Unprecedented American Dream. He talks about his family’s journey from Auschwitz to the NBA. We have Choice Words about the GOP’s selective interest in women’s sports. We're giving Just Stand Up awards to the great Cinderella stories taking place during both the men and women’s tournament and Just Sit Down awards to the NCAA for being its awful, normal self. All...


Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues Is Beyond Belief

This week we speak to NBA legend Muggsy Bogues and his co-author Jake Uitti about their new book, Muggsy: My Life from a Kid in the Projects to the Godfather of Small Ball. We talk to Muggsy about his life growing up in Baltimore, his near-death experience as a child, and what it was like to play in the ACC and NBA, dealing with doubters along the way. We also have Choice Words about the continued detention of basketball superstar Brittney Griner in Russia– a travesty on so many accounts....


Talking Baseball Lockout With “The Real Ben Shapiro”

In this week's episode, we speak to baseball commentator Ben Shapiro about the MLB lockout. We also have ‘Choice Words’ about the move by organizations like the IOC and FIFA to isolate Russia, given their decision to stay silent when it comes to other conflicts. We also have a special “Keep Your Head Up” to WNBA star Brittney Griner who was locked up in Russia on absurd charges. And don’t miss a special NBA edition of Jake’s Takes as well. All this and more on this week’s show! Ben...


Hunter S. Thompson’s Sporting Life

This week we speak to Peter Richardson, author of Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road to Gonzo, a new book about Thompson’s life as a sports writer. We talk about Thompson’s heroes, including Muhammad Ali, and the writer's contributions to "Gonzo Journalism." We also have Choice Words about Brian Flores’s new gig in the NFL as an assistant coach for the Pittsburg Steelers, plus Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards for the US Women’s soccer team on their victory in an...


The Stories of Baseball Legends

This week we speak to legendary sportswriter Peter Golenbock about his new book, Whispers of the Gods: Tales from Baseball’s Golden Age, Told by the Men Who Played It. We talk about everything from Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Hall-of-Fame case to the integration of baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers. We also have Choice Words about the NFL and its ongoing racism and attempt at gaslighting, plus Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards to the courageous activists in Los Angeles who are protesting...


Why France Is Attacking Muslim Women Athletes

This week we speak to Shireen Ahmed from the "Burn It All Down" podcast and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about a prospective law in France that would ban the wearing of the hijab or any headscarves on the field of play. We also have “Choice Words” about the Brian Flores lawsuit accusing the NFL of systemic racism in their hiring practices. Plus, “Just Stand Up and “Just Sit Down” awards to Brian Flores for his incredible courage into taking this course of action and his NFL...


Talking '90s Knicks with Chris Herring

This week we are talking to Chris Herring, New York Times best-selling author of Blood in the Garden: the Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks. We talk about the interesting personalities on the team, Pat Riley’s decision to stick with John Starks during a crucial postseason stretch, and pose some probing hypothetical questions. We also have “Choice Words” about Major League Baseball’s refusal to place Barry Bonds in the Hall-of-Fame—an incredibly shameful decision. Plus, another...


A Professor with an Alternative Way Forward for College Sports

This week we speak to Ben Carrington about USC’s new head coach Lincoln Riley and the bloated contract the university offered him. Carrington goes into detail about the big issues in college athletics including the transfer portal and the very structure of college sports. We also have "Choice Words" about a hedge fund investor who owns a sizable portion of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the comments he made about what’s happening to the Uighurs. Plus, the “Just Stand Up” and “Just Sit...