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Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin

Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin
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New York City, NY


Where sports and politics collide, hosted by Nation magazine Sports Editor Dave Zirin






Sports, Rape Culture & Brett Kavanaugh (TW)

This week we speak to Brenda Tracy about her experience with sports and sexual assault as well as her mission to enlist football teams in the fight against rape. We also ask this outspoken survivor about Brett Kavanaugh, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and the experience of the last several weeks. We also have some ‘Choice Words’ about Eric Reid’s return to the NFL, ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards to some athletes and the sports world. All that and more on this week’s Edge of Sports!...


The Power of Sports Fans

This week we speak to Brian Hess, director of the Sports Fans Coalition, about sports gambling and how to empower sports fans. We also have ‘Choice Words’ about Brett Kavanaugh, high school sports and toxic masculinity. I also have ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards to the Carolina Panthers and Texas senator Ted Cruz, ‘Kaepernick Watch, and much more! Brian Hess Twitter: @blhess https://www.sportsfans.org/ Zirin, What the Worst of Sports Taught Brett Kavanaugh and What it Still...


Live With Author/Activist Kevin Powell

This week we come to you live from Solid State Books in DC to talk to Kevin Powell about his new book "My Mother. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. And the Last Stand of The Angry White Man." We also have ‘Choice Words’ about the early retirement of Vontae Davis, ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Your Ass Down’ awards to a local editor and a racist school administrator, Kaepernick Watch and much more! Kevin Powell Twitter: @kevin_powell...


Serena Williams & The Policing Of Anger

This week we speak to Soraya Chemaly, author of the new book “Rage Becomes Her” about Serena Williams, Title IX, and how our society monitors women’s anger, particularly black women. We also have ‘Choice Words’ about the Serena-Naomi Osaka match as well as the response from some umpires in the aftermath. We got ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards to Kenny Stills and a racist cartoonist, ‘Kaepernick Watch’ and more. Soraya Chemaly Twitter: @schemaly...


Colin Kaepernick & The Perils of the Swoosh

This week we speak about the new Nike ad campaign centered on Colin Kaepernick. We look at this collision of politics and commerce by speaking to Jim Keady, onetime soccer coach at St. John’s who lost his job after standing up to Nike’s deal with the university. We also have commentary from Etan Thomas with a counter-view of this deal and what it means for the movement as well as Colin Kaepernick personally. I also have my own ‘Choice Words’ about the Nike deal, ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit...


The Predictable Scandals of Urban Meyer

This week we speak to USA Today sports columnist Dan Wolken about Ohio State Buckeye football coach Urban Meyer and his three game suspension to start the 2018 season. We talk about the sport of college football, its mounting scandals, the NCAA, and what can be done to change them. We also have Choice Words about Kyrie Irving and his entry into the Standing Rock Sioux community. We also have Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards for former ESPN commentator Jemele Hill and Betsy Devos, a...


The Samoan Pipeline To The NFL

This week we speak to Rob Ruck, author of the new book Tropic of Football: the long and perilous journey of Samoans to the NFL. We talk about the history of American Samoa and the importance of football to the islands. We also have ‘Choice words’ about the Dallas Cowboys, some special Just Stand Up and Just Sit Your Ass Down awards to Lebron James and Urban Meyer, as well as a special Kaepernick watch about an upcoming video game. Rob Ruck Tropic of Football: The Long and Perilous Journey of...


Royce White on Mental Heath [Trigger Warning]

Former - and we hope future - NBA player Royce White speaks about the suicide of one-time teammate Tyler Honeycutt. White also talks about NBA policy on mental health, his own challenges with the league, and the structural issues that need to be addressed. We also have Choice Words about the NFL owners latest anthem stumble and their inability to move past player protests. We also have ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards, with a shout to Tennessee Titans defensive end Jurrell Casey...


Deconstructing Les Bleus

This week, we speak to sports journalist and Burn It All Down podcast cohost Shireen Ahmed about the politics of the French World Cup team. Also I’ve got Choice Words about Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green and his trip to Israel. We also got ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards to some previous recipients, and more! Shireen Ahmed Twitter: @_shireenahmed_ Burn It All Down Podcast Zirin, On Draymond Green’s ‘Friends of the IDF’ Trip to Israel...


The World Cup & Remembering John McNamara

This week we speak to Duke University professor and author of The Language of the Game: How to Understand Soccer, Laurent DuBois about the latest in the World Cup. Later in the show, we speak to Sporting News columnist David Steele about his longtime friend, sportswriter John McNamara, who was killed in the mass shooting at the Capitol Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland. We also got Choice Words about Hockey’s first black player, William O’Ree getting inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame, and...


The Politics of the 2018 World Cup

This week we speak to former US Olympic soccer player and the author of Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics, Jules Boykoff about the politics of the World Cup as well as the games themselves. We also have ‘Choice Words’ about why NFL owners have decided to punish those who protest during the anthem. We also have a ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ award for Devante Smith-Pelley and Draymond Green respectively. All that and more! Jules Boykoff Twitter: @JulesBoykoff...


The Hidden Queer History Behind “A League of Their Own”

This week we speak to Britni de la Cretaz, journalist and writer, about her recent piece that went viral titled “”The Hidden Queer History Behind “A League of Their Own.”” This was a very informative conversation that examined the hidden relationships that existed during WW2 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (A.A.G.P.B.L.), and how women athletes navigated this terrain at such a unique time. Also we have Choice Words about the Argentinian national team and their decision...


The Greatest ‘What-Ifs’ In Sports History

This week we speak to Mike Pesca from The Gist Podcast about his new book “Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs In Sports History.” This was a really fun conversation, and we talk about topics ranging from what if Muhammad Ali received draft deferment and Len Bias in a Celtics uniform to the reaction of Peter Norman had he raised his fist alongside John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics. You gotta check this one out! Also we have Choice Words about Dawuane "D.J." Smoot’s...


The NFL Anthem Mess: Putting Out a Fire With Kerosene

This week we have Bijan Bayne, social commentator and author of the book Elgin Baylor: The Man Who Changed Basketball to talk the NFL, the new anthem polcy, and the unholy mess created by unaccountable billionaires. We have ‘Choice Words’ about the White House’s decision to pardon Jack Johnson. We also have ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ awards, to Sterling Brown and a recurring figure, Kaepernick watch and more! Bijan Bayne Twitter: @bijancbayne...


Can’t Eat A Medal: Black Women Athletes Under Jim Crow

This week we speak to Professor Amira Rose Davis about her research on one of the most hidden aspects of sports history, black women before Title IX. Also we’ve got some ‘Choice Words’ about the importance of Becky Hammon’s coaching candidacy with the Milwaukee Bucks. Then, we have a very timely Just ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Your Ass Down’ Awards for the NFL Players Association and a soccer club in Jerusalem. Finally, we have a hip-hop themed Kaepernick Watch! Amira Rose Davis Twitter:...


The Singularity of LeBron James

This week, we speak to Yahoo Sports’ national NBA correspondent Michael Lee about what makes LeBron James unique and how he can be stopped (It involves quintuple coverage). We also delve into the Lebron-Jordan debate, and the limits of that discussion. We also have ‘Choice Words’ about the scandal-plagued story with the Washington cheerleaders, ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Your Ass Down’ awards, a very special Kaepernick watch, and more! Michael Lee Twitter: @MrMichaelLee...


Too Much Testosterone? The Discrimination Women Face in International Sports

This week, we speak to anthropologist and ethicist Katrina Karkazis about regulations passed down from the IAAF dealing with testosterone testing of women. We talk about how they came about, the lack of scientific process in their formulation, and it’s impact on women of color, predominantly in the Global South. During Choice Words, we’ll look at how some ex NFL cheerleaders are fighting back against the leagues policy towards them. Our ‘Just Stand Up’ Award goes to a bunch of athletes...


Talking Court Justice & Kaepernick with Michael McCann

This week we speak to Sports Illustrated journalist and attorney Michael McCann about his book written with Ed O’Bannon, Court Justice: The Inside Story of My Battle Against the NCAA. We also go into detail about the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL, important legal distinctions, and kind of advice he would give Colin. Also we have ‘Choice Words’ about the possibility of a Trump presidential pardon for legendary boxer Jack Johnson. We also have ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit...


Can a Feminist Revolution Save Women's Soccer in South America?

This week, we speak to Brenda Elsey, co-host of the Burn It Down Podcast, who is currently in Buenos Aires. She is researching and writing about women soccer players in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina and how they have used collective organizing to reclaim their soccer federations from near oblivion. We also discuss how a broader feminist awakening in South America is affecting this revolt. We also have "Choice Words" about the NFL and free agent safety Eric Reid. We got “Just Stand Up” and...


Dr. King's Legacy of Sports & Politics

This week we speak to Professor Louis Moore about his research on Dr. Martin Luther King's connection to world of sports and politics. Also, we have choice words about politicians who slam NFL players protesting NFL players while mouthing bromides about Dr. King. On top of all that, we got a ‘Just Stand Up’ and ‘Just Sit Down’ award for former NBA player Matt Barnes and notorious Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, Kaepernick Watch, and more! Lou Moore Twitter: @LouMoore12...